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essïe | 1053 comments Greetings & Salutations ! I'm so happy you decided to give this a go !

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essïe | 1053 comments Aww loosen up! I don't bite. Promise (:

Alright so jist is Muse A is a fae. Fairy or whatever you want to call it. I was thinking fairy or vampire. Still not sure. Anyway he goes to this new school for whatever reason. I was thinking maybe he was banished from his home b/c he was cold and did something deadly causing him to be sent away. Perhaps those people said he couldn't come back until he did something good or right for once. Blah blah blah okay so he goes to this new school where he meets Muse B who is a complete jokster and fails to take things seriously. The two could start talking for a reason we can come up together but little does Muse A know that Muse B has terminal cancer. Throughout their friendship well what little relationship they have from Muse A inability to open up he begins to notice little things about Muse B and wonders & ask questions from here to there which is always brushed off with a joke or what not. We can decide where it goes from there. It's a bit rough but I figured we could fix it up together (: questions?

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essïe | 1053 comments You're right! Mmkay let's get into it! Charries? Age name & appearance will do (:

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essïe | 1053 comments -rosalie calendine



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essïe | 1053 comments Alright! Here I'll post first so you can get a feel (:

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essïe | 1053 comments
"Mr. And Mrs. Calendine. We ran some test. I'm sorry but..."
And that, dear friend, was the sentence that led to the sudden plight of Rosalie Calendines life. Well the beginning anyway, she zoned out knowing it didn't take rocket science to know the rest of that unfortunate conversation. She had bit cancer in the ass. Or was it she took a bite out of cancer? All the same thing anyway, right?

Rosalie was fifteen when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. Of course she was shocked. Actually shocked was an understatement really. That much proved so as she sat on the edge of the hospital bed staring at the floor with a blank face. Her mother falling into her fathers arms, his work shirt damp with her river of tears. I guess when you find out your kid has cancer a thing such as standing up seems almost foreign. In this case, responding was the only thing impossible for Rose to do.

That was what consisted of the next two years. Impossible responses to her diagnosis and constant panic attacks from her mother. Fortunately, enough her mother was able to regain her santity after a few months and got her shit together. Of course, that was only because she decided to leave and start a new life elsewhere. That was a story for another day. Yet, for now Rosalie was dying and her father was stronger than ever. Kind of.

Rosalie was now sixteen going to seventeen in less than a week and just having moved to some place in Washington. Cold and always gloomy. Dad was against it at first but for once Rosalie could fit in, with her skin getting paler by the day and all. At least here she wouldn't have to answer any questions.
"Rosalie! You have exactly tw-" Before Michael- Rosalies dad -could finish his sentence Rosalie hopped off the last stair with a big toothy grin. "No need. I would like to avoid any butt wipings as long as I live." She began her way over but stopped in her path, a pale finger held up in exaggerated thought. "Which from Dr. Kyles lovely input shouldn't be too long from now." Offering a small wink Rose went over to the table and plucked up a strip of bacon. Okay, so Rosalie used humor as a defense against her sickness. Sue her? Throughout all of this she somehow seemed to remain calm and brave as the doctors would call it. If only they knew. Earning a sad sigh from her father she grabbed her bag and walked over to the door. "Now now, Rosalie Calendine you need to finish your breakfast before you set one more foot out door! The doctor specifically sai-"
"The doctor says a lot of things, dad." Rose sighed, a tired smile on her lips. "Some of which aren't true. Like how I was supposed to be dead a year ago. Remember? Besides, I'm trying to watch my figure, you know?"

Yep, that about did it. Not being able to hold it in anymore Rosalies father looked away, a shaky breath escaping him. "Oh dad." Now at his side Rosalie turned him to face her, forcing his eyes to meet hers. "I'm sorry. Just stressed about the big day. I promise I'll be just fine." Looking down at his daughter Michaels identical green eyes wavered. She was so different now. Looked so different now. His nickname for her was Rosie from the glowing pink color she had in her cheeks. She lost that now. She was thinning out and somehow she looked both frail and never more strong. She was growing up. Yet, these were the perks of growing up while dying at the same time. He couldn't change that. No matter how much he tried.
"Okay. I love you."
"I love you too, daddy." Placing a soft kiss on his cheek she swirled round and ran towards the door.
"I coukd give you a ride! I mean it's not too much trouble!" He called out. Onlyi offering a small giggle she then ran out towards the car and then made her way to her new school.

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essïe | 1053 comments (( it doesn't have to be THAT detailed but somewhere around. You know? (: ))

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essïe | 1053 comments "Okay, Cancer. You better not do anything stupid today, you hear me? No sudden breathing problems, dizziness, none of that. Keep your shit together." Rosalie mumbled this to herself as she pressed her forhead against the trucks steering wheel. She was nervous. And no it was not a side effect of having cancer. It was a side effect of being a normal teenager starting her first day at a new school. The sweating and sudden need to throw up...well that was probably good ol cancer kicking in. Gotta love your enemies.

Letting out a few shaky breaths Rose now sat up and looked down at her wardrobe. Considering it was only about fourty degrees here she had settled with a white dress, to look like she cared, some black nilons, boots and one big red coat. Custosy of her absent mother who left it behind.
"Thank you Jane." With that Rose opened the door to the old truck, her ginger curls boucing with her as she jumped out.

Everyone was staring. Roses green eyes scanned the crowd nervously as she stood frozen in front of her truck.
Oh god. They know. They know, they know, they know. They are totally wondering if I'm going to drop dead right here. Oh god. Who told them? Oh god, oh n-

"You must be Rosalie Calendine!" Blinking away the fear Rose twirled on her heel to see two blonde haired people. One who casually leaned on her car while the other one sit confortably on the front of it. "Um. Yes?" They were undeniably twins even though they were a boy and a girl. Strange enough, they were gorgeous.
"I'm Jairus. This is Clara. We are so happy to meet you." Okay this was definitely weird, right? They were probably planning to humilate her but from the many shocked looks she questioned that theory.
"We've been waiting for you. Whole towns been talking." Clara tilt her head at Rose as if she were studying her. Jairus seemed to be the only blonde twin that did the talking. "Come on. We'll help you with your classes. We have history third period as well." He pipped up, looking over Roses shoulder at her schedule. Linking arms with Rose the two new acquaintances led her away to the front of the school.
"Welcome to Ovine High, Rosie Posie."

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essïe | 1053 comments The day went by in a breeze. Being with Jairus and Clara people seemed to steer clear which was a relief. Rosalie didn't want to have to answer questions. She did that enough back in her old home town. For lunch Jairus and Clara invited Rose to their table where Rose cracked jokes that the twins seemed to appreciate greatly. Yet somehow although Clara would give a good bell like laugh she had yet to speak a word. Finally Rose tilted her head, a perfectly arched brow raised, "You don't talk much do you?" Before Clara could answer Jairus pipped up once again, leaning in with a smirk on his nicely carved lips. "We've been talking about ourselves all day, Rosie Posie. Don't you think we deserve a couple answers?"

Rosalie blinked but her held together face did not falter as she leaned back casually, bringing her bottle of water to her lips. "Like what?"
"Like-" As if God himself had come down to help Rosalie the bell rang. Standing up with a sigh Rose threw her bag over her shoulder. "Saved by the bell. You coming?" Clara stood up and turned her attention to the parking lot with a longing look in herbwye eyes as Jairus sat back, studying Roses move. After a few seconds Rose fidgeted and looked away just as Jairus shook his head. "No. Clara wants some real lunch. It's healthy to ditch every once in a while." The boy said noncommittaly making Rose curious.
"On the first day?"
"Let's just say we didn't miss school all that much."

After leaving the twins Rosalie was off to fend for herself at trying to find her class. Her face was buried into a map when she bumped into a stone hard body, causing her to jerk back with a sudden force that was all too strange. "Well considering it feels as if I had just ramed into a brick wall... I could be better." Brining a hand to her head Rose finally looked up to have herself locked in by the most memorizing set of blue eyes. The man was absolutely gorgeous! What was it with these small towns? Recoving quickly Rose blinked and scrambled up her things, her ginger curls just about everywhere. "So sorry. I'm new here and as pathetic and clique as it is...I'm lost. You don't happen to know where-" Fumbling for her schedule she then held it up for the man who seemed to be way more mature than the other srudents here. "Mr. Smiths classroom is, would you?"

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essïe | 1053 comments Scrambling up her things Rosalie followed the boy down the hall untill they both slipped into the same full classroom. Coincidence? She stopped dead in her tracks when he said her name and was just about to turn around when he introduced himself as their teacher. Oh great.

Making her way down the rows of students she heard many whistles and sighs at the new teachers appearance. Maybe this Alex guy would be the talk of the town instead. She tried to figure out if that was good or insulting. Taking a seat in one of fhe middle rows Rosalie set her backpack down without bothering to take things out. It was the first day, it mostly consisted of introduction and unnecessary chit chat.

Rose was getting better with names. Mostly because there was only about two hundred kids at this school and she had most of them in her other class. Marley Vinn. Georgina Phillips. Jack Cole. She didn't bother to pay attention to much else and was daydreaming when she was called next. Snapping her head up Rose blinked her big green eyes and fumbled for an answer. "I'm Rosalie Calendine, 16 years old, and...I, life I guess?" Considering you have so much of it left. With an embarassed smile Rose looked away and listened absently to the rest of the peoples answers.

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essïe | 1053 comments (( can we keep it to at least three paragraphs? I don't mean to sound needy but I like to have something to work with, you know? Sorry ))

The class seemed to drag on forever. Mr. A seemed friendly enough and not so cold hearted considering his age. Twenties seemed to be the years when all those men shut down emotionally. Boy, was she wrong. He had began to tell stories that Rose picked up in pieces. All in all it was another manageble class. Untill she spoke to Georgina Phillips.

"What makes her so special? She looks like a cheese stick dipped in ketchup." Well that one was certainly new. The girl behind her, Gerogina, seemed to be whispering to a few girls behind her. For a second Rose wondered if her 'whispering' was intentionally bad. Leaning back slightly Rose chipped in with an all too light of a voice, "Hey would you mind talking a bit louder? It's harder to hear you talking all that crap when you're whispering." For a second the room seemed to silence but only a few people were paying attention but the ones who were were not even trying to be suttle. "Easdropping much?"
"Well yeah I tend to do so when it's about me. By the way ketchup is red. I'm a ginger." Rose was now turned around, a smile on her curved lips as she played along. However the dark haired girl seemed to be getting annoyed rather quickly. "Why don't you mind your own business, newbie or I'll have to wipe that smile off your face myself."
"Oh I actually quite enjoy smiling so just quit talking shit and we both win!"
"Why would you like to smile? I sure wouldn't if I looked like I was dying." Roses face didn't waver as she gave the girl a small wink, "So I'm told."

"I need to change my seat." The class had ended and although Rose could handle Gerginas cruel jokes she didn't want to have to look forward to that everyday. Now she was in front of Mr. As desk and demanding a seat change. "Please?"

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essïe | 1053 comments Okay, so the twenty year old history teacher was old fashion. Should have known. Without realizing Rosalies forhead began to damped with sweat, her hands getting clamy. "Look, Mr..A or Smith whatever. I can assure you I will be 'handling' this type of behavior for as long as I am at Ovine High.." Rose paused, closing her eyes for a brief second. Was it getting hot? Why was everything spinning? Shaking her head Roses eyes flashed open once again, meeting those familiar blue ones. "All I ask is that- is that...I can get...a break for.." Okay this was definitely not good. Too much stress. What was it her dad had said? Nothing too crazy on the first day? This was nothing!

Before Rose could finish the next class seemed to be piling in. The movement and all sounded so far away. Rose was now taking deep breaths as she pressed one hand on Mr. As desk for support. She couldn't pass out here. Everyone would see! Did Mr. A A ask something? After mumbling an apology Rose staggered out of the class and tried her best to make it to the nearest bathroom.

Once inside Rose made sure no one was inside before she went into a stall and collapsed on the floor. This wasn't good. Resting her head against the coolness of the wall Rose waited for her stability to come rushing back. It didn't until the end of the day.

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essïe | 1053 comments (( So so soooo sorrry !! I've been so busy with school & practice! So hectic so sorry. I probably won't be able to reply right away b/c i just have a lot of things to take are of but soon! Promise (: ))

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essïe | 1053 comments How long had it been? Opening the bathroom door to see a deserted hallway Rosealie made a good guess. Very long. Checking the time on her phone it read 3:45. School ended at 3:00. To further add to her many bad things wrong with her first day Rose missed a class already and there were over twenty missed calls from ol' pops. Great.

With a sigh Rose slung her bag over her shoulder and began to make her way down the hall. It was oddly quiet and Rose prayed to god no one caught her. No need for frist day interrogation. Sending a quick reassurance text to her dad Rose then sped down the hall to the parking lot.

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essïe | 1053 comments (( sorry this ones so short I had to cut it because I had to leave. I'll write later ))

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essïe | 1053 comments Rosalie was concentrating on her steps when she felt a breeze go by. Snapping her head up Rose sighed when she saw it was only her history teacher. "Oh hi...Mr.Smith. Er- yes uh just had some..." what was she to say? oh just had one of my panicky melt downs that happen every once in a while. You know, everyday cancer struggles haha.

"Just had a few things to take care of." Okay it wasn't a total lie. Good student points, right?
"Oh well I wouldn't say I hate school. I just hate a few things about it." With a casual shrug Rose then nodded towards Mr. Smiths room, quirking a brow. "How about you? Bit late to be heading out on your first day."

Why was he teaching? The guy was only twenty and he was a teacher?? Was he a mega smart kid that skipped three grades? Was that possible? Rosalie almost let those questions slip out but then remembered she didn't do all that well with interrogations either and avoided it at all cost.

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