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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Made~ Sorry that took so long, didn't realize my email wasn't verified! Do you happen to have any ideas for the roleplay?

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Pfff okay; I'm team Instinct on Pokemon Go lol))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Coolio! I have friends on both Mystic and Valor soooo I don't judge XD))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Mwehehehe~ So, what are those ideas that you have?))

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Rosimyn - Everyone's born with a unique tattoo somewhere on their body and only your soulmate's match. (or the first words your soulmate says to you)
- Everything that your soulmate writes on their forearm shows up on yours; messages, doodles, everything. It's how A and B find each other.
- There's a birthmark with a counter/time-and-date on everyone's wrist that shows exactly when you'll meet your soulmate.
- All your life up until you see your soulmate, your entire world is in black and white

These are soulmate based ones, lemme find where i wrote other ones at

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments So far the birthmark time one has my interest; I've actually had a similar idea with watches and that it starts working only when you meet your soulmate, but if it breaks ((aka, no more ticking or physically breaks, like the glass cracks or the minute hand falls off or something)) it means your soulmate has died.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Heh it's fine I know how you feel XD and yeah usually I like messing with dystopian sides to Romanic roleplays, but not very often do I actually roleplay them))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Plot bunnies? XD I've never heard the term used before))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments (((Hm. Well, do you have any other ideas or are those all?))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Heh ^^))

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Rosimyn (view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments I'm between the birthmark one and the angel overseer(last spoiler in last post) one :P

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments I think I want to go with the birthmark one; mainly because I really like the idea :)

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Shall we make our characters then? Also, before anything, do you want them to be within a specific age group?

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Whatever you want to have! At least include the name, age, appearence, and maybe a bit of personality/history? I usually do a bit more :P

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((That's fine, sometimes I like to add onto my history through roleplays too, but I have a good idea for the guy I'm doing :D))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((I finished my "guy" XD I'll change his age if it ends up being too far apart with your charrie))

Name: Guy Anton Viktorius
Age: 19
Gender: Male (He/Him/His)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Languages/Nationalities: English, Swedish ((He learned Swedish as a side activity))
Personality: Normally isolated and shy, Guy doesn't really talk with many people. When he is conversing with others, he's kind and respectful, and doesn't interrupt when another person is talking. He finds difficulty in starting up conversations, and usually if he is one to start a conversation, it's probably because he's just met you, or you're not really on his good side. Guy has a short temper despite his shy nature, and he's easy to blow a fuse if you pick on him long enough; this is probably why he doesn't like talking to people. He usually hides out in quiet places, like libraries or isolated rooms.
History: Not much is known about Guy, but the truth behind him is pretty upsetting; he was 5 when his actual parents passed on due to an accident and he was brought into foster care, and he's been through 5 homes. He's never really had a permanent home, so he didn't really have a choice when he was old enough to live on his own that he immediately had to get a job and take care of himself.
He didn't know much about the whole 'birthmark/soulmate' thing until he was 13, in which it was explained to him due to his questioning of the mark on his wrist; He's worn long sleeves most his life, explaining why he didn't know of this before. He's always questioned how these things came to be, but usually he's stop when it began to hurt his head from the multiple theories forming in his mind.
Pet: As strange as it sounds, Guy actually owns a pet Opossum; He saved it from being roadkill, and has had it ever since. Of course, only those he closely knows are aware of this, as he is technically owning the animal illegally.
Other: Guy has a vast knowledge of how to wield and fight with swords, and he seems to advance a lot of science and reading/writing. He also has a personal sword collection hidden inside his house.

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Rosimyn Name Cysero Sparx Hazeldine
Age 20
Gender Male Pronouns; He/Him They/Them
Sexuality DemiSexual
Language English, French
Nationality Canadian, French
Personality Cysero is a bit of a push-over, but is known to be very reliable and loyal. He is cautious but tends to over think things and as a result talks himself out of what could have been a good experience. He is quite the klutz and often scatterbrained, losing track of time or forgetting what he is suppose to be doing. Cysero often times over works himself, being a tad bit of a workaholic, which in turn causes him to stress out and get less than a healthy life-style. He is rather anxious but also friendly and open.
Pet(s) Due to his inability to turn anything away, Cysero has an array of animals who started as strays.
First was the older tortoise shell cat Sweety, who dislikes most people, usually only allowing Cysero to pet her
After she arrived, came Pumpkin, a small male who was badly injured, resulting in the loss of one eye, and malnourished. He is very sweet and cuddly and practically begs for attention.
Cysero stumbled upon a pregnant and abandoned German Shepard, lovingly named Venus, who he cared for and got attached to. After her pups were deemed healthy, he gave them to a shelter, keeping the mother for himself.
Lastly, Cysero is currently helping to rehabilitate a baby owl that was found alone and with a wing injury. The owl doesnt have a name, as Cysero is not keeping him so doesnt want to get attached
Other Though Cysero can not currently house anymore pets permanently, he does take in injured animals still, nursing them to full health before giving them to no-kill shelters. He is, to no ones surprise, on his way towards being a veterinarian. His house is messy, with papers and textbook everywhere, and its obvious that he is often in and out with barely time to cook a meal or clean up after one, dishes and takeout scattered throughout the place.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((I really like him! :D))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((I noticed! I thought you fell asleep lol; where are we starting and who is starting?))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((That's what I attempted to do with the fact my charrie has long sleeves, which makes it harder to see it XD and Sure I'll start; starting in a public library bc reasons XD))

To Kill A Mockingbird. The title of the story was always interesting. According to what he heard, the title of the book was based on the belief that it was a sin to kill a mockingbird; it made since as he finished reading it as to who the mockingbird was.

Guy closed the book, a small sigh leaving him as he looked at the time from his watch; 3:34pm. Usually around four, the library began to flood with high school students and children younger than him that he, honestly, didn't want to deal with.
He wouldn't call himself a mockingbird; more like a red dove, or even a white cardinal. He was nothing like a mockingbird, as he didn't 'mock' others, nor follow the crowd. You could say he was... A loner.
As he put the book back on the shelf, his eyes lingered at other familiar titles, but none of them truely interested him. He let out a small sigh, pulling out a random book title and sitting back down, glancing at the back cover to see the summary.
This was what he usually spent his free time doing; Reading.

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Rosimyn ((The first sentance reminded me i forgot Cyseros last pet whoops, also i read that in school, and i just couldnt get into the story))

Cysero rushed into the local library, hair disheveled and bag hung precariously on his shoulder, stuffed to the brim with different papers, notebooks, and pens and pencils. With barely a glance towards any other patrons, he rushed towards the back corner where many assorted text books were kept. Despite technically being out of date - by a single year, annoyingly enough - Cysero knew that the information in this years and the previous held about the same information. With quick fingers her ran his hands over the spines of the books, looking for the particular one he needed for his biochemistry course, his own textbook missing and an important assignment due in the next two days.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((I also read it at school, and I fairly enjoyed it; didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. :/ But I felt that using it to branch off a starter was a neat idea XD))

He wasn't sure why he had gotten back up and put the book away once more; he liked the story's concept, and it seemed like it would have a good plot, but... Something made him put it back. He walked down the row of books, eventually getting close to where Cysero was, unknowingly to him. He hadn't really explored this section of the library, so he was more curious than anything. His left hand slightly trailed down some of the books, beginning to realize these were more of college textbooks than of fiction literature, which was the genre he was most into. Why had he started to look here, only fate would know. He had yet to notice the other, but even then, he unconsciously looked at his watch, as if he hadn't checked the time before; 3:37pm... Why did that time feel important?

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Rosimyn ((I added just a touch more to his personality and to other))

"There you are!" Cysero murmured to himself, a bad habit that people looked at him strangely for half the time. He plucked the hefty text book down, immediately scrolling through the pages, to be sure the information was indeed in the previous years textbook. With a delighted hum, Cysero grabbed one more book, one he came for often for his zoology class, and began making his way to the tables the library provided, head buried with in the text. It wasn't often people came down to this section of the library, usually the rare highschool with end-of-year projects, and even rarer college students, so Cysero was rather surprised when he ran into another person. The Text he had buried his head into slid from his grasp, hitting the floor with a pretty loud 'thump!' and Cysero looked up at the other eyes wide, "Im so sorry, i should have been paying attention to where i was going!" The apology was rather hurried and jumbled up.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Guy blinked, his attention moving from the watch and to Cysero. "O-Oh, it's n-nothing, don't worry about it..." He reached down, picking up the other's textbook before his eyes went back onto the other once more. Silverish blue hair, loose black jacket, and silver eyes, the man in front of him was unique enough for Guy to slightly stare. This someone he just met, but for the strangest reasons, the other seemed... Familiar. It took him a minute to so to process that he was staring, and his face tinted red. "I-I think this is y-yours?" He spoke, holding the book in front of him and towards Cysero.

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Rosimyn Taking the offered book, opening it to smooth out the pages that got folded on themselves in the fall, Cysero looked up at the other again and smiled, "Yeah, thanks. These are some pretty important books!" When he finally took a look at the other male, the first thing he noticed were his eyes. Bright green that made him think of leaves in spring time, or a perfectly smooth green apple, and without stopping to think about it, Cysero blurted out "You have really pretty eyes." Before realizing what he just said, face quickly changing from his normal pasty color to a bright red.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Guy was taken aback for a second at the compliment given to him, and he let off a small laugh to ease the tension. "Thank you... Umm..." He didn't know this person's name. Of course, his pause was more-or-less random, in which normally this would be the part where he would ask the other for their name; the words, they didn't come out as planned. "A-Are you okay? Specifically? I mean... You did bump into me pretty roughly..."
It was about the time that Guy would normally leave, but his interest was now perked towards the male he encountered. It was a strange turn of events, and over something random that he decided to do. Fate has a weird way of making things happen, but Guy wasn't sure exactly why it has made him meet this silver-eyed male.

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Rosimyn Cysero lowered his head, running a hand through his already messy hair. "Y-yeah I'm fine," He paused awkwardly, shifting his weight on his feet. "I should really be asking you that, Those books are. . .pretty hefty, and they hit you pretty hard." After realizing he didn't have the others name, Cysero switched his books into one arm, and stuck the other out towards Guy. "My name is Cysero, by the way." He gnawed on his bottom lip, before shifting his expression to a friendly smile.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Guy blinked, processing the other's extended arm towards him before he awkwardly took the other's hand, shaking it up and down. "My name is Guy, Guy Viktorius, and the books didn't really hurt much." He put off a small smile in return to the other's smile to make the situation on his end less awkward. After a moment or so, he let go of the other's hand, covering his mouth before clearing his throat, and then pausing before talking again. "S-So, uhh, what are you studying? The textbooks you have seemed to be based around Biochem' and Zoology." He decided to change the subject away from himself, strangely enough; the reason why wasn't very clear.

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Rosimyn Cysero cocked a head to the side. That's an interesting name, but to each their own he supposed. He let out a relieved sigh that the other wasn't hurt before he registered that he had been asked a question. Looking at the books the other refereed to, he paused just a minute before speaking up, "I'm working towards getting my D.V.M." He pursed his lips before adding on, "That's a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. . ." Another pause before shrugging and grinning, giving the most simple answer, "I'm working towards being a vet." I uh. . . I like taking care of animals."

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments "Veterinarian, huh?" He tilted his head to the side. "Just domestic animals or all animals?" He hesitated before he spoke again. "M-Mainly for, uhh, curiousity reasons--" More or less, he was asking if they could probably be someone that he could go to for his possum, in other words, but obviously, the other wouldn't have known this. "I'm nt in school quite just yet, b-but I'm thinking of going towards English, or, umm... Maybe weapon craftsmanship? I'm not sure, actually... My interests are pretty strange, heh."

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Rosimyn "I'm learning to work with all animals. Domestic, Exotic, all kinds!" He flinched at his own volume, glancing towards the front. The two desk ladies were notorious for getting angry at loud kids and teens. Hearing the others interest for possible majors, Cysero raised an eyebrow. "I know a few people who are going for an English major. Some of em hate most books now. Kinda sad really. But weapon crafting sounds pretty cool. How did you get into that?" Weapons crafting. A very interesting and specific think to get into, indeed. Kinda badass to.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments "Oh, uhh..." He paused before answering, as if to think of how to reply. "When I was five, my dad gave me this long sword that I couldn't really carry at the time, but as I grew older, I was able to weild it pretty well. N-Not to any intention of showing off, but I have a... Small collection of swords at my house." Small collection was a pretty big understatement; he could fill a fairly big bedroom wall to wall with his collection of swords, his personal treasure within bein the one his birth father gave to him before... Everything occured. "Y-You'd be surprised how much trouble I would get into for having my Dad's sword around in the first place." He got into lots of problems with his foster parents when it came to being equipped with a sword; when he started school, kindergarten and 1st grade kind of period, he didn't want to part with it, so he usually got in trouble for bringing weapons to school, and he usually had to steal the weapon back. It eventually got to the point where his foster parents had to try hiding it from him, and even that didn't work all the time, as he always found a way to get to it.

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Rosimyn Cysero gave a low whistle. "I would probably slice off my own finger before i did anything useful with a sword." He could only imagine the problems he would have if he was handed any sort of sharp or pointy weapon. His Dad had tried to get him into fencing when he was younger - a horrible mistake. He had to be taken out - much to his own relief - when he had nearly poked his instructors eye out with the foil. On multiple occasions. "I can't imagine. Do you take it with you places? I could see issues with public safety, i guess?" Though the idea of being or knowing someone who could properly wield or fight with a sword was pretty cool, but Cysero could see the potential fear someone might have with seeing someone carrying around a sword.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Guy gave a small laugh followed by a nod. "Sometimes I do, but only if I find it needed; when I was little, it was a little bit harder for me to leave it off of my person, and you could say I've had trouble explaining a few situations to certain people." He smiled slightly. "I've never actually used a weapon against anyone or anything living, so don't be worried if you are." He mainly stated that due to the fact that some of the things he said would probably give off the wrong idea. He eventually shrugged the topic off his shoulders and changed the subject. "Anyways, do you commonly come to the library or just from time to time? Personally, I don't live far off from here, so I'm pretty much a daily occurrence."

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments (...?)

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Oh okay I apologize I didn't know this ^^'))

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments ((Hmm. Well, I'll see you when you return; and I know how you feel about the app, I always use safari))

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Rosimyn Cysero nodded along with the other, mind coming up with crazy scenarios that the other could be implying. Finally though, he seemed to register the other had asked him a question. After a moment to recall what he was just asked, he replied with a smile, "I come here pretty often, though usually its pretty close to closing time. A case of needing last minute research material, or renewing borrowed text books. Other similar things," He paused. Thought a moment, "I don't think I've been anywhere outside of this section of the library, actually."

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments (I apologize, I didn't see this till now! I'm going to reply :) ))

Guy tilted his head to the side. "Oh; I'm mainly around the realistic fiction/fantasy sections; ironically, I've never been in this section of the library, ended up wandering out of curiousity." He seemed to gaze around himself, his mind getting distracted by little movements and voices. "I'm usually here everyday, but I end up leaving before high schoolers and etcetra begin to pour in... So, usually I would be gone by the time you got here... It's no wonder we haven't seen each other before."

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Rosimyn "Well," He paused and grinned. "I suppose we were both in the right place at the right time than today, huh?" After standing a moment longer, he gestured for the other to follow him as he walked over to an open table. "Why don't we sit down? Don't wanna block the.." He looked at the aisles label. "The Fiction Q through U isle. Who knows how many important books teens have to get from there." Sitting down, Cysero set down the two books, as well as emptying his bag of a handful of papers that were nearly falling out.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments Guy nodded in agreement to the other, shifting himself into the seat beside Cysero. He glanced around once more, seeing that people were beginning to fill in, but he didn't feel like heading out now. After a moment, he went to speak again. "Umm... I.... Erm..." He stopped; his train of thought ran off the tracks. What was he about to say? It annoyed him now that he couldn't remember what he was just about to say. "....N-Nevermind--" He stated, mainly to try and ignore the fact he had forgotten what to say.

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Rosimyn Cysero cocked his head as Guy began to speak. He made a questioning noise as he stuttered and stopped, seeming to forget what line of thought he was on. "That's fine. Happens to the best of us yeah?" It was a feeling Cysero was very familiar with, forgetting what he was saying in the middle of a sentence or conversation, forgetting what he was going to grab when walking into a room, he had been through it all many times.

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Unknown Writer | 38 comments (Hey, I'm sorry for my hiatus; I forgot my email and password for goodreads so I couldn't get on for some time. If you no longer want to roleplay, that's fine, but I'm still going to reply just in case :) ))

"Y-Yeah." He said in a nervous sutter. He bit his tongue, wanting to produce small talk, and failing miserably in his attempt to find the words to make it. He remained quiet and turned to his own thoughts. This is so strange... I get a... Comforting feeling around this guy, but... I haven't even known him for an hour. I feel as if... As if I'm safe as long as Cysero is around... Weirdly...

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