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Haley | 57 comments Name:Ranaè Carter
Appearance: http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyh...

Written description: (fill in everything below)
Hair color:dirty blonde
Eye color:brown
Skin tone:tan
Weight:100 pounds
Distinguishable marking: (no one under 13 allowed to have a tattoo)usually she is wearing a crop top ther for u can see that she has a tramp stamp on her back and her belly button in pierced

(Atleast 4 sentences, preferably more for older children)Ranaè grew up as an old child with her mom. Her dad was pushed off the chasm the day after her birth to this day nobody knows why. Her mom had a miscarriage 12 years after she was born. When she was born she was born being deaf but after many years around 8ish she got hearing aids and can now hear very well. As a child she had trouble being friends with girls so she mostly hangs out with guys. When she turned 5 she began sneaking around and she began to meet with the factionless and for that day on twice a week she goes to talk to the factionless.

(Atleast 4 sentences, preferably more for older children) Even though she sorry hangs out with guys she till tends to be a huge flirt and many guys do like her. She is very laid back and really competitive she never backs down from anything. She can be a huge girly girl and times and Tim boy at other times. She is very feminine as to how she dresses and acts at most times. She is very dangerous she is one of the best under 16 fist fighters for her size.

(Post a name, age, relation, and faction for each)
(Must have one living parent)



-being told no


Other: (anything else you find important. Do not leave blank) tends to be a bit overdramatize at times.

Weapon of choice:
(If they are above age 12) knife and gun

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