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Alright any ideas?

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Okay no problem! If I don't reply it means I am asleep! so i will reply in the morning:D

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Rosimyn | 22 comments In a world in which people are born with soul-mates, distinguished by identical marks on their forearms, Muse A was born with no such mark and therefore destined to be alone. Ashamed of bringing an outcast into the world, Muse A’s parents abandoned them when they were just a few weeks old. A compassionate couple brought Muse A into their home and nurtured the unfortunate child as if Muse A was their own flesh and blood (though there was no official adoption). Muse B was the only child born to the couple before they took Muse A in. Muse A and Muse B were instantly inseparable, even as infants one would cry if the other wasn’t beside them. As a child, Muse B happily shared all they possessed with Muse A and was always there to comfort Muse A whenever they were sad about not having a destined love. They lived like siblings, but even more like best friends, in the same home until Muse A turned 18. Though Muse A grew to love their foster family, they felt that it was time to move on and see the world, even if there was no one waiting out there for them. Though Muse B has met their soul-mate by this time, they are adamant about taking this journey with Muse A, who they haven’t been without for so much as one day of their young life. They set off to explore the world with Muse B’s parents’ blessing with the condition that Muse B will return home in 3 weeks time to marry their rightful soul-mate, whether or not Muse A returns home with them.

Option A: Muse A and Muse B fall for each other on their travels and Muse B decides break to the agreement made with their parents/abandon their soulmate, in order to stay by Muse A’s side. Muse C, Muse B’s soulmate goes after them to bring Muse B back home.
Option B: Muse A finds someone on their journey who also doesn’t have a soul-mate mark, Muse C. Muse B returns home to be with their soulmate, Muse D. The connection (friendship and/or romance) between Muse A and Muse B endures regardless of the distance and other people between them.

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Name Matthew (Matty or Matt) Sparx Hazeldine
Age 20
Gender Male
Language English, French
Nationality Canadian, French
Personality Cysero is a bit of a push-over, but is known to be very reliable and loyal. He is freespirited, but can be incredibly cautious if a situation involves someone he cares for. Cysero often times over works himself, which in turn causes him to stress out and loose sleep or miss meals.

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Full Name: Kathryn Bree Darlington-Whit
Nickname: Kat
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair: red
--Eyes: Blue/green
--Height: 5'7
--Body structure: Thin but has curves where they are needed.
Personality: Kat is a wily character, she will not be told to do anything unless she hears the reason for it. Stubbornness runs in her family like wildfire. She isn't defiant but again, she doesn't take orders very well. She is kind to a lot of beings, but has a bit of a temper.

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Ok how should we start

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Up to you! Where would you like to start?

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Ok how about right before the trip, with like, last minute packing and loading up a car and stuff, goodbyes to family and so on

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Okay:) that works!

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Rosimyn | 22 comments I was about to write the starter, but then i realized. Who is muse a and who is muse b?

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That's what I was trying to figure outXD I'll let you have your pick!

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Rosimyn | 22 comments ok i will be muse b also i changed his name

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Sounds good:)

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Rosimyn | 22 comments The day had finally arrived. Though packing and planning had only taken a month, it had taken Matthew much longer to talk his way into being involved in this trip. Last bag finally packed into the car, Matthew finally returned to the house one last time, "Cars all packed up! Kat are ya ready to say final goodbyes and leave?" Leaning against the opened doorway, Matt stared up the staircase, where he assumed his best friend and the orchestrator of the whole trip to be. "Mom! Dad! I think we are about to be heading out."

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Kathryn looked around her room one last time, biting her lip. "This is it." She said to the room and touched the wall tenderly. "Goodbye." She murmured and switched off the light switch. She slowly walked down the stairs and was greeted by Matty. Smiling revealing two dimples she met him at the bottom of the stairs. Their parents rounded the corner and pulled them in for a tight embrace.

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Rosimyn | 22 comments After a quick goodbye, Matthew turned and walked out, hopping into the car. Waiting for Kathryn to get in, he finally turned to her with a grin. "So Kat, you ready to head out?" Without waiting for an answer, he turned the car on, and started down the street. It was only a few minutes in before he glanced towards her with a guilty grin. "How long do you think it's gonna be before Taylor calls, asking about where i went?" Sure he should of told her, and secrets were never a good thing, but Taylor would have been making a fuss the whole month Matt was preparing.

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Kathryn laughed lightly as she made sure her seat belt was on. "I give it 5 minutes tops, if we can get out of town in that amount of time I think we will live!" She smiled widely and looked out the window. "Thank you for doing this with me Matty ...you really didn't have to...you and Taylor should be planning the wedding together." Kathryn said with a bit of a guilty expression. Knowing that Taylor wasn't very fond of her because of it.

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Rosimyn | 22 comments "If i stick to back roads, i bet i can go a little over the speed limit and get us out faster." He grinned and navigated the car the back way towards the highway. "You know just as well as me that i wouldn't let you do this by yourself." He gave her a soft look, smiling at his adoptive sister. "Kat, if you went by yourself, we both know that i would be attached to the phone and news to make sure there were no crashes or anything of the sort." When the wedding with Taylor was mentioned he quieted down. He loved Taylor, yeah. Of course he did, she was his soulmate. But he couldn't help but feel he wasn't ready for a wedding.

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Kathryn chuckled lightly and rolled her eyes. "You have always been way to overprotective when it comes to me." She grinned softly and looked out the window once more, the familiar scenery of their hometown buzzing by as he sped up. "Are you trying to say that I don't know how to drive?" She teased suddenly trying to brighten the mood. "Because I could drive circles around you boy!"

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Rolling his eyes at her accusation, he continued on. They were nearing the edge of town, and though it had only been about 10 minutes he could already feel his phone vibrating furiously in his front pocket. "I'm not saying you can't drive. Just that other people drive. . ." He shrugged his shoulders, glancing at Kat again. "Other people drive way worse. Remember when you were starting high school and mom nearly drove into the stop sign at the end of the street?"

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Kat laughed lightly. "Oh yea." She said and then glared at his pocket. Reaching over she grabbed his phone from his pocket with ease and knew who it was. Taylor. No surprise there. Kathryn and Taylor didn't exactly see eye to eye on things, Kathryn believed it was because of how close Matthew and her were as siblings. Rolling her eyes she answered it, "Well helloooooo Taylor my darling, your dearly beloved is driving at the moment is there anything I can do for you?" She asked sweetly. Screaming could be heard on the other end and Kathryn moved the phone away from her ear slightly. "That is not very polite darling, okay...Mmmhmmm..." she pressed the end button and smiled. "You're in trouble." She sang to Mat.

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Matthew made a sound of question as Kathryn reached for his pocket and raised an eyebrow as she fished out his phone. Personally, he had planned on just ignoring the call entirely. But, Kat was an adult and had no issue with answering Matt's phone. He winced when he heard the loud yelling through the receiver. And that was with the phone not even on speaker. He signed as his sister hung up the phone. "Yeah. . .yeah I know. I was hoping to hold off on talking to her as long as i could." The phone was already beginning to go off again in Kathryn's hand. "You can just ignore that. Set the phone on silent or something."

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Kathryn rolled her eyes and set the phone on silent before setting it in the glove compartment. "She is a piece of work." She said to her brother and scrunched up her nose. "I mean seriously Matty, I hate to say it, but you deserve so much better than her." She sighed and looked out the window once more. "I mean, she is just overly demanding and wants everything at the time she wants it. Like, there is no waiting with her, everything is her way or the highway." She huffed and crossed her arms lightly. "As your sister, I don't like seeing you being mistreated."

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Matthew just put on a smile, glancing at Kathryn every so often during her small rant. It was all things he has heard from her before, ever since he had met his soulmate. He couldn't really judge her to much on it cause he was sure if she had a soulmate herself, he would have even higher standards for whomever it would be. "She has. . .some sweet moments." It was said quietly and with held back laughter. He knew just as well that Taylor was very demanding and could be quite whiny.

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Kathryn looked over at him when he said that the she devil had her sweet moments. "Oh yea, like a rabid dog, ready to kill you." She growled and chuckled. "I see that smile on your face Matty." She grinned after a moment and then looked back out at the window. Then she sighed sadly. "Although I am not really fond of her, I still wish I had a soulmate..."

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Rosimyn | 22 comments Matt's amusement dropped off at Kat's comment about her own lack of soulmate. He took a moment to think, silence permeating the previous amusement that had consumed the car. After a long pause, Matthew sighed. "Don't think about it like that. Think of it like. . .hmm, you have more of a choice of who you want to fall in love with." He let silence fill the car again,staring ahead of them at other cars that drove ahead of them.

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Kathryn nodded but knew that was a very slim chance. Everyone seemed to have a match. When they saw that their was no marking on her forearm, her parents had done all the research. They couldn't find a thing. She was just some freak, or at least thats what she has always thought. "Everyone has a match Matty...the chances of me finding someone who doesn't have one...are slim. Very. Slim." She murmured and looked down at her hands in her lap. "But I am happy for you."

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Rosimyn | 22 comments ((working on a reply now sorry been having computer issues))

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Rosimyn | 22 comments "They may be thin. . .but its still possible. You just gotta hold onto your hope." Matt scanned the stretch of road ahead of them. The freeway was pretty empty, only a few cars scattered here and there. "So wheres the first stop gonna be? And how long will we be driving each?" A pause then a final question. "And when are we calling quits and either camping in the car or finding a motel?"

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"Actually we are going to stop in the little old town about 35 miles from here. I made reservations at a cute little bed and breakfast for the night!" She said happily and looked out ahead again. "I hope you don't mind but I like to plan ahead a lot." She murmured looking over at him.

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