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Fatal Rhythm (Texas Medical Center Mystery #1)
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John Seymour | 1933 comments Mod
About half way through the book, Raul is identified as the cause of at least some of the deaths. At the time, what did you think about that accusation? Why did Joe make the accusation?

John Seymour | 1933 comments Mod
I haven't finished the book yet, so this is written before any reveal. I don't buy it. Yes, we've all read the stories about so-called "angels of mercy" who kill people in the name of limiting suffering. Rather, I think Raul is a scapegoat, which does fit with the shockingly ascientific manner in which the hospital responds to the deaths.

I think Joe was ready to believe the worst of Raul because of his dislike for his Mexican background.

John Seymour | 1933 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "I can't buy this book, but I find your dissection interesting.

Why does Joe distrust Raul because of race?

Was he raised to be suspicious, did an event cause him to, or is that his personal bel..."

Ah, first, for anyone reading the book this will have some spoiler elements to it.

Joe is Mexican-American as is Raul, his godfather, though Joe is light skinned from his father who was from a wealthy family proud of its pure Spanish heritage and Joe's mother and Raul are darker indigenous Mexicans. Joe views his Mexican background as something to be overcome and a significant part of the book is his coming to terms with his own heritage. When I mentioned "his Mexican background" in my answer I was referring to Joe's dislike for his own Mexican heritage.

Frankly, this was a weak aspect of the book for me - it just didn't feel quite right and Raul and Joe had apparently always gotten along, so Joe's jumping to conclusions when he saw Raul moving a piece of equipment. I would expect someone as bright as a cardiac surgical resident to ask something like "What are you doing to that equipment, Raul? Did you touch anything?" But Joe jumps to the conclusion that Raul killed a bunch of patients out of distress over Raul's daughter's death - which didn't fit the facts out of the gate.

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