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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen | 1608 comments Mod
9. What passages strike you as insightful, even profound? Perhaps a bit of dialog that's funny or poignant or that encapsulates a character? Maybe there's a particular comment that states the book's thematic concerns?

message 2: by Book (new)

Book Wormy | 2065 comments Mod
This was a library book so I don't have quotes to hand but there were several comments Wimsey made that made me laugh.

message 3: by Pip (last edited Sep 01, 2016 02:58AM) (new)

Pip | 1451 comments Insightful: "Because you have the creative imagination, which works outwards, till finally you will be able to stand outside your own experience and see it as something you have made, existing independently of your self. You're lucky."
Funny: " .. the eight upraised right hands, decorously wagging the handbells upwards and downwards; but to the performers, everything was serious and important as an afternoon with the Australians at Lord's." and "it took ten years to persuade the churchwardens that we could put a little fresh gold-leaf on the angels without going straight over to Rome" and "the Duke of Denver made a speech which was a model of the obvious", "he held himself so rigidly that if he had swallowed a poker it could have produced unseemly curves and flexions in his figure" and finally "Quite, said Wimsey, recognising the spirit that had hampered the fen drainage for the last few hundred years".

message 4: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Robitaille | 976 comments I just love those cricket references (sorry for those who uninitiated to the game).

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