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Do these make sense? *SPOILERS*

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Caroline Does anyone have thoughts on any or all of these? I'm interested.

1) I was struck by the fact that the virals in TCOM are able to tunnel. Was anyone else surprised by that?

If the virals are able to tunnel and invade the walled city (and hard boxes) that way, then they could have invaded the walled city of The Passage that way too. Did Cronin change his vampire mythology to suit his needs, or are these virals a super breed that Zero somehow created?

2) To restore Amy to her human form, Greer and Peter capture her in a net, then drown her; however how did they know that doing this would restore her? Up until then, only Fanning knew that this phenomenon occurred, right? He discovered it wholly by accident when attacking that couple in their car.

3) Is it realistic that the life portrayed in the epilogue would be an exact replica of life B.V. when the survivors of the Bergensfjord were born A.V. and had little to no knowledge of life B.V.?

4) I found the dream-like sequences involving Amy and Carter and Amy and Peter a bit confusing. Is Carter in a kind of purgatory, and is Peter an "Amy dreamer"?

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Terry Queally My opinion on the answer to #1 is that these virals were Fanning's. He controlled them all. Previously, the virals belonged to "The Twelve;" who were nowhere near as intelligent as Fanning. My problem with the tunneling is that it worked as a surprise tactic twice.

Caroline Thanks, Terry. Yeah, I was leaning toward thinking these virals can tunnel because they're Fanning's, but it's good to hear what others think. I'm still not crazy about it because it's does Fanning have these extra special powers that make him able to re-build virals? This man is very powerful, but come on. Oh, well. I still enjoyed the scenes. That's very true about it being used as a surprise tactic twice.

Irraya 2. Greer is a mystic. He must have seen what to do with Amy in a dream.
A lot of plots in the book seem to occur because someone saw something in a dream.
Like Michael finding and fixing the boat.

3. I agree with you. The way that life was protrayed didn't seem realistic at all.
And after all that had happened, why wasn't their history recorded? Seems a bit silly, considering Sara was quite methodical in joting down what happened for prosterity.

4. Yes, Carter and Amy seem to be in purgatory.
I was disappointed with that actually. I had thought that with her powers, Amy was actually in Peter's dreams.

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Caroline Thanks, Irraya. That makes sense about Greer.

I'm glad to hear someone else thinks as I do about #3. It seems there should have been differences both small and large A.V. I remember being struck, for instance, when I read about a dog barking in someone's yard. I can't imagine any dogs could have survived through the time of virals. There also was never mention at any point of anyone attempting to save a pet.

That makes total sense about Sara. I forgot about that. Also, Pim was recording a lot too, and you'd think there'd be others.

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