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S.R. Akulick (scyoni)

After sixteen years of living in Lowell, Zack has everything figured out – the rifts are easy enough to avoid, and he, like every other teenager, knows the stories about the forest and the old military base are made up to scare little kids. He does what he wants – and his paranoid, survivalist brother Fenix has made sure he can handle anything that comes of it. Or almost anything.

When a friendly visit turns into an assassination attempt, they flee into the forest – and everything changes. The people he considers family aren’t who or what he thought they were. Fenix might not even be his brother – but he is the only thing standing between Zack and a group of otherworldly knights who want him dead.

I recently published this novel and I'm looking for reviewers! I have ePub, Mobi and PDF review copies available, and the book is available in eBook form from most major channels (and in print on Amazon and B&N)

Please reply to this topic or message me directly with your email address and preferred eBook format.

Sendrask by S.R. Akulick Sendrask

Kikijanika | 3002 comments Do you have a certain schedule in mind? I'd be interested in reading this book and can read it within August. Probably closer to the end of the month. If that suits you my e-mail address is and I'd prefer a PDF copy. Where do you want the reviews posted?

S.R. Akulick (scyoni) At least Amazon and Goodreads, but I'll supply a list of places the book is available and appreciate as many of those as you feel comfortable with. ;) Also of course sooner is better but I have no hard deadlines (the end of August would be fine.) I'll shoot you an email in a few minutes.

Kikijanika | 3002 comments Great! Thank you! Can't wait to get started with this :)

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