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There will be four trials. Each of the trials will represent one of the Ilvermorny houses.

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First trial

Brave, daring, ambition, hard working, dedication, individuality. These are the traits of the Wampus house. Contestants must become like a Wampus. In this first trial each contestant is allowed to bring one item of their choosing into the arena in the dark of night where they must get past a Hidebehind and retrieve the bronze egg that holds information that will help them in their next trial

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Second trial

Impulsive, emotionally volatile, loyalty of the heart, passive agressive, exploration of new ideas, open to new experiences. These are the traits of the Thunderbird house. Students are taken down to Pontoosuc Lake where the contestants must dive down and retrieve the person that was taken from them. The contestants have one hour and must brave tests of the heart. In the depths of the lakes are Vodyanoy who try to make the contestants to give up, merfolk who watch the event and protect the stolen people, a sea serpent that tests the loyalty of the contestants, Afanc who challenge the contestant to find new ways to save the ones they care for, and a Yacuruna that tests the contestants ability to act on impulse.

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Third trial

Chilvary, justice, loyalty, patience, determination, intuition, willingness to listen. These are the traits of the Pukwudgie house. The night before the contestants eat together without the other schools though have a sleeping spell put on them by the staff. When the wake up they will be in a tree house fortress. The contestants in pairs on opposite ends of the fortress on the bottom floor, tied together. partners must work together to reach the top floor, braving many dangers including pukwudgies firing poisonious arrows at them, to reach and free the two people the partners care for. These contestants loved ones, this time, are hanging susspended in the air by ropes (not magic) at the highest point of the fortress (but don't worry, William the pukwudgie is making sure no harm comes to them)

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Fourth trial

Stubborn, cooperative, cool tempered, loyalty of the mind, intelligence, wit. The contestants are once again put to sleep. When they wake up they will be in the center of the maze with the person they care for. The two of them must brave the dangers of the maze and find the exit that leads to the school. But be warned there are three false exits which lead into the forest.

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