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message 1: by Book (new)

Book Wormy | 2064 comments Mod
Was the ending satisfying why or why not?

message 2: by Kristel (new)

Kristel (kristelh) | 4207 comments Mod
I liked this book but not as well as Nine Tailors. The Cricket game part made little sense to me.

message 3: by Pip (new)

Pip | 1451 comments I LOVED the cricket match, it was the best part! All the characters showed a little more of their real selves. It reminded me of how the Humanities teachers at Hong Kong International School (all from the U.S.) loved the movie Lagaan, an Indian movie about how cricket was first played by the natives. It became compulsory viewing in 9th grade classes and I hoped you would find this story similarly intriguing. The nonchalant way Wimsey sent Tallboys to certain death was somewhat disconcerting, but typical of his cool (callous?) attitude.

message 4: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Robitaille | 976 comments I too liked the cricket match, but I guess that for those who are not so familiar with the sport, you might have been wondering what it was all about. Considering how many novels in the List contain references to cricket (almost all the Indian ones, at least), maybe it's time to organise a Cricket 101 clinic for our non-Commonwealth friends :=)

message 5: by Kristel (new)

Kristel (kristelh) | 4207 comments Mod
So true.

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