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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Here we are. :)

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Heya~~ so I'm assuming the shape shifting one you ment was shift but just in case,,, shift or a fine feathered friend?

A Fine Feathered Friend
Muse A has always loved nature. Even though they live in an urban area, they find the time to walk to the local park every day and spend a few quiet moments enjoying the greenery and animals around them. They always relax on the same wooden bench and lately have been noticing the animals seem to have grown accustomed to their presence. In particular one beautiful, curious crow. It keeps its distance, but always appears so intelligent and sharp, watching intently with its ebony eyes.

One day Muse A brings a small bag of trail mix as an offering to their new feathered friend. The crow caws happily and devours the assortment of raisins and nuts. The following day Muse A returns with a snack and the crow is there, this time with a shiny twist of metal in its beak. When the treats are scattered along the ground, the bird drops the paperclip - a gift - at Muse A’s feet.

This ritual exchange carries on until one day, the crow doesn’t show. Muse A is heartbroken, missing the therapeutic one-sided talks and charming company of their wild friend. Muse B appears, seemingly out of nowhere and sits down on the wooden bench beside a visibly distraught Muse A. Wordlessly, Muse B hands Muse A a small metal trinket, a perfect addition to Muse A’s collection. Is the gesture enough to reveal the truth about Muse B? The shapeshifter had been their crow companion the entire time.

While driving home on a quiet backstreet, Muse A spots a wounded animal on the side of the road. Having a soft spot for suffering creatures, Muse A pulls over and scoops the animal up into the backseat of their car. Muse A drives home with the good intention of nursing the poor animal back to health, unaware that the animal (Muse B) is really a shapeshifter. After making a comfortable place for Muse B to sleep, Muse A heads off to bed. By morning, Muse B is feeling a bit better and they shift back into their human form just as Muse A enters the room to check up on them. Muse B tries their best to explain what’s going on without terrifying Muse A. According to shapeshifter law, Muse B now owes Muse A their loyalty and must stay with them until the debt is repaid.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Actually I really like both of them and I can't decide.
Maybe we could do both....... if you want.......

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments We can do both here if you want. Unless you prefer to have two different threads.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Okay, cool. We can just do em both here then. :)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Ummmm maybe MxM for A Fine Feathered Friend and MxF for Shift.

Yeah you can play the crow, and I'd really like to play the shifter in the other one.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Doesn't really matter to me, guess you can include whatever you feel like needs to be there. Maybe just no history, so we can save that for later.

I was thinking it would be the other way around, but would it be alright if the shifter is the female in the Shift.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments It's okay, completely understand. :)
Want to start posting characters?
How old do you think they should be?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Okay, awesome. :)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Character for The Shift
 photo Girls___Models_Model_Hanna_Beth_042814__zps95d6e873.jpg
Name: Aubry Lynn Torres
Nicknames: Bree or Lynn or Torres
(view spoiler)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'4
Species: Shape-shifter (view spoiler)
Appearance: Aubry has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
 photo ready-closeup--large-msg-124276013095_zpstyn9d5ed.jpg
(view spoiler)
Personality: Aubry is quiet at first, kind of shy, but once she gets comfortable around you she blossoms. She becomes a weird goofball making stupid jokes every once in a while and she just really opens up. She’s very loyal and would never betray anyone she cares about, no matter what. She's a pretty serious person when she needs to be, but she's also to joke around in slightly inappropriate times. She's not the best at socializing, but she does her best when it calls for it. She's a good liar but once you get to know her you'll be able to tell because she has a tell. Whenever she lies she bounces her left leg, or taps her foot if she's standing.
 photo orig-21080455_zpszx82esyg.jpg
(view spoiler)
History: Aubrey grew up in a community of shape-shifters, surrounded by people just like her. Though she’s familiar with the cultures of normal humans she’s never really lived like one. She has her own cultures and beliefs to live by. ((Rest TBRPed))
 photo 5608_1140873013737_1584795388_30358568_455876_n_zpsbb9a18e2.jpg
(view spoiler)
Other: She doesn’t have any of the tattoos in the photos above, but does have one on her back.
(view spoiler)
She is always wearing this jewelry and almost never takes it off.
(view spoiler)

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Character for A Fine Feathered Friend
 photo Adam Gallagher_zps17tooeod.jpg
Name: Lucas Alexander Scott
Nickname: Luke or Scott
 photo 1478038_B_WWWW_zps1qrfwpyx.jpg
(view spoiler)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 6'1
species: Human
Appearance: Dark brown hair with green eyes.
 photo 18824c91b378e96d4f7daa3b68c4f11d_zpsxmruyzea.jpg
(view spoiler)
Personality: Lucas is probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, hardly a mean thing you could say about him. Despite that though he has a terrible temper, and just gets mad for almost no reason. The thing is though, he also calms down just as fast as he gets angry, never lasts long and he always feels bad about his outbursts. Lucas is rather goofy when he’s with his friends, makes a lot of jokes and just likes to have fun. He’s hardly ever serious, but he can be when he has to be.
 photo img-thing 2_zpsacdvrruz.jpg
(view spoiler)
Other: Lucas is always wearing these few pieces of jewelry. They once belonged to his father, and he died a few short years ago, a loss he really hasn’t been handling well.
(view spoiler)

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Rosimyn | 72 comments A Fine Feathered Friend
Name Cerin Zippor Belasko
Nickname None
Gender Male
Age 20
Height 5'9"
Species ShapeShifter
(view spoiler)
Personality Cerin is a very cautios person, but once he makes an attachment he is fairly protective and has trouble letting go. He can tend to be a bit of a troublemaker sometimes, but it feeds into his adventurous side, tending to lead him into strange situations.
Other Due to spending much of his life in crow form, Cerin is often times non-vocal(view spoiler)

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Rosimyn | 72 comments The Shift
Name Allister Chait Dainen
Nickname None
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 5'11"
Personality Often times Allister is seen scatterbrained and seems to have no system to his brand of chaos. Despite this, he is very friendly and simple to get along with a very optimistic outlook on life. Though sweet, he tends to be stubborn, and dives into things headfirst without much thought leading to sticky situations.
Other Allister has a history of taking in injured and abandoned animals, rehabilitating them before releasing them, or giving them to a shelter

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments I love them both, they're amazing.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Thank you. lol
How shall we start?
Can you start us off?
Im on my phone so wont be able to do all that well if you wanted me too.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Yeah that sounds right for Shift. :)
Maybe a few days or so before the Crow shifts in a man or something or not.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Yeah and we can do a lot of skipping in the crow one to for all of that.

Okay, sounds good. :)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments I'm back home now, finally got to a computer. lol
Did you want me to start us off?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Awe poor kitty.
And it's okay don't worry about it. :)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas kneaded his hands together, a nervous habit he picked up after his father died. It happened a little over a year ago, but he was still a little messed up over it. His father was a single Dad, so really he was all Lucas had, no grandparents to aunts or uncles not even a brother or sister. He's never met his mother's side of the family and as far as he could tell his dad's side disowned them along time ago.

That's why Lucas was here, he had more problems then he could count and he refused, and couldn't afford, to see a therapist. However he's been coming to this park everyday and he's talked to this crow. It sounds completely nuts but it's help and it always helped him start off his day on a high note.

Lucas wasn't depressed, fair from it actually, but he was different, he wasn't the same guy he was a year ago, before his father died. Talking to this bird somehow made him feel normal, like he was some how becoming his old self again, and that felt really good. Plus he loved nature and going on this walk through the park every morning was something he'd never miss, even if the therapeutic process of feeding his favorite little crow wasn't involved.

Lucas sighed softly as he leaned back on the bench and closed his eyes, letting the rest of his senses take in his surrounds for a moment. He always liked doing this at the park, listening to all the animal scurrying around the park, or the kids playing off in the distance. He found it relaxing, so for a few minutes he just listened and waited for his little animal friend to come. The soft little ting of metal hitting the ground followed by a caw alerted him to the crows appearance and he opened his eyes and smiled down at the bird. "Hey" he said with a small smile.


Aubry crouched down behind a tree and looked around frantically. She could hear them trying to surround her, if she didn't move quickly she wouldn't make it out of this forest alive. She heard growl of a wolves close behind her, the sounds deafening her, the sound jolted her into actions and she started running again. The sound of wolves closing in caused her chest to clench in fear, but that didn't stop her though, she just kept running. Even when she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder grow she never stopped. Not until she burst out of the trees and onto the high way.

Aubry looked both ways before focusing her hearing to see how far off they were. They weren’t far at all so she quickly ran down the highway towards town. As soon as she was away from the forest they’d leave her alone. They wouldn’t follow her into town, so if she could just make it there she would be safe. She soon heard the pounding of more patted feet hitting the asphalt, they made it to the highway too now and they had her in their sights. It's a lot easier to chase your prey out in the open like this, and a lot easier to catch it. Not liking her odds on the street Aubrey ran back into the forest, a place where she might at least be able to take cover.

In what felt like ages, but was really only a few minutes Aubry ran out of the forest again and was in an open field, but luckily she only had a mile to go before town. Unfortunately she could still hear them, and they were closing in on her quickly. She hated herself for not listening to her parents about these stupid woods. She was told several times never to go in there because they were invested with wolves. Somehow the beasts could sense something off about Shape-Shifters and immediately went in for the attack. And that was exactly was had happened to Aubrey.

Aubrey looked around and sighed when she couldn’t see any of the wolves at the moment. She was stuck in her small feline form, too weak from exhaustion and the wound on her shoulder to change back into her human form. One of the wolves took a good chunk of flesh from her right shoulder during the initial attack, she almost didn’t get away. She still wasn’t sure she was going to. She felt really weak from blood loss and she could feel her energy draining.

Aubrey took a deep breath and summoned every ounce of strength she had left and started running again, she could vaguely see a road up ahead, maybe just a mile away. If she could make it there then maybe she’d make it out of this situation alive. Maybe.

Aubrey made it to the street, the wolves seemingly just inches away from catching her. She saw the car coming down the road but still didn’t stop she couldn’t stop, so instead she took her chances and jumped into the air landing on the hood of the car. The vehicle came to a screeching stop and she immediately flew into the windshield and then up and over the top of the car before falling to the asphalt. The last thing she saw was the vague outline of the wolves retreating before everything went black.

((How's that? Too much?))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments ((Oh sorry. I was just bored thought I'd start us off. Didn't have anything else to do. Not your fault, guess I was just a little impatient. Sorry. lol))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments ((It's okay if it's not that detailed. I'm not this detailed very often. Mostly do one to two good paragraphs.))

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Sat perched in a tree, Cerin sat, adjusting his shining black feathers. With an intensity and focus not normally found in wild animals, the crow watched a wooden park bench. For the past few months Cerin would perch on the bench and listen to a young man talk to him about his day and his life. It was exhilarating for Cerin, as no one besides the other - Lucas, if he had been listening correctly - ever acknowledged him in this form.

When he finally spotted Lucas sitting on the well worn bench, Cerin simply watched the other for a moment. He noticed the other had a tendency to knead at his hands and Cerin assumed it was most likely a nervous tick the other had.

Finally, with no other, delays Cerin picked up the metal trinket he had found this time around, gliding down to the bench from his branch perch. He dropped the shiny trinket and preened at the greeting he received, fluffing up his feathers, and cawing his own hello.


Allister rubbed at his eyes tiredly, letting out a long yawn as he blearily stared ahead of him at the road. If there was one thing Allister didn't like, it was driving at night. His eyesight was already awful, but during the night when it was dark, the problem only grew.

Had it not been for the important test he had in two days for one of his college courses, he wouldn't have even needed to go out. Unfortunately though, he had missed some classes the week before because of a high fever, and tonight was the only time he could get the important notes a classmate had generously copied down for him. It would be much easier if the teacher for his zoology class didn't have such big issues with electronics in the class room.

Allister brake harshly when he heard a thump on the hood of his car, quickly putting the car into park when he saw a small form slide off the front of the car. Stumbling out of the car, he quickly rounded to the front, spotting the small limp form of a cat with some nasty looking wounds. With a speed he rarely had, Allister pulled off his jacket, wrapping the injured animal up and going back to the car.

Now more alert, Allister drove the rest of the way home, barely keeping to the speed limit. Arriving home, he carefully carried the cat into his home treating the wounds to the best of his ability and wrapping them in cloth bandages. With the cat cared for and still unconscious, Allister lied the cat in a plush pet bed he kept for strays that passed through, and then went to bed himself.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas smiled softly as he picked up the small trinket, "Got something for you buddy" he said and pulled a small plastic baggy out of his pocket. "Best I got" he said a bit jokingly before dumping the contents of the bag on the far end of the bench. It something he's been bringing the last few days, simply because it seemed like the crow loved it so much. It was a baggy half full of Trail Mix, something Lucas didn't much care for himself. Which was why he decided to feed it to some of the birds, thought they might enjoy it more then he would.

Lucas finished emptying the bag and shoved it back into his pocket before looking down at the trinket the bird brought him. It always amazed him what the crow managed to find, it was never anything to special of course but he didn't care. He kept every single one, he put them away in a drawer in his room, and sometimes at night he'd even take em out and look over them again.

Lucas sighed softly and looked back over at the bird, "I'm sure you're getting tired of listening to my problems" he said and watched the crow for a second. "I'd love to listen to yours, if you could talk. Not that a bird would really have any problems" he said and sighed softly before again starting to knead his hands together. He closed his eyes for a second just listening to his surroundings, something he does a lot when he stressed whether he's surrounded by nature or not. "Got fired from my job yesterday" he said after a few moments, the kneading getting a little rougher as he spoke. "Guess they didn't like the fact that I had a panic attack in the bathroom" he said and sighed softly. "Don't even know what brought it on . Never even had one before, but I can tell you it's a lot worse then you'd think" he said and nodded slightly his eyes traveling away from his hands, which is usually where there focused, and over to the crow. "I really don't know what I'm doing anymore. I mean I know I'm not depressed anymore, but I still just seem to just be going through the motions." he said with a sigh.


Aubrey jolted awake at some point in the middle of the night, still in her small feline form. Her entire body ached, and she vaguely felt some bandages tugging at her fur as she moved. She didn't remember how they got there but she was grateful none the less. Though her shoulder had stopped bleeding she still felt a little dizzy from the blood loss, and every movement hurt more then she could have possibly imagined. It didn't keep her from moving though, she had to figure out where she was.

Aubrey eventually ambled into the bedroom, her movement through the house had been achingly slow and it was almost morning now. In fact she could see the sunlight starting to shine in through the shades on the window. Damn it she though to herself, simply because she was probably running out of time and she still and no idea where she was. She was still staring out the window when movement on the bed caught her eye and she froze for a second. It was a human man, and she couldn't help but panic a little, because this meant he was probably going to find out what she was. Yeah there was this tradition for her kind of be in debt to anyone to helped them, like he had helped her. As much as she felt the need to full fill that, the thought of him knowing what she was terrified her.

Aubrey shook her head slightly and moved to run out of the room, but as soon as she did a sharp pain shot through her body and her vision grew spotty. She barely felt her shoulder start to moisten before a dizziness over took her and she passed out on the floor, this time immediately shifting back into her human form. Luckily that didn't leave her naked, she was wearing a simple pair of dark blue sweat-shorts and a white tang top, or the shirt used to be white. Now it was slowly started to turn red as blood from her shoulder wound dyed it.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Cerin preened in pride as the other picked up the prize he had brought. As soon as the bag of food was emptied, he hopped over to the treat and began munching and pecking at the trail mix, ruffling his feathers happily as he enjoyed the meal. With a caw to express his gratitude towards Lucas, Cerin got himself comfortable giving Lucas an expectant look, waiting for him to start talking about his day as he continued to eat.

throughout the story, Cerin was getting visibly agitated, expressing his unhappiness at certain statements with cawing and ruffling his feathers. Every now and then he would extend his wings and stomp his talons on the bench. How dare these humans be so awful to Lucas? Since meeting him, Lucas had been nothing but kind and patient with the crow, accepting his shiny trinkets happily and supplying Cerin with food. Eventually he just perched on the bench and began rearranging his ruffled feathers, eyes angry but realizing he couldn't do much about it.


At precisely 7:15, Allister's alarm started blaring from his bedside table. Reaching over and lazily slapping his hand around for the snooze button, he groaned shoving a pillow over his head, laying there still for a few minutes longer. Finally, he sat up, hair sticking up at all angles and eyes dreary and half lidded with sleep. Allister kicked his feet off the side of the bed, rubbing at his closed eyelids and standing up, stretching his back until he heard the satisfactory popping of his joints.

Allister walked groggily towards the door, rubbing at his face and yawning, not noticing the other body in the room until his foot nudged against it. And then he promptly began freaking out. "What. . .? What the hell?!" When he saw the shirt stained in blood he began flitting around unsure of what to do. People are kinda like animals right? He could deal with this how he would deal with an injured large animal, surely it would be as simple as that? It didn't take to long for him to notice the blood didn't seem to be fresh, and didn't seem to be seeping.

That in mind, Allister grabbed a pillow from his bed, gently moving the others head onto the plush surface. Looking down at the girl, Allister's face flushed red when he realized that in order to get at where the blood had come from, he would have to remove her shirt. He nudged her gently, hoping to wake her, but eventually grabbed a change of clothing - no doubt to big for her but it would do - and a pair of scissors. No need to jostle the wound. That in mind, Allister took a deep breath and cut away the fabric of her shirt, revealing what seemed like a pretty serious bite on her shoulder.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas sighed softly and turned his head to watch the crow again, the bird’s movements always fascinated him. Most of the time it actually seemed like the crow might be listening and actually understand what he was saying. Even now the bird looked kind of angry, like Lucas’s situation made the crow angry. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought, Yeah I’m definitely going crazy he thought to himself and let out another sigh. “On a happier note though, I got accepted to that college I applied to a few months ago” he said with a small smile. Yeah he was twenty two, and he’s already been to college but it was a horrible community college that barely tough him anything. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life but he does know that community college didn’t help him achieve it. “It’s the one up in Minnesota, Moorhead Concordia” he said with a small nod. The school was a few thousand miles away from this park, and his home so he really wasn’t sure if he was going to go or not. He applied to some other ones closer to home, but none of them are really at that great of schools. “I think I’m going to go” he said, since last time he really wasn’t sure he’d go, even if he was accepted. “Get away from this town for a while. Live here my whole live, change might do some good” he said.


Aubrey groaned slightly as the fabric was pulled away from the wound, her eyes fluttering slightly as she slowly started waking back up. Her eyes opened to the site of some guy pulling back her shirt, his eyes seemingly focused on her shoulder. She moved away from him frantically slamming her back into his dresser, the movement sent several shocks of pain through her body and for a second she had to close her eyes to refocus her vision. “I sorry…….. I can explain” she said as she wrapped her arms around herself. Her fear faded for a moment, since it was kind of obvious he hadn’t planned on hurting her. “I can explain everything” she said. Fuck she thought to herself when she started feeling kind of light headed again. Her wound wasn’t bleeding badly anymore, but from the blood she already lost she was feeling week. Though she healed a lot quicker than a normal human it would still take at least a week if not two before she was back to her normal strength.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Cerin grumbled in his head in annoyance. He never understood how humans could be as awful as they were to each other. At the mention of good new, the crow perked up. He remembered a mention of the college, the topic had come up a few times, and to hear that Lucas had gotten accepted to where he wanted to go had the crow cawing and hopping around, celebrating in the others achievement. And than, Cerin stopped and thought. If Lucas moved to a different state, how would Cerin be able to stay with the other? He had a decent amount of stamina, sure, but he couldn't fly that far. The crow became subdued, lost in thought. He had to figure out how he would go with the other, as he had grown quite attached to the human and was reluctant to let go.


Allister jumped, falling back at the unexpected and frantic movement of the wounded girl. He lifted his hands up in a motion of surrender in an attempt to calm her. "Sorry i w-was just t-tr-trying to look at your shoulder i swear!" His face was bright red at having been seen in such a compromising position with an unconscious girl. His face turned to one of confusion as the girl started apologizing to him and then alarm when he saw the dizziness in her expression. "Careful it looks like you lost a lot of blood? I'm going to have to search up how to get blood out of wood flooring aren't I, oh geeze. . ." He stood and offered a hand and the clothes he had gotten for her, "I think i read somewhere that green veggies help with blood production? Let me get you something to eat, but be careful standing up." Allister was becoming obviously distressed the longer he rambled and fret over the other.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas watched the bird, again thinking that the creature really was understanding everything he was saying and reacting to it. He knew it was ridiculous and he was probably going a bit insane but he didn’t care, he liked the idea that the bird was actually listening and reacting to everything he was saying. Soon it seemed as though the bird was lost in thought, another ridiculous assumption but whatever. “I have no idea what I’m going to major in though” he said with a sigh. “Not really good at anything in particular” he said, his dad has always want him to be a doctor or something like that. But Lucas always assumed that was because his dad never actually went to college, he had Lucas when he was really young and couldn’t afford it. Lucas had considered it at one point, but then he failed his biology class while in high school and at community college so he figured that might not be a very good idea.

“Really wish you could talk Trinket” Lucas said, calling him by the nickname he decided to start calling him after the third time the crow had brought him something. He didn’t think he should keep calling him crow or bird, so he came up with a name. “Might be able to help me out, give me some ideas about what I can do with the rest of my life” he said and sighed. AS much as he loved these one sided conversations, he still wished he could actually talk to Trinket, and get something back.


Aubrey nodded slightly “Yeah think you’re right” she said and groaned as shifted slightly to reach out and grab the shirt he was offering. “Are you a doctor or something?” she asked, having to stop herself from asking him in he was a vet. She was still kind of hoping to get away with not having to tell him what she was. Yeah she felt indebted to him and she still planned to pay it back. That doesn’t mean he has to know that she’s a shifter, that little detail wasn’t important. “Can you help me with my arm?” she questioned after a moment, deciding to stay on topic when he started to ramble about cleaning the floor.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Cerin made a displeased sound when Lucas began talking down on himself; everyone had a skill they were good at, sometimes people just needed extra time to discover their own talents. He cocked his head at Lucas' wish to talk with him. Sometimes he forgot that as much as he responded to the others words, the human couldn't actually understand his caws despite how long he spent with him. The idea that Cerin had been debating often now seemed to have decided itself. Soon, Cerin decided, he would actually met Lucas in his other form. With that decided and a glance up at the sky, Cerin cawed a few more times at the other and extended his wings out a few times before taking off towards where he stayed outside of visiting Lucas at the park.


Allister who had been mostly avoiding Aubrey's gaze since she had woken up, now met her eyes with a smile and a shrug. "Not exactly. I'm working towards a major in Pre-Veterinary Studies, but you still have to take a few biology classes and you tend to pick stuff up along the way." That reminded him of the small cat he had picked up last night and he made a not to check on the poor thing once he got the girl some food and checked up on her apparent bite wound. "Yeah, that's what i was going to check before you woke up," He gestured for her to follow and he made his way towards the kitchen, grabbing a handy first aid kit he kept on his dresser on the way out.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas watched the crow fly away and sighed slightly "See ya tomorrow buddy" he said and sat there for a few more moments before picking up the small object Trinket had brought him, up off the bench. He stood up and started walking away from the park as he studied the small object. He usually stayed at the park for a little longer, after the crow decided to leave, but today was going to be a really long day and he really needed to start looking for a new job. So he left the park and walked back to his house, which was only about four blocks away. It really wasn't so much of a house as it was a trailer, in the trailer park. It was all his dad could afford so it was where he grew up, and he wasn't exactly rich either so staying here was cheaper then getting his own apartment.


Aubrey nodded slightly and slowly pushed herself up off the floor and into a standing position. It hurt more then she could ever have imagined and for a second her vision grew spotty. She closed her eyes for a second and waited for it to pass before started to walk out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen. She had one arm clutch the shirt to her chest, so she would just be standing there in her bra, and then one on the wall trying to support her as she walked.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments ((how far forward should feathered friend hop?))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments ((Maybe a few days))

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Cerin took a deep breath, staring out at the park from under the tree he usually perched at in his crow form. He was feeling incredibly uncomfortable right now. This human form wasn't something he was used to being in, as he enjoyed the freedom his crow form granted him. He felt. . .trapped like this. In order to calm his nerves, Cerin clutched the shiny trinket he had brought this time - a simple but shiny silver paperclip. His eyes flicked back and forth through the park rapidly, tensely awaiting the appearance of Lucas. What if he doesn't believe me? What if he doesn't like me?


Allister puttered around the kitchen, pulling out things like bread, eggs and a few veggies and lunch meats. He wasn't the best cook, but eggs and a sandwich was something he could handle. Once he had the egg frying in a pan, and a few of the veggies cut up to go in the sandwich, he turned to the first aide kit. From there he pulled out some cloth bandages and Neosporin. Allister grabbed some paper towels, soaking them in water and soap, finally turning to Aubrey, waiting for her to sit at the breakfast bar. "So whats your name? I'm Allister, by the way." The question - spurred on by the fact they had yet to introduce each other, and he had already seen her almost completely topless - was followed by him gently nudging the remainder of the shirt aside, exposing the wound so he could clean it and the excess blood on her skin.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas walked towards the bench he sit on while he talks to a bird. He really didn't have much to complain about today, which he was happy about. He finally got a job, it was just part time since he was leaving soon but it was still a job. All his coworkers were nice so he was kind of excited about it, and excited to talk about it with Trinket. Or at least tell Trinket about it. When the bench finally came into view thought he couldn't help but frown, there was some guy sitting in his spot. What was he supposed to do now? He couldn't just sit there and have a conversation with a bird while the guy was there. He'd look nuts. He shook his head slightly and just walked past his usually bench and sat down at one a few yards away. Least this way it could look like he was using blue tooth or something.


Aubrey made it to the kitchen just as the guy finished starting off some food. She settled herself onto a stool at the bat and just closed her eyes as he took a look at her shoulder. She nodded slightly when he introduced himself. "I'm Aubrey" she said with a small smile. "But you can call be Bree" she said, since that's what most everybody calls her. Now since she knew he probably had questions, she decided to just get them out of the way. "So aren't you going to ask how I got in? What happened?" she asked opening her eyes just so she could glance over at him.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments As Cerin watched Lucas approach, he started psyching himself up, in an attempt to lift his confidence. He could totally do this, no problem. No problem at all, none. He squeezed his hands into tight fists as Lucas came near, holding his breath. . . Only for Lucas to walk right past him. . . ? What? Cerin watched as Lucas sat at a bench a bit farther away and than looked around himself. Did he sit on the wrong bench? No, no he couldn't have, this was the bench just a few feet away from his tree. Did Lucas not like him in this form? Oh god, what if he only talked to me because i was always bothering him? What if he never actually liked me? Cerin sat there for what felt like hours, but was really only about five minutes. Though he normally was sat beside Lucas with in minutes of him sitting down, Cerin couldn't bring himself to stand and walk to the other.


Setting aside the now splotchy red paper towel, Allister eyed Aubrey carefully as he spread the Neosporen and then wrapped her shoulder. "Sure I'm curious about why you were in my house. It's not everyday i stumble on a passed out stranger in my bedroom." He shrugged, washing his hands before turning to the stove and moving the now cooked egg on a plate, and piecing together the sandwich as he spoke. "The how isn't much of a question, I was in a bit of a hurry last night and i don't lock the door as much as i should." Sliding the plate in front of Aubrey, he turned to a different cupboard and pulled out a can of wet cat food, setting that on the counter. "And i would be interested to know why you have a rather recent bite on your shoulder. You may need stitches, by the way, the marks are pretty deep."

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas kneaded his hands together a bit harder then normal, as the minutes seemed to tick away the crow was still a no show. Of course he wasn't going to come forever. He was just a bird who wanted your food. he told himself, convinced that'd he'd just been a completely idiot this entire time. Thinking the crow had actually been listen, he was just an animal of course he wasn't listening. He shook his head slightly and rubbed his hands over his face and through his hair. "I'm fucking nuts" he muttered under his breathe. He had actually grown pretty attached to Trinket, and had really enjoyed their one side conversations. Now what had been a good day was quickly turning upside down.


Aubrey watched as he got out the cat food and chuckled softly, no way in a million years would she have ever gone anywhere near that disgusting mush. How domestic cats could stand the stuff she had no idea, and why humans would want to feed such a veil product to their pet puzzled her even more. "You got a cat?" she asked, trying to sound interested and like she didn't know he wouldn't find the thing. "Oh and I was bite by a dog on my hike through the woods last night." she said with a small shrug. "My fault really. Probably shouldn't have been out their at night" she said and sighed softly.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments After what felt to Cerin like hours, but was only just minutes, he stood. With a sense of finality, he squeezed the shiny paperclip in his hand. Walking over to Lucas, Cerin stood there a second before sitting beside the other. After a moment of silence where the shifter glanced at Lucas out of the corner of his eyes, he finally turned towards the other. Cerin stared at Lucas and opened his palm, offering up the small paperclip.


Allister let out a soft chuckle. "With all the animal food i have around here one would think I run my own animal clinic, but no I don't. I take in injured animals and help them heal before letting them go or giving them to shelters." Leaning forward on the counter, hands splayed on either side of him, he continued. "You should be careful at night. The woods have much more dangerous things than a feral dog or two at night. You're lucky it was just that."

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas tensed slightly as the young men you had been sitting in his spot moved to sit next to him. What's with this guy he thought to himself, not really understanding why the hell the guy moved to sit next to him. He was about to just give up on talking to Trinket today when the guy seemed to offer him something. He frowned slightly as he looked down at his hand seeing the paperclip. What is this some kind of sick joke he asked, knowing the man had to have seen him talking to the crow. He growled slightly, "Real funny dickhead" he said before standing up and walking away from him. The thought that the man could actually be his little friend Trinket not even crossing his mind.


"Oh so you have an injured cat around here" Aubrey questioned with a smile, glad to know that he had actually helped her out of the kindness of his heart. There was always an off chance that it could be for some other kind of twisted reason. She was glad to know that she jumped in front of a car belonging to a good guy. "Yeah you're right" she said with a small scoff. "I'm really lucky" she said, luckier then even he knew.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments Cerin furrowed his eyebrows when Lucas looked at the paperclip he help but didn't take it. The confusion grew when the other spoke harshly and stood up. Cerins eyes widened as Lucas began walking off. Did I. . . did i do something wrong? Standing up, the shifter reached out towards the other, mouth opening to speak. At first no sound escaped, but finally, ". . .W-wait!" His voice was scratchy, and quiet; obviously used rarely to speak. "Lu-Lucas," The name was nearly forced out, feeling very foreign to Cerin, "Please w-wait!"


Nodding, with a soft hum of affirmation, Allister picked up the cat food again, and headed towards the living room. "Make sure you eat all the food, should help your body with blood production for the amount you lost during the night and this morning." Stepping into the living room, he moved to the couch where an empty pet bed sat. What? Where is the cat. . .? With a sound of confusion, Allister began searching the living room and adjoining rooms. With the deep bit the poor thing had, she couldn't have physically gotten to far. He had honestly expected the injured animal to still be asleep. After a few minutes Allister returned to the kitchen, confusion evident on his face. "When you. . .got into my house? Did you see a young cat? Mostly a light orange, and wrapped in medical bandages?"

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas slowly turned around and glared at the other male when he asked him to wait, and then called his name. He was sure that the man had to have overheard his conversations now, there really wasn't any other option was there. "What? What do you want from me?" he asked a bit harshly. "Did you want to make fun of me or something?" he questioned with a pointed look. "Well go on then? Give it your best" he said and crossed his arms waiting fro whatever the other male had to say. Then once he was done he'd leave and he'd never be coming back. It was clear that little Trinket wasn't going to be coming back either. So there really wasn't any point.


Aubrey shook her head slightly, "No I didn't see anything. Then again I was have unconscious at the time" she said and shrugged slightly. "Why? Do you think it'll be okay?" she asked, with a worried expression. She of course knew the answer already but she wanted to be convincing in this regard. She didn't want him to suspect anything. Especially since she would have an eerily simple set of injuries. "Did you look everywhere for the little guy?" she asked.

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Rosimyn | 72 comments At his continued harsh tone, Cerin pulled back the hand he hand began to reach towards the other, cradling it to his chest as if the other had struck him. "N-n-no. . . Wh-why would I. . .?" He seemed genuinely confused, as Cerin could never imagine why someone could think he would try to make fun of them. Looking down at his feet, he shifted, scuffing his shoes against the ground. He looked back up at the other, dark eyes pleading for the other to know who he was. Shuffling very slowly closer to the other, while he played with the paper clip still held in his fingers.


Allister shrugged, Worrying his lower lip between his teeth. "Poor thing was pretty badly injured, expected her not to be mobile yet." He rechecked some places in the room, beginning to pick at his cuticles - a bad nervous habit he had picked up years ago. "She had a bit, quite similar to yours, I think some wolves got her. I don't think there is many places she could get to that haven't been checked." He was quiet again, eyes unfocused as he tried to recall anywhere that he could check again, or that hadn't yet been checked.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 3770 comments Lucas looked over at the guy, someone who really din't look like he could be mean to anybody. And from the look on his face he was pretty shocked that Lucas had even thought that was possible. He sighed softly and and released the tension from his shoulders, "Who are you?" he asked and looked down at the paperclip in his fingers. "Why would you bring me that?" he asked, since that was the most confusing part. If he wasn't there to be a dick then why was he here at all, and why with a paperclip.


Aubrey thought a moment and came up with an idea. She quickly ate the rest of the food Allister made and slide off the stool. "I should get going. I think I parked my car not far from here. Thank you again. You saved my life" she said, then before he could really say thing she was out the door. She ran into the woods that were across the street, then once she was sure she was out of sight she shifted back into her cat form. He had looked so worried about the thing that she decided that she was ease his mind. That's what she was supposed to do now. She owed him that much.

Aubrey now back in her cat form stuck back into his house and quickly went into his bedroom and under the bed. She started meowing loudly, like she was scared and injured, and since one of those things were true it sounded pretty much right.

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