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Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss, #3)
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August2016-Non-Fiction/Biography > Isla and the Happily Ever After (Buddy Read) - Stephanie Perkins

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ke-sha (angel707) | 1015 comments Mod
Happy Reading :)

Aida | 10 comments Initial thoughts~

So happy to see Josh again! I didn't realise it was Josh from Anna and the french kiss until a bit of the way through the book.

I'm also so happy we are back in Paris.

I really liked the unique start to the book. I wish she hadn't passed out so early though hahahhahahh.

Stephanie how is reading going atm?

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Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments My initial thoughts:
I was so happy it was Josh as well!! I really enjoyed his character in Anna and the French Kiss. Hoping we get to see Meredith.
I'm glad we are back in Paris as well and i'm also glad they are both from New York. Upper West side. I'm a Brooklyn girl.
The start of the book was funny. She really put herself out there with the help of the medication of course. too funny

I'm 100 pages in.

Aida | 10 comments 100 pages in too

Its cool you guys are from the same place. Maybe if they have more scenes in ny youd be able to relate.

Im happy this couple has moved along quickly. A little bit unrealistic and i love the beginning flirty stage of relationships but we barely got to see anna or lola actually in a relationship.

I can imagine that door becoming an issue later and her friendship with kurt complicating things.

I wonder how lola will get mentioned in this book.

message 5: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 02, 2016 06:54AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments Yes i agree this relationship moved rather quickly. But i needed this from Stephanie Perkins. The last two books we hardly got to see them when they finally got together.

The door will become an issue especially when relationships start changing.

I love that Kurt has autism which brings in even more diversity which i love. I'm loving his character and i would love to see how he handles himself when he just cant walk into Isla's room anymore.

I'm hoping Lola and Entienne make a trip to Paris and Josh and Isla's double date. Lol

Aida | 10 comments I needed this from perkins too. Im just worried that since it has happened early in the book there will be more room for fighting and breaking up.

Yes kurt having autism can make the book a little deeper i think. I want to see if their friendship is impacted by josh now.

Double date sounds soo cute! In paris too.

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments Yes, i was thinking the same. There will be more room for fights and breakups.

There is so much more to Josh that we didn't get to see in Anna and the French Kiss. I love that him and Entienne stay in contact. I want Josh to graduate. He has been cutting class since ANna and the French kiss lol.

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Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments Isla's character worships Josh. It's getting kind of annoying lol but i get it.

I rememeber my crush in high school i probably acted the same lol.

Aida | 10 comments I definitely see the worshipping your talking about.

Page 156~

I dont like how we find out what has happened to genevieve after anna and the french kiss in one sentence. She shaved her hair and went bi. Im sure that couldve been explained or a story to go along with it.

God the museum date was cute but a little childish.

This book seems more adult than the other two especially since they both arent virgins so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I like that he is arty. I just read the part where he painted the mural and it sounded beautiful.

The one thing thats worrying me is Kurt. Isla seems to be forgetting about Kurt alot. There are way less scenes of the two together now. Maybe he actually likes her? Maybe he actually likes josh this whole time? Maybe im overthinking things hahahhahh

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Aida | 10 comments Oh and i changed my username to my real name now. This is peachpeach~

message 11: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 03, 2016 06:37AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments Lol i was confused when i got the alert Aida commented. Hi Aida!!

Yes, the worshipping gets worse as you read on :(.

I was thinking the same thing about her older sister. When they first spoke of her, they said she was very smart, beautiful and ended up in a good college if i remember correctly. Now she is bald and bi. I want to know more lol.

Yes, way more adult. way more action going on in this book. I remember in Anna and the French Kiss Josh and his than girlfriend were always making out in public. Isla's also mentions there public displays of affection a few times. Josh is well experienced.

The scene where he paints the treehouse. I loved it. It showed how really good he is at it and how much he loves it.

Isla has been forgetting about Kurt. Kurt seems like a needy friend and Isla knows this and loved this about him. That was there relationship and when she was single it was all about Kurt. I hope she learns how to balance the two.

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments I'm 200 pages in. I couldn't put the book down last night.

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Aida | 10 comments Chapter 19

Omg. I dont know why i thought they would get away with going out on the weekend. Nate gave them a second warning so they shouldve known he had his eye on them. Its unfair for isla to pin it down to her sister and kurt. If nate asks them what are they supposed to say? Isla better not be too upset with kurt when she gets back. He was already worried saying she was changing all her plans for josh with college. I cant believe she might have ruined her future to have sex with josh.

I dont like how sexual the book is getting. I prefer the cutesy stephanie perkins im used too hahahahh.

It was so hard to put the book down this morning.

Did you think they would get away with the weekend like i did?

message 14: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 04, 2016 06:25AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments I thought they would get away with it too because i forgot about the sister just like Isla did.

Isla shouldn't have blamed Kurt knowing her best friend tells the truth no matter what. The obsession she has over Josh is sickening. Its's crazy only a few weeks have passed and all these happened.

I finished the book. I have so much more to say. Sorry i couldn't put the book down. Let me know your thoughts as you go along.

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Aida | 10 comments Hahahahhh. Thats okay. I really wanted to read it all in one go. Ill et you know when i finish.

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments Hows it going?!! So much happens!!!

message 17: by Aida (last edited Aug 05, 2016 07:33PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Aida | 10 comments Its done. Im finished. The series is over and there are no more to read.

That manuscript was such a bad idea, especially when she read it the first time. I didn't think it would be the thing to bring them back together in the end. I got so emotional when it went into the pages about the future. I didn't think he would be sitting outside waiting for her. I thought it would end in the manuscript.

Family was explored more in the previous two books but it was good to see Isla make up with Hattie. I like that Kurt was able to be more independent and find his own friends too. He was definitely less prevalent towards the end of the book.

Seeing the three couples together in one scene was amazing. I got so emotional when Lola walked in and was wearing he usual crazy outfit. And the proposal! That was so beautiful (although very unrealistic). I like that all three books were tied in together.

What have I missed out on? What parts of the book did you like? I can't believe it's over. I understand why you couldn't put the book down.

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments That manuscript was horrible when he first gave it to her. I understand how she must have felt about it at first nut she couldve handled it in a very different way. It was torture for the both of them while broken up. Josh needed the time alone though to reflect because he sure did come back strong.

I love the family aspect. We got to see more of it. Honestly i liked almost every character in the book more than Isla. She was so annoying to me throughout the whole book.

When the three couples were all together i was emotional. It was just too good to be true. Great ending to it all.

Kurt has grown soo much from the beginning of the book. I felt like Isla grew up a little when forgiving her sister and she needs to keep on that track lol.

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments So sad we finished the trilogy. It was good and i wish i would have read them when i was younger lol.

i loved buddy reading with you. We should do it again. I have a few books i want to get to. Let me know if you to buddy read again.

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Aida | 10 comments I liked Isla. Josh wasnt my favourite boy in the series. Hahahahhh.

I would love to buddy read with you again! Message me whenever if you have a book you want to read together. It was definitely fun buddy reading with you.

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Aida | 10 comments I have a shelf called have to read that had books i already own that i can start immediately if you wanted to buddy read any of them.

Stephanie (smercado) | 11 comments sure i will check.
my Want to Read shelf are all the books i currently own. check it out let me know any suggestions.

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Melissa Chung (bingereader19) | 31 comments I am now currently on vacation. I did want to share what I finished so far. My goal was to read 1 physical nonfiction 'Smoke Gets in My Eyes' by Caitlin Doughty which I completed. Woohoo!!

All I have to do now is read my ebook '10 days in a madhouse by Nellie Bly. Hoping to finish it on Sunday.

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