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message 1: by Carmen-Shea (last edited Aug 10, 2016 11:10AM) (new)

Carmen-Shea Hepburn Hey all,

I'm looking to give out some free e-copies of my debut novel Amanzimtoti: The Ridge, in exchange for thoughtful and honest reviews.

It's a coming of age story following my main character Wayne du Preez as he embarks upon his matric. Completing his final year of high school won't be his only problem, however, when the reappearance of a boy from his past throws Wayne's picket-fence dreams with girlfriend Jess into a tailspin, and forces him to deal with a part of himself he's been denying ever since he shared his first kiss with Kyle way back when.

Interested? You can find out more about the novel and read the excerpts via my website [], otherwise leave me a comment or message and I'll get back to you asap with the ARC.

Thank you, and happy reading!

message 2: by Carmen-Shea (new)

Carmen-Shea Hepburn Hey all, I'm still looking to give away some copies if anyone is keen?

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (mermaidlegs) I'm interested in a copy

message 4: by Carmen-Shea (new)

Carmen-Shea Hepburn Hey Victoria, thanks for the interest- please can you let me know your email address or contact me at and I'll get you sorted with a copy :)

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