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message 1: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments Every morning while I'm drinking my tea I peruse the topics going on in this group. Love it, it's a great way to start the day! But, one thing I notice is that these conversations can be heavy and at the very least they require contemplation and thinking.

I'm curious as to if there would be interest in making another folder (such as Miscellaneous, Intersectionality, etc) for humor topics. I'm picturing something like r/trollxchromosomes on Reddit for those of you who are familiar with that hilarious, encouraging, feminist space. Basically, it would be a place to post funny stories, memes and pictures, or just celebrate the silly things in life and feminism.

Obviously, I'm not a mod...so I'd like to hear the mods opinions on this, especially. :)

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Lauren | 22 comments Yes, thank you! I need this.

A part of the Emma and Caitlin discussion that has really stuck with me is the importance of a balanced perspective. I realized more and more lately how the doom and gloom of today's media/politics/violence has been taking its toll on my mental and physical health. It's so easy to become hopeless.

I've been searching for different sources with which to sustain a daily diet of cheerfulness and moments of tranquility. It's important to take a moment to remember that the world can also be beautiful and silly and calm. I'm really looking forward to watching this thread grow!

message 3: by Tim (new)

Tim Would be nice, considering literally all the meme pages I've come to like on FB in the past few months turn out to be reactionary anti-feminists. R.I.P. the memes :'(

message 4: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments I'm happy that other people think this is a good idea. :D

In the spirit of things, this is a picture on self-love I saw this morning and it amused me.


message 5: by Gerd (new)

Gerd | 428 comments Sherrie wrote: "https://www.reddit.com/r/TrollXChromo......"
That's quite true!

It feels kind of strange to see a "please be respectful" note on a Troll thread. :D

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan | 3 comments I, too, try to find some balance in my reading. I do believe there is more good in the world than bad. Our world is changing and sometimes the evil out there seems to be winning because that's what sells....but if we look closer we can see in our homes, neighborhoods, communities so many good things happening and from the bad, good will come out on top...I'm from Dallas so I've seen. S

message 7: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments Gerd wrote: "Sherrie wrote: "https://www.reddit.com/r/TrollXChromo......"
That's quite true!

It feels kind of strange to see a "please be respectful" note on a Troll thread. :D"

That's one of the things I love about TrollX! They're a bunch of ridiculous feminists who love crude humor but always keep it respectful and encouraging. My people! :D

message 8: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 273 comments Meelie wrote: "Depends how the other mods feel, but in my personal opinion, to try and keep the forum easy to navigate/forum housekeeping, I'd suggest creating a new thread under the misc. folder.

I think that, ..."

what's a mod?

message 9: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 273 comments i was just thinking, for one thing, that, since i'm much older than most everyone else here, it was an abbreviation that younger people use that i wasn't familiar with. for another thing, i was thinking about mods and rockers, a british term back in the 60's. and for a third thing, i was thinking about keeping a humor thread going, and that maybe i was adding a little lightness here thru my ignorance! lol!

message 10: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments Thanks, Sandra. Now I'm picturing all the mod(erators) as mods(from the 60s) and it's really entertaining!

Another day, another amusing thing on the internet (warning: this one includes masturbation humor...so if that offends you, please don't click the link.)


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