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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new) - rated it 4 stars

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5315 comments Mod
What did you think of it? Favorite or least favorite characters? Favorite or least favorite part? Will you read the next one?

Staci | 48 comments I loved it and will be reading the next one starting tonight actually. I think my least favorite character would be Magnus. It felt creepy when he loved his sister. Although while later on things change, it still felt weird. Favorite character was probably Lucia. I can't wait to see more of her powers in the next book.

Aufa Shofi Iskarimah (opashofi) i love the book it's one of my favorite! i've read the book quite some times ago but i remember in this first book my favorite character and story part is cleo. i love how strong she is, and how natural she is. i just like her. if she was a person, i would want to make her a friend, something like that.

and then lucia. she is my least favorite, i feel like lucia is beeing too good and it makes me uncomfortable. it is as if she's not real. the author made lucia a little too perfect. i just don't really like her, sorry.

i already read the second book (which is BETTER than the first) and surely will continue to the third. this series is awesome!!

Ryza (ryzarabino) I was slightly disappointed but it was still a good read! Fave character: NIC!

Grace Crandall | 64 comments Ahh I love this series!! Really like Magnus's character (surprise surprise). I thought Morgan Rhodes did a really good job of keeping up the tension with him, constantly having us wonder if he'll decide to be good or bad.
I really like the mythology, the kingdoms, the world...
Really did not love Aron (blasted idiot! Grr) or Lucia. Then again, not sure if I'm really suppose to :)
Really awesome book though!

Nicky | 1 comments I quite liked this book and the sequal is on my to-read list. I think my favourite character was Theon, but we all know what happened to him. I had a love hate relationship with all four main characters. There were a couple of things that really annoyed me about their personalities or actions and then it flipped and they did something unexpected or right. It fortunately didn't ruin my enjoyment. :)

Rells (gingerwolfie) I didn't love this book and I definitely thought it was creepy that.... Magnus I think lived his sister that way. If you're raised as siblings you with all of a sudden fall in love with them.....

Rachel  | 21 comments I have read this entire series & each book just gets better and better.
Not sure about a favorite character but I sure as heck know who my least favorite is & that's Lucia.

Sana Zameer (sanazameer) I just couldn't connect with this book. The writing was very flat. Also the multiple POV's were very confusing. I liked the part about the magical elements, the Kindred and the Sanctuary. I liked Magnus. He was the only interesting character. The rest were very boring.

Christen  | 4 comments I liked this book series and will continue to read it only because of all the drama between characters. This is one of those books that is kind of a guilty pleasure series where the plot seems basic, but that doesn't stop you from reading it.
The first two books seemed the slowest, but it definitely progressed with the introduction of new characters.
Nic and Magnus are the two most interesting characters who have the most emotion and rationality.
Cleo is alright. She is extremely headstrong in her plans, but does not think of the harsh consequences.
Jonas and Lucia are my least favorite characters, they don't think at all.

Maggie Bell | 6 comments I just finished read Falling Kingdoms and I am half way through the second book. I think my favorite character is Jonas. I love how devoted he is to his brother.

Teresa (teresaanne92) The first book is deff my least favorite in the series. I have read all the ones that are out yet and I have to say it gets SO much better. My favorite character is Magnus (even though his relationship with Lucia is creepy) & least favorite is Lucia. I thought in the first book it was kind of flat, but I was totally willing to see where it went. I'm glad I did, because the series is among my favorite series this year!

Sharon | 5 comments I loved this book. My favorite character is Magnus. I think he is real about who he is. He does what he has to do to survive. My least favorite character is Magnus’ father. I think he is just an evil person who does not care about anyone but himself. His main goal is getting as much power as he can. Aron is another character I dislike. I think he is a coward, and a total idiot. I definitely will continue with the series.

Jamie | 73 comments My favorite character is Cleo and I also really liked Theon. My least favorite would be Magnus I think.

Megan's Reads | 2 comments My absolute favorite character is Cleo. Least favorite is easy: King Gaius. Also, my favorite parts were scenes with Cleo and her sister. Heartbreaking. I have continued this series and I am LOVING IT!!!

Annalisa | 20 comments I both liked and didn't like this novel. It was a little slow for me at times. I could tell from the beginning that this was going to be slow at times. When a narrative is decided up the way this one was with narratives taking place in different locations from different character's perspective it can lead to some sections being less appealing to certain readers. I didn't care for Mangus or Lucia, so all those chapters were off putting to me. I didn't like Jonas much when he started as a narrator. However, as the narrative continued and the character grew I started to like him instead of dislike him. Cleo was an alright character, and her narrative was more engaging than that of Mangus, Lucia, Jonas, or the watcher. However, the character I liked the most was Theon. I wonder if this was because he was more mature than the other characters. I'm pretty sure it was.

When I think about reading the second in this series or stopping here I feel ambivalent. I would be fine continuing or stopping. By the end of the book I was engaged in what was happening but I wasn't invested in the story the way I have been with other books.

Farren (mmmcookies) | 524 comments I forgot I even read this book last month! I don't normally read high fantasy books so I was sure I wouldn't like it much but it was pretty good. It got boring for me in the middle though. I did start out liking Magnus but totally hated him by the end of the book. If I had to pick favorites I'd say Nic and Cleo, with Aron and King Gaius being the worst. Like, the worst characters ever. If the books improve from here then that's cool because this was already 3 stars for me.

Oh and the people who said in their reviews that Magnus was gross for being in love with his sister but rated The Mortal Instruments series 5 stars totally made me giggle. Just had to throw that out there.

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