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((start here))

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Athena Red posed as the photographer as he took more and more pictures. She changed in to many different things that showed off her legs.

Later she was having tea with her mom and talking about a book of Reds that had just been published.

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Athena Red sighed. " you think it's gonna be...i don't know..popular?" she asked her mom.

"Sure hunny." she said not really paying attention. " look. Theres a new guy takinf photos." she pointed.

Red turned her head to see who her mom was talking about.

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Athena Red smiled the smile she used when she thought someone was cute. She glanced at her mom and rolled her eyes. 'of course she looking at other men.' she thought. She stood up and walked over to the new guy.

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Athena Red looked at all the other starter motels. She dared them to make a move towards the new guy. SHe smiled when they all walked away. SHe walked up to the new guy. "So....what's your name hunny?" she asked playfully.

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Athena Red blushed a little. "Red. And I'm not pro yet. I'm still learning from my mom over there." she pointed. "But I'm also an author..." she said.

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Athena Red shrugged. "I don't know yet." she said. She looked him over carefully. Then her mom called. "Red! Come on you have some more pictures to take!"

Red sighed. "Well, duty calls." she sliped a peice of paper in to his hand. "Call me." she said. She walked over to her mom. She walked over to the photographer. She chatted for a moment then went to pose.

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Athena The photographer took five pictures then she was done. SHe walked over to her mom. "I'm done for today mom. I'm leaaving." she hugged her. "See you tomorrow." she said. SHe got her purse and started walking towards the door. She looked back at Jay and smiled then walked out to her car.

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Athena ((I am now. Sorry))

Red picked up. "Hello?" she said then smiled. "Hey there."

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Athena "Nothin much. Just on the way home. What's up with you?" she asked.

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Athena Red grinned. "I would love to." she said.

((I have to go. *Glaring at my mom*

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Athena Red chuckled. "You should ask your boss that I want you to take my pictures. The other person is always making them blurry." she said changing into more comfortable cloths. She sat on her bed.

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Athena Red chuckled. "I will if you come with me." she said. "Anyway enough about work. When should we meet for coffee?" she asked.

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Athena ((kk))

Red smiled. "Sure." she hung up and went to bed.

((Next day...))

"Why not?" she asked her boss.

"Because he is an ametture." he said.

Red rubbed her head. "have you seen the pictures my photographer take? They're all blurry." she said. "Please. Give jay one chance."

The boss looked at her. "Fine. One try. If he messes up you stay with you photographer.

red saw Jay and smiled. "thanks." she ran down the stairs and hugged Jay almost knocking him over. "he said you have one shot." she said.

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Athena Red smiled and went to change into whatever they wanted her to wear. She walke3d out of the dressing room and found Jay waiting for her.

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Athena ((Jay. Sorry.))

Red smiled. "You bet." she said then walked over to where she usually did and posed.

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Athena ((A few hours later.))

"Oh my gosh. Those were the best pictures anyone has every taken of me." Red sai happily. They walked into the coffee shop.

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