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message 1: by Tilda (new)

Tilda (tildareads) | 10 comments Mod
You know how this works by now.

You can discuss:
Who do you ship?
Can you predict the ending?

message 2: by F (new)

F | 2 comments Mod
Omg that chapter ended so exciting! I thought it was soo obvious from the beginning that Wyatt was into Bri and I totally saw the whole thing coming, but I'm still kinda excited to see where this is going.

I dont know if its just hope but I kinda think that Clark is going to move to the town or something. Idk but I dont believe it is going to end bad. aand I dont like Peter being back at all, can't he just go awayyy!

message 3: by Janne (new)

Janne Bjørgan (jbjorgan) | 36 comments Mod
I totally saw Bri and Wyatt happening too! Thought it was a bit weird that Palmer or Tom didn't see that coming though. I mean, they hang out a lot!

message 4: by Sofie (new)

Sofie (bittenbybooksblog) | 9 comments Mod
Yes! I am glad that I am not the only one that saw the whole Bri-and-Wyatt-thing coming. I thougt that it was pretty obvious and I agree with you Janne, I am surprised that literary no one noticed it!

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