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What do you think will happen in The War of Mists?

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Jessica For Luthiel's Song readers -- what do you think will happen in the second book in the Luthiel's Song series "The War of Mists?" Do you think any characters will die? Do you think Luthiel will fall in love? Vaelros seems the most likely candidate but there are lots of possibilities. Do you think Luthiel will meet her mother?

So many possibilities... Care to make a few predictions?

Todd Luthiel doesn't get to meet her mom but she does run into that nasty guy Zalos. I also bet the elves give her a lot of grief when she comes home.

Theri Well they're going to try to escape from the Vale of Mists, of course. Hmm and they're going to try and get the elves to forgive the Vyrl. Somehow I don't see that happening.

As for Luthiel's love life, I'm keeping my imaginary options open. Seems like there's lots of trouble coming up so I don't know how she'll have the time to be romantic.

Anna I want to see Valkyrie and learn more about Luthiel's father. Do you think she'll meet her grandfather in book 2? Now wouldn't that be a tense meeting?

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Dan Since there's a war I'm betting there will be some pretty cool battles.

Katy Is that all you can think about Dan, battles? I don't have any predictions, but I wonder what will happen with Leowin and Vanye.

Jessica I've been wondering about Leowin and Vanye too. Do you think it can work out? I mean, it's like dating your jailer.

Todd For anna...

I've been wondering that too. It's a pretty messed up situation between Luthiel's father and her grandfather if you ask me.

Todd For Dan...

Yeah, I'm expecting some battles too. If the action in the first book is any indication, it'll probably be very personal stuff.

Jessica Luthiel's grandfather rules in the Dark Forest and his wife has been asleep for centuries. He seems terrible but he must also be so lonely.

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Katy For Anna...

You know, the Valkyrie are a mystery too and since Elwin's been sleeping there have been no new Valkyrie in the world. It's pretty interesting to think about. It's like LS was just the tip of the iceburg and there's so many mysteries just below the water.

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Dan I want to see what Othalas is really capable of. A giant werewolf like that. Man I bet he could shred.

And Luthiel too. She's a girl and no-where near as strong as the rest of these guys. But she's got this tough streak. It's something I really like about her. Like she's kind but not weak. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not mistaking her kindness for weakness.

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Anna For Katy -

That's one of the things I like most. It's like the story is becoming mine as I imagine the possibilities.

For Todd -

Yes, it's really messed up. Really sad in a way.

Theri Well here's a question for you guys --

What do you think about Galwin? Will he come back? I kinda had a soft place in my heart for the guy. And what Todd said earlier got me thinking.

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Jen Cool discussion...

Just thought I could answer Theri's question. It's a tough one. Galwin could very well be one of those minor characters we never see again. Which makes it even sadder if he's gone.

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Todd Galwin had better not be gone. That scene in the beginning with him and Luthiel just defined my experience with girls as a teen. I was so awkward but I wanted to get noticed somehow. It's tough being in the presence of someone you really like but not knowing how to express it.

Jessica Well I can remember a few cute, shy, guys trying to get to know me and then falling all over themselves. It's kind of endearing.

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Katy I guess that was a scene a lot of people could relate to. Awkard and yet endearing. Just for you guys I hope Galwin comes back.

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Dan What I want to know is does Galwin get dressed out in battle armor and carry a big sword?

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Anna Wow Dan, you are into battles aren't you?

For me, I wonder how Galwin must feel, having seen Luthiel leave like that without saying goodbye.

Theri About Leowin and Vanye -- I wonder what has happened to them while Luthiel's been gone. Have they just been waiting and waiting for the werewolf, or do you think they've started to search for Luthiel? She did leave the note. Did Leowin find it? Do they know where she's gone?

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Todd I know this is a bit off topic, but I've been wondering about the Narcor -- spirits of fire that lived in the hearts of stars and worlds. As one, Gormtoth is probably one of my favorite minor characters. A really rich history for a race and all very well wrapped into the story. Do you think we'll see more of him in book 2. And what about Thrar Taurmori and other malicious Narcor?

Jessica Wow. That's deep, Todd.

For one I find the Narcor to be fascinating. The scene in the cave of painted shadows, especially so. How the Dimlock came from people who were burned. That's pretty dark stuff.

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Katy What about the Widdershae. Now wasn't that a creepy story. How a race of elves was turned into spiders.

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Anna I feel sorry for them. But they are terrible. I don't know how Luthiel's going to make it out again.

Jason I think the Vyrl will betray Luthiel.

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Jen No. I don't think they will. They need her, after all.

Ellen I don't know. The Vyrl have such a twisted history. Could happen.

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Jen After them being so grateful to her?

Theri Hey guys! There's a new War of Mists book page!

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Anna I saw!

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Dan Cutter's Shear. I'm wondering if she can somehow remake it. The thing is made out of crystal. Might be tough.

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Katy Now that's something I was wondering about too.

Jessica If she does, do you think she'll use it or give it to someone?

Gabriel I think she'll keep it. It was her father's after all.

I'm just remembering the scene in the Cave of Painted Shadows. Now that was one of my favorites!

Theri The cave was a very creepy scene. The part about how they were blasted into shadows on the wall really got to me.

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Anna I know this is a little off topic, but did you guys see Robert on BookTV? Great talk!

Angie Wow! I didn't see him on BookTV. But he was at my school!

Gabriel Just replying to Theri --

Yeah. The cave of painted shadows was an amazing scene. Very creepy to me!

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Katy Hey guys. Seems quite a mess Luthiel is in. Do you think she'll make it out?

Jessica I really do hope so! I'd be terribly sad if our Luthiel didn't make it!

Ellen I don't think so! Luthiel's firm but gently yeilding.

Jason Gotta agree here. Luthiel's pretty tough for a girl ;)

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Tom Seems like there's some pretty tough times ahead for Luthiel. Don't know...

Robin No. No. Nooo! Luthiel can't die!

Kellycross I'm hoping for some romance between Luthiel and Vaelros :)

Christy Well they'll say Luthiel did wrong by saving the Vyrl. No good deed goes unpunished.

Sandra It is a war, after all. I'm looking forward to some good battles and, hopefully, maybe a little romance too :)

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Gin I really don't know! But I can't wait!

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