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message 1: by G33z3r, Old Man Yelling at Clouds (new) - rated it 3 stars

G33z3r | 8780 comments This is our discussion of the short story....

"Animal Planet" by Patrice Fitzgerald

From the scifi anthology Dark Beyond the Stars, part of our discussion of Dark Beyond the Stars anthology.

Michael | 152 comments I found this story a little to predictable and some of the characters rather two dimensional. Not one of my favorite stories in the book.

message 3: by G33z3r, Old Man Yelling at Clouds (last edited Sep 16, 2016 08:39AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

G33z3r | 8780 comments I didn't think this story was a bad idea, but I didn't think it was very well told, either. It swaps back and forth between a narration on the 1st colonizing expedition to a planet, and the 3rd expedition (skipping the 2nd). The members of the 3rd expedition seem rather incurious and sanguine concerning the fates of the first two expeditions, whose colonists seem to have disappeared, leaving only their habitats behind.

The main problem is the reader figures out what's going on way before the author is ready to reveal it and the characters of the 3rd expedition never figure it out, because they're acting stupid to suit the author's purpose.

Michael | 152 comments You've said just what I thought, only a lot more clearly than I did!

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