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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Here we are!! I'm gonna post the idea here for reference :D

Guy A wasn't exactly born as a guy, he was born a girl. Well, okay he's transgender and his life isn't exactly in the best place. Not because of only that, but a lot has been going on with him. He was moved from the safety of his old school to now going to a public boarding school, getting a room with Guy B. Now, Guy B is a nice person who is on the basketball team, but he also has some secrets. He has a really hard time controlling his touches, his strength and how hard he touches people due to neglect and abuse as a child. The first night they spend together, Guy B figures out Guy A's secret. He doesn't tell though, oh no. Instead, he makes a deal with Guy A. He won't tell anyone that his body is a girl if Guy A helps him control his strength. Guy A and agrees to this and the two start to become good friends. Really, really good friends in fact. Alright, they begin to like one another, eventually even start to date. But that first time that they go further, things take a turn for the worst, Guy A ends up pregnant. One of the worst thing that could happen to a transgender male. He's completely freaking out and to even add more to his stress, Guy B is in an accident that ends up being very life threatening. Will he make it? What about the baby and when Guy A's pregnancy starts to show up more?

The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments Yay :o) My Internet is up and running again. Anyways you Guy A right? If so want to get characters up?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Yay!! :D My internet has been acting weird today too :o And yush, I'm Guy A! I already have a character sheet made for him, so I'll post it!!

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod

Birth Name: Alexandria Sue Natalello

Legally Changed Name: Andrew Scott Natalello

Preferred Name: Jesse Scott Natalello

Age: 17

Date of Birth: November 21

Gender: Transgender - female body

Sexuality: Pansexual

 photo tumblr_lzigxicC2v1r6jd0wo2_500_zps44jz035v.jpg
//Hair Color// Black
//Eye color// Green
//Height// 5'2
Weight// 90 lbs
//Breast Size// Late B cup
//Skin Tone// Slightly paler then usual
//Skin Texture// Soft
//Freckles// Around his nose and on his shoulders and arms

//Mother// Natalie Marie Natalello - alive/mental issues
(view spoiler)
//Father// Robert Andrews Natalello - alive/well
(view spoiler)
//Grandfather// Julius Micheal Natalello - alive/diabetes
//Older Brother// Micheal Dane Natalello - alive/well
(view spoiler)
//Older Sister// Cassandra Ann Natalello - alive/well
(view spoiler)
//Younger Brother// Zander Claude Natalello - alive/depressed
(view spoiler)
//Zanders Older Boyfriend// Keenan Abraham Preston - alive/well
(view spoiler)

Birth-1st Grade (0-7 Years Old)
Alexandria was born into a wealthy family as a premature baby. Because of this, she had to remain in the hospital for 3 weeks until her parents were allowed to bring her home. Luckily, she was a very happy baby and her parents made sure she was healthy, even though she was often sick. Like her older sister, Alexandria's parents dressed her up in the nicest dresses, the most girly things they could buy. It seemed like Alexandria liked it at first, however by age 5, she began to get embarrassed when wearing dresses. She began wearing more shorts, though her mother made her stay along with more girlish colors. At this time, she was also diagnosed with ADHD.

By the time Alexandria was 7, she didn't like wearing girlish colors anymore. In fact, she started examining the clothes on the boys part of the store, wanting those to be bought for her. Her parents did not allow that though, no matter how often they asked. Instead, they got her a dog, hoping that would satisfy her, boyish side. It did, to a point. When school started, she didn't hang out with the girls. Instead, she would play tag with the boys and race them on the sidewalk. Her parents noticed this and began to dress her in skirts once more, despite her protests. She tried to get her older brother to talk to them about it, but he wouldn't listen to her and her older sister was out at college around this time. So for years and years she let it happen, having no power to stop it.

Elementary School-Transgender Realization (7 Years Old-14 Years Old)
When she was in 5th grade, she wanted to join the basketball team. After begging and begging her parents to let her, they finally gave in, though they also made her take up gymnastics and ballroom dancing as well to make up for it. But she didn't mind, Alexandria loved basketball! She practiced all the time with the other girls on the team as well as her brother at home. She soon became one of the best players on the team. When she was in middle school, she began to babysit for many of the neighbors since she was good with children. With the money she earned, she would buy her own clothes. It was around this time she realized what she was. She was not a she. She was a he. She didn't feel like a girl at all, didn't feel like that was the body she should be in. Instead, she felt like a boy.

When Alexandria figured this out, she did not let anyone know, just kept it to herself all through middle school. She continued with basketball, gymnastics and ballet, fitting in her schoolwork and keeping her grades up. She wasn't a big fan of friends, it felt more like a hassle to her to try and make them. Mostly she stuck to herself, but she did talk to the girls on the basketball team. A few guys did show interest in her, but she didn't care about that. She was still trying to find out her own gender. Finally, when high school came, Alexandria couldn't take it. She told her parents how she felt, and, as she figured they would, they blew up. Threatened to kick her out of the house even! But after Alexandria pointed out that would draw a lot of negative attention to them, they shut up that idea. They instead sent her to an LGBT boarding school, still keeping in contact with her as well and trying to accept her.

Boarding School-Drug Usage (14 Years Old-15 Years Old
Alexandria then turned into Andrew, but she preferred to be called Jesse, who was a drummer in a band she loved. And she really began to embrace herself as a male. Andrew was accepted nearly as soon as he started going to the boarding school, mostly by Jamie Reed and Matthew Elliot. Andrew fell for them as soon as he met them, and they knew, but he never tried anything. They were in a relationship with one another anyways. The beginning of high school wasn't easy for him, he was unable to continue playing basketball because of how much other players on the opposite team hurt him and pushed him around. Soon, he quit and he turned instead to something else to keep him occupied and distracted:drugs.

Andrew felt like a freak for a while, even with these new friends that he was making. And he was in an environment that accepted him as him, yes, but he still felt horrible. He wished he could be normal, like everyone else. Which is why he turned to the drugs, taking all sort of ones, smoking, drinking all of it. It went on for a year until Jamie and Matt decided to take action and help their poor friend, helping him get off of all of them. And he did, but because of the amount of drugs he took, how little he ate, his appetite was not the same. He could stomach a lot of food, especially not meat. So, Jamie and Matt fed him softer things like fruit and crackers, at least so he could be able to eat. And it worked and soon, Jesse was beginning to do much better and actually started enjoying school.

The Break up-Present (15 Years Old-Now)
Everything started to look up for him once Junior year hit, he joined the gymnastic team, which he really enjoyed and as well as the dance group. Even though dancing was a sore topic for him, he really liked to do it. All was well for him, until his senior year when Matt and Jamie broke up due to Jamie changing schools. Sure, it wasn't really his business, but he was soon involved in it when Matt came onto him when Andrew was comforting him one day. Andrew thought Matt liked him, and he allowed Matt into his body, but he soon realized he was just using him because he lost Jamie. And Jamie did the same thing, had sex with Andrew because he lost Matt. And Andrew allowed it to happen.

Both of the boys felt horrible afterwards and cried, apologizing to Andrew and promising they'd never hurt him like that again. Andrew kept on saying it was okay, but it really wasn't. He was so very hurt by what happened, not just mentally and emotionally. He really had liked these two boys and he trusted them with such a major thing, only to be crushed when he realized he was only being played. Used. And this brought back his urges, his drug urges. People at the school somehow figured out what he had done and started bullying him. To get away from it, Andrew transferred over to Jamie's new school, hoping things would be better there. But even there, the urge to inject himself was slowly starting to creep back up to the surface...

*Closed off

☺Playing the drums
☺Dancing (ballet + hip hop)
☺Hot/spicy food
☺Juice (apple mostly)

☻His body
☻Dancing (ballet + hip hop)
☻Being treated as a fragile person
☻Most foods, he's afraid of eating them

 photo longcoats_zpsw6dene54.jpg
//The family has two German Shepard's, one girl (laying down) who is named Ariel and a boy (sitting up) who is named Tucker. Ariel is more of the house protector, always getting into everyone's business and making sure everyone in the house is safe. Tucker is more of the playful, laid back dog. He does, however, like to clean up, bring groceries in the house as well as newspaper and mail//

Below is the friends that Andrew hangs out with.

Jamie Mychell Reed/Moore
(view spoiler)

Matthew 'Matt' Julius Elliot
(view spoiler)

The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments Have mine up as soon as possible! :o)

The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments {Name}: Gabriel Vance Hoboken
{Alias}: "Gabe."

{Gender:} Male
{Age:} 19 years old
{Sexuality}: Bisexual ; Easily bends both ways

{Rank}: Upper Classman ; Varsity Boys Basketball player ; Dom
{Date of birth}: October 31st at 8:01 pm

· Let's just say Gabe is a nightmare if it weren't for the fact he keeps straight A's and isn't always the first one to pick a fight. He's very sarcastic and witty always having a dark mischievous gleam to his eyes. Easily told you shouldn't mess with him because he will make it come right back and bite you in the ass two fold. As spoken revenge is a dish best served cold. Gabe has classic teen written all over him and nows his ways. Lazy and unwilling to help unless he gets something in return. Often having a very cold shoulder and a rough bite to him. Do to his past he finds his strength his greatest falls and prefers not to touch people he doesn't know enough. Though behind this exterior he puts up he likes to be left alone just so he doesn't hurt people. Secretly very caring and the kindest person one could ever know. Those he cares for are always on his mind and he would jump out in front of a bullet for them even it ment his own demise.

▪[Eye Color:]▪ Dark brown eyes.
▪[Hair Color:]▪ Crazy and very intamble brown hair. Just rolled out of bed look.
▪[Complexion:]▪ Average Caucasian
▪[Scent:]▪ Cologne of the chaper brand and axe body wash.
▪[Build:]▪ Appears pretty lanky but pull up his shirt has some nice abs and healthy teen guy look.
▪[Height:]▪ 6 ' 2"
▪[Markings:]▪ Alot of scars on his back from his abusive father's belt buckle. Often with purple bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep.

° Being left alone
° His Kitty named, Jojo.
° Rock and Metal music
° Basket ball {Helps him vent his anger.}
° Kickstart Energy drinks
° Sleeping ; When it does find him
° His adopted family.
° Subs and pizza
° Being a pain in the ass and always a nightmare to most.

- His biological Father
- Snakes
- Being messed with
- Not being left alone
- When Jojo steals his pillow.
- people in general.

{Pets:} Gabe has a Sphynx tortoise shell mix named Jojo. A cat he picked up from the shelter being no body liked her and called her ugly, retarded and simply stupid. He didn't care and upon seeing her fell in love. The cat doing the same. Ever sense Jojo is the only thing that is fully able to sub do Gabe's strength and turn the kid into a cuddly ball of peach fluff just like her

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Oh he's perfect, I love him!! He's so handsome too ;)

The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments Thank you :o) Would you like to start or I?

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Um, you can start of you'd like (: I'm heading off to bed now.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments {{Yep :o) }}

Gabe was at his locker and going through his papers. Bags under his eyes and his hair a mess. He hadn't slept at all. Fuckin Insomnia! Well at least in history he could catch up and get a nap. His second year here and another year in hell. At least he got to keep Jojo in his dorm room. A few lies of his therapy cat worked on his application. Most students walked around him and just a glare seemed to deter alot of people off him.

Hearing his name over the overhead system he rolled his eyes. Ignoring it up until it was called again. FINE! He was taking his precious time and wasting it. Walking into a the councilors office and sitting in a sweet. So he be the guide for a new student yet again. Didn't they learn from the last time? Setting his book bag down. "Rookie here needs to go around let me guess?" He retorted sarcastically.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
"Come this way Andrew, we'll get you all set up in a room and have someone come down to show you around the school," the secretary said to him as she began to walk towards the door that he entered. Jesse nodded and followed her, looking around the hallway as they walked towards what he guessed was the counselors office. Once there, he was told to sit down, which he did, and just waited patiently. He was nervous, sitting there. He had only gone to one boarding school before and that had been an LGBT one. So everyone knew he was trans. But at this boarding school, it was co-ed, and he was listened on there as a boy. He had to be extra careful about his secret. When another boy came into the room, he looked over at him, guessing this was the person who was going to show him around the school.

"Yes Gabe, he does. His name is Andrew and not only does he need to be shown around, he's going to be your new roommate," she replied, quickly speaking up a moment later before the guy could argue,"Yes, he knows about your kitten before you even try to make that excuse. He and his parents signed a paper stating that he was perfectly fine with living with a cat." Jesse shifted in his seat a bit, actually having faked his parents signature. But he had to do that often anyways. Glancing over at the other guy, Gabe is what the counselor called him, able to tell probably what sort of person he was by the way he looked. Jesse himself was dressed in all black clothing and had many bracelets on both of his arms, which was the way he normally dressed. The outfit could look intimidating, however Jesse was very small and girlish, so it didn't work very well.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Gabe made his way to the councilor's office. Why were they so determined to find him a friend? Didn't he make his point clear he did not want any such thing?! Sheesh whatever.If this minded his own business than there wouldn't be a problem. Don't mess with Jojo or his stuff and an even better thing for each other. Tiny or small mess with him it will really come back to bite you. Revenge is always a dish best served cold. Upon entering he sat in the chair. Next to a Vegan-Goth? Not to shabby but wasn't the poor thing like dieing in the heat with all that black on? And Miss prim and smiling like she actually cared behind the desk.

Gabe only seemed to smile but he could not hide a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Oh is he? Alright then. I'll show rookie here the go round. Though Remember the last attempts at finding me a little buddy. It didn't work so well." He just had to add that in. Never worked out to well but this kid looked okay-ish and seemed the shy type. Even if the kid might be bacon from all the black not to shabby. Even if Gabe himself looked like he had woken an hour ago and maybe alittle psychotic. He wasn't half bad either in his skinny jeans , Nightmare before Christmas belt, Zombies six merch shirt and maybe a screaming with sirens bracelet on his wrist. Complete with black converse on his feet. "Alright Bacon lets go. Be best to ditch all the black the heat here will fry you alive." Summers are very long and very hot here.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Jesse sat there as the two of them conversed, not wanting to get much in this conversation at all. He wasn't sure how he felt about moving in with this guy, he was a bit excited about getting to move in with a cat. But this guys cat? He was sure that Gabe wouldn't was one of those people who didn't want anyone to touch his stuff. At least that was the vibe was that he was getting from him. At his words about following him, he raised his eyebrows at what he called him, standing up however.

"You'll be fine Andrew, Gabe is a nice kid when you get to know him," the counselor said from before her desk, sending him a small wink. Jesse just nodded at her and followed Gabe out the room. 'Is he going to bother me about my clothes all the time? I've lived here all my life, I know how the summers work,' Jesse thought, though he said nothing as he made sure that his backpack was securely on his back.

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Gabe on the inside just wanted to play Dude look at that! And when the other turned to look run and ditch this guy. What ever his therapist told him it would be good to get some friends. By therapist his adoptive mom that was more or less his Aunt Josey. But she was mom to him and her family very much his as well. Jojo was his cat but she was a people cat. As long as no harm camed to Jojo go ahead pet her but don't expect her to crawl in and cuddle with you. Her heart was with Gabe her savor and owner. The human was her love muffin and likes to sleep,cuddle and be all over Gabe.

Opening the door for what he may forever call Bacon boy. "Alrighty then where do we start?" Leading the way to the hall. "Alright. Castes in the school. Those are your plastics. Leader is build a bitch Stephanie. Wanna piss them off just ask were they got their boobs." Giving a wave only to get glares from the girls. "Preps are your cheerleaders their leader Gwen. Jocks and bullies just avoid him or confuse em with a question. Their leader is Byran leader off the football team." Basic stuff and people you should aviod. "Middle class is every body not set in a caste but are not popular or un popular. Punks, goths and emos tend to hang about as one big group like one big wolf pack. The so called Alpha. Kristoff. Electric pink hair and will more than likely recruit you in within the week." Crossing his arms. "Nerds are the lowest and are near science and trigonometry. Bigger numbers aviod the bullies." Getting his way around a mid-class group. "Last but not least the outcasts who have no rank in the caste and are pretty much hated by everybody. That would be me. Population one and Alone. Gabe Hoboken. Anything I may have missed?"

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Honestly, Jesse just wanted to run away and go find his friend Jamie, who also went here. He would have loved to room with him instead, but he already had a roommate apparently. Which really sucked because Jamie knew his secret, so it would be much easier living with him then also trying to hid it where he was going to sleep! And with this guy! Though, he wasn't really ever one to judge based on first appearances, since that was what people did to him and it drove him crazy. So, he would try to give this guy an honest chance. Though he would have to let him know that his name was Jesse, not Andrew or Bacon. That was really strange of him to call him that. When he started to talk about the people in the school, he just furrowed his eyebrows, waiting until he was finished until he spoke up.

"Um, could you show me where the classrooms generally are? Are they split up into the science area, art area, that sort of stuff?" he asked. Despite his small appearance, his voice was rather on the deep side. Of course, he made his voice that way, his actual voice was very soft, but after 3 years of making his voice deeper, it just sort of became his normal.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
"Hold your horses. I was getting there. Any thing on the castes? Because you get caught by the upper castes I am not gonna run to your rescue." He stuck to himself and never helped other people. They didn't help him so why help them. He didnt like this set up either so don't get you panties in a bunch. Gabe wasn't judging either making best accurate guesses.

"So the tour of another four years of hell begin. Come on I will leave you behind." He wanted to get to his classes and get his work done. Go back to his dorm room and cuddle with Jojo. Yeah, he had to live with this guy but it didn't mean he had to be his friend. "I can tell you don't like you name being called Andrew. You gave the miss prim and proper this look so what is it? You will be living with me so at least I need your preffered name if that's what you want to call it." Better to know his name so he knew to make sure to stay off his side of the dorm.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Jesse listened to his words, shaking his head when asked if he had any questions. This school really was just like any other with people divided into different groups. As long as he did his best to stay clear of anyone, he would be fine. Of course, he was very worried. He was often picked on for being smaller and confused for a girl. So he would have to be careful about that. He did his best to keep up with Gabe, he was a foot taller than Jesse was, so it was a bit harder, but he did walk at a fairly quick speed. He just hoped he'd run into Jamie sometime today. When he mentioned his name, he just nodded.

"Yeah, everyone calls me Jesse," he replied to him with a small smile in his direction. He would hope that the two of them would get along, they didn't have to be friends. But at least kind enough to one another, tolerate one another. Jesse had a harder time making friends, but it wasn't impossible for him. He just had to find the right people.

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Gabe sheugged his back onto his shoulders and yawned. Alright this guy is Jesse. He didn't know how Andrew was then made to Jesse but hey it was just like him preferring to be called Gabe instead of his full name. "As you know I'm Gabe. Real names Gabreil but just call me Gabe." Gabreil reminded him of his past as an abused child his dad had always called him by his full name when he was pissed. Which was all the time. Shaking off the feelings of dread from those feared induced memories.

"Anyways schedule." Upon having it he gazed over it. These were alot of classes he had. Good thing he liked the back of the rooms were nobody liked to bother him but the teacher. Handing back the schedule. Surprised he hadnt wrinkled it in the slightest. "Your first hour is trigonometry. Room 211. This way Rookie" Turning down a hallway.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Jesse nodded his head when he told him his name, making a mental note to not call him by his full name. He's known him as Gabe anyways, so that wouldn't be a problem. When he mentioned his schedule, he pulled it out of the folder that he had kept it in, handing it over to him. He looked over it a few times and if the rooms were anything like his old schools, the first number would tell which floor it was on. So something with a 1, first floor, 2 second floor and 3 third floor. He wasn't sure if this school had a fourth or fifth floor like his other school did.

Once Gabe had looked it over, Jesse began to follow behind him. He had to wonder what other nickname this guy was cooking up in his head for him. First Bacon, then Rookie. Well, his one friend calls him squirrel, because he eats like a squirrel, barley anything.

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Gabe had gotten a scholar ship here after passing the entry test with a straight one hundred percent. Even had to take the test again just to prove he didn't cheat. He looked like the devil and had the intellectual genis of one to. Tricks and math were things he excelled in. As well as guitar playing, art and english. Science was pretty meh and history was his nap time after he finished the assignments. So pretty much the average two floor school with lots and lots of students with staff. Scratching the back of the neck handing schedule back.

"Anyways This is trigonometry , calculus and Alegbra 2 math class." Showing a door with a few math quote posters. Pretty average and an class so best not to bother. "Moving on. English room is on the other side of the hall." His English teacher was pretty cool and always recamended the best horror and mystery novels you could find. Rookie, bacon or Jesse. It did not matter to Gabe what he called this guy. Didn't like it to bad and to sad. Gabe was also one that loved to spite people even when he didn't even now it.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Jesse looked all around the halls as they were walking. He was just a curious kid, wanted to see everything. Plus, if he happened to see Jamie, he would be a lot happier. One of the reasons he went to this school was because he didn't want Jamie to be alone, not after what happened. Sighing softly, he pushed his hands into his pockets, wondering what sort of clubs these people had. He was into basketball, gymnastics, karate and dancing. Basketball wasn't an option because the boys team members always made fun of him and in karate people always judged him and assumed he couldn't do anything. And he had a love hate relationship with gymnastics and dance. If was one of the things he did when he was still known as a she.

Listening to Gabe as he walked around with him, he peaked into the room, knowing that he wouldn't find Jamie there. Jamie was a God when it came to math, he had been in college level math since sophomore year. Slumping his shoulders, he just continued on with Gabe.

(( Sorry if I mention Jamie a lot, he's Jesse's best friend and he'll probably pop up a few times in the RP LOL ))

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Gabe took morning and afternoon classes so he was pretty much the opposite of Jesse. He didn't like exploring bevause it always stirred up problems and he stuck with what he knew. He only did to clubs. Art and Basketball. Music was a thing he did when he was bord and basketball helped him channel his strength so he didnt take it out on somebody accidentally. How he had gotten out of the abuse was practically beat his sperm donor to a bloody pulp and put him in the Er on life support. no he hadn't killed him but it did end him up with this new life. Never to be heard from again. This new life wasn't half bad either. No friends but his kitty Jojo and that was perfect for him.

Gabe sported a 4.0 Gpa exactly but never spoke much of it and often requested to stay out of the honor role and papers. "I don't say this but this is the best fuckin English class ever. Ms. Maconihan best teacher ever. Just don't tell her I said that or I will have to stab you." English off the list now. "Next Sociology and Zoo-ology." That was on the first floor. Time to conquer the flight of stairs Gabe hated so frickin much. "This way to the teacher who would more or less cut you open and use your insides in some wacky experiment to prove a point."

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments {{Tis fine :o) }}

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) | 805 comments Mod
Jesse's classes all started in the morning at 8 and went until 2 in the afternoon. And of course, he had lunch from 11:45-12:20. It didn't really bother him, waking up that early. He was use to it, the schedule here was basically exactly like the schedule at his old school. He just hoped that the people here were a little nicer than the ones at his old school. Not saying they were all mean, but a handful of them pretty much tortured him for the past 2 months. It was nicer here, where pretty much no one knew him.

Listening to Gabe as he spoke, he nodded at his words, following him down the hallway. He did feel a little awkward with this kid since he wasn't really saying a lot. Gabe was the one who was talking. Deciding to ask because he was just curious, he looked up at him.
"Do you play any sport or are you in any clubs?" he asked. He didn't really seem the type of guy to partake in that sort of stuff, but he could be wrong.

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments
Gabe was pretty chill right now. Rookie Bacon wasn't much of a talker so this might just work out fine. Gabe liked his old school do to the fact all his family was there but here he had better chances of more higher scholarships and career choices. Learning the motions weren't to hard either. So he didn't complain much and just a year or two more and he was out of here and high paying job was open for him. It had been given to him as long as he graduated. You wouldn't think it but Gabe loved to designer and was a pretty good architect. And man did those jobs pay good money. Even his strength could help out with the builds. You also needed art and mathematical two things he was extraordinary at.

Finally hearing Jesse speak up it kinda spooked him. The kid was so dang quiet. Okay he could give socialism a try. Might be good as long as he didn't get to close or attached. "Co captain of the Varsity Basketball team and Art major. Think football but Bryan insists on calling me hippy dippy emo fag. So Instead or murdering him on the spot I just won't join." If you saw his dorm he would more or less clean up all his isles and paintings off what was now Jesse's half of the dorm. And his dirty Jersey in the dorm washer needing to be put in the dryer.

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Jesse wasn't the biggest talker in the world. He preferred to be silent, in his own world. Unless of course, people were talking to him. And he talked around people he was comfortable with, aka his friends. But otherwise, he was pretty silent. Whenever he talked, people were surprised by it and his voice, since they all assumed his voice was high pitched. Listening to his words, he nodded.

"I played basketball back in middle school," he replied, though he didn't think this guy really cared. Especially since it was so long ago and, even though the guy didn't know this, it was still when he was a 'girl'.

(( Question, what grade are they in?? :o cause I thought they were gonna be seniors in high school, but you mentioned Gabe being an art major LOL ))

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The GFHB {HoNk} | 265 comments {{Opps Sorry dor the confusion. I had meant to put art club member. XD Senoirs in highschool was what I was going for.}}

Gabe talked whenever he wanted. He wasn't very social but if you wanted a conversation you better be able to handle his opinions. Not much he liked to share though. sporting no friends he liked to be left alone and talk to himself or his family.

Looking behind himself a moment. Well that was neat. At least he could watch the basketball games that were live and not be looked at all funny when his team won. But as suspected he didn't care to much. "Thats neat." Stopping at a room. "The science room." Gesturing to the room next to them. A pretty average looking science room. "Art and history is this way now." Honestly his lack of sleep was getting the better of him. Yawning and wanting to take a nap.

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(( Oh okay, got'cha haha ))

Jesse waited for his response, honestly not expecting much out of him. This guy didn't seem to be one to hold a conversation with someone too well. And he was right when he heard his words. He didn't care about what Jesse did. But that was okay, Jesse just nodding his head as he looked around the science area. He did have to admit, first days of school always sucked. Of course, it was nice being able to know where things were, but were also oh so boring to sit through it. And he wasn't going to go to his classes today, he was actually going to fill out some more papers, meet with his new counselor and then be shown around the dorms by someone, he guessed a counselor since Gabe had class.

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Gabe was more or less finding a mutaul standing point ith Jesse. Showing the last bit of classrooms. Gabe had wasted a majority of his classes showing noob here around. "Alright art and history. The rooms right across from each other. Teachers are alright." Though his mood suddenly soured as a rather big dude brushed passed him and jostled him into the lockers. "Sorry Fag." A jock laughed and Gabe felt a scowl grow on his lips. "Alright no problem bull headed retard." These to had history. Bad history. The Jock was Byran leader off the football. "What did you just say Fag!?" Byran snorted at Gabe getting right up in his face. The one thing you didn't want to do was get in Gabe's face. "Bryan get the fuck out of my face." Gabe glared. Byran took it as a challenge. "Who's gonna make me?" Byran chuckled. Gabe clenched his fist drew it back and bunched Byran right in the groin. "I am. Fuck off now. Ps I'm telling Shelby all the chicks you slept with while she was on that trip to France." Walking away. "Jesse are you just gonna stare or do you want to know your way around!" Snapping at the other with out realizing. Fists still clenched leaving a jock in the middle of the hallway to lay on the floor sobbing after being punched in the nuts.

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Jesse was following along with Gabe, listening to everything he was saying and examining the hallways as they walked. The school was smaller than his own, but the classes were laid out differently than he was use to. He hurried to follow along with him, however someone brushed up against Gabe. He frowned when he heard the others words, seeing how this could quickly turn bad. He was going to touch Gabe, tell him to just walk away, but the other guy was already standing. He watched what went down between the two of them, flinching when the other guy was punched. This just went from good to very, very bad! At Gabe's words, he frowned, shaking his head.

"You shouldn't have hit him, no matter what he said to you. That's what they want you to do and he's going to come back at you ten times worse next time. That's why he didn't step back, you provoked him," he spoke to him, looking back at the guy on the floor,"And now you also took out your anger on me, snapping like that. I think I'm gonna find my own way around. Thanks for your help so far." Jesse was always the peace keeper wherever he went, often times getting out of fights by simply talking to the person who was getting in his face. Sure, it got him punched or kicked a few times, but he didn't want to ever have to fight someone unless he needed to. And right then, Gabe didn't need to.

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Gabe knew this was bad. He hadn't ment to hit that hard but Byran kinda deserved it so he wasn't all that worried. He had to calm down and relax. He was already bruising his knuckles from how hard he was clenching them to keep from just going off. Didn't help that Jesse was saying stuff that was distracting him from trying to calm down. Touching him would be an even worse idea. He'd recoil and more than likely bolt.

"I know your knew around here but it isn't all rainbows and butterflies here. You gotta fight back or be the victim. One sign of weakness the whole bitch squad is on your tail." He was right just backing away didn't always help. He had learned to fight back and be a loner. Nobody bothered him nor did he bother them until one person tried to be a upstart punk and mess with him. Sighing running hands through his hair rather roughly. Wanting to growl and runaway. He was never a people person and here he was a monster among men. One that ruined popularity if he was treaded on. The out cast the abused kid no body knew about until he did start fighting back. "No-fuck." Trying to get words but he still needed a cool down. "Just find me after lunch alright. Give me my cool down time and I'll finish this up."

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"No place is all rainbows and butterflies. Yeah, you have to fight no matter where you go, but fighting doesn't always include violence," Jesse replied, shaking his head at him and taking a step back,"I'll manage to find my own way around the school. I'll see you at the dorm later and I hope you might think about what I said." Of course, not a lot of people did listen to him, it sometimes took a lot, even though he knew that he was right.

Turning, he headed the opposite way down the hallway, looking at the kid who was still on the floor.
"The same goes for you. What you do, what's the point in it? You just hurt yourself and others around you," he said to him,"Oh, and just to let you know, a faggot is literally defined as a bundle of sticks to be used as fuel. And a fag, to the British anyways, is defined as an unwelcome task. There's nothing offensive about it." Yeah, Jesse knew a bunch of useless information, but people usually didn't have a retort for him when he threw a little bit of logic in their face.

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Him and Jesse had different lives and very different upbringings. Gabe wanted to get away. Raised to fight to survive and get the attention he needed. Beat when he didnt fight back and mortally wounded when he didnt. Snorting and turning. Walking away and easily putting his back to Jesse. A bad start indeed. Unknowingly of what was in store for them in the future. Practically disappearing after alerting his teachers and grabbing his work. They'd more than likely call in more therapy sessions. Like talking to a person helped him in the first place and he wasn't better already.

In all Reality Gabe went to his went back to his dorm room and did all his work before passing out on his bed. Easily told he had tooken a cold shower. His hair still slightly damp after a few hours. Upon opening the doo you could see him in pajama shorts and laying on his stomach. His back still ached even if the lashes had healed over time. Did I mention the scars on his back. Long deep marks where skin had healed after being broken where a belt had hit him so hard it bleed for days. No the blanket bunched around his waost and a cat taking her favourite place on Gabe's lower back. Curled up in a tiny ballv of peach fuzz.

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Jesse walked away after that, finishing up looking at his classes soon after. With that finished, he went back to the counselors and finished up some paperwork. He ate lunch there and then finished up the tour of the school, getting all of the books that he needed and set up his locker. A few students said hello to him, but didn't really hold a conversation with him. Near the end of the school day, they went to the dorms and he was shown around there as well before it was time to see his room. They made sure his key worked and opened the door, the both of them seeing Gabe in bed, not sure if he was sleeping yet.

"Make sure you let him know that he needs to clean off the walls on your side of the room. Other than that, all of your boxes are here so all that's left is to unpack. See you tomorrow Andrew," the counselor said to him with a smile before leaving. Jesse nodded at her and closed the door behind her, sighing softly and looking over at Gabe, though he said nothing. Instead, he set his backpack on his bed and searched through his clothes boxes, finding something decent that he could change into.

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Jojo shifted on Gabe's back. Looking up at the two that had walked in the room. Pinning her ears back and moving to cuddled into the crook of Gabe's neck. Watching the two with little intrest but actually warning. Touch Gabe her claws would sink into your fingers. Like a dog she would protect and watch over Gabe like he did for her.

Gabe grumbled in his sleep shifting on his side back to them. Having forgotten to where a shirt to cover up his scar ridden body. A cold breeze from the hall is what stirred him from slumber. A light sleeper. Sitting up and the bags under his eyes faded just alittle bit getting some sleep finally after what seemed days. Yawning and stretching. Forgetting he had a roomate at the moment. Watching Jojo circle and rubb on his sides. "Nice to see you slept well sweety." Running his hand down the cat's back. His stomach grovelling having skipped lunch. Rising and going through his Miniature fridge. Pulling out some left over chinease take out he got after the day before's basketball game. Leaning back on the counter. Digging in and feeding Jojo some with the chopsticks. The hairless mix purring happily.

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Jesse had noticed the scars that were on Gabe's back, though he said nothing about them. He had learned throughout the years that every scar had a story and the person who carried them may not exactly like to talk about that story to just anyone. So he remained silent, staying out of Gabe's way as he moved through the room and then back over to his bed. He didn't want to disturb him anymore than necessary. Instead, he just gathered up some clothes and moved into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

Sighing softly, he used the bathroom quickly before he stripped of his clothing, keeping on the chest binder that hid his boobs from everyone. It was annoying to have on, but he had been wearing them for 4 years now. He got use to them. However, it sucked because his boobs were still growing larger, so occasionally it would get too tight for him and he would be short of breath. He normally took it off once he got in his room, but because of his roommate, he couldn't. Sighing, he began to get on his more comfortable clothes, that including shorts and a tank top. His binder looked just like a tank top, so he just a more loose one on, just in case.

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Gabe yawned and sighed as he gazed over an unopened and practically untouched carton of fried rice. He was pretty much full and Jojo couldn't have that stuff. Was he really gonna waist it. Nah. He stilled owed Jesse an apology after snapping at him and now he was in a better mood so what harm in it now. Having a spair set of chopsticks to. He normally accidentally broke the chop sticks being to pumped for games. His body showed it as well. The unhandled strength that coursed through his veins. Lean taunt muscle hidden under clothes. Even his his hands were nimble and could stroke Jojo, hold a paint brush and strum the strings of gitaur he was still weary and most times unable to control his strength exceptionally when he was angry.

Hearing the door to the bathroom open after a few moments he looked at Jojo who looked at him with a look. H e rolled his eyes and the cat seeming to do the same. Gabe yawned before calling out to his roomate. "Jesse I got some take out if you want it." Picking up Jojo so she didn't get to it first. "I don't really do this at all but I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier today. So new peace with the offering of untouched take out?"

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Jesse changed his clothes quickly, looking down at himself. He knew he didn't exactly pass off as a decent looking guy, he looked move like a boyish girl. His arms were thin and showed pretty much no muscle. And he was skinny, almost worryingly skinny. Sighing, he gathered up his dirty clothes and exited the bathroom. When Gabe spoke to him, he looked over at him as he threw his dirty clothes in a plastic bag for now. So, the guy was able to apologize after all. At his offer for the food though, he just shook his head.

"Don't worry about it, you don't have to offer me food. Your apology is enough, really," he replied. He didn't accept t he food because even if he did, he wouldn't be able to eat it. Chinese food didn't go well with him, there was too many things going on in it that just made Jesse feel sick to his stomach. It really filled up people quick and for Jesse, who had no appetite, only a few bites in, he would be full. That would be a waste.

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Gabe upon seeing Jesse saw a dude that may or may not be alittle hot. Not that he would say that out loud. Though he didn't ask why Jesse was super skinny. That kid had to eat some more or his body just might start eating itself from the inside out. Gabe was okay when his mood was mellowed out and had something to eat. Also the fact Jojo didn't hiss, bite or hide was a good sign Jesse was an alright dude.

"I offered it do to the fact if it doesn't get eatin it will be bad in the next few days." He shrugged maybe he would give it to his next door neighbor. Thaytt guy was pretty chill. Setting the carton back in the fridge. Moving over to his paintings and aisles taking them down so Jesse had a place to live. Instead of a tiny spot in the corner. Yawning and setting things down and leaning on the wall in a neat array. Happy for having one of the biggest dorms on campus.

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Jesse hoped that Gabe wouldn't say anything about his appearance, his legs and arms were exposed at the moment after all. He was skinny pretty much anywhere and not that hairy at all. He tried not shaving, but for some reason, hair just didn't seem to grow on him. Sure, it wasn't that big of a deal, but people associated leg and arm hair with men. Oh well. He watched as Gabe moved his painting, smiling at him.

"Thanks. Your cat is a cutie by the way," he complimented the cat, looking over at her a smiling. Now that he had more room to work with, he started to unpack his stuff, starting with his clothes first. He made sure to keep his girlish underwear, which he only wore when he was on his monthly time, in a bag and in the box, so Gabe wouldn't see them. As well as his feminine...essentials, also for his monthly time, under the bed.

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Gabe looked over Jesse discreetly. He was lying when he said this guy was just alittle hot. The guy was sexy to beat well. It was the best of both worlds. Not to girly and not to manly. He bent both ways in his types but wasn't really the dating type these days. To much school work and so far Jesse was the only person he has met that hadnt said something that made him to punch somebody in the face.

Stroking Jojo's head softly and she began to purr. "Thanks but don't tell that to me. Tell it to Jojo." Scooping up cat in his arms and she happily cuddling close to him. Head against the area of his heart. Taking seat on his bed a pulling out his laptop. He had to check in with his family. He had `accidentally` forgot to send a them emails on how it was going. His phone in for repair being he squeezed it a bit to tightly.

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Jesse smiled at his words, looking down at the cat who was obviously very in love with Gabe. It was sweet, seeing a cat that was so attached to it's owner. Looking away after that, he busied himself with getting his clothes in the proper drawers, carefully putting the plastic bag filled with his girl underwear with his other, though he kept them in the bag. Just in case. He wasn't sure if Gabe was one of those people who would look through others stuff.

With that finished, he looked over to his bed, deciding he should probably made that next. That was the part that he was least looking forward too, he hated making beds. It was so much work. He got his pillowcases inside of his pillows first before he actually started constructing the bed together, making a few noises of struggle when it got to putting the sheet on because he had to crawl all over the bed and the sides kept on popping it. Somehow he got it, but now he had to do his blanket. Great.

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Jojo migrated to Gabe's lap with a content purr. Gabe emailing his parents and other siblings. Chuckling at the things the scent him. Turning his head as Jesse was making his bed. That poor fool. "Need some help there?" It was more a tease than a actually offering of help. His normally snide sarcastic nature still very much there just on a lighter tone. This guy made making bed a seem like the world was depending on him to make the bed.

Shutting her laptop and setting it to the side flopping back with a huff to his lips. Looking over with a snicker. He didn't need tv for comedy he had it right here on the other side of the room. Propping his head on his elbows maybe stealing a few glances at Jesse's seemingly perfect tush. Alright maybe living with this guy won't be so bad. Comedy and sexy looks sounded good to him.

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Jesse managed to get one half of the blanket on the bed when Gabe asked him if he needed help, though it didn't sound like he actually wanted to help. He just shook his head though.
"No, I got it...I think," he replied, doing his best to put the student blanket on the bed. At one point, one side came off completely and he just stood there and stared at it for a moment before sighing heavily and moving to fix it. It took a few minutes before he got the blanket on and he just laid down on his bed once it finally was, his shirts raising up a bit to expose his skinny stomach as he panted a little bit.

"I hate making beds," he complained, not wanting to move a muscle now that he had to go through that. He wasn't sure what it was about beds, but they just did not like him.

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Gabe only laughed as the blanket came up. Good luck with that. "Start with the top corners then work your way down. It's so much easier that way." So instead of pulling sideways you pulled down not ripping the sheet off of already made corners of the bed. Lay on his stomack laying on his back still caused sensitivity and little spikes of pain.

Gabe always made his bed out of shere habit. Even if somebody was in it he would tuck up somebody neat and nicely so it lookes presentable. Not that he had shared beds like that before. "Your sleeping on it tonight don't make it hate you more because with beds it's only death." Resting head on his arms. Slight ppain in his back caused him to wince. Pushing Jojo off him as she began to knead his back with her claws to get comfortable

{{So exactly how should Gabe learn Jesse's sercret? }}

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(( I was thinking that he could walk in on him changing (: In one RP that I did even, Jesse got sick and passed out. So that could happen and Gabe could like...undress him to change his clothes and figure it out LOL ))

"I'll try not to," Jesse groaned from where he was, lying there for a moment later before he sat up. Looking over at Gabe's bed, he smiled at his cat, not moving to touch her though. He wasn't sure how she would react to that. Instead, he just started putting the pillows up on his bed, finally finishing making it. Good, he got that out of the way quick. Not easy, not easy at all, but at least he wouldn't have to worry about it later.

(( Sorry it's a little short ^^; ))

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Gabe yawned and chuckled seeing the look between him and the cat. "You know She doesn't bite. If you want to pet her go ahead." Amusing. For the most part it was him that had the bite. Jojo was harmless until you showed agression towards him. Even if a back rub with out claws sounded appealing. But it was just plain weird to ask your new roomate for a back rub. Jojo had seemed to catch the drift but instead of hiding she poked her head up from Gabe's side and meowed softly. Hopping up on Gabes Lower back right where the spine dipped some. Her favourite spot to lounge about upon her owner.

{{Tis fine}}

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(( The him walking him on Jesse or him changing Jesse? LOL ))

Jesse looked at him when he heard his words, honestly just not thinking that he wanted him to touch his cat. He seemed like those people who protected their things after all. And the cat even seemed like that sort of cat, where if you touched her owner, she would scratch your eyes out. That's just what he got from how she didn't leave his side since he got in here anyways.

Seeing the cat poke her head up and climb onto his bed, he smiled at her and got up from the bed. Might as well see what she might do to him. He'd been scratched by animals many times before after all, so even if he did get scratched, he'd be fine. Walking over to Gabe's bed, he held out his hand for Jojo to sniff before he actually pet her, not wanting to alarm her.

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He noticed little things. It was how he lived through a majority of his life with his real abusive parents. Gabe didn't mind if you pet Jojo she was stylishly for her breed was normally a two person cat at most but Jojo was a people cat and loved Everybody. Gabe was above all else though.

When it came to petting Jojo she felt like petting a warm peach. She wasn't hairless persay she had some longer than average fuzz to to her mixed specie. Jojo sniffed Jesse's fingers before brushing her forehead on the underside of Jesse's hand. "She is surprisingly a people cat. The most she might do it lay on your face when you don't get up to feed her in the morning If I'm not here."

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