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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8)
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Toyni Erica - Queenoftaless (toyniericasverden) Now people, I'm curious - discuss :D

Svein | 7 comments This was magical as usual. I was scared, I laughed and I shed a tear or two, just as you should with an HP book.

Anniken Haga | 30 comments Mod
Ok, so just finished up on this one, and having kind of mixed feelings, but mostly good ones, though!

I gave it 4/5 stars.
Short review:
It was fun. I liked it. Good dialogue (duh), interesting, if a bit slow, story. Saw the plottwist coming a long way and was kind of sad about that, but looking the other way. Also a lot of Deux Ex Machina going on here, and kind of sad about that too, but also looking the other way.
All in all a fun and fast read, hitting me right in the nostalgia-bone!

(trying not to spoil here)
Long review:
Ok, first of, I have to say I had an advantage in reading this.
I know many has had problems with it beeing a script, and therefor lacking in ''litterature''.
Lucky for me, I was education myself to become an actress, and therefor, this is not the first script I've read. To be preformed, or just for fun or study.

Second, I'm born and raised in the ''Harry Potter-generation'', and may therefor be partial in this review.

That said, lets get to it!

As mentioned, this is originaly a manuscript to a play.
Therefor, there aren't that many descriptions - other than to give you the feel of the scene. This opens up a lot for the reader, but I know find that to be bad.
This also means I can't comment on the writingstyle.
Me, personally, liked it.
I had no problemp picturing the different scenes and how they would play out on an actuall stage.

The characters were interesting.
It was fun to visit with the ''old gang'', as well as new members. It was also fun to see how they all had evolved as they grew into adulthood.
My biggest problems were that we didn't really get a good view of the old gang. They didn't have much charactertime, or much of an arc, so this built on the fact that you, as a reader, had read the first 7 books.
The main character in this play, is Albus, Harry's second son.
He had an amazing character-arc that I really liked. I also loved the whole ''friendship is magic'' thing going on here. As well as the whole father-son thing. You don't always have to be like your parents, to be a good child.

Then there was the story.
Its an interesting plot, and I think it would make a great movie.
But while I enjoyed reading it, the story didn't give me as much as a normal Potter-book.
Then again, this is a play, and I think watching it, feeling it, seeing it, would be a great experiense.
I also have to admit that I saw the plot-twist coming quite from the start, and that was kind of dissapointing.

Another problem I had was that it in many way's were full of Deux Ex Machina moments. Just having stuff lying around. Stuff is conveniant to steal. Its easy to get in places it should be easy to get in.
Then again, its a play, and its for fun, so I'm looking the other way

So not as high up there as the rest of the series, but a fun experiense for a Potter-fan!
And do I want to see the play even if I knows how it'll end?
H*ll yeah!

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