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♥Cassie♥ ((RP here))

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Jakkup raised his snout to the air, letting out a pericing call before collapsing to the ground. The wound in his leg was incredibly painful.

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♥Cassie♥ Kayla heard the noise and changed into a wolf and ran to where it was coming from.She saw another wolf lying on the ground in pain

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Jakkup weakly raised his head to Kayla, whimpering in pain, he had lost a lot of blood.

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♥Cassie♥ She ran to the cave where she kept her clothes and then changed into human and put on her clothes.Kayla ran back to where the wolf was.She knelt beside him and pulled off her shirt and pressed it to the wound to stop the bleeding.Thank god I have an under shirt on she thought

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Jakkup started to become dizzy, but he knew he couldn't let himself loose it. He whimpered slightly as Kayla touched his wound, the alpha had really gotten a hold on his leg good.

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♥Cassie♥ Kayla knew he needed better help so she picked him up and started running towards her house

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Jakkup was suprised that she had picked him up, though he was suprised that someone had come to help a maggy mut like himself in the first place.

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♥Cassie♥ She got to her house and rani inside"Mom I need help"she screamed.Kayla ran to the kitchen and set him down on the table"Your going to be okay"she said as her mom ran down"what happened never mind go get my stuff"her mom said.Kayla ran upstairs got the medical supplies and brought it to her mom

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Jakkup didn't have the energy anymore to hold his head up and watch them, his breathing slowed dramaticly along with his heart rate.

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♥Cassie♥ Her mom stopped the blood from spilling put and patched the wound up.Kayla watched

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Jakkup moved his head slightly, and lickedd Kayla's mom in appreciation.

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♥Cassie♥ She smiled"Kayla could you stay here with him while I go get something""Sure"Kayla said

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Jakkup tried to stand, he pushed himself up, attempting to keep the wounded hind leg off.

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♥Cassie♥ "Sit down"Kayla snapped and pushed him down"Your going to hurt yourself"

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Jakkup weezed as he sat back down, he thinks he injured a lung in the battle.

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♥Cassie♥ Kayla's mom came down with some clothes"give these to him"She said then she left."Change into human and put on these clothes so my mom can get a better look at the wound"Kayla said and turned around

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Jakkup very painfully turned to human, he gritted his teeth in pain as the wounds were stretched. Then he put on the clothes, "I'm Jakkup."

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♥Cassie♥ Kayla turned around"Kayla"

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"N.... nice to meet....." Jakkup fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

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♥Cassie♥ Kayla knelt beside him"Are you alright"

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"I... got... into a fight... with the alpha....." Jakkup gripped his leg, during the transformation the bandages had fallen off.

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♥Cassie♥ "Now why would you do that"she said and got more bandages and put them on his leg

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

((sorry, I still here))

"Because.... he was threating.... my.... friend...."

message 25: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ ((it's okay))

"Well that was stupid he could of killed you"she looked away

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((*cough* could HAVE *cough*))

Jakkup snarled at her, "Well he.... was going... to kill...."

message 27: by ♥Cassie♥ (last edited Jul 27, 2009 04:21PM) (new)

♥Cassie♥ ((Shutup))

"maybe he had good reason"

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Jakkup couldn't speak, he could barely breath anymore; he felt like something was pressing against his chest, like a weight.

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♥Cassie♥ "Are you okay"she asked him

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He gripped his chest, and coughed blood; Jakkup rolled onto his back.


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♥Cassie♥ "Jakkup....Jakkup"

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Jakkup coughed more blood, he felt like his heart was going to explode.

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♥Cassie♥ Kayla didn't even leave a note she just picked up Jakkup and ran him out to the car.She shoved him in the back seat and drove off to the hospital.She carried him and the hospital took him from there

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Jakkup woke up to the steady beeping of the heart meter, he took a deep breath, and opened his eyes more. "Where... am I?" He looked at Kayla, the last thing he remembered was the car.

message 35: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ "Hospital"

message 36: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ ((g2g))

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)


"You... brought me to the hospital?" He smiled at her weakly, "Thank you."

message 38: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ "Your Welcome"she said and smiled back

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Jakkup closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing, his lungs were still hurting. Then he sat up, "Where's Kyle?"

message 40: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ "Who"she asked

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Kyle sighed, and pulled out his cell phone, but Jakkup's cell was still turned off. "Where the hell are you?!" He screamed into the phone, walking down the streets.

message 42: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ "Who's Kyle"she asked

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

"Kyle's my friend... my human friend that's being threatened..." Jake turned to her and sniffed the air, "I thought something was different about you..."

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♥Cassie♥ "Oh okay....so you know that I'm a ....."

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Kyle was being backed to the wall by now, "He's not dead, you lie!" Kylee shouted from right outside the hospital.

"Yes...." Jake's wolf-like ears twitched, "Did you hear that?"

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♥Cassie♥ "Yeah...you stay here I'll go see what it is"she ran out of the room and out of the hospital.She saw a guy being backed up against the wall"Hey"she shouted

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((you can play the leader too))

The clan leader Brian was snarling at Kyle, "That's what you think." He ignored Kayla's call and lunged at Kyle.

message 48: by ♥Cassie♥ (new)

♥Cassie♥ ((Wait are we both playing the leader??))

Kayla tackled Brian

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((yeah, Brian isn't my charrie, so he can be both of ours.))

Kyle pressed himself against the wall, flashbacks of earlier that day had come to his head again.

Jake couldn't take it anymore, he heard them outside, but couldn't do anything if he stayed in bed. He changed into his normal clothes so he could sneak out of the hospital.

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♥Cassie♥ ((Okay))

Brian threw Kayla off and she landed on the concrete

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