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The Redbreast (Harry Hole, #3)
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Wil Blevins | 10 comments As i am approaching the end of the book, i have learned more details about the Prince. I know that he is an elderly man capable of orchestrating murder, and performing it himself. He is a WWII veteran, who was once imprisoned at a place called Akershus Fortress. He used to have a relationship with the elderly woman that we know as Signe Juul, who has been involved in minor portion, with the case until now. the most recent point that i have read to, the Prince meets her at the Akershus Fortress, where they were both once imprisoned, for a "refelction on our past" as the prince had said. As the the Prince arrives, and approaches Juul from behind, we realize that this was not his intent, as he binds her hands, gags her, and injects her with something. Later he continues to shoot her with the strange Maaklan Rifle that appeared at the beginning of the book. It seems that he wanted to test his ability if he was still able to kill somebody that he cares about, in order to prepare for the days to come. Harry Hole is getting very close.

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