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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)
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message 1: by Denise, Manufacturing Director (new)

Denise (destiny_chan) | 5907 comments Mod
Runell & Elena - Mystery Man

message 2: by Runell (new) - added it

Runell When would you like to begin this one Elena?

Elena | 1382 comments hi!! sorry I was missing in action!
What time would you like? I am free to start it tomorrow(Friday) or Monday if you would like...or later if you want...

message 4: by Runell (last edited Aug 04, 2016 02:49PM) (new) - added it

Runell It's fine! Just glad you made it. I'm currently half-way through with one of my buddy reads and I work until 8 tomorrow so Monday would probably be the best. :)

Elena | 1382 comments ok great! Monday it is !

Elena | 1382 comments I started.... ok ... it is cute and had great potential, but so far I'm not really impressed because of the major suspension of belief that this book requires...

(view spoiler)

message 7: by Runell (new) - added it

Runell Sorry, I'm starting this now. I got behind on my first buddy read and just finished it a little bit ago.

Prologue to say the least was . . . Interesting.

Elena | 1382 comments hahaha yes, I liked the prologue :D

Elena | 1382 comments I'm about half way through, pausing now cuz I have to do some work ...bah ... hate working for a living... I'd prefer to read for a living :D:D:D is that a thing!?!?!

Elena | 1382 comments @ about 50% (view spoiler)

Elena | 1382 comments how is it going for you?

message 12: by Runell (new) - added it

Runell It's okay so far. I'm just experiencing the same thing reading this book as I did when I read Rock Chick . . . I want to read it, but it feels like I hardly get anywhere. Just takes forever to read her books for some reason.

I definitely agree with you about having to suspend your belief and so far I'm okay with it, but time will tell.

Elena | 1382 comments Did u get to the point where she met his parents?

Elena | 1382 comments Ginger - (view spoiler)

Elena | 1382 comments Im almost finished, didn't get a chance to reqd much yesterday. How far r you?

Elena | 1382 comments I'm done!

Are you there? lol!! :D

message 17: by Runell (new) - added it

Runell Yeah, sorry, I am. I was doing several family things yesterday (boyfriend's family and mine).

I'm slowly getting through the book, but now it's to the point where I have absolutely no desire to read it. Not because it's bad, but just because it simply seems that it takes me forever to get through it.

Elena | 1382 comments I know, I literally had to force myself to read it !
it just did NOTHING for it ... and most of the time I kept thinking to myself "ok, whatever... I don't care"

Elena | 1382 comments was it a DNF for you?

message 21: by Runell (new) - added it

Runell This book is just so horrible. I'm pushing my way through it, but I can literally only read a chapter or two at most before I can't put up with it anymore and then I don't want to read it anymore.

I honestly don't know how you did it.

Elena | 1382 comments audio book! the only reason i got through it!
mostly in the car or while i was doing house chores! Otherwise i would have NEVER managed to get through it ...

it was just soooooooo annoying in soooo many ways... where are you at?

message 23: by Runell (new) - added it

Runell I'm on chapter eleven which is 28%, hahaha. I'm sooooo far behind and I want to apologize for picking a bad book.

Hopefully, if we read another book together, it'll be much, much better.

Elena | 1382 comments Hahaha no worries!

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