Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) Throne of Glass question

Feyre or Celaena/Aelin?
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Feyre-Feisty, crafty and the most powerful Fae in the world
Celaena/Aelin-Beautiful, cunning and the greatest assassin in the world

Celaena >>> Feyre >= Aelin.

Aelin character just feel off with everything that was built in the first 3 books.

Never really liked Feyre that much. Always thought that she was a bit meh. But Aelin is my whole damn heart

They are two different characters and I like them both. SJM writes interesting female characters. But if i were forced to choose; Feyre. I'm clearly the minority here but to me Feyre is slightly more interesting than Aelin/Celaena. The later is also slightly overrated. There, I said it. But then that's just because 1) I read ACOTAR series first and 2) I'm currently only at book 3 of ToG series. So we'll see.

Lauren Mongie Kind of leaning towards Feyre as well, just because her struggles struck more close to home.
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Aelin as she is an independent woman that don't need no man.

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i have to say Aelin bc i haven't read "A Court Of Thorns and Roses"

Aelin, she’s a strong heroine that isn’t afraid to get dirty...and bloody. She’s inspiring and persistent and I really like that in the Maine character.

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Ahh this is tough, but Aelin for me! Maybe it's because of the extra four books, but Aelin's character feels more fleshed out.

We see her go from Aelin Galathynius to Celaena Sardothien to heir of Mala Fire-Bringer to Fire-breathing bitch-queen to Aelin of the Wildfire/ Aelin Fire-bringer/ Aelin Light-bringer to the Queen of Flame and Shadow to the Queen Who Was Promised to the Gods Killer to the Faerie Queen of the West to... Aelin Galathynius again :")

I haven't read 'A Court of Thrones and Roses' but I'm pretty sure no Fae/Human can beat her so yeah, I go for Aelin/Celaena.

I think both, though the way you put it, I would have gone with Celaena, though is was more selfish than Feyre

Both<3 Can't choose their both great characters in my opinion.

Celaena. She is brave and not afraid to be herself. An powerful woman that i respect so much. AWESOME BOOK!

I love both, but if I had to choose, it would definitely be Aelin. She's been through a lot more and survived. Plus, her I love her fiery temper and sassy nature. But if Aelin or Feyre ever met, they would be besties.

I think Aelin's more badass, but I actually like Feyre more. She feels happier and more playful, more in touch with both the light and the darkness in life.

Aelin is fantastic, but (owing to her past and the burden she carries to save the world) I feel like she's a darker heroine.

Both are absolutely amazing!! But I think I would choose Aelin over Feyre

AELIN... I like her personality

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I love Celaene with all my heart!
Despite her "deviations" she was an interesting character and fighting for her own.
Unfortunately, after meeting with Rowan, establishing ties with him and after she decided to accept her legacy, she became, I'm sorry to say, an apodictic bitch.
The figure of Aelin in the Queen of Shadows until the appearance of Rowan is one of the most annoying characters in book history. He treats the character of Chaol like some of the biggest losers of his life.
The end of the Empire of Storm , when she marries Rowan, I give in to Meave's captivity and in the end her husband could become a breeding horse for Lysandra, who pretends to be her, is pathetic.
Feyre - it's really better not to comment on her behaviour or her character in ACOTAR. Her relationship with Tamlin is cringe crings.
When Rhysandro appeared in her life and became a high counter and a spy at the Spring Court, she became one of my favorite female characters. The way she was trying to make it, it's really a masterpiece.
In the end.
Aelin, in my opinion, is a character too idealistic, but still her character is nasty.
Celaene I love wholeheartedly- a killer character who wrestles with her past- Wow.
I didn't like Feyre until I was in ACOWAR, and I hope the development of her character is not over, and High Lady will surprise us with something else

It's like comparing an apple to an orange. Both are amazingly strong characters.

Definitely Feyre. Sorry but Aelin rubs me the wrong way and besides Feyre's badass in her own way.

CELAENA ❤❤❤❤ The power in her in Throne of glass HELL!

They both got annoying after awhile but I do like Aelin more in HoF.

I like both! It's too hard to choose between the two.

I love both Feyre and Aelin but somehow Feyre's story is more interesting...

Celaena/Aelin, probably because we've had more time to see her develop into the full-fledged badass fire-breathing bitch-queen she is 😁


They are both amazing!! They both show there weaknesses and change overtime. They both have amazing personalities.

I would love to have Aelin’s powers but.... I think I would have to choose Feyre.

Feyre was a bit too perfect and I didn't think she had much about her. I still don't really get how she managed to make two high lords fall in love with her..... but Aelin is my defo favourite because of her character development from Celaena and I love her spirit :)))

Sorry people but I don't like Feyre. Aelin is just amazing.

I like Feyre and Aelin, both for different reasons. Feyre as a person comes off as a little more reserved (when she described herself as "prickly" and contrary" she wasn't too far off) because she had to grow up so fast. She'll always have a place in my heart for the way she healed after her experiences Under the Mountain and abusive relationship with Tamlin. She in many ways feels more like a person I would actually meet in real life.

Aelin is a character that was initially that kind of comes across as a character straight out a myth, like Beowulf or Hercules! She's a lot more vocal and confident in herself. Feyre is a quieter strength, Aelin is a more obvious confidence.

U 25x33
Mari Said very well. I 100% agree:)
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Definitely Aelin, I liked Feyre but she spent a lot of time being super cranky and unpleasant.

Aelin, she owns her faults and generally annoys me less then most heroine's from romance books

I don't know why but i like Feyre more than Aelin.

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A E L I N 🔥❤️
I love her temper, her personality, and pretty much everything about her.

A E L I N 100%
I love her personality and character development in the books and pretty much everything about her!!!!!

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