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Inis Fal | 136 comments Mod
I am thrilled to announce the first in what I hope to be a long line of 'mini' author interviews for this book group, starting with my friend and fellow author Catherine Byrne from Scotland! My special thanks to her for agreeing to this interview, and taking the time to share her special thoughts with everyone. Enjoy!

#1 What is your name? Do you have a pen name?
My name is Catherine Byrne. I gave myself the middle initial M as there already is a writer by the same name.

#2 What first inspired you to begin writing?
I've always wanted to write, ever since i was small. I started with drawing cartoon strips and making up stories for them when I was eight and wrote poetry and short stories in my teens. Then life got in the way, and I've only got back to writing full time since taking early retirement after my husband's death.

#3 Where did you get the idea for your plot/story-line?
I have been wanting to write about the island where i was born for a while. I had an email from a woman in Canada who was doing her family tree and couldn't find any trace of where her grandfather died or where he was buried. Since he lived on my birth island, she thought I could help. Sadly I was unable to find out about him, but when she told me his story, I had my characters. With her permission, I used her grandparents as a basis for my first novel, Follow the Dove.

#4 Who is your favorite character?
Isa was my first female character, and my favourite. But in my last book, yet to be published, her daughter Annie has taken her place. Love them both.

#5 What is your favorite place or country in the world?
Scotland, Canada, Italy - in that order.

#6 What is your favorite food?
Where do I start? I love experimenting with new flavours, so I can't say I have a favourite.

#7 Favorite foreign language?
Italian. I don't speak it, but when I hear it in a male voice, I go weak at the knees!

#8 Name your favorite thing about telling stories.
Having people tell me how much they enjoy them, or perhaps living in another world for a while.

#9 What is the purpose of your writing?
I simply enjoy it. Nothing deeper than that. My head is full of stories and I have to get them out or burst.

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Scotlass | 13 comments Love the author interviews! Great idea!

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Inis Fal | 136 comments Mod
Thanks for the comment, Scotlass! So glad you like it!

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Mark Evans (marktheflamebook) | 27 comments Very nice interview. Inis I like your short question format. It gives us a great feel for the author. Your friend Catherine is a very inspiring writers. Mark

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