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A trio of hooded figures stand in the corner, hands clasped in front of them

Greek Chorus

Ah, the theater. Where the lights are bright, the world is not always what it seems, and no two performances are exactly the same.

Enter the Narrator from stage left. The trio of hooded figures back up until they blend in with the curtains


There is something very much alive about live performances- whether they are musicals, Shakespeare, monologues, or anything in-between.

While reading a play isn’t the same thing as watching it, you can still enjoy the words and flow- and even learn more about the behind-the-scenes stage directions!

Greek Chorus

This month’s genre challenge is to read a Play… a play! A play!

Narrator glares at curtain, none too happy about being interrupted


As I was saying, this month’s genre challenge is to read a play. It can be any play! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has just come out and it is a script book. You can read that. Or the library also has the script book to Hamilton. But don’t feel that you just have to read the new and popular.

The trio of hooded figures remerge and begin chanting

Greek Chorus

Rediscover the ancient Greeks and Romans. Dive into Shakespeare. Take a peek at Marlowe. Discover highs and lows with Miller and Williams. So many plays. So many plays. Why not try them all?

The trio fade back again as the Narrator attempts to retake control of the dialogue


Yes. Yes. There are so many different plays out there- take a look at these lists to help you find the one to read!

A list of links appears

Telegraph's Best Plays of All Time
Goodreads Top 100 Stage Plays
100 Greatest Plays
50 Best Plays of the Past 100 Years
32 Plays You Need to Read Before You Die


Travel well, my friends. Travel well.

Narrator exits stage left.

The trio step forward from the curtain

Greek Chorus

Explore the words of play, our dear friends. Explore. And travel well…

The trio disappear in a puff of smoke

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Ann (ann-fracturedfiction) | 475 comments Of the Good Reads Top 100, I've read 34 (most of them Shakespeare). :)

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:) I like this post

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