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This is one of the most important rooms in the whole castle. It is the spot that guards stand on both sides of the door, one for each party member that sit across a round table. It's big enough to have papers out, a tea set, and a small plate for a snack. It is where the most important meetings between two very important people. Though, who speaks in it is usually the Emperor and his guest. It is one of the safest rooms in the whole castle.

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Zandra arrived just before the sun began to rise. Early bird catches the worm. Well, in this case it would be Early Dragon catches the kitty cat. She let out a chuckle as she approached the large gates of the Phora Empire. A worth opponent in any war, although you would have to beat her to death in order for her to admit that out loud. She slowed her horse as a guard came running up to her. “State your business.” He boomed. Zandra smiled softly underneath her cloak.

“I Zandra, Queen of Dantae request a hearing with the Emperor of Phora.” She said her voice just as commanding and loud as he. She raised an eyebrow and watched him squirm underneath her piercing emerald green gaze. The guard scrambled back to open the gates, in which she urged her steed forward. Galloping up to the steps of the remarkable looking Castle. It was nothing like her home. The forest showed colors of beautiful greens and browns of all shades, along with many other colors of the natural plant life. It was a gorgeous setting really. Her home was just as lovely. Well maybe not to those who lived here. Unlike the forest the desert showed no mercy to the weak. Therefore only the strongest could inhabit it.

A stable boy met her and offered to take her horse, she nodded and handed him the reins before allowing herself in the wide doors. “Ah, Queen Zandra, impeccable timing.” One of the King’s servants said. “Right this way Your Majesty.”He said with a wave of the hand to motion to follow. Zandra turned and followed, her dark black cape swirling around her as she followed. They climbed up a grand staircase until they came to the first door on the right. “Wait here.” The servant said before knocking on the door and stepping inside. Zandra stayed silent as she smoothed out the material of her gown. It was a deep red colored gown that was slim at the bodice and flared out at the hips. She listened closing hearing the man say, “Your Majesty, Queen Zandra of Dantae has arrived.”

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The queen was coming here. Queen Zandra, the woman that so many men in his family were supposed to marry but all passed on. He was the third man that was going to have this meeting. His grandfather was the first one that betrothed the now queen to his eldest son. It was amazing that it had been three generations already. He looked up at the ceiling, wondering what this was going to be like. He knew, that if he married this woman, she would end up taking both kingdoms if she did not pass it on to one of his or her children.... If they were to have one together. Oh, how the world was changing for him. Or, possibly would change for him. He knew that there was a chance he may not be alive by the time this war ended.

The large black panther stalked around in the meeting room, rubbing his clawed finger against his chin in deep thought. He though, could hear people walking from the second they walked up the stairs. Cat ears. He looked over, knowing right away whom it was. He stood up straight, the tall man having his hands behind his back in a proper fashion. He nodded his head, "Very well, bring her in." He said.

The six foot five cat was intimidating. It was the warmer months in his kingdom, so he had a shorter sleeved shirt on, showing off the muscles that he bulked up easily. His arms were about as big around as the Queen's head. His hands were large and had built in razors that could slit anyone's throat open. Usually they didn't allow weapons in this room,but as these were part of him, he couldn't really help it. He wore a formal white jacket that had a blue cape flowing down behind him. His legs were covered with matching white pants and his feet were not covered by shoes. They were bent much like a cat's leg. Only his toes and the pad of his foot against the ground while his heel was upwards, holding him up even taller. He was not able to stand like a normal human without the pain. His black tail swished calmly behind him as his slit topaz eyes awaited to lay upon the Queen.

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Zandra walked in slowly, taking in the room before her. It was the same room she had been in, three times to be exact. Each with a different man. She knew how this meeting was going to go. Of course, not the way anyone in this kingdom would hope. She removed the hood of her cape and let her long platinum blonde hair flow down her back. She walked up to the Emperor and smiled softly. "Your Grace." She murmured and curtsied gracefully. She rose and stood up straight. Being a Dragonborn, she was naturally tall, standing at six feet many were intimidated by her size, her well toned form would put other creatures to shame. But as she took in the creature before him, she realized that she was not the most feared creature in all the land. He was definitely something to behold.

Her green eyes scanned his body up and down, looking for any sign of weakness. Raising an eyebrow as someone tapped on her shoulder she turned to see a guard holding out his hand expectantly. "Weapons." He stated and she sighed. "Of course." She lifted up the hem of her skirt to reveal several knives strapped to her leg. She unhooked them before handing them to him. Then moved to her bodice where she pulled two more miniature knifes from her breasts and handed them to the guard. "That's it." She murmured and watched as the guard nodded and walked away.

She turned back to the Emperor and offered him a charming smile. "Zachary. You just seem to be getting handsomer with age." She said, which indeed he was a pretty handsome specimen. But not one that she would marry anytime soon.

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The man bowed his head to her as well, paying his respects to her position as she was doing for him. "It is a pleasure to have you here." He said, his right hand over his heart as he did that. Though, he stood up, looking at her. He did admit that she did have an intimidating body, though, he did not fear her. He did not fear any man or woman. He looked up at the guard that approached her, asking for her weapons. He didn't change expression, just waited as she gave away all of her knives. He trusted her with this, knowing that their war wouldn't go well if another leader was murdered, especially in this room. She would probably not make it out if she did, since they were so deep inside the castle.

He gave her back a smile, as well as he could with his cat like face. "Thank you, Zandra." He said, "And you seem to get more beautiful and radiant every time I see you." He said. He was very serious about that. She did seem to be getting more beautiful with every passing day. He did intend to continue with the marriage that they had been planning for three generations. Though, he had no idea that it might not turn out that way.

He bowed his head to her, "Please, take a seat." He said, walking over and pulling out a chair for her like a true gentleman. He did know how to be proper. He gave her a kind smile, "Would you like any blend of tea? I can send for anything you wish." He offered. She was the guest, and thus she got to choose. Though, if it did anything with chocolate, he would have to pass on having the same thing. For obvious reasons.

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Zandra smiled softly and bowed her head, "Why thank you Zachary." She murmured and sat down in the chair as he pulled it out for her. Sh again bowed her head. "I think a Lavender tea would be lovely, if that is quiet alright with you." She was not going to waste this time in the meeting however for she had a kingdom to get back to.

"Zachary, as you know, my father and your grandfather betrothed me to your father, and as events changed I am now passed down to you." She said looking up at him with her emerald orbs. "As you also know, my father and mother have long since passed, This war between our two kingdoms does rely on this marriage...between us. But there are several things that concern me." She murmured and looked down at her hands. "As a ruler, I must think of my people, what is best for my kingdom. And what is best for my family lineage."

"And unfortunately I have been advised that you and your empire are not whats best."

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He nodded to her, going to one of the servants that were waiting, giving him the order of what they wanted for their tea. He didn't really want this meeting to last too long either. He had children to take care of. He had a new one that he had adopted a few years prior that he promised he would spend time with. He walked back over and sat down across from her.

He listened to her after he sat down. What she was saying was true. She had been passed down three times, landing on him. He did feel bad for her since she had been thrown around so much. He was aware that her parents had passed on because of a trip they had here, but to this day, he still had no idea who killed them. He was positive that it had nothing to do with his kingdom, that it was someone that was not sent by the royal family. He though, wasn't even born at that point, so he couldn't even look into it. He couldn't even offer her anything to help her with getting the person that did it.

He was now starting to get worried as she expressed concerns and that she knew that the kingdom rode on their marriage. He stayed calm as she explained everything, though, internally, he was quite scared. "What do you propose we do to create peace between our countries? We cannot continue forever with how it is. We will wipe one another off of the map if we continue."

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"That is why I have come here," She murmured, the concern showing in her eyes. "My people are strong strong willed for me to control at this point." She looked back up at him. "I have grown tired of this war between our people, and you are right....we cannot continue this forever. It would seem the only way for us to reunite the kingdoms would be through the union of you and gain back the control of everyone who has set forth to defy me." A low growl sounded from deep within her chest.

"Rebels have been coming through my villages, pillaging, leaving nothing in their wake. Women and children missing or dead." She sneered, although it was not directed at him. "this war between our kingdoms has created another one within my own." She stood up and began to pace lightly. Not being able to stay still for to long knowing that her people were suffering.

"They plan to overthrow me, not because of anything I have done, except to continue to enforce men to go and fight for the kingdom, but because I am a woman, without a man beside her. " She shook her head and let out a dark laugh. "Because I am a woman many refuse to listen to my commands. Think I am foolish." She then turned to look at him. "So, as you can tell, I am in quite the predicament."

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He nodded, now listening to her. As she explained, he was concerned over her. He couldn't help her, as they were at war with one another. They couldn't just stop the war or the people in their kingdoms would be up in arms with anger. That was out of the question for both sides. Though, the marriage was a way that would build trust between them. He leaned on the table a little bit, the table shifting a little under him. He nodded, understanding that it was the only way that she could gain people back and to reunite their kingdoms.

She got up, and he watched her closely as she paced back and forth. He wasn't worried about her standing up like she was. As she came to end the story, he spoke up again. "Why is it a bad idea for us to wed, then?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, it moving his black fur. "If it would solve all of these problems with one marriage, why do you not think it's in the best interest of your kingdom?" He asked. He really had no idea why she would think that way. If their marriage would but the two kingdoms together, get people who defy her back on her side, and to make it so she had a man by her side. So why was she turning it down? "That way, the war would be over, and I would be able to aid you in these rebels."

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Zandra paused, she looked over at him realizing that it would make sense for them to get married. She bit her lip and sighed. "Personal preference....I guess." She murmured and moved to sit back down at the table. She moved her teeth from her lip, realizing how improper it was. She reached up and moved a platinum blonde hair from her her eyes tucking it back behind her ear lightly.

"My soul...its just telling me not to go through with it." She said to him. She couldn't be sure why she was telling him all of this. Especially with them being at war with one another. "I listen to the soul of the dragon...inside of me. It tells me that I should continue to fight and win for my kingdom." She said and let her eyes fall upon him once more. "And if we were to marry, what would become of your wife? What would your children think? Your people? and I live a great deal longer than you....Will I be passed down? "

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He watched her, and when she said personal preference, he couldn't help but cringe inside his head. He couldn't help but believe that she was being selfish with that thought. He did not want to marry her either. He was in love with his wife. He loved his children. Though, he was the emperor, he had to do what was best for his kingdom. Not what was best for him. His family understood that. He did not understand what it was like to have the wants of a dragon inside of her.

He did not say anything about her winning for her kingdom, because if this war was not ending, he was going to win. He was going to win it for his kingdom. He would make sure that he kept his kingdom standing and his people happy. As happy as they could be with their men and women being out there fighting. In his kingdom, they allowed women to fight in the wars. Some of their women were the strongest warriors. "My wife would still be my wife." He said, "It is normal for my country to have multiple wives for the royals." He explained, looking at the servant as they brought in the warm tea, setting it down on the table. They even poured some of each ingredient like sugar, cream, and the tea in a cup and took a sip of it to prove to both of them that it was safe to drink.

Zachery looked at him, "Thank you." He said, letting their servant pour the drink and then went back to where they were before. "My children understand the sacrifices that the leaders of the kingdoms must take to insure peace between their countries." He said. He had never had a bad taste about the opposing country before, as he was trying to bring peace. "My people want peace as much as I do." He said. "But they won't allow the war to just end without a resolution." He explained. "The marriage would be the end of it, it would be a resolution." Her final question, he answered right away, "No. You would not be passed down." He said. "You would be my wife, and only mine. It would be strange for you to have to marry your son."

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Zandra nodded softly and whispered her thanks to the servant before taking her tea and drinking it without anything. The lavender soothed her nerves. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a few deep breaths before speaking again. She opened them once more and smiled softly. "I'm may sound strange to hear about the dragon...and it is selfish of me to think about myself. Please forgive me. I am but a young Queen still and have a lot to learn." She bowed her head in shame. "I love my kingdom...and I want my people to be safe, however, they are being completely reckless with this rebellion."

She looked back up before taking another sip of her hot tea, it was scolding...but heat and fire never destroyed her kind. Never hurt them. "But after you leave this realm, to the afterlife, what will happen to the peace then. I live almost 1000 years, if nothing happens to me. Will I pass down my kingdom and yours to the next heir?"

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it was true with what she was saying. He didn't think that she was being good with her country. He looked at her though, when she said that she was still a young Queen. It was true, she was young compared to what she was. Though, he was still fairly young as well. He was seventy years old, but that was less than half of his life. He could age to being 150, sometimes longer if you took good care of yourself. Though, he didn't expect to last longer than expected. Though, he would try to stay as long as he was able, so long as he wasn't going crazy. "Will you take advice from a man who has been in this for forty eight years?" He asked. He did not doubt that she loved her kingdom, he believed it with his whole heart. "It's good that you love your kingdom, that is the sign of a good leader." He said, smiling softly to her.

He waited for his own tea to cool down a bit. He usually waited a bit so he didn't harm his tongue. It was a dry tongue, after all. He was a cat. He continued to look at her. "How I think that it could work is that my first born son will take over Phora, and if the two of us had children, then they would take your kingdom after you pass on as well." He explained. "Because at that point our families would be bound with each other and we would have a deep connection, I do not believe war would break out again. Think about it.... Would you break out war against your son?" He asked, looking up at her. "Even if it would be a son in law?"

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Zandra listened to the wise king with great interest. With her parents being gone there wasn't really anyone to give her the proper council that she needed to run a kingdom. Of course, she really hadn't know a time when there wasn't war. And it was unfortunate for her to become Queen in the middle of a war. She was and is still trying to do what is best for her people. The reason the war continues to go on is because stopping it would outrage the people. It would seem they are already outraged. She internally rolled her eyes.

She offered him a charming smile in return and nodded. "I would never wage war against my children, Your Grace. Children in the eyes of my people are the greatest blessing that could be bestowed upon a being." She said. "That is why my parents tried for many centuries to conceive me." Her green eyes looked up at him in defeat. "You have persuaded me in ways that my council could not....quite the brilliant cat you are...I expected nothing less." She bowed her head respectfully. "But I will warn is not me you should be worried about starting a war with our is the Rebels...they grow strong in numbers. "

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He nodded to her, "And I'm sure your children would never wage war against their mother." He said, smiling softly at her. He was glad to hear how she felt about children, how she cared deeply for them. He intertwined his fingers together, leaning his chin on top of them. "I feel the same way about my children." He said, smiling, "They are my best friends and my closest allies." He opened his eyes to look at her, seeing that defeat in her eyes. He was glad that she saw it the way he did as well. She could be reasoned with, and that was what made a good leader.

He even had to give her props for that before they spoke about the negative side. "The fact that you allowed the opposing side to be able to speak to you and you being willing to change your opinion on something.... to be persuaded. That is what makes a good leader." He said, smiling softly at her. "I will be willing to take on any sort of rebel that comes our way." He said, "It will take awhile to gain the trust of each other's kingdoms, but I believe we can do it."

"If you are willing to continue on with the marriage idea, would you like to meet some of my children? To which would turn into yours?"

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Zandra was pleased to hear that he had the same views as her on children. Family was very important to her kind. And she would risk her life for her family, blood related or not. There was no difference to her. As long as they were not causing danger to others. She would accept them as her own and care for them with everything she had.
Zandra smiled softly and blushed just the tiniest bit. "Why thank you, I am glad that you can see potential in me." She murmured. "I listen to all of those who are around me, experience or not. If a being feels that what they say is important and they have enough strength and courage to say it, then I will definitely listen whole heartedly." She said she took another sip of her tea. Her eyes glowing lightly when he said that he would help with the rebellion.

"I would love to meet you children." She said happily.

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He nodded to her, knowing that it was a good thing. He wondered if that dragon in her heart was agreeing with what he had said and if he had changed its mind as well as hers. If he did, then this would make everything a whole lot easier. he was a kind man, and he really did only want peace for their kingdoms. He wanted a place where his kids would be able to live happily and safely. He didn't want to leave this kingdom to his children when war was broken out. He didn't want what happened to him to happen to them.

At her agreeing to meet his children, he smiled softly, "Well, only three of them are around today. The others are running around doing something with their mother. They are to return shortly.... It's only my young son Fionn, Elora, and well.... The last one is a young Shapeshifter I took in for a friend. Though, she is just as much of a daughter to me as any of my other children.... Her name is Clarimond."

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Zandra smiled as he told her the names of his children that were around. "Beautiful names, for what I am sure are beautiful children." She murmured. Her dragon was restless inside of her, wanting her to do as it commanded. Her dragon was not like many others. She was a warrior. It did not have time for younglings, sure she knew that she needed to procreate in order for her family line to move forward. However, she did not want to take the time to be a parent. She was a leader and a powerful one.

Sandra felt a rumble deep inside of her and she looked down at her chest, her eyes were now glowing a light green and smoke pushed through her nose as she exhaled. "I apologize. My dragon, she is restless with the decision that I have made....luckily, she can be easily controlled." She murmured her eyes looking back up at him.

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He smiled, "Thank you." He said, "They are. Though, you may be a bit surprised to see my little boy.... As he is not my biological son." He said, "He's one that I found and adopted, so he's a little tabby cat." He said, laughing a little. He loved his little boy, he loved all of his kids.

He looked up at her as her eyes turned into light green glowing smoking orbs. He nodded to her, "I see." He said. "Is there any way that I would be able to convince her that I can be trusted?" He asked, not knowing if that would be a possibility. If the two of them were to be married, he knew that he would have to.

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Zandra smiled softly at the thought of the little boy. Cats were not something her kingdom came across, they were all here. Because of the cooler climate and such. Then she sighed and let her frown show.

"I am not sure.....Dragons do not trust anyone really. Even their own kind." She murmured and looked over at him. "Stubborn species we are" She laughed softly and shook her head. "I am sure with time she will be content with our marriage...."

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He nodded to her, smiling softly to her. "Well, as we have figured out what we shall do, what do you suppose we do now?" He asked. "I know you are in a hurry to go back home...." He said. "Or would you like to meet your future children first?" He asked, tilting his head to the side a little. The only time he really showed his emotions was when he was talking about his children. He could bring in all three of them now if she would wish.

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Zandra smiled lightly. "I feel as this is my home now." She said happily and met his eyes. "I would love to meet my future children before I go back, I am in no hurry now with all of this talk about the rebellion.." She murmured and looked down at her hands. "Hopefully, once we are married they will end whatever this is...." She sighed.

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He nodded to her, "I hope so as well." He said. "I must say though, we will have to marry before I will be able to assemble troops to aid you." He said. "If we did.... Then there is a chance my soldiers will be too hazy to really do anything, to think that they could possibly be betrayed. I hope you understand." He said. "When we are, I will help you all I can." He smiled. "And I will send for them." He said, looking at his servant. "Please, will you gather my children for me? Including my Ward." He said.

The servant nodded, bowing to him, "Right away, sire." And with that, he left.

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"Understandable, I would do the same if I was you." She smiled to him with a knowing look. "Great minds think alike," Her eyes had simmered and she felt like she could relax again, her skin itched as the dragon continued to fight for control and she refused to let her. "And thank you for this, I am eternally grateful, in return I will help you with anything that is within my power and more."

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((Should we wait for Dark Angel to get back on so she can come in, or should I just bring in the young one while we wait?))

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Kate Kid (Nohrian Scum)*Teddy's favorite Peanut* wrote: "((Should we wait for Dark Angel to get back on so she can come in, or should I just bring in the young one while we wait?))"

((I think we can bring in the young one:D I will message Dark angel and let her know to reply here when she is on:D))

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((Alright. I'll bring him in.))

It wasn't long before the door opened again, Zachery finally being able to drink his tea. He looked over, his whole body perking up when he saw that there was a little thing hiding behind the servant's leg. He put the tea cup down, "Come here, buddy." He said, opening his hands and arms for the little one.

The servant looked behind himself, looking at the young prince. She was able to see one of his little ears down, his tail flicking back and forth nervously and his little hands holding onto the man's back. He peeked over, his red eye showing, though, it was light. It was cute, not terrifying like how red eyes usually were. He looked at his father, then the woman, clinging on tighter to the servant. Though, as soon as they got a little closer, he ran to his father, jumping into his arms, hiding his face in his shoulder. He was adorable, shy, and timid.

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Zandra smiled widely at the sight. He was a adorable little thing. She looked down at her appearance and hoped that she wasn't scaring the poor lad. She was quite intimidating sing as her features were very unusual compared to the beings that stood before her. She kept silent and just took in everything about him. He had a little striped tail and the most adorable little ears. His skin and hair was unusual but not in a way that made him look any less beautiful than he was. "He is handsome." She murmured softly, not wanting to scare the boy.

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The emperor held onto his son, letting him hide in his chest, the little boy always being a shy little thing. He stroked his hair softly, looking over at her. "Thank you." He said, smiling to her. "He's my little strong boy." He said, chuckling a little as he was the scardy cat here.

When she did call him handsome, Fionn whimpered, hiding his face more, taking his father's hand and putting it on the side of his face so he could hide. He was embarrassed.

"Hey...." Zachery laughed a little, "Why don't you say hi to Queen Zandra?" He asked, waiting for him to move, though, the boy was very slow.

He pulled back a little, looking up at the woman to show that he had two separate eye colors, eyebrows furrowed. "I promise I'm not a demon...." He whimpered. He was always feared by some people because of his two toned eyes. They didn't seem to understand that it was common for cats to have different eye colors.

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Zandra let out a laugh and smiled. "I didn't think you were." She said softly and looked him up and down. "You are too sweet to be one, and too handsome at that. I have seen demons and you are certainly not one." She murmured and stayed where she was. She knew exactly what would cheer him up. "I for one think that your eyes are what make you unique," She said, "They are very beautiful.....would you like to see my eyes?" She asked curiously, tilting her head to the side.

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He smiled a little, his head tilting down, but he kept looking at her. He had a cute little blush on his cheeks. "Thank you..." He said, touching right under his green eye. He tilted his head to the side, looking at her eyes. "I see them." He said, not understanding what she was talking about. They were green? He stood up on his father's legs, leaning on the table with his hands flat on the table. He was shy, yes, but he was also curious. He kept his head tilted to the side, it being adorable.

The emperor sat there, wondering if his adorable son would calm down the dragon in her. He had that magic to him. He was too cute and innocent in order to keep things hostile.

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The dragon in her rumbled deep inside of her purring almost at the sight of the child. Her kind has always had a weak spot for the younglings...not matter what race. Her dragon was restless again to amaze the young boy with her glow and slowly, Zandra let her show...her green eyes slowly started to glow brighter and brighter. She held a tight grasp on the dragon however, making sure that if the child showed any sort of fear she would be able to contain her again. "How about now?" She asked lightly. She hoped desperately that he would not be afraid. But of course prepared for the worst if it were to occur. She smiled softly.

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He tilted his head to the side, waiting for her to do whatever trick she was going to do. Though, when she did it, his eyes shined, his mouth dropping. "Wow!" He cried out, looking at his father, moving and jumping up and down on his leg a little bit, holding his shoulders. "Look at her eyes! She's magic, daddy!" he yelled. He jumped off of his father's lap and ran up to the woman again, looking up at her eyes. "Why do you do that?"

((Okay, I think I might change him to being ten instead of 12. XD It works better.))

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(Yea! Hahahaha he is the cutest thing ever!!!))

Zandra smile softly and looked at the young child, wondering exactly how she should explain it to him. "Well, I am a Dragonborn, and that means I have a dragons soul...inside of me." She murmured not really knowing how to explain it any better than that. "She was very excited to show you what she can do...and that its okay to be different." She said and looked up at the Emperor offering him a smile.

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He touched her knee, not able to help it. He grinned widely, "Really!? I like dragons!" He said, his eyes shining like a silver piece. "They're big and strong!" He said, "And daddy says they care a lot!"

He laughed a little, looking at her and smiling at her as well. He was having fun, loving to see the two of them talk to each other and have fun. "I'm glad you two are getting along. He usually doesn't open up to people that often." He said. "It usually takes a few months... Even when I found him, he didn't like me, he hid." He said. "I once lost him for an entire week because he's so good at hiding."

"I was hiding in the kitchen." He said, giggling a little.

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Zandra was pleased that the boy took a liking to her, it made her dragon rumble again with glee. She was curious to know if this boy could keep her at bay. "In the kitchen? I guess we will have to play a game of hide and seek and see how good you are." She murmured and looked down at his little hand on her knee. "And you like dragons eh?" She asked lightly and smiled. She placed a hand gently on his. "They are very big and strong....and they care deeply about there loved ones," Her eyes flickered to Zachary surprised that he would have said good things about her kind. Especially since they were at war. "Would you like one?" She asked curiously.

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He nodded, smiling at her. "I wanna play hide and seek with you!" He said, jumping up and down a little. He clapped his hands together, his tail swishing side to side with excitement. "Uh huh!" He said, "Who does your dragon wanna protect?" He asked, "Am I one?" Just like a child, not knowing what was too fast to ask that question. They just met, after all.

Though, his father couldn't help but laugh again, leaning on the table just watching his lovely son.

"Do I want what?" He asked, tilting his head, rubbing the back of his ear.

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"She wants to protect you." She said instantly, knowing that is how her dragon felt. It was funny how a child such as him could bring her dragon down to a level of calmness she had never known. There was alway a fire in her that she wasn't able to control. And now it was nothing but a tiny flame. She smiled softly and laughed a bit. "Do you want a dragon?" She asked lightly and looked at Zachary. "Would you mind having one of the servants fetch my traveling bag from the horse?" She asked sweetly. Looking at the excitement on the child's face brought her immense joy.

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He giggled, jumping up and down adorably, looking at his father, "Did you hear that, daddy?" He asked, "The dragon wants to protect me!" He cheered, his eyes closing in happiness. He was so happy, though, he turned to her, tilting his head. "Can I have a dragon?" He asked, putting his hand on his chest. "But I wanna stay a kitty cat."

Zachary was confused as well. What type of dragon was she speaking about. He looked at one of the servants, "Will you please get her traveling bag?" He asked.

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She couldn't help but let out a laugh. "Of course you want to stay a kitty cat." She murmured and waited a few moments before speaking. The servant had returned rather quickly with her traveling bag and she smiled, standing up she went to meet the servant and took her bag. "Thank you my dear." She said before turning back and walking to kneel before the boy. She opened her bag and grabbed a wrapped egg from it. It was a deep green color and the egg itself had scales.

"This," She murmured and unwrapped the egg for him. "Is a dragons egg." She said and looked at it for a moment. "You must not drop it for there is a living breathing youngling in there... You must keep it in a warm environment until it hatches and when it does you must be the first one it sees. The youngling will form a deep connection to you...and for a bond so strong...that you will have 2 dragons to protect you." She said and handed it to him softly.

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Dark Angel (I'M HERE! I'M HERE I SWEAR. I've been watching BUT MY INTERNET DIED. OMGOMGOMG I AM SO SO SO SORRY. By the way, don't worry, she'll probably warm up to Zandra quite quickly, she's that kind of person. :))

Queen Zandra was coming to visit. That was the chief topic of conversation in the Palace today, and had been for at least a week. Clarimond tried her best to distance herself from such conversations, but she could not help listening to the servants whispers at times. She had been raised in a household of cats, after all. Curiosity sometimes got the better of her. Of course, everybody knew why she was coming. The marriage contract between Phora and Dantae was legendary, and had existed for quite some time, but no marriage had actually taken place. The young Queen had been passed down through generations of Fylan men, but never actually wed any of them.
The servants had mixed emotions about it all. She had learned that through the observation of their conversations. Some hoped that Zachary and Zandra would wed, for their union would bring an end to the war. But some loathed her kingdom, and hoped that alliance would be made.

Clarimond had never really been allowed to have an opinion on political matters. When her father was alive, he had forbidden it, telling her that it was unfeminine. However, he had allowed her to have an opinion on one thing. The Agnidev family. As long as that opinion was a negative one, of course. From the day of her birth, she had been raised to loathe them. Her father had reared her on the belief that all people of Dantae were enemies, and she had grown up blindly believing him, never questioning a word she said. But her guardian, Zachary, seemed to want peace. Due to this, Clarimond was torn.

She spent the morning in her chambers. Of course, she had taken great care with her appearance, even moreso than usual. There was always a chance that her surrogate father might send for his children, and should that be the case she wanted to look her best. Not to impress the Queen, but to match her in beauty.
She first taken a bath perfumed with the petals of exotic flowers, so that an ambrosial aroma clung to her clean skin when she emerged. One of her servants applied a cream to her pale skin to soften it and give it a radiant glow, then brushed out her lustrous golden tresses until they shone.
She took great care, too, in selecting her gown, dressing in one of the finest she had. The gown was made of satin, since the weather was rather warm.A heavier fabric would have made her sweat, and that would not have been attractive at all. It was scarlet in colour, with a tight bodce and a narrow basque waist that flowed out into a long skirt. The bodice and the bottom of the skirt were adorned with golden swirls. The same golden swirls were embellished on the edges of the bell sleeves. A thin strip of golden rope-like material was sewn into the basque waist to separate the bodice from the skirt. She chose some of her finest jewellery to accessorize. A golden chain from which was suspenced a ruby cut into the shape of a love heart, paired with gold and ruby earrings. A gold and ruby ring sat on her delicate finger, completing the jewellery set. She wore a pair of golden heled shoes on her feet, but they were hardly visible beneath her full-length skirt.
Her hair was nothing less than a work of art. The maids worked tirelessly to create something breathtakingly beautiful. Like spiders weaving their web, they spun the intricate golden thread into something breathtaking. Half of her hair was pinned into a braided bun, while the rest was left to hang down in loose waves. Red ribbon had been threaded around the bun and two strands of ribbon down as long as her hair. Tiny diamond clips were also skilsully inserted into the bun, causing it to glimmer each time it caught the light. Finally, the maids perched a golden tiara atop her head. The tiara had two red rubies, one embedded inside the gold, and one hanging down from the tiara like a teardrop.
The perfume she selected was made of orchids, one of her favourite scents. The maids dabbed some on all the appropriate places, making her entire body smell sweet.

Clarimond inspected her reflection in the silvery glass of her mirror for quite some time, checking for any minute flaw in her appearance. Fortunately, she found none. In fact, she looked rather beautiful. She had never set eyes upon Queen Zandra, but she was quite certain that she could rival the young woman in appearance. If her guardian sent for her now, surely the youthful monarch would be envious.
She busied herself with her embroidery for an hour or so, eventually forgetting the idea that perhaps she would be called forth to meet Queen Zandra. In a way, she was glad. The woman was, after all, an enemy of her beloved Kingdom. Clarimond was the very epitome of politeness, but surely she would have struggled to show civility to the woman whose kingdom had caused the citizens of Phora so much anguish.

However, thirty minutes later, a knock sounded at her door.
"Enter," Clarimond called in her crisp, clear voice. A female servant entered, lowering herself into a curtsy and bowing her head as she did so.
"Lady Clarimond, your guardian requests your presence in the meeting room. Her Grace, Queen Zandra, wishes to meet you."

Clarimond rose wordlessly from the bed. She found herself interlacing her arm with that of the servant, allowing herself to be led down the seemingly endless procession of hallways and down several spiral staircases.
Smile, Clarimond. Just remember to smile, she told herself, practising the upturn of her lips as she walked. Treat this woman like any other guest.
But this woman was not any other guest. This woman was one that she mistrusted and feared.
But this woman, if her guardian did marry her, would become a member of her family. More than that, she would become a surrogate mother. So she had to make a good impression. After all, if Zandra did not like her, she might mistreat her when she became Zachary's wife.

The ornate double doors of the meeting room were pushed open for her as she approached them. She offered a smile to the two guards that had done this, then glided gracefully over the threshold.

"The Lady Clarimond," one of the two guards announced in a voice as clear as crystal before the doors swung closed, trapping Clarimond in the same room as the dragon.

Smile. Smile now.

Clarimond's petal-pink lips upturned into a soft, sweet smile and she lowered herself into a dainty curtsy, bowing her head ever so slightly just as her etiquette coach had taught her. Much to her relief, she executed the movements flawlessly, despite her nervousness. Then again, she had gone through these motions many times, and practised them in her mirror many more.

"Your Grace, it is an honour to make your acquaintance," she said. Her voice was as soft as velvet, as smooth as satin, as sweet as honey and as melodic as a nightingale's song.

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Zandra smiled and stood as the double doors opened and the guard announced that Zachary's second child had arrived. Lady Clarimond. She smiled softly and watched the beautiful girl glide gracefully towards her, she lowered herself into a dainty curtsy and Zandra bowed her head. "Hello little flower." She murmured. "And no need for titles my dear, Zandra will do just fine." Circling the girl she was very pleased by her appearance.

While Zandra had been told she was one of the most beautiful creatures in the desert, but as she took in the little dove before her, it was clear that she paled in comparison. Both had beauty in their own way. Clarimond's beauty was feminine and soft, which Zandra envied slightly. She wasn't very tall in height, which made her stand out. But Zandra thought it was adorable.

"I must say that even I pale in comparison to your beauty,little flower." Zandra ran a hand through the silver tips of her hair smiling widely.

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The young boy watched her as she got her bag and knelt in front of him. He looked at the egg that she was now unwrapping and showing to him. It was a dark green, like the colors of the forest just outside of their home during the summer time. He listened to her explain, his eyes going up to look at hers. "Why do you carry it around?" He asked, opening his hands when it was offered. He held the egg in his hands, looking at the scales that were covering it, smiling softly. He even giggled, "It's warm." He said, hugging it softly like it was already his best friend. "Thank you!" He said, rubbing his little cheek against it.

Zachery watched with love in his eyes at the two of them. They did get along rather well. He loved it. It was adorable. He looked up, however, seeing that his daughter was now in the room with the three of them. "Hello, dear." He said, resting his arm against the table. He let the two of them greet one another, hearing the complements that Zandra was giving to her. It was so sweet. He loved to watch them all get along. It was going a lot better than he thought it would. It was working perfectly.

The ten year old looked up at his older sister, well, adopted sister, but still sister to him. She was here before him, so he only knew that she was here the whole time. He stood up, walking over to her, smiling up at her. "She's a nice lady." He said, "She gave me an egg." He kept the egg close to him, grinning.

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Zandra smiled and turned back to Fionn to answer his question. "I carry the multiple eggs with me, because where I come from...I am the mother of dragons." She murmured to him with a smile. "And yes it is very warm...just be sure to give it lots of love even if it hasn't hatched yet, talk to it and even sing to'll recognize your voice." She then looked over at Zachary and blushed.

"I hope that this is okay Your Grace...." She trailed off lightly and her green eyes glowing again. "I fear that it was wrong of me not to ask you first." She bowed her head respectfully.

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Dark Angel Clarimond was surprised by Zandra's warm reception. She did not know what she had been expecting -- an icy stare, a back-handed compliment perhaps -- anything but the warm smile that she received. But, despite her initial feelings, she found her own smile becoming genuine.

Little flower. Those who loved her always gave her such endearments. Little flower, little dove, little bird...but she never would have expected Zandra to address her with such kindness. She stood still as the woman circled her, allowing the young queen to admire her appearance. Despite being confident with her looks, she could not prevent the blush that crept across her porcelain cheeks. Zandra was incredibly beautiful, much more beautiful than she would have expected. She had known that the young queen was lovely to look at, of course. The servants had whispered of her beauty. But she had not expected Zandra to be this beautiful.

Her smile broadened slightly at Zandra's compliment, several of her straight, white teeth becoming visible through her rosebud lips. She had been expecting a monster, but this woman...this woman was the opposite. She had been expecting someone ferocious and cruel, not kind and lovely. Could her father have been wrong then? Was Zachary right to want peace?

"Thank you -- " she was about to address the woman as 'Your Grace,' again, but remembered her request just in time. Zandra. She wanted to be called by name. " -- Zandra."
It was a very lovely name.

She let out a soft, melodious giggle as her younger brother -- well, adoptive brother, technically, but he might as well have been her brother. She loved him as her brother -- rushed up to her, excitedly gushing about an egg. An egg. She had given egg? Was there something inside it? She glanced down at the egg curiously, furrowing her golden brows together in confusion. She listened to Zandra's explanation, slightly surprised when she learned that there was a dragon inside. Still, it certainly would be interesting, having a dragon in the house.
"It is a very nice egg," she said to her brother, offering him a warm smile of encouragement.

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He nodded, grinning up at her, "I'ma be the best at taking care of it!" He cheered, looking down at the egg again, snuggling with it and purring. That was probably what the dragon was going to get used to, the purr of him when they cuddle. "When is it gonna hatch?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. "And where do they have to sleep when it does hatch?" He asked, starting to be just like a little boy, and like a kitten, asking a lot of questions about his new gift. He loved his little egg now.

Zachery looked at the egg, though, looking back up at the woman who gave it to him. "Oh, it'll be quite alright. He is old enough to have responsibility." He said, "And it might help with him opening up more." He said, thinking like a parent. It was true that she should have asked the father first, but there was no way that he was going to take it away now.

Fionn looked at his father, "So I can have it, daddy?" He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Of course you can have it." He said, smiling softly. He kept his eyes on his daughter, and at his future wife. It was strange to think that way about her, though, he knew that he could now. "I'm glad to see that you two are getting along." He said. "I'm glad to see that all of you are getting along."

The little boy smiled, looking at his sister and rubbing his forehead against her leg, as he always did. "I'ma make a dragon pop out." He purred, hugging it and snuggling it again.

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