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Xeyra & Kaitie - Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Xeyra | 159 comments Hey Kaitie when are you planning on beginning this? I'm up to start at any time. I'm currently enjoying a week at the beach which is great for reading except when it's windy as well as was the case today.

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments I own the book and am down to start anytime however tomorrow I will be at the amusement park all day so maybe Tuesday do you want to schedule it out? this is kinda an odd month for me cuz I have surgery on the 15th and I move on the 29th but other than that I'm good for anything

Xeyra | 159 comments Sure lets start on the 2nd. Seems best to read it in the first half of the month since you'll be busier later on. You want to have like a schedule of chapters to read per day or just go ahead and read as much as we can whenever. :)

Xeyra | 159 comments I was counting the chapters in the book and it has 60 plus epilogue. How about we read around 10 chapters a day (if that's feasible for you). That should take us about 6 days to finish. Alternatively we can just binge read in two days! :D

Xeyra | 159 comments Sorry to post again but those chapters are so small that only reading 10 per day is nothing. Maybe 20 or 30?

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments let's just keep it at ten for now cuz I'm reading two other books I haven't seen the chapters though so maybe I will change my mind

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments first ten today and we can discuss tonight

Xeyra | 159 comments Well so far I'm liking it a lot. Karou seems fun and I'm curious about quite a lot of things but the moment we get a second POV I know will be the love interest I also wonder how the quote at the beginning will relate. The writing style is good. Keeping me interested and these chapters are so short that if I wasn't trying to read while dealing with a 8 year old cousin at the beach I'd be halfway through it!

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments yeah I read the first 15 chapters instead of the first 10 I think I'll be able to read the next 15 chapters tomorrow I like it a lot more than my last buddy read book. I was a little iffy at the beginning but the looming Supernatural elements create mystery and I love the description of the chimaera. Karou's shenanigans with her ex cracked me up and it's safe to say that her relationship with this new love interest will be a wild ride. she dose use her wishes on frivolous things tho. chapters 10-15 gave me some questions so let me know when you read them so we can discuss especially after the cliff hanger at the end of 15. also I'm curious on your theorys as to what all the teeth are for and why she was raised by them instead of humans (chapters 10-15 gave me a few theorys but I'd like to know what you think?

Xeyra | 159 comments You know, originally I thought Karou might be the daughter of the two in the initial quote, whoever they were. Then I find out Akiva once met someone who taught him mercy so maybe Karou does have some demon blood of some kind and that quote will apply to her and Akiva. Or maybe she is actually related to angels but her eye tattoos given to her to make them enemies. She does think Akiva's tattoos are familiar. Maybe similar to those she has? Hmm.

As for the teeth and Brimstone I initially thought they were used to keep whatever was behind that inner door out but now it's been open so we shall see.

Xeyra | 159 comments I'm going to read up to chapter 25 (or maybe 30) today and comment as non spoilery as possible. When I'm done and wait for you. I think we're probably in different timezones so it's a little harder to discuss at the same time.

I'm currently on chapter 19 though and I am so pissed on Karou's behalf. Poor girl.

Xeyra | 159 comments After reading up to chapter 30 there's not much I can comment on that's not spoilery. There's a shift coming in the Karou's existence and I'm causally curious, after you read up to 30, if any of your initial theories are still valid, been proven or disproven.

One thing I have to comment on and it can count as a spoiler except it's such a cliche in the genre it should be expected is that I still really dislike insta love stories with magical instant connections.

Also a bit of a pet peeve of mine in the writing itself is when a story is being told mainly through a single POV and them there's an inserted POV that only happens occasionally and for less than a chapter sometimes. I really prefer either a full on choice of one POV or fully shared POVs. Otherwise I feel like it throws balance off in the writing itself and the structure of the book, you know?

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments theorys before I read:

karou is the one who showed akiva mercy but she was a demon and he was an angel so they took her memories and put her in a human body

karou is part of or related to the banished angel beast on the gravediggers back

I also thought she might be the daughter of an angel and a demon or that she is a demon and falls in love with akiva and that was the quote

I have considered that the teeth are what is keeping the door closed and the cerifem out

I have considered that in this world the cerifem are evil and the demons are good and the humans just misinterpreted what they saw when they created their religious beliefs it would explain why the angel turned into such a disgusting creature once his wings (perhaps a magic to look beautiful) were taken away it also says that demons are beautiful and so is the path to hell in order to trick people in a lot of lore

I have contemplated weather the teeth are responsible for keeping karou alive somehow like she's the daughter of smoke and bone teeth are bone smoke equips some type of magic

maybe the wishmonger was in love with her mother and took her baby when she died or it was his wish that allowed the angel and demon to be together and feels responsible when their daughter is exiled

I think the door may be a portal to hell or heaven or it may be keeping something from entering the human world

now questions:

why can she see isa if the handprint closed the portal how did she gat back in to see them?

what is behind the instant lack of teeth?

what did you think was behind the door before you read?

how did the gravediggers wish for knowledge tern into the creature on his back did he get the knowledge and it drove him crazy and he got the beast for punishment or was the wish giver angry with his wish and punished him for asking?

how do her friends and ex bf play into all of this?

and where did all the feathers that made her angel wings come from?

( we seem to be in much different time zones will read till 25 or 30 as well today also hate instant love stuff so much! as well as female characters written as an extension of their love and letting it control their personality/ choices I feel like its gunna be that way though... :( we will see)

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments just read up to ch 30 god I hate this cliché love at first sight perfect relationship thing it drives me nuts especially knowing that his last love died like you don't get over that shit so easily. I assumed hell was the chimaeras home world since they are called devils so I wasn't to far off on the door thing however the bars threw me for a loop and I'm forming theorys as to why they are there. The idea of akivas childhood also confuses me so his angle dad impregnated a human prostatute? and he came out angel and she didn't notice atall and then at 5 he was just taken away and thought to fight how do you not notice your kid is an angel and why is he a full angel instead of a half angel. I think it's odd that a gavrial can give you the power to fly but not do other things I would seem more easy or that a shing has to be used to unlock a door witch seems simple. my theorys for the teeth and her family still stand. I feel really bad for her loosing her family and brimstone hurting her like that. I also was super sad when the kishmish died ( probably cuz he reminds me of chainsaw from the Raven cycle series) id like to know your theorys on what the wish Bone dose. her name meaning hope is giving me a feeling that she might be a part of the Pandora's box story like everything else got free of the human world but she is still there idk. also them flying in the square publicly was pretty ridiculous like noone thought to question it with all the angle shit on the news and her ex bf is just like cool she can fly no surprise nothing. she never fixed the one girls eyebrows. violin boy kinda seems pointlessly thrown in there just to add another romance and the idea of a giant puppeteer creeps me out a bit and I don't know what it contributed to the story. all her new money and getting the gavrials and finding the portal all seemed a little too easy it's either a trap or just way to convenient. also why would iziel throw himself off the building to protect her if he didn't know the truth about her witch means it's something worth dying for. I like story's like this where it's ambiguous who the bad and good guys are a lot. that hunter thing is gunna come back to bite her in the ass at a super inconvent time. why is the fact that the wold man saw her hands important? what kind of trouble did it cause? is she responsible for all this in some way? sorry this is all over the place but those are my thoughts will read to chapter 45 tomorrow also would you be interested in doing the rest of the series with me?

Xeyra | 159 comments I'm not sufficiently awake for a full reply right now (was up finishing a book but am exhausted) but your thoughts mirror mine pretty well. I will try to be more coherent tomorrow (today?) later on but, I mean, I'm liking the story and the way it's being told but there's lots of ridiculous and cliched things in it too that detract from parts of my enjoyment and require even more suspense of disbelief than you know devils and angels fighting in our world.

Btw regarding Akiva's mother I just assumed she was a lower cast of angel that his father (who is some kind of high angel - I forget the term he used) and he sired bastard angels for the army but his mother is still an angel too, not human. His earlier love though, that one was human. Funny would be if Karou was like his daughter with madrigal. :) I think I'm drunk on sleep right now. And sure , let's do the rest of the series!

Xeyra | 159 comments Giving some more thoughts before going back into the book. Also, I'm currently limited to writing these on my phone through the GR app (didn't bring my laptop on my vacation) but the app kinda sucks when it comes to writing posts so I may do a couple smaller ones.

Anyways, I do believe Karou is some kind of chimaera hybrid (with human or angel), which justifies the markings on her hands. I do think she was named Hope because her birth signifies some kind of change, possibility, but that her existence may be some kind of blasphemy or something for the chimaeras? Especially if she's half angel (most likely a fallen angel?). Then again, if she's so important, why did Brimstone keep her blind and ignorant of everything? Exactly wha was she meant for?

Xeyra | 159 comments I wonder now if the teeth were being used as some kind of either protection or magic weapon for the war with the angels. And even though Akiva believes the chimaera began the war, we can't be quite sure that's true so I'm sure we'll be kept in the dark over that for a while (we so still have two more books!)

You mentioned something about not understanding how Karou could use a door once it had been marked with the hand. Well, from what I understood, the hands functioned a bit like detonators or marks that would all trigger at a specific moment to destroy all the doors. Which is what happened I think, though we do wonder if Karou visiting the chimaera world beyond that inner door and being seen by someone there triggered something too.

Xeyra | 159 comments Last comment before going back to reading. The moment the focus shifted to a lonesome Karou with all the resources possible, including better wishes, it did lose some of the magic of the first part. It's just so damn convenient she is now rich and able to pretty much move around at will even without the portals. It takes something out of the difficulties and basically just provides a way for the author to tell the story by brushing off those pesky details.

Also yeah, the whole cadre of vampire tour guides with her ex and stuff and witnessing her flight and just taking it in stride is a bit too much. However, despite all these nitpicks about logical reactions and background characters that don't seem to bring much to the story except a bit of extraneous flavor, I AM enjoying it. Not as much as I did The Raven Boys back when I read it, thought.

Xeyra | 159 comments So, there are a lot of shifts and revelations up to chapter 46. A lot is revealed and I understand them and it explains a lot but I'm still a bit sad that the author didn't take a great opportunity to break some YA romance tropes by going with my sleepy theory posted yesterday. :)

I'm actually going to go ahead and finish the book today because it's kinda hard to stop now.

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments I will finish then too.

Xeyra | 159 comments I've finished but I'll wait for you before we have a proper spoilery discussion of everything that has happened.

Overall I ended up really liking it. Despite my dislike of the insta love trope, there is a bit of justification for it in this though I still wish relationships actually worked like real relationships a bit more.

That last part explains everything and then the end makes you want to read the next book right away. Unfortunately I may need I'm going to need a bit of time to acquire the next volume because I only had this one.

Xeyra | 159 comments Also you were spot on in one of your theories back in the beginning. :)

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments so I finished...... I honestly don't know what to say i was completely blindsided by akiva the second he said "if I had known" my heart droped like I honestly can't put into words how torn I am right now because on one hand there is NOTHING I hate more than a character still loveing another character after they have murdered someone in their family but at the same time I know what grief dose to a person and can empathize slot with akiva if I had the chance to kill someone who murdered someone I loved I would probably do it too and it's just so tragic. like I can't even imagine the amount of guilt he has to live with now and it was all just one big misunderstanding and I don't know weather to hate him or pitty him because he is literally throwing himself to his knees and begging her to kill him and honestly this is the tortured love story to end all tortured love stories. I forgive the initial love at first sight thing because they had loved before however when they go back in time their love is also rather instantaneous witch I didn't like though there was two years to build before they actually saw one another. Its literally all of my pet peeves done in a way that I can't fully justify being angry with and I don't know what to do about it.

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments now that that's out of the way my theorys about the teeth as well as karou being madrigal were correct so I wasn't all too surprised I did however find it extremely interesting the chapters in madrigals perspective were my favorite learning about this new world with its holidays and legends. The work put into the premise and the world of this book is astounding and I really enjoyed the book as a whole. like at first I thought he was just being petty and thinking she would hate him for killing another chimaera after her death and his whole falling to his knees thing was just some melodramatic sign of intense love and over egsausted regret for killing some random chimaera in battle but now everything is sorta clicked into place and makes sence. I didn't get why he turned on his siblings for karou but now I see that it was more than just her being madrigal it was his guilt and a need to protect her after all he's done he killed her family and out of repentance he was willing to fight his she dosnt have a family because of him he dosnt have one because of her. It also clicked why the wolf seeing her hands was such a big deal because he now knows who she is another thing I originally thought was overdramatized but ended up makeing a lot of sence. the stone slabs were where the body's grow and the pure and unpure thing as well as their cast system and her sisters jealousy were among the details that made the world seem real to me. I saw her sister turning on her coming like I did the teeth "smoke and bone" thing and her being madrigal so there wasn't any real surprise there. I would be mad about everything being too easy in this book but I feel like the purpose of this one was mainly just to set up the world and give us information and that the next book is where the actual plot begins and for an info drop I thought the book was really well done. I do have some questions as well as random thoughts. I like the extremely difrent personalitys of akivas sister and brother I don't think his sister would have hurt him she just seems to be playing tough because she's a girl and needs to build walls and follow orders so she isn't looked down upon or hurt and I his brothers concern for his safety and dreaming personality make me think he will become an ally soon potentially his sister too. I don't know what akiva will do now though if they turned him in its not like he can go home. it also dosnt fully make sence how word hadn't gotten around to the cerifem that he and madrigal had a thing I mean he watched as she was publicly murdered you would think somehow they would have found out. I like that the line between good and evil is still ambiguous I think it's more realistic that way. another pleasant surprise was Brimstone's past it made a lot of sence that he had been a tortured slave for the cerifem and my views of him changed a lot. if teeth taken from the dead work then the pain used for the magic is the remainder of the natural occurring pain in the average human life and though that dosnt justify everything it dose make brimstones dealings a lot more moral in comparison to beating slaves and he is heavily impacted by the work he dose. makeing up in a new body after dying just to die again dose sound pretty awful and that all to convenient magic in her hands dosnt seem all that convenient anymore. I do wonder why he needed madrigal as a page when he had kishmish who can fly already. and if there is a greater purpose behind his choosing of her. another pretty random thought is that I figured that a gavrial would have only granted her temporary flight and that her continued flying seems too convenient and further confuses me about the wish hierarchy as I wouldn't thing a gavrial was strong enough to give someone the power to fly forever. I did like how excited she was to fly though it seemed realistic and her decision to choose her family over him was a big plus for me as I hate when female chat give up everything and make all their decisions based on guys the role reversal of this particular trope was refreshing if only she could have done something similar with the insta love shit. the scene is Zuzana at the tea place was funny I thought the friendship between them seemed pretty realistic though more as a friend than a best friend. I also liked that she followed through with her promise on the eyebrow thing. I would have liked to get more than a brief summary of akivas stories of his world maybe a glimpse into his childhood and was pretty disappointed that it was not there I feel like it will come next book. the changing POVs also felt more balanced towards the end of the book. I thought him stacking her while she was in her sisters body was cut off a little too abruptly and I found the whole hovering outside your body thing as well as the sole gathering a bit odd and Ill explained a more detailed explanation of the makeing of bodies would have been interesting. also the baby teeth thing was a nice detail. I don't know why izeal through himself off the roof to protect her secret. the hunter thing didn't come back to bite her yet but it should happen next book. she also put herself in some pretty big danger going off alone with razget like that. I'm excited for the next book. I already own it but I will wait for you when do you think you will get your hands on it?

Xeyra | 159 comments I agree with you that the last part from Madrigal's POV was one of the best sections of the book. I really liked learning about the world and it was a really great way to present this history between her and Akiva that didn't involve anyone having to explain and info dump things on us. The POV shift just flowed well, unlike the beginning shifts to Akiva for like 4-5 paragraphs. This last part helped elevate the book for me too, just because it was such a good way to tell these particular events despite containing such an array of cliches. Really, so many! The jealous sister, the big bad guy who wants her, the ball, the beautiful dress, the mysterious stranger that seduces you, the consequences and the betrayal for such a clichéd and trophy story I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. Maybe because I liked the writing and the characters.

Xeyra | 159 comments It's interesting that even in the chimera world, the standard of beauty is still human. For such a different looking race of people, they still prefer to look as human as possible. It's kind of sad that Chiro's envy is product of this inherent flaw of their society where a human caste is a high caste.

It amuses me to think that if Madrigal had been animal caste in that battlefield when she saved Akiva he would have never fallen for her. Because you know beauty is what makes insta love. If she'd had an animal head, this story would never have happened.

Xeyra | 159 comments The teeth being used for creating new bodies was an amazing turnaround. I guess I lack imagination because I honestly didn't even consider that but the title does hint at this. I loved the little glimpses towards madrigals apprenticeship with Brimstone, which were basically parallels with her life with the chimera as Karou.

You know, the end left me a bit cold too. I expected something to have happened when we learn early on that Akiva has Karou's sketchbook but when I he confesses what he did at the end it just opened up such a tragic end. However part of me is confused about why he thought shed only hate him for what he did after he learned who she was. Before, when they were frying cozy in her apartment or at the coffee shop, it didn't seem to come to his mind that little itty detail that he'd just murdered her family/friends. Did he only feel guilty once he realized all the repercussions of his action because she was Madrigal?

Xeyra | 159 comments My least favorite aspect of the book (aside from the insta battlefield love due to amazing beauty being the end all of insta love) was the extraneous ness of the whole vampire actors gang and witnessing flight and the police thing because it doesn't go anywhere. It's just an attempt at flavor that just feels tacked on. Even Zusana feels tacked on in some occasions. I guess it's to prevent the criticism some writers get that when the lovers meet there's no attention paid to their social lives anymore.

Xeyra | 159 comments I wish we'd learned more about Akiva's half siblings. We'll definitely see them in the second book but they were just in and out and never seen again in like 2 seconds.

I am going to try and order the books this next week when I'm back from vacation but I'm not sure how long they'll take to arrive (living in Portugal I need to order online - there's not a lot of bookstores who sell English books and when they do the variety is limited). So I may only actually have the books in my hands by the end of August. Can you wait until then or you'd rather jump back into this world sooner? In that case I'll have to read them on my own :)

Xeyra | 159 comments Btw this was my first buddy read ever. Sharing opinions throughout the book and seeing what other people think, especially when they put into words things you're thinking too, is a really interesting experience. It will help me when I write my review later on. I'm just a bit annoyed I didn't end up bringing my laptop because writing this in my phone through the GR app sucks. The keyboard actually covers half my screen and doesn't fade so it covers text I'm trying to write!

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments yeah that's a good point he was perfectly fine until he knew she was madrigal. I guess knowing brimstone had another doughter figure would have only made him angrier and he thought he was protecting karou against the same fate madrigal got but then when he learned that brimstone saved madrigal instead of kill her he felt bad about it. it still dosnt explain him saying if she found out shed hate him but it explains why he didn't feel bad earlier especially if you look at his speech you can see he thinks he's protecting karou from brimstone

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments I too found the human aspect and purity thing interesting. as sad as it is the fact that their society had a hierarchy and prejudice made it seem more real to me I suppose that's a testament to the world we live in. It was pretty cliché that she was the one to better them but I also did feel bad for her a bit because i understand being part of marginalized groups. I agree with you that all the kaz and zu stuff felt tacked on and a bit outrageous. I also question how she (and i) didn't put together kishmish's burning body flying to her with a distress call.

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments I really liked how eager madrigal was to learn as well as all the parallels like hope and blue hair etc. what are your thoughts on choosing madrigal as page dispite kishmish? the Angels not hearing about akivas treason? izeal jumping off the building to protect madrigals secret? and finally predictions for the next book? I will wait for you. I know the app sucks I use it for all my comments you will also aid in my review I will link your goodreads account in the downbeat of my video if you like.

Xeyra | 159 comments I've never gotten the impression that kishmish was able to communicate. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention but he seemed to work more as a wordless messenger than a real page so maybe that's why brimstone took madrigal on. And then she showed to have talent recognizing the viability of teeth and the feeling they gave off. Or maybe prehensile digits were a must for the work! Or maybe both did different jobs. More like it was just something brushed off by the author :)

Akiva's treason... Why would angels need to learn of it? The chimera only did because of chirp. Maybe Akiva pretended he was on a scouting mission somewhere and thus no one really commented on his nightly disappearances. Plus once he was free he could have just claimed he was captured and in the process learned their ultimate secret, which eventually lead to destroying the doors.

Xeyra | 159 comments As for Izeal, did he really know her secret? I'm not quite sure and may need to re-read that section again to make sure but I initially just thought he maybe just really liked Karou, who he seems to have known for a while, and decided it better to die before telling this guy who was trying to kill her at the time, her name in order to make it easier for him to finish the job.

My prediction for the second book. They're not actually dead. Maybe brimstone and co wisked their souls away to some receptacle or were taken prisoner but to have killed them is a really harsh thing to sell to a reader who is then asked to get excited for Karou and Akiva's relationship, regardless of its misurdenstandings. Oraybe they'll not end up together in the end, or for a while, because for Karou/madrigal, brimstone isike a fater. And to have a relationship with someone who killed them seems a tad too much to take. Unless there's a way to save them or they're not truly dead - which is likely given the whole chimera soul thing.

Xeyra | 159 comments You'll do a video review of the book? Link me to it when you've got it up, I'd like to watch it! And you can link my GR in your video too. I'll link to yours in my actual review once I can actually use a laptop and format stuff properly!

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Carter Castelli | 75 comments they said they chose her to save isa the trips up the stairs because she had wings so I guess I just thought it was odd because kishmish had wings and the majority of stuff that she was asked to do before he trusted her was stuff he could have easily done I guess for that reason I think there must be something bigger about her some reason why he chose her to be his page idk. also they live in the same world a public killing of madrigal with akiva watching every chimaera would have heard the story I feel like the news must have gotten to the Angels somehow I mean they share a world and they speak enough chimaera and have chimaera slaves. he told akiva her name before he jumped *weird thing I just thought of we never got karou's last name* I don't know if he knew a secret about her worth dieing for or just really wanted to die it sounded enough like it could be the second but you always have to be on your toes when it comes to predictions. I think your right with them being alive maybe not all of them but at least brimstone as much as I pitty the misunderstanding I feel like something major needs to change before I can see them back together again. I also feel like razget has lead her into some kind of trap or that him reentering heaven might change him in some way maybe give him back some power and slow him to seek vengeance. I still wonder what knowledge razget had about the angel world that akiva didnt know and that drove izeal so crazy? I also see a lot more of akivas childhood being revealed to drum up sympathy for his mistakes and hopefully more if his siblings as we didn't really get to see their characters at all. my video editing software is causing me problems but I have set up a YouTube channel for book reviews and already have a lot of pre filmed stuff backed up to be edited it might take a while but I will put your link in the downbar when I get it up and message you the link make sure to send me the link to your review as well.

Xeyra | 159 comments I'm exhausted from my trip home so I'm just posting today to say I ordered book 2. Should arrive in 2 weeks or so. I'm saving book 3 until I can find a cheaper copy than Bookdepository somehow. :)

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Xeyra | 159 comments Regarding the Seraphim knowing of Akiva's betrayal... I still don't quite know why they would. Sure, Madrigal's execution might have been a public affair, but why would Seraphim worry about what the Chimera do to each other anyway? At least for me, I don't really think there's a need for the Seraphim to know or care or take notice of Chimera killing one of their own and why. Sure, the word might spread across the Chimeras, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the Angels would immediately know about it. Akiva's capture was also not exactly broadcast (remember, he was kept a prisoner and tortured and out of sight, much like Madrigal, up until she was killed, and then he went back into a cell again). I also think that when he came back to the Seraphim with the secret of the Chimera's resurrection, most questions might have been forgotten. I don't know, it's not really something I caught on as something to question. I would like to know more about the events when Akiva went back to the Seraphim, once he was freed, though.

Xeyra | 159 comments I'm being a bit lazy and haven't posted my review yet. The Olympics have been taking my attention somewhat. Hopefully I'll get it written today.

Xeyra | 159 comments I finally posted my review but since I let so much time pass, it didn't end up being that good a review :D

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