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Psychological Warfare and Propaganda: Irgun Documentation
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Formed in 1937 in the wake of the Arab revolt, the Irgun Zvai Leumi continued to struggle for the existence of an independent Jewish nation in Palestine until the creation of the state in May of 1948. In the face of British opposition and Arab hostility, the Irgun carried on its fight by means of both violence and psychological warfare. In this, it was typical of those underground groups that seek to bring about political change outside constitutional channels by combining the propaganda of the word with the propaganda of the deed.

Concentrating on the period 1942-48, the editors demonstrate the methods used by the Irgun to undermine British morale and to question the continued legitimacy of the British mandate in Palestine. They also illustrate the tensions among, and the conflicting policies of, the major Jewish underground groups. In so doing, they provide a case study of the methods of political communication by which a nonstate group can achieve its goals, even when opposed by an established government.

These documents also will provide insight into the current problems in the Middle East. The perceptions and actions of the Jewish resistance movement – particularly the Irgun under the leadership of Menachem Begin – continue to influence the attitudes and policies of Israelis and Arabs alike.


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