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message 1: by Ana Sofia (new)

Ana Sofia (acaffeinatedreader) | 20 comments This are exactly the same book I went to the librarian's manual to see what I could do since I wasn't being able to merge this two and it says to delete it the thing is it has more then 5 reviews so it needs to be a Super Librarian to short this out.

Thank you

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 22032 comments No delete, because they are not exactly the same, the covers are different.
I've removed the truncated isbn13 and marked it as alternate cover edition.

There is a dedicated thread to request deletions/merges that has to be done by a superlibrarian:

message 3: by Ana Sofia (new)

Ana Sofia (acaffeinatedreader) | 20 comments Thank you I checked the ISBN in one of the versions and nothing came up so I got a bit confused thank you for the help. Also thanks for letting me know the right thread still getting to know all the folder and threads ^^'

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