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Now we'll never know > YA book about a couple that dies in a fire and now boyfriend haunts the house ?

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So a girl moves into a house and starts having visions about what happened, and the man who died with his girlfriend haunts the house and re-living his death as he feel guilty for not saving her. The girl in the house tries to solve the mystery of the fire and help the man find peace.
Released maybe in 2004/05
I believe the couple was supposed to elope the night they died in the fire.

Zombieslayer⚡Alienhunter (theslayingisthunter) | 153 comments Found a list of YA haunted house stories.


Long shot but could it have been something by Peg Kehret? I read a few of her books when I was in grade school and a few of them had themes like this.

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Domi, what's the location - U.S./England/country, big city/small town, seacoast/woods/mountains, etc.?

It sounds like the main story is contemporary. What time period is the ghost from? Can you tell us more about the ghost and his girlfriend (fiancée)?

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