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I am trying out a new thing here! So I had an idea to send out a group message either once every week or month with news about the group or Harry Potter. It will be really short and if you don't want to receive this message just let me know :) This is a discussion where you can post something you would like the group to know or something you would like in the next owl post! Let me know what yu think of this idea below! :)

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I think it's a good idea!

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Okay thank you! :)

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The first owl post has been sent out! It is a little long because it is the first one but from now on they should be shorter. If you would like to reply to it with any questions or anything feel free to do so! Thank you again to everyone who joins in on discussions and shares their love of Harry Potter! :) ⚯͛

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Quince Winstyn (quincewinstyn) I'm not sure I received it.

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I maybe sent it before you were a member. I will try to send it to all of the new members!

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I tried again but it says that you have set it so that no one can send you messages :)

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I will post Yesterdays owl post here for any new members to read if they missed it!

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Subject: The Potterheads ⚯͛ Owl post.

Hello member of The Potterheads ⚯͛!

This is todays owl post. If you haven't already taken a look at the discussion called owl post then you will be very confused so I shall try to explain! Owl post will be a weekly/monthly message to everyone in the group with news on the group and Harry Potter. They will be very short and if you do not want owl post then just let me know:)

This week we have reached 34 members! That is amazing and I would like to thank everyone for joining the group and sharing your love for Harry Potter. I would love it if you could invite people to the group to see if they like it and see if we could gain a few more members as the group is a little quiet at the moment.

This week has also been a very big week for the Harry Potter world with the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! I have created lots of discussions for you to talk about Cursed Child so please do! I have also been working quite hard creating polls and a lot of them! click on the polls button to view all of the group polls and vote on them!

We also have 3 new moderators giving the group a total of 4! They have been really nice and created polls and taken part in discussions so a big thank you to them as well.

Well I think that this is long enough now (Owl post will be shorter in future).

Thank you
Hermione :)

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Quince Winstyn (quincewinstyn) I will change my message settings.

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Has anyone got anything they think should be added to the next Owl post?

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Todays Owl Post has been sent! From now in they will be sent every Friday. If anyone did not receive the Owl Post or has any suggestions or questions leave them in a comment below :)

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Sara (sarasomeonex) | 6 comments I think it will be nice if you add a birthday section, for example if you send an owl post on Friday you can mention the birthdays coming up the following week. And of course I mean birthdays that has to do with Harry Potter characters :)

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Sorry but there won't be an owl post this week.

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