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Oh night night now

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maisie Night :P

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Huh I guess it did let me xD


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maisie Okay so when you wake up I would love to know how the heck you made this thread and yeah k

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Umm you just go to the folder you want and there's a plus sign in the corner. Click on that and you're golden. On the app at least

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maisie I'm having trouble w the captcha thingy idk its being weird atm

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maisie Anyways what are you up for?

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MxF romance or FxF friendship

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maisie how about MxF ?

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maisie sorry about being late didn't see the notif !

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Ok character sheets?

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maisie wait doubles ? and if not who gets which gender?

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No doubles. I would like to be the female

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maisie Oh I'm sorry I prefer female as well :[

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Ok you can be it then ^.^* I need to take my turn xD

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maisie Oh lol thanks :D

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Ok. Character sheets?

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maisie Name: Hayden Dovewright
Nickname: Denny


Hayden is a beautiful girl with many contradicting parts to her personality. She can be quite complicated about who exactly she is, and takes a little time for her to warm up to others. This does not mean that she is shy, considering she can be very outgoing when she wants to, but when Hayden feels comfortable, she will only then reveal raw facts about herself. She can verbally fight back with ease, and has a string of rather creative insults ready for when she needs them. She can sometimes be caught in the middle of her ease with certain social settings varying from blushingly shy or to strikingly outgoing, but can make herself look the picture perfect of relaxation. Denny, for most of the time, only acts as if she understands what she is doing, but few pick up on this.

She can be a sweet girl, really, but it all depends on who she is dealing with.

History: To be rp'd and will edit later

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maisie ((not sure how detailed you wanted it, but in my posts, I write detailed and can sometimes be too wordy so just let me know! ))

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maisie ?

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Sorry... I have to go somewhere but when I get back I'll try to have the sheet up

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maisie okie doke

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Name: Richard Dennis Barlow "Ricky"

Age: 16 (let's say they're in high school)

Ummm :/ can I get back to you on this?
Brown hair, pretty tall, brown/hazel eyes

Personality: ((rather rp this, but...)) Ricky is just your average guy, but he can be a little nerdy at times. He is crazy smart, but just wants to blend in most of the time. He hangs out with the "cool kids" and is considered one himself. He loves to read and write, but keeps it a secret. Overall, he's pretty normal and nice, except for the fact that he's crazy smart. He keeps that a secret because he wants to blend in with the crowd and not be noticed.

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maisie awesome :) can i start or do you want to?

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You start

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((Umm where is this at!))

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maisie ((Woahh sorry I messed up my threads and did a tmi rp))

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((XD ok can you repost then))

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maisie Hayden was currently in a coffee shop, with her legs lazily folded into one another in a pretzel. She was more towards the corner of the cafe, and was waiting on her tea. She had the day to herself, and had every intent on spending it indolently. This also translated into what she was wearing, which incorporated fitted pants, a rather oversized sweater, and sneakers while her reading glasses were perched on top her head. At the moment, Denny was watching the world outside, discreetly smiling at the little kids playing around with the leaves that had fallen to the ground.

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maisie ((Is that good? I'm just gonna start short lol to get my posts straight lolz))

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((Umm to me thats not short xD I came to this group to avoid one liners and people that dont give you anything to rp with. Sorry I didnt post for a while. Just felt like doing nofin, so... I'll post in a min.))

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Ricky walked into the coffee shop. He walked with confidence, but wasn't cocky. He ordered a cup of coffee then sat down at a table that was very close to Denny. He began looking around at the people in the quiet little shop. Since it was Saturday he was expecting it to be busier, but it was undoubtedly nice like this. Ricky was looking out the window and somehow his eyes landed on Denny. He smiled then continued looking out the window.

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