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Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Ok: Charrie making form:



message 2: by Silver (new)

Silver Name: Celia
Age: teenager in faerie years
Species: faerie
Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes, eyeliner...
Personality: Thou Shalt Discover In The Roleplay
Job: One of the people who go above ground and do stuff, forget what it's called.... Basically Holly's job from the books.

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Officer? That the word you're looking for?

Name: Eliana ((I had to XD)) G.V.
Age: 14
Species: Mudman ((faerie terms))
Appearance: Short black hair, large green eyes, kinda tall.
Job: Assistant to Artemis

message 4: by Silver (new)

Silver Sure, can't remember.

message 5: by Silver (new)

Silver Wait, is Artemis in this roleplay??

message 6: by Silver (new)

Silver If you want a roleplay with characters from the books, I have one, in my group - The Group with the Purple Picture.

Holly, Artemis, Butler, and Opal are taken but FEEL FREE TO JOIN AND MAKE IT MORE ACTIVE.

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) lol, he's going to be a communal character unless someone puts him up as their character. And WILL!! I've been looking for a good Artemis Fowl RP!!

message 8: by Silver (new)

Silver I'm um... having trouble getting the other two to come on. They're sisters, though, so I can ask one to bug the other.

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) okies

message 10: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 26, 2009 11:57AM) (new)

Name: Jessi
Age: 13
Species: Mudgirl
Appearance: http://simplicityanime.files.wordpres...
Personality: TBA
Job: During summer, she works at a summer camp. During other times in the year, she works for Artemis.
Other: Smart. Knows about the people.

message 11: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) neat!

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message 13: by Silver (new)

Silver Maximum Ride RP...

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message 15: by Silver (new)

Silver *Vizzini voice* I'm waiting...

message 16: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) OMIGAWD!! Vizzini?!

message 17: by Silver (new)

Silver Inconceivable.

message 18: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Omigawd, it IS Vizzini! XD I love that book XD

message 19: by Silver (new)

Silver And movie!! :)

lol, cough drops...

message 20: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) ^^ I know! someday, I'm going to get a shirt that says: Hello, my name is: Innigo Montoya. You killed my Father. Prepare to die. ^^

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message 22: by Silver (new)

Silver Or you could go to zappos and make your own shirt and have Inigo's first name be your first name...

message 23: by Silver (new)

Silver And instead of father it could be kitty or something.

message 24: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) lol, I might do that XD

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Amy
Age: 14
Species: Mudgirl
Personality: tba
Job: works for Artemis year round

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

By the way! Jessi has pixie blood in her family tree!

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I like your girl!

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message 30: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Name: Ruby
Age: 13 in mudman years
Species: elf
Personality: tba
Job: officer

message 31: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) neat! ^^

message 32: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Name: Helio Fronts
Age: around 90
Gender: male
Species: faerie
Appearance: Black short hair, elven build, bright green eyes, dark tan skin.
Personality: tba
Job: Works with Opal and her corporation to take down the system.

message 33: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo
Name: nili
gender: m
Age: 30 but looks ten
Species: elf
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: tba
Job: Lep

message 34: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) cool!

message 35: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Thx!

message 36: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Do you know what you're being for Halloween yet?

message 37: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo A skunk XD

message 38: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Sweet!

message 39: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Name: Ember
Age: 8
Species: Night elf (a breed of elf that lives above ground, rides wolves and is sun-sensitive.)
Appearance: [image error]
Wolf named Razor:
Personality: TBA
Job: Child

message 40: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Wowz

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Name: Skye
Age: looks 17, but is acuttally 115
Species: Faeri
Personality: depends
Job: no job. she just wanders. ahe is a major flirt with the Mudmen.

message 42: by Wolfie-the-dork (new)

Wolfie-the-dork (wolfiewheeee) Neat-o!

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message 44: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo
Name: Twitch
gender: m
Age: 5
Species: imp (warlock)
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: tba
Job: scout for the demons

message 45: by Araceli (new)

 Araceli | 63 comments Name: Aeolus Flight
Gender: Female
Species: Mudgirl
Age: 15
Appearance: Aeolus has thick black hair that's rather straight with curls at the end. It's cut at her shoulders. She has gray eyes that seem to change in the light. Dark gray in the shadows, icy gray in the light. She's tall, slender, and holds herself up with grace and elegancy.
Personality: Rather solitary, but very suave. She prefers less people, but she'll be nice to them. It's hard to get her REALLY angry because she can deal with you before that happens. She's loyal to her companions, and can get fierce if the situation calls for.
Job: Doesn't really have a job. She's the daughter of Hector Flight, a friend and dealer with Artemis Fowl the first, so when her father has business to do with Mr. Fowl, she goes with him and spends time here and there with Artemis.

Name: Mable Riley
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Age: Unknown
Appearance:Light oak brown hair that falls to her waist. She usually keeps it up in a high ponytail. Her eyes are a cobalt blue. She's small and slender.
Personality: Quirky, and hard-working. She's obedient and does her best in everything she does. She tends to have fun along the way, and is optomistic in even the worse situations.
Job: On the LEP tech team

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