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Rei and her weapon Aria live hereeee

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((Who should post first?))

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((I can))

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Rei sat on the couch with her feet on a pillow reading a book. She brushed her sleek black hair from in front of her face and smiled to herself.

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Aria was standing on the kitchen counter looking for something sweet. She grabbed a box of Gummy Peach Rings and got down from the counter. Aria opened the box and started eating them, smiling.

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Rei looked over a Aria. "You sure enjoy sweets don't you." She said with a laugh. She looked back at her book and turned the page.

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Aria nodded and walked over and sat next to Rei. "Whatcha reading?" she asked her, peaking over her shoulder.

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Rei blushed, slammed the book shut and sat on it. "I-I'm not reading anything!" She faked an innocent smile and looked at Aria.

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((Just realized Rei was 2 years older than Aria XD Anyways she was reading a romance novel that she thought Aria should not be reading ;) ))

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((Idek XD))

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"Are you sure?" she asked wondering if Rei was reading yaoi or something. "I am pretty sure I saw a book.."

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((Omg she was))

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Rei nodded quickly. "Y-You must be tired or something!" She looked away for a moment. "Yeah! You probably imagined it."

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Aria thought for a moment "Maybe..I had too many peach rings..." she mumbled as she got up and stretched.

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KoMiKo wrote: "((Omg she was))"


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She laughed. "Maybe." Rei fidgeted a bit to hide the book more and smiled at Aria.

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Fairy~THERE IS NO WAY OUT~ wrote: "KoMiKo wrote: "((Omg she was))"



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"Hey Rei, Do we have any Pocky's left?" she asked, wanting more sweets!

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"Um...I think so.." She thought for a moment. "Did you check in the cabinets?"

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"Yeah, But I will check again!" she said, walking over to the cabinets. She climbed up and searched the cabinets.

((I can imagine her climbing up, slipping and accidentally turning her hand into a flamethrower and accidentally lighting something onfire))

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((Oh, you should do that XD))

Rei took out her book again and read it giggling to herself. "Be careful!" She said without looking up from it.

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ivy (cunning239) Xd

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{Alexander} ^[~You don't know me, you think you know me, my love~] wrote: "Xd"

((Please use the parentheses ^^))

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ivy (cunning239) ok

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Aria reached in the back of the cabinet, she tried to grab a box of what she thought was pocky's. She slipped and yelped when she started falling, her arm accidentaly turned into a flamethrower and started on fire.

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Rei widened her eyes and quickly got up, the book fell to the ground and she ran over to Aria. Avoiding the fire she went to the sink and filled a cup of water. "Um..." She splashed it on the fire that was created and looked at Aria. "Calm down.." She stood over her with her hands on her hips. "I told you to be careful..." Rei waited until her arm went back to normal and reached out her hand for her to get up.

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Aria's arm turned back to normal "S-Sorry" she mumbled as she took Rei's hand and pulled herself up. She sniffled and stared at the ground.

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Rei looked at her. "I'm not mad just so you know." She pat her head and then grabbed the pocky from the cabinet. "Here." She smiled at her.

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Aria took the pocky and hugged Rei "Thank you!" she said smiling. "I promise I won't light anything else on fire!"

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She hugged her back. "Your welcome!" She then remembered that her "book" was on the floor still and widened her eyes.

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"Rei? Are you ok?" she asked, wondering what was wrong. I wonder what is wrong? she thought.

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Rei looked at Aria and smiled. "Y-Yeah..Hold on.." She said as she ran over to the couch.

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Aria followed Rei "What is that?" she asked, pointing to the book on the ground.

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Rei widened her eyes and slowly turned around. Her face was red. "What is...what?" She asked her as she kicked the book under the couch.

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"That book! Is it erotic or something?" she asked, completely unaware of what she just said.

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"U-Um.." She looked away. "It might be.."

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"Ooh! Is it Yaoi?" she asked with a curious look on her face.
((Her face

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Rei jumped up, her face was super red. "N-No!" She was silent for a moment. "Maybe..." She muttered.

((Rei's face:

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Aria started giggling "Maybe?" she asked as she hugged Rei.

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Rei was silent and started to laugh. She hugged Aria back but then poked her. "Do you wanna do a mission?" She asked curiously.


((Who's the taller one btw? XD))

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"Yeah! I would love too!" she said excitedly. She got a devilish look in her eye "What mission?" she asked ((I think it might be Rei))

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((That's what I thought but I was just making sure))

"Awesome!" Rei thought for a moment. "How about Malicious Maniacal Maniac butcher?" She said with a laugh at the long title.

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((Maybe we can ask Crazy Person to play as him?))

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"Ok!" she said happily! "I'm excited!!!" said Aria as she bounced up and down.

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Rei nodded. "I am too!" She grinned and then went to the door. "C'mon!"

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Aria followed, "Ok! Lets go!!" she said, skipping to the door.

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((Want me to post first? In the thing? Also, we need someone to role play as the butcher ^^))

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((Sure, Who should we ask?))

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((Anyone is fine))

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((WHo else is online?))

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