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The 4-Hour Workweek
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Philip Zachariah (philipzachariah) | 1 comments Mod
Hi All

I wanted to hear if you guys have firstly read any of Tim Ferriss books (4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Chef and 4 Hour Body)?

Secondly, do you buy into his way of life?


Scott T. | 1 comments That's a great question Phil. I have definitely read 4-Hour Work Week, but I learned fairly quickly that the baby boomers (including my father) reject his method of success and think his habits are unnecessary or even "crazy" to use in real life. I would say if you have a very entrepreneur spirit and like doing things differently, by all means take his advice. I definitely applied some of his methods (including only checking my emails twice a day at noon and 4pm) and I do look forward to implementing some of his other tricks in the future. If anything though, he may have been to controversial for his time, but I'm sure the millennials will be using all his strategies in the next few decades not realizing they are in fact very different from the world our parents grew up in. Hope this helps!

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