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Mesperyian's Castle is located on the bank of the River Styx just outside of the Field's of Punishment. Mesperyian lives in solitary with only the screams of tortured souls to fill the air outside her home like chirping birds. Just on the other side of the Styx is the Wall of Erebus which encloses the entire Underworld. Mesperyian's home is the closest point within the inner Underworld to the Wall of Erebus being literally only twenty feet away separated only by black sand and the water's of Hate.
In her dungeon's she keeps her high priority victims to be tortured. While throughout her home one finds an eerie since of peace and misery all melting together perfectly. It is believed that only Hades and Mesperyian's high priority victims of torture are the only ones allowed within the dungeon. Mesperyian leads a quiet life in her home having little to do with the outside affairs of mortals, but if she does get involved one best hope it is her kinder side that is at work.

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Hades made the shadows disperse and looked around to ensure everyone made it safely. Scorch had not appeared with them and Hades smiled sweetly at Audrey, "Do not fret dear, hellhounds are free spirits. He will answer your call all in good time." Hades looked at the door, "Might as well knock." He hit his fist against the door three times rather hard as it echoed across the river. "I'm sure she is home, let us just hope so before someone catches on to us."

Stefan looked at Pothos, "Do you think she will be able to help?" He asked feeling sunken as the darkness of the Underworld seemed to be creeping in on him. He felt like he was going to be consumed. He felt the voice in his head clawing to be free. "Pothos...I don't have much time. I'm not going to have control for much longer. It's coming."

Pothos placed a hand on Stefan's shoulder and shook his head, "It will be okay. I can't make promises at this point, but no matter what I will not stop until you are fully fixed." Pothos smiled kindly, "You will not die."
Stefan nodded, "Not dying isn't a good quality to have if you are a demigod who only has one weakness."

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((Don't forget about the dining pavillion.))

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Behind the door there was a slight sound, and then silence. A growl rolled out at about waist height, followed by a gentle shh from over normal head height. "Pothos.... You are aware of my dislike of outsiders." The voice spoke slowly, and the low growl started again. "I do not appreciate the extra visitors. Father, you know this too. Why have you brought them here?" Despite acknowledging that she knew who was there, the goddess made no move to open the door. The low growling started again, but now from two sources. And this time, Mesperyian didn't bother to quiet the hounds.

Audrey gasped, lighting up at the sound of the growl. "Are those more dogs?" She asked excitedly, looking up at Hades and dropping to her knees in front of the door. "Hello pretty puppies." She said cheerfully, gently drumming her fingers against the door, humming gently. Almost instantly there was an eruption of snarling and snapping, and the door shook as one of the dogs slammed into the door. Audrey yelped and fell backwards, her almost permanent smile dropping. "What did I do wrong?" She frowned, looking up at Hades and rising to her feet. "I didn't do anything." She whimpered, hugging him anxiously.

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Hades was certainly not used to this much human contact and he felt uncomfortable, but Audrey also made him think of Mesperyian as a child. He patted Audrey comfortingly, "As I said Scorch will be your friend, the rest of the Underworld dogs would rather make you their dinner." Hades smiled softly, "Perry, my daughter...You understand that there is no reason for alarm for as long as I am present. I have come with these mortals, Pothos, and Peitho to seek your aid. IF you will not see us all at least see two of us...Particularly, I would rather you have an audience with Stefan for he is the one who seeks your aid."

Pothos frowned at the door, "Hey, I'm sorry, but we are desperate for your help. You are the only one who can help us at this point given your father has few people skills that are required to achieve this quest."

Stefan looked at Peitho a bit on edge. He was curious of just what they were to do if she denied them. If she wouldn't see them then Stefan would have no other choice but to challenge his grandfather to a duel in order to be fixed and duelling a god and possibly losing was not on his to do list.

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Peitho snorted slightly. "Really, people skills? Darling she doesn't see people." She shook her head. "Of course very skilled in other ways, but she does choose to live in near isolation. Doesn't exactly make for good people skills."

"I'm proof of that one!" Audrey piped up, though she made no move to move from Hades. After all, she wasn't stupid. She knew he was the king here, so he was the safest to be around. Besides, he was nice and sweet and he gave her food and a puppy and he was nice. Only Audrey would have claimed the king of the underworld as her best friend. She was definitely special.

Mesperyian was always blunt, and now was no different. Rather reluctantly, she allowed the door to swing open, looking down at them from her six and a half foot height. "I do not like this." She said flatly, staring at them. At her feet, a pair of large hellhounds sat, though their eyes were an acid green instead of a normal red and when one growled at them, it was obvious instantly from the lack of heat that they were not the fire hellhounds most were used to. "Why have you come?" She said simply, making no move to step aside to let them pass her to enter.

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Pothos stepped forward always finding it a bit hard to conversate with her when she was all tall and intimidating like that. He was tall, but she was taller. She certainly got that aspect from her father. "Stefan, is my mortal ward. I have raised him and cared for him and gave him the life of immortals from the moment he was born. However, Within the recent years he has encountered a relative of his own who cursed him entirely with pain and misery to haunt his mind. You seemed like the natural option of aid given your expertise in pain and misery. We feel if your powers cannot fix his mind perhaps your influence over the darker gods can."

Hades was at eye level with his daughter as it was his height she acquired from him simply through mental genetics. "My beloved daughter...I have found a way to take back the Underworld into our control without the failing aid of Olympus. I have acquired their aid and now I offer my help to them by allowing them to meet with you in hopes that you can fix Stefan." Hades arm enver left Audrey's shoulder as he knew she was frightened for good reason of his special little girl. "Oh, and while I was shopping online I got us matching T-shirts to wear to the parents night celebration this weekend." Hades snapped his fingers and a bright blue shirt appeared over his suit. Hell of a Good Time in Hell! The shirt had bright red letters written on it with moving flame images in the background. He snapped his fingers and a vibrant purple one appeared on Perry. "I'm really thinking we are going to get the best father-daughter t-shirt award. Oh and look at the back!" Hades let go of Audrey and turned around pointing over his shoulders at the back logo which read, I made her➞

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"That does not explain what you wish me to do. I do not take away pain, I give it. I cannot help you." Mesperyian said simply, beginning to close the door. Luckily for them, her attention was caught rather quickly by her father.

She looked down at the shirt, flinching slightly at the flickering flames, raising an eyebrow as she looked back at her father. She shifted s finger just slightly, and instantly the shirt appeared in her hand, her slim fitting black dress visible again. "I have no desire to spend time with people who fear my presence and simply wish I wasn't there. I have no desire to spend time with people, frankly." She said flatly, her gaze sweeping around to include everyone else there rather pointedly. She didn't like people on the best of days, and now she was expected to help strangers she'd never met. A group of them, no less. She stepped back to gently set the now neatly folded shirt down on the table beside the door. When she moved she bumped the door which swung open slightly, revealing the cause of the faint rustling. From her shoulder blades, a pair of black wings rose up rather magnificently, the tips of the bottom feathers brushing gently against the wood. Of course she was not the only god or goddess to have wings, and even not the only one with black wings. But she had the least control over hers. After all, the others were born with their wings. Hers were a gift from Hephaestus. Of course they worked amazingly, they were gorgeous and intricately made, and worked even better than the natural ones. But she didn't have the ability to make hers vanish, like the ones with natural wings did. So she looked rather impressive and almost terrifying. With her black hair, height, pale skin, black clothing, half mask, and black wings, she definitely looked like a fallen angel.

Audrey was obviously captivated, staring at the goddess unabashedly. "Are you an angel?" She breathed, making Perry blink in surprise. Almost instantly, however, Audrey returned to her bouncy self. "I mean you have pretty wings and you're tall and pretty and you look like one and no one Hades likes can be that bad." She babbled at the goddess, who looked uncomfortable. A very faint scream, which must have been from her dungeon, echoed behind the goddess and she glanced back towards it habitually. At the sound Audrey froze instantly, swallowing hard and beginning to back away. She clamped her hand over her ears with a whimper, breathing fast as she backed up so far she ran into Stefan, making her jump slightly and squeak.

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Stefan grabbed Audrey by her shoulders to catch her from tripping. "Hey, it's okay. That is a normal day in the Underworld. You wanted the adventure...Well, this is the adventure part. You have to have courage." He let go of Audrey and stepped forward. "Mesperyian, forgive me, I truly need your aid. I know you have no desire to help me, but I am pleading with you. I will do whatever it takes to be normal again. I am in love with a goddess and I have no other hope but in you. Call forth Phonus, demand that he take away his curse and I will do anything you ask of me in return. You are my only chance at getting back to Demeter."

Pothos frowned, as he knew Perry would use this against him if she was feeling cruel enough and would twist the bargaining around on him. She would ruin his life if he let her and there was no way Pothos could allow such a thing. He stood silent with his guard up. Then looked to Hades who seemed to catch his gaze and nod.

Hades stepped beside Stefan with a hand on his shoulder, "The boy is more powerful than you think, Perry. He can help us down here before and during the war to come. Do you not sense his power now? Darkness twisted by desire he is perfect for you, my dear. He can be your test subject or even your upper world servant. Use this offer to your advantage and give him everything he wants. I feel his loyalty...I know his hearts desires....I know he can be of use to us." Hades said pushing to convince his daughter knowing very well the power she had and what she could do. He had such power as well, but he was weakened so much as the Underworld primordials began to awaken that he would become vulnerable if he aided Stefan.

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"Many mortals and demigods love goddesses or gods. Yet I haven't helped any of them." When Stefan stepped forward, Mesperyian took a step back, staring back at him. Many gods and goddesses kept mostly to themselves, but no one could argue that Perry was probably the most extreme. She'd never helped quests, didn't take any visitors except for her father, and the only place she went beyond her own castle was her father's castle or garden. It wasn't hard to simply lock her doors and ignore people when they came, because eventually they'd always leave. So she'd never have to deal with groups of people before, and she had discovered to no ones surprise that she absolutely hated it. She disliked people, but they also scared her. So a large group was intimidating, even to one of the most terrifying looking goddesses. In the face of what felt to her like a huge crowd, she reluctantly opened the door and stood back to give them room to enter, the hounds staying close to her side. "Why do you expect he will listen to me, or even come for my call?" She sighed, looking over at her father. "We will make a deal about this, before anything is done. I will allow my father to set the terms, along with the condition that none of you-" she swept her gaze along to include Pothos, who she obviously felt betrayed her by bringing people here. "Come here again without an express invitation from me. You may request one, but you are not to come unless it is accepted." She warned. Then she looked back at Hades, folding her arms. "What would you have me do with the boy in this agreement?"

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Hades rubbed his chin for a moment. "He has already offered his power and will to me for servitude in the war of the Underworld." His eyebrows raised for a moment. "Ooo, that sounds like a good news headline. The War of the Underworld...Or perhaps, the first battle of the Protomachy." Hades seemed to gleam a bit with darkness. "No matter the choice my dear, I'm sure you will take some suggestions. Perhaps, you can force his soul into eternal servitude and make an immortal cult for yourself like Artemis did. Or perhaps even you could damn him to your dungeons with his sane mind. Or make him immortal or give him a new life and soul..." Hades was certainly not being his dark and gloom self. He was different. Hades was not always this optimistic even around his daughter. He was even more sketchy than if he really was on edge due to the old gods taking his power. He was either losing his mind or putting on a show for some reason. Pothos took note as Stefan was the first to walk in. He stepped in as Hades and Audrey followed leaving Peitho in the back. Hades held Audrey's hand as they walked in.

Pothos frowned at Hades and then met beside of Perry in the back. "Perry, I know you are angry with me, but know I wouldn't have come if it was not important. Even if you have your father's grudge...Know I ask for your forgiveness." He paused then his voice became a light whisper. "Something now concerns me about your father. He is not himself and I question if it is not someone else."

Stefan stopped once Peitho was in and frowned back at her. "Hades thank you for your help for getting me this far." He nodded thanks before stepping back to Peitho. "Hey, so I know we probably got on the wrong foot, but perhaps I can ask you to accept my apology sometime. I want to thank you for coming along and helping get someone to go with us." He nodded back at Audrey. "Just know that if I never get to see my real dad I am trusting you with a message to give him rather than Pothos." He paused sounding a bit shaky. "If I had the strength and I had the power I would overthrow him for being so naive when choosing those he trusted. I speak of Hera, of course." He smiled. "Oh and that I wish I had time to be his son for at least one day." Stefan downed his head, "Lady Mesperyian, I offer myself to you in full servitude for all eternity so that my soul may always be here to serve you even after my death." Stefan hated what he was doing, but if this was what kept him in a sane mind he would gladly do it. Besides, if a great war was coming Persephone would ask for her mother's aid and Stefan would at least see her once.

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"I have no desire for a cult, or for another soul." Mesperyian protested, but sighed. "Please, father, I do not particularly care what happens to his soul. I don't need control of it." She ran her hand through her dark hair, shrugging slightly.
As he walked forward, she paused and looked over at Pothos almost sadly, raising an eyebrow. "You could have come yourself and asked." She said simply. "You should not have gotten a group to threaten me into agreeing. You should not have brought my father into this to guilt me into it. I just want to stay away from people, in my home. Alone. I do not wish to be bothered by trifle matters such as quests, or even important ones. I just want to stay alone. You know that. You were one of the very few I could occasionally enjoy the company of, and then you destroyed my solitude." She said flatly, turning and striding forward again.
Then she turned to Stefan. "I have no desire for another soul, particularly one that has not done anything wrong. I suppose I accept your promise, though do not expect me to torture you or order you around. I would rather stay alone." She shrugged. "As for your father... None of the love gods come around here. The only one I've ever met was Aphrodite, briefly, and I have no wish to ever meet her again." She turned her face away, her long black hair swishing around behind her as she shuddered very faintly, "I suppose some of that was unnecessary. Luckily enough, almost no gods at all come around here. And yet I suppose I'll be inviting another one, for you guys." Despite obviously not being pleased about it, she led them upstairs to her throne room, though she simply stood in front of her throne. The room was a bit dusty, and it was evident she rarely used it. It simply had room for Phonus to arrive. "Why do you expect Phonus to come at my call, anyway?"

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Hades piped up, "Because my daughter, you hold more influence than I ever could in the Underworld. Your solitude here has come to make you as feared as Nyx. Any god of the Underworld would bow for the sake of mercy before Nyx. I do not doubt you hold the same essence of power as the protogenoi. You are the essence of Chaos the true void. You are beauty and pain and every aspect which counters the other. I see power in you that I never could have. You will take my throne one day whether I be willing or NOT." That very last word seemed almost challenging.

Something was certainly off in Pothos' mind. "Lord Hades, I have never seen such high spirits about you in pushing for someone to overthrow your rule. Not even a child of yours has ever dared to turn over the Lord of the Underworld. What brings about this newer thought?" Pothos was being clever as a true love god. He was testing Hades. Something was terribly wrong here almost like it was rehearsed on Hades' part.

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Mesperyian stared back at her father in almost concern, raising an eyebrow. "You know very well I have no desire to rule, or overthrow you." She said pointedly, folding her arms. "I have no need or desire for power, I am content here. Besides, if that does not convince you, remember my lack of interaction. Ruling requires working with others, which I definitely do not want." She soothed, studying him.

She sighed and cracked her neck, stepping forward. "I despise inviting someone else here. So let us get this over with." She said flatly, but she still did it. Her voice took on a note of authority, ringing around the throne room. "Phonus, God of murder and murderers, I order you to answer my call. If you do not, you will found and chained in my dungeons for all sorts of fun." She demanded. At her side, the two hounds both threw back their heads to howl.

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From behind the throne a london accent seemed to be very thick in a male's voice. "Just what sort of fun did you have in mind?" A man in a black cloak and a small top hat stepped forth from the darkness. He had a cane with a wolf head carved out as the handle and a variety of jewels down the staff of it. He tipped his hat revealing two colored eyes. One was a deep sea foam green while the other was a dark purple. His face was handsome almost entrancing. His hair was a bit messy but cut choppy and it seemed to suit the Edward Cullen-Jack the Ripper guy. He was wearing a suit and vest all black, but the vest and a red sheen to it that seemed to make it look like wet blood on his clothes. "The daughter of Hades stands before me in need of my graces. However, I see she has only imposters, terrorists, and killers among her company. So what can I do for you?" On a normal day the guy looked like he would rudely stretch across Mesperyian's throne, but it was impossible for a god to take another god's weapon of power by hand or seat on another god's throne. Stefan already didn't like this guy, but they seemed to have the same complexion and oddly enough the same lips and nose. Stefan began noticing things about Phonus that he had in come on with the guy that he never seemed to think he would share any similar trait to. He appeared young enough, but the two could pass as brothers.

Pothos stood next to Stefan protectively. He looked at Peitho and nodded to Audrey. He mouthed the words to her, "Get her from Hades." He was desperate now. Phonus has appeared before Mesperyian and was pushing to turn her against them all.

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Mesperyian stared back at Phonus, narrowing her pitch black eyes. "The kind of fun that will be fun for me, and not on the receiving end." She said flatly, crossing her arms. She straightened slightly, rising to her full height. For the first time, she became purposefully threatening. Her spine straightened, her head tilted up, black eyes grew colder. Her wings shifted behind her, spreading out just slightly, almost threateningly. Of course the movement caused her black dress to rustle around her ankles. Her lowcut black dress fit slimly to her body, looser at the bottom. Around her neck a dark silver rose pendant hung, a matching bracelet along her wrist. Her heels only added to her height as she stared down at Phonus, almost glaring. Long black hair was swept back from her pale face, straightened perfectly. "It is not my idea, but I am here to enforce it. An agreement has been made. Stefan has been hit with your curse, they need you lift it." She folded her arms, glaring back at him fiercely.

Peitho looked back at Pothos in slight confusion, but still looked back at Audrey with a sigh and sent the subliminal message, go to Stefan. The demigoddess started and then stopped, hesitating. Peitho did it a couple more times before she figured what the problem was. She could influence large crowds all at once, or one person easily enough. But with Audrey, there were four people she all had to convince separately. By the time she convinced one, the previous had decided not to. Peitho gritted her teeth and simply shook her head at Pothos. She could push harder and do it, but the girl's mind was already shattered four ways. Pushing harder could make things worse. So Audrey stayed next to Hades, leaning happily against his side.

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Pothos shook his head knowing something bad would occur soon. Phonus looked up at Perry having no visible sign of fear or intimidation from the goddess. However, the most insane people were the easiest at trickery and manipulation. "I am the god of murder. I only gave him what I have given to all the sons of my bloodline. I make men crave the flesh of others. I inflict their minds with the feral desire to kill simply to do it. The rush it gives them. My grandson is nothing but a pawn in a much bigger game. I have felt the sway in power. I am an agent of the true Lord of the Underworld. I am a servant of the man before you. Not some petty gods who think they can rule forever. Times have changed it is time for the old gods to become the new gods. I refuse for when power comes back to the old gods I will make every mortal filled with my blessing."

Stefan stepped forward. "I do not care if you are a god or an enemy to the gods. I do not care if you are my grandfather or no one at all. I challenge you to a duel for my curse to be lifted if you do not do it I will put you into such a dormant state that a new god will need to step up and take on your sphere of power."

Pothos shook his head, "Stefan, no! You cannot do that. He is a god designed to kill his power is killing. You will not win this fight." Stefan turned to Pothos, "Oh, I won't have to win this fight." Turning back to Perry and Phonus he smiled, "Mesperyian, my bargain still holds if he does so, but I ask another favor even out of my place in doing so. I ask that contain Murder here to be tortured for a century. That is just long enough for him to be weakened and placed into a state of slumber of fade. He will be forgotten long before any other god."

Phonus laughed, "You are bluffing, kid. You know nothing of how the gods work and their weaknesses. I will never fade for as long as mankind exist." He was trying for a big game, but Stefan seemed to be seeing right through him and he knew if he accepted the mortals challenge the boy had a chance at defeating him. It was left to Mesperyian to decide his fate and if she agreed with someone from the world above he would have no choice but to offer Stefan back his mind.

Hades smile grew, "I thank you for the flattery, Phonus, but know when the old gods come to rule the gods who betrayed the Olympians will be left to make lives in the Underworld rather than truly rule above. You are traitors to your own kind and we can't have your sort screwing up our new laws, now can we?"
Phonus laughed colder, "If not for us lesser gods betraying the Olympians you would have no war, Erebus!"
Hades form shifted and seemed to dissolve as a dark shadowy body took his place. "I will not be reigning supreme over the Underworld. In fact, Tartarus will claim the highest throne. It was his awakening that caused me to rise up from my tomb that you know as the Wall of Erebos. My beloved Nyx will summon forth our children to answer the call of war. We are already taking undercover command of the Underworld. Hades will be no more as he will be used as a sacrifice to awaken the true ruler of cosmos. I am the Mist...One of my daughters reign over the Mist. I am the darkness...Hades is no longer in control of the Underworld and the resistance that remains will be dealt with swiftly." Shadows around seemed to blow toward Erebus and swirl around him. He laughed darkly, "You will never find safe passing in the Underworld again. Goodbye, Pothos! For the deities of love shall be dealt with first." The shadows all vanished and the room seemed a bit brighter. It was absent of Erebus. It seemed strange, but to Stefan now he had to get back to normal and help set the Underworld back in order. With Hades incapacitated the Underworld would soon fall into chaos.

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Mesperyian hesitated, glancing from Stefan to Phonus. She had no real want to hurt Phonus, but as a god he wouldn't have any true negative affects as long as she didn't do everything she could. "To a certain extent, Phonus is only doing his job." She pointed out. "All he does is make people kill people." She shrugged. "Which isn't good, but... I torture souls for all of eternity, and you came to me for help. I would like to help you, but Phonus is only doing what he's done for his entire existence." She sighed, definitely not wanting to make a decision. She wanted to stay out of everything possible, and now she was dragged into this disaster. And then Erebus started in, and she stopped.

And all at once, Mesperyian completely ignored Phonus and Stefan and all of them. She whipped around, looking horrified. "Where is he?" With her isolation, her father was practically the only one she had even close to a friend or positive acquaintance. She stared at the spot he had been, then turned on Phonus. After all, he was the one who recognized Erebus. And now that she wasn't being basically coerced into threatening something and actually wanted something, she looked a good deal more terrifying. She snarled, taking a step forward and towering over him. "You knew who he was. Where the fuck is my father?" She demanded, stepping even closer. The hounds snarled and snapped beside her, advancing forward as well. "I don't give a fuck about Stefan. But if you don't tell me where Hades is, I will chain you up downstairs and make you tell me." She hissed, grabbing him by the front of his collar and lifting him off his feet to glare at him, her black wings flaring out behind her.

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Phonus laughed almost sounding quite mad. "Pathetic girl, you know nothing of the power which stirs about the Underworld. Torture me and make me wish for a mortal death. Who knows you might arouse me more than expected. Your father has no way of escape. The Olympians will each be weakened and captured and Aphrodite being a traitor to the Ancient Ones will be the next to go. You should be glad. Who knows as you are like the Protogenoi you may have a place in the Underworld once Chaos has risen. "

Stefan glared at the god from behind Mesperyian who seemed very intimidating, "I am finished with deals. "Lady Mesperyian, I offer to find your father if you are able to give me the mind to do so." Phonus laughed coldly, "You think I will ever give you your mind back to you, Stefan? Mesperyian must choose our side and you too...Then if she asks it of me I will give you your mind back."

Pothos quivered at the thought that he was going to be used to capture Aphrodite. "Perry, you cannot side with him...Torturing will do nothing for you. He thrives on pain. The lesser of these two evils is to destroy his essence while you can. Place him into a slumber. We will find another way for Stefan. You can search for your father. Hades is clever and will find a way to help you, I'm sure."

Phonus spit in Pothos' direction, "Pathetic, you simply wish to leave entirely now and have no part in this war, you coward!" He grinned viciously, "I would find your grandmother, Pothos, you won't have much time with her once the Underworld bows to us. Even without me the events that are set in motion will stay their course and the Olympians will face an enemy they have never been strong enough to challenge. The Gigantes are being awoken and so are the Titans. Stefan will never reach his full potential as the Fates thought he would. New threads will be woven and so many more will be cut short. The Fates are no longer in control of destiny."

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"And just how do you expect to find him, Stefan?" Mesperyian hissed, turning her glare to him. "You may be strong, but I am a goddess. So are three of the other people here. What do you think you can do that will be oh so miraculous to find him?" She demanded, practically snarling at this point. "He is the only person I enjoy being around and if I do take your deal and you do not find him, whether you've done anything or not, I swear I will peel your skin off while you're still alive over and over again." She threatened viciously.

Turning back to Phonus, who she still hadn't put back down, her tone lost its vicious edge but not its sharp one. "What exactly would helping your side mean? And if I agree, would you leave my father alone?" She snapped. "Do whatever you want to Aphrodite. It'll be satisfying for me." She hissed, lightly glinting off her mask briefly. "Pothos, you would not have come to me for Stefan if it wasn't your last chance. And you'd better shut the fuck up or I will chain you up as well. Nothing would have happened if you hadn't decided to bring everyone here even after explicit instructions not to!" She snapped. Perry was rarely in a good mood, but usually she was quiet and shy. Obviously the betrayal of Pothos and the loss of her father had completely enraged the normally sweet goddess, and it was rather evident why people feared her.

Audrey was an absolute disaster, biting her lip and breathing fast. "But... But... We had cake and Hades was my friend only Hades wasn't Hades and so Hades wasn't my friend so I never had a friend I don't have a friend but he gave me Scorch but it wasn't Hades." She ran her hands through her hair over and over, whimpering as she ran into Stefan, instantly clinging to him in a terrified hug.

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Stefan held Audrey tightly and shook his head, "It's okay...I'm sure the real Hades would have loved you just the same. Focus on happier thoughts. Find a happy place." He urged her as he looked at Mesperyian. "That's right, you are a goddess and so are is Peitho and Pothos and Phonus are gods. However, I am the demigod son of Eros and the only one to ever truly exist. I hold all of the power that would have been given to so many of my siblings. I am a god made in mortal form. I even have the Blessing of Styx. I am practically immortal. I don't care if it takes a lifetime I will find Hades. I have more connections than any other mortal to the gods. I have allies and I can gladly use them to find Hades. Persephone will even be able to aid me in this quest. If I fail I will let you blast me into nothing again and again for the remainder of my life and then on. Trust me...I know it is hard to trust anyone, but you need to trust me. I can't find Hades if my darker half comes out and decides to start causing as much misery as Phonus." The god in her grip coughed slightly, "Do not flatter yourself, boy. You cannot compare."

Pothos shook his head, "I get that I betrayed you, can we please get past that. I will aid Stefan in finding your father and bringing him back to his throne safely. War is at your door, Mesperyian. Taking his deal will only ensure your father's fate, but not your own. We cannot lose faith in one another before the war begins. This has already come to pass long before we decided to knock on your door. Is it not better to know now that your father has been taken and Erebus is taking over the Underworld than to find out too late?"

Phonus laughed cruelly, "Oh stop trying to push her to your side. Already she waivers in the balance and I know for sure that you won't make it to Hades in time. Chaos will use his power and life force to reawaken Gaia. The Olympians are falling and you will fall with them if you go on a quest you will never succeed in."

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"None of that makes you exceptionally qualified. And if anything Phonus says is correct, you will not have time for your contacts. Persephone is my father's wife, she will listen to me as well. I have heard nothing that makes me want it even need to trust you." Perry snapped, her tone hardening. "I do not care about my fate. Hades is more important than I am. I am not important enough to fight for. I just want my father back, no matter what it takes, and I want to be left alone." She insisted as she stared back at Pothos, looking forward to Phonus once again. She knew she could get it out of Phonus if she was given time, but evidently that was something they didn't have. But this was a desperate situation, and she slammed him bodily against the wall, still off the ground as she pinned him to the wall. "What is it going to take for you to tell me where he is?" She hissed. "I have no desire to help you or your side. I just want my father back. Where it he?" She demanded viciously.

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Phonus laughed at the goddess as she slammed him against the wall. "Oh you will find your father soon enough if you do not side with us. The Underworld gods will be rounded up and forced to pick sides those who go against us will face the void of Chaos and have their very existence scattered into the dark abyss. Mesperyian you have no options left. No matter who you choose to help you will fail in saving your father. I will never tell you where he is until it is too late."

Stefan stepped forward, "Don't count on it! Me and Audrey have something no god could ever have. We have our mortality meaning the gods hear our prayers. I can summon the name of every god I know and give them power here in the Underworld. I can make an offering to Hades and acquire his presence in some form or another. Even if you trap a gods major essence they can still reach out to the mortal realm until fully destroyed. We can make an offering to Hades to let him know we are here and we can gain knowledge of where he is by some means. Most gods like to contact mortals in their sleep. We make a sacrifice and get put to sleep he is bound to contact one of us."

Pothos raised an eyebrow at such an absurd notion from Stefan. "Just because we are gods and rely on the prayers of mortals does not mean we have to answer those prayers." He looked to Peitho for any help she could give at this point. He was desperate to help both Hades and Stefan now.

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All at once, Mesperyian stopped. She went from completely enraged to calm in less than a second, staring back at Phonus. "Why did you come?" She mused. "I do not have any real summoning power. You came because you heard my call and decided to. Of course you'll try all of the underworld gods, but you haven't yet. And it's not logical to start with me. You either start with the strongest, the most well known, or the weakest. I am none of those. You came to me first for a reason." She realized, staring back at him. "You need something from me, or you need me for something. What is it? I will probably give it to you freely if you tell me where my father is. What did you want from me?" She demanded.

Peitho looked over at Pothos desperately, almost a glare. No, she'd been standing there just watching the whole time. Of course she'd tried to help, but Phonus wasn't exactly all sane either. And again, the harder she pushed, she knew it would probably make him worse and give them less chance of getting what she wanted. She couldn't use Persuasion, and she only had one other thing she could really do. In a last ditch effort, she finally dropped the shield from her aura of seduction. Of course it made people like her, but it also influenced people to talk to who they had crushes on, and made basically everything full of sexual tension. It could be entertaining, but with the goddess of torture pinning the God of murder to a wall, adding a sexual component could also end badly.

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Phonus smirked not realizing that Peitho was no longer holding back her seductive aura. "I came to you first at your call because I have held more desire to be with you. I gave you the option to live because you hold the power to replace both Persephone and Hades. I offered you an alliance because I want to have my happy ending. You need one just as bad as I do. I have attempted flirting with Ker, but her heart is ice and yours has shown time and time again true kindness. I am are a torturer of the dark souls who have murdered. If not for you the inmates of the Fields of Punishment would still be rioting as they had when Gaea was stirring. I will offer you only the bit that I am able to on finding your father in exchange for your hand in marriage and your bed as a companion." He felt heat rise in his body. He felt sane staring into her cold vicious eyes. He desired her in more ways than one. "You are a beauty who hides from the world and I want you to keep hiding from everyone but me."

Stefan shook his head, "You can't be serious! You are willing to offer a guideline to finding Hades in exchange for her maidenhood? What kind of psycho are you? She wants to know the exact location of Hades and I am not about to stand around and wait for you to be tortured or guilt her into sleeping with you. He reached into his pocket finding a few breath mints he had taken from dinner at Hades' Palace. He tossed them into one of the candles on the wall as they vanished, "Lord Hades use every ounce of power you have within your trap and show us the way to you. I pray for your aid in finding you so that we may set right the order of the Underworld in this battle." The candle flame sparked and flickered blue and green for a moment. The air smelled like a catacomb. Then out of nowhere it hit Stefan. His eyes rolled in the back of his head and he collapsed. Pothos caught him just in time and seemed to look rather concerned before Stefan's eyes opened appearing solid black.

"It is so good to be back. Tell me, Pothos...Was it fun watching Stefan squirm to be free of me. Did you feed on his longing to be rid of my essence?" Dark Stefan was bloodthirsty and he did not look like he was in a friendly mood. "Stefan...I know you are in there. Listen to whatever Hades is telling you and make sure you can find your way back to us." Pothos shook his head and pulled Stefan up pinning his arms behind his back like he was under arrest. "Stefan is currently unavailable and the longer I am out here the easier it will be to get rid of him."

Phonus smirked at Stefan, "There is the vessel of life. Tell me my dear blood...Would you like a home with me and Mesperyian? We can kill the multitudes together and acquire many souls for the Queen of the Underworld."

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Mesperyian snarled viciously and glared back at Phonus, desperately trying to think. Every problem had a solution, and normally this would be a problem she was finding a solution for. But this was the only foreseeable solution to her problem. "Stefan, it is not your father and not your decision." She snapped sharply, not breaking eye contact with the god.
Reluctantly, she drew in a breath. "You are to tell us everything you know about where Hades is currently, and then you are to help us get him. As long as those terms are met..." She gritted her teeth, her grip at his neck tightening as she glared back at him. "As long as those terms are met, I agree to your proposition." She forced out finally. She released his neck to drop him to the ground, running a hand through her long hair unhappily. She turned from him in disgust, shaking her head. She knew she was going to regret this, but she had to save Hades. And saving Hades would postpone the big bad by a lot.
Despite herself, when the candle sparked she flinched sharply, spinning away to glare at it. "Stefan, not Stefan. Whatever. You are not welcome here. You need to leave." She said fiercely, standing in front of him. She was already incredibly pissed after being leveraged into marriage, and this would be an excellent way to work it out.

Audrey, despite being terrified, was also the most logical one to speak to him and she stepped forward in front of Mesperyian, raising an eyebrow. "If you are not Stefan, than what is your name?" She asked politely. "I'm Audrey." She introduced herself cheerfully.

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Stefan's black eyes twinkled at Mesperyian, but he was caught off guard by Audrey. "I am no Stefan. I am the void of Stefan. I am his darker half which clings to the violent deaths of others. You seem to be a very lovely little girl. Perhaps, you would like to come a bit closer and let me feel the life inside of you leave slowly." He then looked behind Audrey, "The goddess misses her father but will never reach him in time. He will be sacrificed and I hope I get to watch it happen. For a goddess of torture you seem rather pathetic. You hide in your halls and let your victims come to you. I'm sure you could save a nice spot for me somewhere in your dark dungeon. What do ya say sweetheart? I'll slit my throat right now so you can have my soul to torture."

Pothos grabbed hold of Stefan tighter, "Shut up! The goddess demands your absence from this place. Leave Stefan alone."
Stefan laughed, "We all need a bit of Void in our lives. I'll be the vessel and you can be the pawns. Darkness stirs and I want to be in the center of it all. Tell me Pothos...Were you ever going to tell Stefan that you only wanted him normal again so that you can find a way to make him immortal? Demeter has her own mysteries in making mortals immortal. You would try to employ her to do the dark deed, but what you will never understand is that I cannot be easily rid of. I am the virus in Stefan that compels him to be one with his true nature. He is a killer and you are only holding him back from his true potential."

Phonus laughed coldly, "Yes, well, what none of you seem to understand is the darkness in murder comes from Chaos. Those who are blessed by me are given a taste of the free power that Chaos once was. Stefan would make an excellent vessel to make Olympus and the Underworld fall into a new order. Perhaps, I could tell you where Hades is, but the fun this boy is going to stir will be so much more exciting to watch." He picked him self up off of the ground and looked at Mesperyian. "You will be my beloved and I will tell you what I am able to without being punished by Chaos. You may want to hold onto Stefan for a bit. He might reveal more to you than you think and not to mention you can use him as leverage over Pothos' head."

Pothos wanted to jump at Phonus, but held himself back from it. "Mesperyian...Stefan is a good boy, this darkness inside of him comes from Phonus. You cannot trust a word he says to you and you should not be forced into marriage simply for answers."
Phonus smirked walking toward Stefan, "You know I could easily pull away his void, but you will need to know that no matter what Stefan will always have a darkness inside of him and it will come out at the worst of times for it to be present. He will be driven mad. To kill him now would be mercy. To make him immortal, Pothos, would be like giving Hades the same blessing I have bestowed upon him. You are right to worry. He will be the greatest killer of the gods. Who knows when the Protogenoi come about to rule they will use him as their personal assassin. Once Chaos awakens immortals like the Olympians will be much easier to truly kill."

Stefan grinned charmingly, "Mesperyian...I have a message for you from your father. You are a disappointment...You should simply kill me in honor of your father. Hades cannot have a daughter who hides from the world. Phonus doesn't wish to marry you because he is infatuated. He wants the power as he is seduced by it. You are pathetic for accepting a marriage proposal from him. He is far too handsome to be with a scarred goddess who only knows how to cower."

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"It would be foolish to go searching for victims when they come to me everyday anyway. And evidently, some even volunteer." Perry stared back at Stefan, completely unfazed. "Go ahead. I'll even let you pick your corner. Many high and might gods have come through here. It's become a challenge to them, to see who can last the longest. You truly think you can make it longer than any of them?" She chuckled rather malevolently, the hounds at her side snarling. "I did not choose to have control over what I do, but am good at it." She hissed, taking a step forward.

"I do not care his reasons for marriage. I am not interested in getting married at all, but it is what he wants for one reason or another. It is a means to an end and I have no care for his reasoning. You really think you are the only one to ever insult me? Your opinion has no bearing on a proposal that's already made. Besides, then I'll just get lucky enough that he won't ever want to spend time with me. Pothos, shove it. It is the only way to get my father back. And I am getting him back. Besides, the deal is already made. I will survive, and I am going to make sure my father does as well. I doubt Phonus is the type that will want to spend a lot of time around one female anyway, so it will not be a big deal." She insisted, half trying to convince herself.

She looked to Phonus, gritting her teeth as she stalked forward to stand directly in front of him. "Agreement has already been made. So, dear fiancé of mine, how should this go? You know exactly where Hades is and you are going to tell me. Or I swear, any kind of punishment Chaos has for you will be nothing compared to what I can do. And you know that. Sure, maybe I get you to tell me too late. But then you just killed my father. And then the deal is off, and I will chain you up for the rest of time. You may think you're into that, but I will break you. I will completely shatter you and then you'll be wishing that you'd just told me where Hades was because then you could be chained in the fun way." She hissed. Obviously, her threat was sincere. But there was always more than one angle to try and play. After all, he had chosen her over Ker because she wasn't completely emotionless. She swallowed hard and sighed, her gaze still cold but going from threatening to pleading as she stared back at him, her voice dropping. "My father is all I have. I have already agreed to your terms. Please. The more help you give me now, the more perfect little wife I'll be. You said you wanted me to stay hiding. Done, easy. But if you help me keep Hades alive, I won't... I won't even push to see even him. Just let me save him." She practically begged.

While Mesperyian addressed Phonus, Audrey kept watching Stefan. "Well I know you're not Stefan. That's made clear." She chuckled slightly, automatically taking a step forward. "But what is your name? We can't just call you Not-Stefan, because technically I'm not Stefan either." She said cheerfully.

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"Call me Void. I hold a valuable part in this war to come. I will be the vessel for the embodiment of Chaos. We will merge as one so that Chaos may rule the universe in a full form. Phonus may think the darkness of Chaos is horrible, but wait until it has fully bonded with my mind. I will punish even him." Void spoke very dangerously. He turned his head to his shoulder looking at Pothos behind him. "Your heart will never know love or peace. Once Hades is discovered by Mesperyian you will take his place to lure in the rest. I have no connection to Hades even in prayer. I am the Void to be filled by Chaos. Only the spirit of Chaos can speak through me."

Pothos looked shocked, "So you are the Oracle of Chaos? I have heard rumored prophecies of the Oracle of Chaos coming forth from impossible odds. If that is you I promise I will have Stefan back before you could ever host for such a power."
Phonus laughed, "I see now what they meant by sending me here to retrieve our weapon. It was not my bride-to-be, but the boy bathed in Styx's water and made immortal enough to host a god." He looked to Mesperyian, "My love all I can say is that your beloved father is in the heart of Tartarus. The Giants and Titans have risen to guard the cages. There will be no getting him without an army as powerful as the Olympians and heroes to help defeat the giants." Phonus smirked brightly, "I gave you all the information I can without risking my life. Have a safe trip I'll be back to collect my end of the bargain my love." Phonus leaned up and kissed her on the cheek before vanishing into a pillar of blood which splashed upon the floor in a puddle as he vanished.

Pothos shook his head, "Void, you better let Stefan back if you want to see the abyss of Chaos. You can still be killed and I am the only one who knows how to do it." Void grinned cruelly, "Oh, don't worry he is already on his way back." He crumbled limp in Pothos' arms. Then took in a deep panicked breath as he opened his eyes which were thankfully normal. "Pothos? What? I...Hades I know how to save him." It was all he could manage before passing out again.

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Mesperyian gritted her teeth together almost reluctantly as she looked over at Phonus. "Your assistance is... Appreciated." She sighed flatly. Obviously she wasn't looking forward to this deal, but some goddesses ended up with far worse ones. She did manage to get what she wanted out of it, she got the information about Hades. And she did have the choice to say no to his deal, though it really wasn't much of a chance. Let her father die, or get married. So she decided to get married. With Phonus gone, she spun around to refocus on Stefan, her eyes narrowing.

"Hades! How?" She demanded, rushing over to stand over him, looking to Pothos. "Wake him up! You wake him up and he's going to tell me how to save Hades. If Phonus is telling the truth, we have a limited time to get to him." She demanded, the hounds at her feet milling around, growling. "I will help and do everything I can to keep you from having to take his place. I will take it if I must. But I will not leave my father to be killed, sacrificed." She insisted, folding her arms as her wings ruffled out beside her.

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Pothos shook her head..."I don't know how to wake him up without risking Void coming back out. Your father has to have some time before he is sacrificed. Killing a god takes some time even for protogenoi. Stefan needs his rest Mesperyian then we will discover the location of Hades. If what Phonus said was true then we will need both him and Audrey to save Hades. They Gigantes will not die unless a god and a mortal kill them."

Stefan stirred for a moment...."Pothos? Demeter?" He was lost and confused in his own mind. He opened his eyes finding the dark goddess before him as well as Pothos and Audrey. Then in the side he saw Peitho. "Hades..." He sat up quickly and Pothos held him steady. "He is in Tartarus! But the god's who have turned are gathering. It is an impossible battle. I saw the Furies even there. Hades had full control over them. And there was a glowing titan and a few others it seemed. I saw a man made of shadows. He was taunting Hades. When he left Hades spoke to me. He said save the Underworld only to buy time. Nyx and her children are swarming the place. Hypnos was even present."

Pothos patted his shoulder. "Alright...Where exactly was Hades?"
Stefan nodded...I saw all of the rivers of the Underworld merge just beneath the surface before swirling together into a whirlpool."

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"I don't care. I'm going to find my dad, and I will wake him up if I had to, how he wakes up be damned." Perry hissed viciously, stepping forward. Luckily he woke up, and she didn't have to do anything. And by the look in her eyes, it was obvious that at this point she was perfectly willing to go through with her threat.

"I know he is in the center of Tartarus. I know there is an army around him. I learned that from Phonus. I also know we don't need to put Stefan and Audrey in danger. We do not need to kill the army. Simply put them out of commission. Peitho can convince them to not attack us. And, well, I have an aura of my own. No one will come near me." She promised, rolling her shoulders back as she turned toward the door. "You may leave the house now. Pothos, Peitho, I need you to come with me. At the very least Peitho. You other two, you can return to your home." She said flatly. She flung open the door to the throne one, not even pausing to consider if they had anything to say about it.

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Stefan frowned, "But, I want to help!" He protested aloud. Pothos shook his head at Stefan. "No, you cannot come with us. IF we do succeed Hades must take his true form. The mere presence will destroy your essence quicker than the void. Do not dare call it by name, Stefan. It is no friend to us. This is the greatest war to come. We cannot risk that creature inside of you coming out." Stefan then knew he was defeated. He stared blankly at him and Peitho almost pleadingly. "I am willing to be killed in the River Styx as this is the immortal rites to make me a god should the spirits deem my soul worthy in the eyes of Plouton, Hades. Scryed in the parchment and ichor Rule Under the Earth in prophecy in the present and silent king, Erebus and his queen, Nyx. Blessed with the power invested in Styx. I swear to be loyal to the god's." He stared blankly and seemed in a half-conscious seizure. Stefan began to repeat his swear upon Styx under his breath. He stood back up straighter and seemed normal but for the muttering under his breath. Pothos grimaced and looked to Peitho. "What do I do?" He asked pleading for help. He looked like a lost child which related to a lot of reasoning behind cupids mostly appearing as babies. Their childish looks always came out in their strongest emotion. Pothos' strongest emotion was in fact guilty begging at this moment. He felt nothing else.

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"I can stay and keep you company, Stefan." Audrey piped up cheerfully, bouncing over to him now that he was normal. Unfortunately, she didn't even bother with the whole being cautious thing. She just hugged him tightly and lightly kissed his cheek, smiling brightly. "I'm glad you're okay." She nodded matter of factly.

Peitho bit her lip lightly, half hugging the god. "He is already fractured. With people like him, Audrey, even Phonus, I don't dare push too hard because it might shatter them completely. Audrey is already shattered, and we've seen how that can go. I do not wish to make her, or any of them, any worse."

Obviously impatient, Perry shot a glare back at the other gods when they didn't follow her. Still, she strode back to them and stared forward at Stefan. "I can try and shock him back into himself." She said flatly. "I do it all the time downstairs. After all, if there's just constant pain they evolve into it and retreat into themselves. Gotta figure out where everyone's threshold is. We'll start incredibly basic." Lifting her hand, she simply slapped Stefan hard across the face. "If this doesn't work, we are still leaving. I am not leaving Hades to them any longer." She insisted.

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Stefan rubbed his face where Mesperyian hit him. "Hey...OW! That really hurt. That's not torture and you can't shock a curse out of me." He said coming back into reality. Stefan looked to Pothos..."Okay, so what you leave me and Audrey here...I go crazy...she changes her personality and we try to venture back into the upper world without even of this evil affecting our minds...Great! Thanks for nothing...Call me when Hades get's back." Stefan pushed past the lot of them and went back to the door stepping outside on the steps and sitting to breath. Well, he at least hoped that they would think he was all pissy and junk. In fact, Stefan began to plan on how to help them get to Hades without them knowing that he was helping them to begin with. Stefan began to consider that Hades may truly be able to fix him as Phonus refused and Mesperyian had no true power that she was letting on that could actually fix him.

Pothos shook his head wasting no time in going after him. "Well, at least he is better for now. However, it does concern me a bit that he is trying to get back by himself with Audrey. Perhaps, someone could call them a way back?" He asked staring at Mesperyian. "I mean if we are going to save Hades and you aren't able to fix him could you at least make sure they make it safely to Camp Halfblood?"

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"Of course it's not torture. I know torture. But it snapped him out of his damn little chanting thing." Mesperyian said flatly, turning to fix Pothos with her cold gaze. "I do not know if I can fix him. I have not tried. I have not had a chance yet, I shall eventually. After Hades. When we come back I can call him back here and try and fix it." She told him, folding her arms. She headed outside, completely ignoring Stefan and striding forward. But she paused and waited for the other gods before she got too far, looking restless.

Audrey pouted, frowning over at Stefan. She followed him out cautiously, standing beside him for a moment. Then she hesitantly moved closer to lean her head against his shoulder. "I don't mean to change personalities." She protested plaintively, obviously thinking he didn't like it. "I'm sorry." She said softly, biting her lip lightly.

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Stefan shook his head but stared forward not particularly at Mesperyian, but simply infront of him. He had so much on his mind and was so concerned about the long term future nothing right in front of his seemed to matter at all. No short term goal in his life ever succeeded, so now it was all on the long term. "It's not your fault...I'm concerned about my own personality changing. I'm stuck in the Underworld and I only have myself to thank for that. This is going to be the place my soul comes to once I die. There is no going back if the other me comes out again like he seems to so lovingly do at all the wrong moments." He sighed feeling entirely lost to himself. He had lost his control over his own mind and now he felt that the only way to fix himself was if he died by method of the Orphic Mysteries which were long forgotten apart from what the gods themselves retained which he was educated on. According to the Haidon Mysteries which came long before the Orphic Mysteries he was to be killed in the River Styx to retain an immortal body instead of passing, but other parts contradicted stating that Stefan would have to die in the point where all rivers of the Underworld cross paths into one another.

Pothos nodded to Peitho...."Are you sure you are up for this?" He asked without expecting an answer. He walked out following Mesperyian and as he stepped onto the steps he patted Stefan and Audrey on the shoulders. "We will be back before you know it. Watch after one another and no matter what...If you go exploring do not stray from the path." He warned them knowing very well that Stefan had a curious mind and he would wonder until he was trapped in a situation for his unsuspecting death. He stepped onward and met beside of Mesperyian..."Alright, Perry...I must know now...Should we call for your other siblings or should we go this quest alone?" Pothos was never against backup. He knew when he was outnumbered and overpowered he always wanted someone by his side in case that ever happened.

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Audrey pouted up at Stefan, not showing any signs of moving away. "It'll be okay." She promised. "I have a rather interesting other personality too. You won't be able to hurt me." She assured, bouncing up to kiss his cheek cheerfully. Then she frowned, tugging lightly on her hair. "I think... I think she... What did..." She shook her head sharply, obviously unhappy. But she carried on, ignoring her issues. "Yeah. I'll be fine."

"I have no desire to see my siblings, and they will have none to rescue him." Mesperyian retorted. "I have hardly even met them, they will not come to help me. The only gods I see repeatedly are Phobos and Deimos." She admitted, still staring forward. To be honest, she was flat out terrified of what she had to do. There was fire everywhere in the Underworld, and that did contribute to her lack of exploration. Her arms were loosely behind her back, one hand holding on to the wrist of the other. Sensing her discomfort, the hell hounds at her side whined and Perry gave in, kneeling down to their level. She scratched the bigger one behind it's ears, stroking the other's head. For the moment she completely ignored the other gods and demigods, focussing entirely on the hounds. After all, she had them her entire life. They were the only other living things she saw consistently that she wasn't sent just to torture. "You're alright, Anax." She soothed, shifting slightly as the big hound leaned against her.

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Pothos nodded in understanding and looked back at Stefan and Audrey. He then waited for Peitho to join them. He watched Mesperyian and studied how much she truly enjoyed the two creatures before her. "You know...No god or goddess has ever gotten anywhere without some fashion or form of help. Perhaps, you should try to make friends after all this is done with. The mortal world isn't as bad as it was centuries ago. Now the only fire you would ever see is used to prepare food. The mortal world is full of mysteries and the gods have so much land to acquire now that you seldom cross another deity without invoking their presence." Pothos tried to encourage her, but he knew her well enough to know that Perry would die before she returned to the mortal world. The only time she ever went up was to Olympus on the Winter Solstice. Of course, that was usually the only time any of them were invited from the Underworld.

Stefan looked at Audrey and tried to smile, "Tell me something, Audrey. How can you be so happy in a world so evil? So far even with me on this quest you have encountered the worst of the gods and you still have something to smile about. What keeps you going aside from ignoring the darkness and pain? How do you push past all odds and still smile?"

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Mesperyian stiffened, shooting him a tight glare. "I do just fine." She hissed flatly. "I do not need to truly go anywhere. I am content how I am. I have no need or wish for more people, mortal or not. I have my father for normal contact. I do not need anyone else." She insisted. "I have even less desire to interact with mortals. Even among them I am unique. Off. Not right." She lightly tapped the mask on the side of her face. "It does not bother me, but it bothers others. Gods and mortals alike." She stood, straightening to her full height. "Besides, people will always change. One way or another." She stared back at him. "Do not think I have forgotten that you brought people here. I value my solitude and my privacy above most things. I am grateful for your assistance in getting Hades, and I will endeavor to assist you with Stefan. But I do not appreciate the extra people. No mortals knew where I live, and few gods. Most had to wait for an invitation and go through Hades. I trusted you with knowing where I am." She said simply. There was no real emotion in her voice, no sign she was upset or unhappy in anyway. Her tone was consistently flat as she stared at him for a long moment before lifting her gaze to stare straight ahead, away from him. Peitho sighed slightly and strode back out after Pothos. At first she started to join them, but at the first sign of any hint of argument she sighed and dropped back, waiting by the door.

Audrey shrugged, biting her lip lightly. "That's the only reason I exist." She said simply. "People get different personalities to cope with something. Or rather, because they couldn't cope on their own. I'm just a coping mechanism gone extreme. Partially why I have a poor memory. I don't remember everything that happened, so I don't have to deal with it as much. I was created to help someone deal with something. And being mopey all the time wouldn't really do that very well, now would it." She said cheerfully.

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((Where is Peitho?))

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((Probably just avoiding joining the argument. I'll get her in-))

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Pothos nodded in understanding realizing quickly that he truly had betrayed her trust when coming to seek her aid. "Mesperyian...Please, understand I did not mean to offend you in any manner. I only needed help and you were the only one we truly felt would be able to help us. Erebus is growing stronger as Hades grows weaker. We asked who we presumed was Hades first because I knew how you were. Erebus offered to talk you into it and I think he had planned on you being upset in hopes you would betray the gods entirely, but you didn't and I thank you for that. This world is growing darker and darker and all I found that was good in this world was that mortal boy I spent day and night in bringing up to be a god-like man. I never meant to hurt you or anyone else. I know you will never find forgiveness as it is not in your nature to do so, but please know that I did it because I thought I could depend on you the same way you thought you could depend on me. However, I see now that you were wrong to depend on me. I was foolish for bringing Stefan here and for that I am sorry." He downed his head feeling there was nothing else he could do or say to make up for betraying her trust.

Stefan noticed Peitho and frowned at her, "Are you not going to join the quest to save Hades? I'm just as immortal as you guys and I can't go. So what's stopping you?" He asked almost envious of Peitho for having such great amounts of influence and power. He wanted to be an immortal of even greater influence and power. Even more so than Zeus himself.

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Mesperyian sighed slightly, resting a hand on one of the hound's heads. "I am very aware that all of your focus was on the child." She spared Stefan a mere glance before looking forward again. "There are two reasons I am unhappy." She admitted at last. "I am not the jealous type, I believe you know that. However, for that boy's entire life he was all you paid attention to. I asked for you occasionally, only to be ignored or given excuses. You came to me when you needed me for something. something for the boy, no less." She said flatly, gritting her teeth. "I do not ask much to be my friend. Simply privacy, and occasional company when I wish. You did not listen to either of my requests. I do not need to be number one priority. I simply need to sometimes be one. I was not." She said simply. "I will help you with Stefan in exchange for you helping me with Hades."

"I'm going." Peitho sighed slightly, shrugging. "Unfortunately. I try and remain out of most things so I don't become biased with my Persuasion, but that's exactly why I'm going now. Giants and Titans cannot be killed by just a god. But we do not need them dead. We simply need them distracted and away so Mesperyian can get to Hades. I'm the best choice out of all of them to do it. Shit, I'm probably one of the best choices out of most of the gods. I have the influence to do it." She shrugged. "I can get anyone to do anything. It doesn't always last long, but in this instance I will continuously be using it so they will be able to do what they have to do."

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((You're up in the Pavilion.))

Pothos froze realizing what Mesperyian was saying was that she didn't want to be his friend anymore. He knew he had rejected invitations from her and most of the other gods. However, he did not see it as him being a bad friend to anyone, but now he did. "Perry...I'm so sorry, I had no idea that our friendship meant that much to you. Stefan...He was my ward. I raised him and I was scared to leave him alone. I denied all the gods any access to me even when Hades called upon me I ensured I was needed more on Olympus. Please, understand that I never meant for you to become hurt by my absence when you called upon me. I cannot say I had more important things to do, but Stefan is a mere mortal and what was I to do if someone discovered his Achilles Spot? I feared that if I left him for even a second by himself he would be killed. I never wanted this to destroy our friendship. I only did what any truly concerned parent would do. He is technically my little brother, but I treat him the exact same way Hades treats you. No matter what is going on in the rest of the world you are Hades' pride and joy. Sure, Zagreus is his only son and Melinoe is his eldest daughter, but you are his true image of the perfect child. Sure, Aphrodite cursed you and made you suffer, but that was because Hades allowed you to slip from his sight for just a moment. I fear that Stefan's fate may be like your own. I already have failed him once. I left him unwatched and yet, I knew if anyone would understand it was you. I have just as few friends as you do. Peitho would have never given me a second glance if she wasn't already friends with my father. You...I have passed in and out of your home since the day it was erected. I was there for your own birth. I was young even then, but that does not mean I ignored you alone on purpose. Please do not allow Stefan to be what comes between us. I will visit more and with much less visitors. You were my only hope at correcting my mistake of abandoning him for a matter of minutes."

Stefan nodded, "Well, let me know how that goes...You do know that Tartarus is awake and running things down there now, right? Thanatos apparently hasn't even been able to venture down there for too long even being a Protogenoi himself. That is the kingdom of Tartarus and I can bet a lot has changed since he has taken charge." He looked to Audrey, "I guess we will be sitting here until they get back, huh?"

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"I do not have friends, Pothos." Perry said flatly. "I have one friend. Had." She hissed, staring back at him fiercely. She had never been one to forgive quickly. Another thing she had inherited from her father. All at once she whipped around to face him and grabbed him by his collar, glaring. "I know what Aphrodite did to me!" She snapped viciously, snarling. "She did not curse me. She sent me a cursed object. I do not need you to lecture me on what has happened to me, or my relationship with my father." She snapped, letting him go and stepping back again. "It was your choice to stay with Stefan. You could have told me that you were caring for a child. Even if you don't want to tell the full truth, then simply say that you were caring for someone. I am not pushy. I do not need details. But you do not get to ignore me for years and then come to me simply because you needed me for something, especially bringing many other people with you." She hissed.

Pietho groaned slightly, running a hand through her hair. "I know. Trust me, I know this won't be easy." She sighed. "But I can do it long enough to get them and Hades out." She shrugged. "I will not die even if the gods do. I am a goddess, yes. But I am also a physical representation of something. You can't destroy Persuasion."

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Pothos shook his head..."Perry...Don't be like this. I know I screwed up. I was fearful of everyone for the sake of Stefan. Only recently are god's learning his true identity. I was scared to even be in contact with anyone. I had no excuse to abandon you like that as your friend and as I said I am sorry. Whether you forgive me or not I do mean that I am sorry and I hope you can push past this to trust me again." He downed his head his sad natural look seemed even more depressing now. "I truly am sorry. I wasn't trying to lecture you I was only saying I don't want Stefan to face the same life you unwillingly faced. I know what that life did to you and I am fearful of what it might do to him. I can't try cheering up two people all the time when I'm so depressed myself." He waved his hand dismissing it all at once. "Peitho." He called over, "Let's go." He turned back to Mesperyian and felt like he was going to cry. "We will save Hades and you will never have to hear from me again."

Stefan raised an eyebrow, "You may not be killed, but you may end up like Gaea and forced into a permanent slumber where only your aspect will exist." He raised his head up as Pothos called over at Peitho. "Just know you will have help when you need it, Peitho. Friends are always present when they are true." Stefan didn't know why he said it, but it felt right.

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"If you are so convinced you know what it did to me, then why didn't you come?" Perry said simply as she looked over at him, "I do not need cheering up. I just need company." She said softly, meeting his gaze for a long moment. Then she looked away, once again staring straight ahead. "We have to save Hades." She insisted quietly, folding her arms over her chest. Unlike before when it made her look defensive, her entire posture seemed more shrunken into herself, almost nervous. She shifted uncomfortably, staring forward. Usually she was rather bold, despite her shyness. She knew that if she really needed backup, she could always call on Hades. But even though she never had to, now she knew that she couldn't if she did. And it made her incredibly uncomfortable, even more scared and nervous than usual.

Peitho smiled slightly, tilting her head. "Hey, maybe then my remaining child would be alright." She chuckled, running her fingers through her hair. "I do not really have many friends, not to be all cliche. And I've barely talked to you." She looked over at Pothos, chuckling slightly as she addressed Stefan. "Besides, it's a bit awkward to be friends with someone when you've fucked their dad." She said dryly.

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