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message 1: by Kristie, Moderator (new)

Kristie | 5244 comments Our winning theme for September is time travel. Please nominate your qualifying books here!

* Our rules for general nominations also apply to this thread.
* You can nominate one book in each thread: general nominations and themed nominations.

message 2: by Kristie, Moderator (last edited Aug 07, 2016 01:15PM) (new)

message 3: by Silvia (new)

Silvia Turcios | 395 comments I suggest Time and Again

message 4: by Tracy (new)

Tracy (tracylemos) | 246 comments I nominate Out of Time (Out of Time, #1) by Monique Martin

message 5: by Kristie, Moderator (new)

Kristie | 5244 comments Poll goes up tomorrow! Make sure to get your nominations in.

message 6: by Wend (last edited Aug 06, 2016 09:26AM) (new)

Wend (wends) | 26 comments I nominate :

Lightning by Dean Koontz


Out Of Time by Monique Martin

message 8: by MB (new)

MB | 55 comments I nominate A Murder in Time

message 9: by Kristie, Moderator (last edited Aug 07, 2016 01:25PM) (new)

Kristie | 5244 comments The polls are now available! Please follow the links below to vote.

September general poll

September themed poll

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