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Phoenix~They/Them ((A park with playgrounds, bike trails, ya know normal park things :D))

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(( :D ))

Phoenix~They/Them ((:D I put an about because its a small habit))

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(( Ok :D ))

Phoenix~They/Them Allie arrived in her human form and looked around I wonder if anyone knows my father here. She thought.

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Phoenix arrived Panting...the others arrived

Phoenix~They/Them Specter arrived and looked at Phoenix.

Phoenix~They/Them ((You didn't Create Phoenix and the others there yet -_-))

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(( Chill...))

Phoenix~They/Them ((But we can wait :D))

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(( Yeah...I will put the profiles later))

Phoenix~They/Them ((K))

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Phoenix looked around. "This park is nice.."

Phoenix~They/Them Specter shrugged.
Allie heard some voices and turned in the direction of the voices.

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Karry crossed his arms "No it's not, It's Crappy"
"Shut up,Karry" Netro said

Phoenix~They/Them Allie walked over to the group of people...and hedgehog.

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"Hey man, I'm just saying my opinion." Karry said crossing his arms, Still.

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(( Watching lord of the rings :D ))

Phoenix~They/Them "Hello." Allie said to the group.

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"Hi...." Phoenix said

Phoenix~They/Them Allie said, "I'm Allison Fenton but call me Allie." She smiled kindly.

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"Hello, I'm Phoenix. This is: Netro, Karry, Eeeyok,And Specter."

Phoenix~They/Them "I can introduce myself." Specter said.
Allie smiled and said, "Nice to meet you." She fixed the straps to her backpack which was getting pretty heavy.

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"Nice to meet you...too" Phoenix said

Phoenix~They/Them Allie smiled and stretched a bit.

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Every one was silent

Phoenix~They/Them Allie decided to break the silence to say, "So where are you guys from?"

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"Umm..We are from..Houston!" Phoenix said

Phoenix~They/Them "I'm from Mobotropolis....on Mobius." Specter said.
Allie smiled, then said, "I come from Amity Park, Illinois."

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Phoenix nodded didn't what else to say

Phoenix~They/Them Allie winced and took the backpack off before setting it on the ground and rubbed her shoulders a bit.

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Phoenix looked around and sat down on a near by bench the a fireball appeared in his hands The other sat down as well

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