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It is the large room at the front of the castle, it's the first one you see when you walk in the front doors. It's a sitting room, but it is used for multiple purposes. Usually it is used to put boxes in when they get large shipments to have a ball of some sort. It is, again, used for everything. It is the common meeting place for everyone in the castle.

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((I am going to continue here:D)))

Zandra had returned as she promised in the afternoon. The sun was high, but luckily she had made it out of the desert before the afternoon and avoided the blistering heat. She hid underneath her cloak. Not wanting anyone to see the wounds that she had been given last night.

As she predicted they were ambushed just outside of the city, if it wasn't for Zachery's men she wouldn't have made it out alive. She slowed her horse to a walk as the large castle came into view. The guards didn't bother to stop her at the gates, for they knew who she was. She wore a light blue colored dress now, one that you might see a commoner wearing. She had very little time to bring anything except the clothes on her back and her horse, she was even riding bare back. She brought the horse to a stop at the stairs and quickly dismounted before walking up. She bowed her head to the guards who in returned bowed lowly. "Your Grace." They both murmured. "Please inform your King that I have arrived." She murmured not bothering to remove her hood or her cloaked from her body. She did not want anyone to see the large cut that went from her temple across her face to her chin. Or the bloodied lip and bruised eye. Or the multiple stab wounds along her body.

She moved to sit down on one of the chairs in the sitting room and stared down at her hands.

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The servants looked at the woman that walked through the door. The servant bowed to her, "Yes, sire." The servant woman said, turning and quickly made her way up the stairs that was right in front of the door. She was going to make sure that she got there on time so the queen did not get upset about anything. She ended up at the door of her master's door, knocking three times on it.

Zachery looked up at the door, having a kitten on his back as he signed a few papers. "Yes?" He asked. "You may enter." He said, signing the paper and looking up at the door.

The woman walked in, bowing her head to him, "Sire, the Queen of Dantae has returned." She said, getting straight to the point.

He looked up in shock, looking back at Fionn, "How about you go and find one of your sisters?" He asked. "I will come and see you later, alright?" He asked. "I will even say hello for you if you're a good boy." He said.

The little boy giggled, nodding his head. "I'ma go play with my egg!" He said, jumping off of his father's back and running out of the room. His nails clicked on the floor as he ran, since he also walked like his father. On his toes, or, the pads of his feet in cat world.

Zachery laughed a little bit, looking at his son as he ran out of the room. He was such an adorable little tabby. He stood up, nodding to the servant. "Thank you. You can carry on for the day." He said. He then started to walk out of the room, heading towards the front room where the queen was waiting. What he saw down there, he was not expecting. He looked at her in shock, though, he quickly went into a respectful bow, "Queen Zandra, welcome to my home once again." He said, standing back up and looking at the number that they did.... Oh my... It was a lot more than he was expecting, that was for sure.

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Zandra stood and curtsied respectfully, with some effort. Standing up straight she sighed. She removed her cloak to reveal the full damage of what had happened but also to make a point. "You guards, fought hard and they will never be forgotten in my heart." She murmured before having to sit down again. Her hand brushed against the cut on her face before speaking once more.

"I would have been dead if it weren't for your men, and for that I am grateful. They should be honored and I would like their families to know immediately." She looked up at him once more. "I have never seen men fight like that in all my years, they fought as if I was their ruler. Until the very end." She whispered her eyes far away as she talked about the brave warriors who had saved her life. "They ambushed us before we reached the gate....which...I knew would happen...they were using pure silver...which of course is one of the only things that will cause my healing abilities to slow..." She said.

Zandra looked up at him, concern in her eyes. "There are much more than I realized....they have my dragon." She growled. "He cried for me...I couldn't get to him." She wrapped her arms around her chest.

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He had heard about the guards that had lost their lives with protecting the queen. His heart ached for the families and he was preparing to give them full honors. The ones that got away injured were now resting and their families were being paid to be able to take care of them and their family. He hated that he lost so many people, though, he knew that they were brave, and that they were to be honored. "It is already in the works." He assured her. "The injured ones are now with their families, and the passed ones.... Their families will be taken good care of." He said.

He wished he could have said that they were all alright, but they were not. He took great pride in her words, smiling softly at her. "Thank you." He said. "They were good soldiers, and they always will be." He would never say that they were, and that they were going to stay that way. They would forever be future tense, because their souls were strong. He nodded to her, "That is unfortunate." He said. "I will have my best healers take care of you." He said. He thought about how hard they had to fight, glad that they had impressed her. "My soldiers are all very very spirited."

He though, stopped, tilting his head to the side a little bit. "What do you mean?" He asked, not sure of what she could be speaking about. Her dragon? Wasn't the dragon in her soul? And wasn't it a girl, like her?

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Zandra nodded very please with the arrangements that the Emperor had already had underway for the injured and the dead. She bit her lip and stood up slowly. "The egg that I gave your is a purebred dragon...unlike me, I have the soul of a dragon, but I cannot shift back and forth between the two species..I am in the middle...I guess you can say. " She said and began to pace lightly.

"My dragon Viserion looks very much like me in color of scales and what no, he is a purebred." She said to him. "They had somehow managed to capture him, although he is a youngling his fire is deadly." She murmured. "They have captured my little one and he is in danger...he cried out for me Zachery...I couldn't help him." She whispered. "I shouldn't have gone back, I know that, but I felt something was wrong deep inside of me, they were trying to lure me back to the kingdom. By capturing my Viserion...."

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He nodded to her, trying to keep up with what she was saying. He was a smart man, but sometimes things like this got confusing. So, he just nodded, understanding more as she went on about purebreds and how she just had a soul of one. "I see." He said, watching her pace back and forth with the injuries that she had. He was worried for her, terrified that she may collapse at any second. He didn't want her to exert herself more than she probably was at this point. She was so stressed, and he felt horrible for her.

He couldn't stand that her poor dragon had been used against her last night to bring her out. And now they still had him. She was probably being ripped apart by now from the little thing being taken from her. "I'm so sorry." He said genuinely. He could only imagine that their bond was of a mother and a child, at least, that is what he had to link it with, as it was the only thing that he could understand. He was a father, a good father, and he would be crushed if something like that ever happened to one of his children. "What are we to do?" He asked, not understanding what they could possibly do.

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Zandra shook her head and shrugged hopelessly. "There is nothing that can be done for him now." She whispered and felt as though she was going to faint. She moved to sit down once more and placed her head in her hands. She did not cry. But simply thought about her young dragon. Although many feared them, they were like giant a way. They could be tamed with love and training. People often misunderstood them. And that is exactly what the rebels were doing.

"I don't know what will happen to him...or even my family at the moment. My siblings are hiding below the castle. In the rooms that were used to hide the woman and children during wars..but who knows how long it will be until they are found." She said and lifted her face again. "For the first time in my life, I think I am scared..." She whispered.

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((I'm thinking about making her a little brother. And he's going to be fantastic.))

He nodded to her, listening to her talk about her dragon and how she didn't think that there was anything that she could do for him. It was sad, it was very very sad. He nodded to her, going over and sitting down next to her. "I'm very sorry that this has happened." He said, eyebrows furrowed. He had no idea what he should do with this. He did not touch her, however. He didn't know if that was appropriate right now.

He nodded to her, looking over at her. Her country was shut down because of these rebels. That was terrible. And her family was locked inside. "How many do you have?" He asked. He didn't think that he would be able to get them out. An invasion on a country was a very hard thing to do, even with the queen with you. It would be an invasion, after all. Though, he could send in his most trusted people to do it.

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"Its alright Zachery...its not your fault..if anything it is mine...I should've taken a husband sooner." She murmured and slowly leaned her head on his broad arm. He was of course a good 5 inches taller than her, even as he sat he was intimidating. In this kind of situation she showed very little emotion, which other people thought as being coldhearted. She was anything but that. Raised to be a Queen, she had to set an example for all of her people. Whether it was in her own kingdom or not.

She sighed and ran a hand through her long silver hair. Thinking of her brothers and sisters trapped in the castle. How ashamed she was , that she wasn't able to save them and return them here. You should have been there with them, instead you came look at them. Her mind hissed at her. Her dragon was angry, angry that her family was trapped beneath the castle. That she had to be saved. When really she should be doing the saving. Finally she looked up at the Emperor before her and answered. "Six..Four sisters and 2 brothers." She said lightly.

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He nodded to her, aware that it wasn't his fault. If it was his fault, then he was sure that his guards were acting out of line. Then again, that still wouldn't be really his fault. He would have returned the dragon by now. But no, this was out of his control. He sighed softly, looking over as she laid her head against his arm. He moved his hand over, pushing some hair from her face with the arm that wasn't being laid on. He couldn't figure out what he would be able to do for the young woman. He felt horrible that she had to go through something like this.

Thinking about how he would hate for his brother to be stuck in a place that he couldn't get to, he understood her feeling. He understood what it was like to lose your family like that. Though, she had not lost one to death yet. He nodded to her, giving her a soft smile. "They are strong." He said. "They will be able to take care of themselves. I'm sure of it." He said. "When push comes to shove, they will fight like no other and win." He hoped that he was right. "Are all of them younger than you?" Of course they were, how could they not be? She was the first born. "That was a dumb question." He said, chuckling a little.

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Zandra smiled and even let out a shaky laugh. "there is no such thing as a dumb question, Your was a question that you figured out the answer to." She said and sighed before lift her head once more. "They are holding everything that I hold dear to my heart hostage until they get what they want....but I am not entirely sure of what they want anymore." She murmured and turned to look into his eyes.

"And they are the strongest beings I have ever met. They get that from both of my parents. " She said with a weak smile. "Even the little ones are feisty little monsters," She laughed and shook her head. "I have no doubts that they will be able to take care of themselves...but they shouldn't have had to..I should've protected them." Her eyes looked down at her hands and she bit her lip.

"But this is what they would've wanted me to do, until we could figure out a way to release them.."Zandra looked back up at him and she had to really look up, as if she were seeing something in the sky. "You are very intimidating...did you know that?" She teased lightly, her dragon rumbled inside of her, agreeing somewhat. She had seen many of his kind...but none as large as him.

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He smiled softly at her, nodding to her. Though, he listened about her family that was being held hostage. He wondered what was going to happen with that. He had no idea. He tapped his chin a little bit, sighing softly. "I'm sure that we will find a way to get them out." He said. "Safely." He wasn't sure of what these rebels were like, and he was slightly worried about it. They were not going after his kingdom, though, now that they were going to be engaged, then he was going to have to take care of this as well. Her kingdom's affairs were now his.

He nodded, smiling over at her, "That is good." He said. "Maybe one will find their way out and will be able to get to you, somehow." He said, though, he wasn't sure if that was possible. He didn't know if there was anyone that reckless that they would even try. They would have to be crazy to try and take on a full rebellion head on. He reached over, taking one of her hands. "This is not your fault. We are going to fix this war between our two countries. We are going to save millions of lives. Please, think of that." He said, smiling softly. "It seems bad now, but I'm sure that everything will work out in the end. Like my mother used to say.... It is not the end if it is not happy."

He looked out the window, nodding to her. They were going to figure this out. They were going to save everyone. They had to. He wasn't going to lose anther family member. He looked over at her right after she had said that, tilting his head to the side a little bit, though, he smiled back at her. "Thank you." He said. He did enjoy that. He wanted to be, so he would be able to protect his family with just a stare.

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Zandra nodded at his words of encouragement and hoped that he was right. Then she let out a laugh and shook her head. "I can assure you, the only one who would attempt to break out of there would be baby brother has no boundaries...he thinks he can take on the world, his dragon is even more wild than mine!" She said and laughed even harder. She missed him so...he would make her laugh whenever she was feeling stress...and would talk to her like a normal being...instead of this mighty and powerful one, who all should fear.

"Your mother was a wise woman." She said to him fondly. Tilting her head at him, she raised her hand and curiously caressed his cheek. This was not her dragon motivating her. Her dragon, had was in fact, growling at such foolishness. Her eyes looked at him with such wide eyed that of a child's. She smiled softly.

"You are very intimidating...but in the end you are just a giant kitty." She said lightly in a teasing tone. Smiling even wider. Then she winced. Her injured face not able to handle that much stretching of the now sensitive skin. She let her face relax once more and dropped her hand. Turning away. must not. You have another. He is not the other half of your soul. her dragon growled.

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((OH MY GOODNESS. She's making him embarrassed. How cute. XD))

He nodded, listening to her talk about her brother Chrom. The one that would try and break out of there. "Well, he seems rather strong." He said, laughing a little bit. The little boy with no boundaries with a wild dragon inside his heart. He wondered if they battled for control over the body like it was happening with the young Queen. "Does his dragon fight him, too?" He asked. He had no idea who this Chrom boy was, as he was not able to get to know them. He though, was hoping he might be able to as they would be married soon.

He nodded, "Thank you. She was very kind as well." He said, "She was the one that really taught me how to be a good father and brother." He said. "My father was always so busy with my older brother that she was the one that took care of me." He said. "That's why I have such a kind heart." He said, putting his hand on his heart. "Though, I do have the strict sides and strong sides of my father as well." He said. He had to make sure that she still saw him as strong. If he had to, he would go into the battle and win it for his country. He would murder anyone who stood in his way. Besides those he loved. He did look over t her as she touched his cheek, stroking it... Feeling his fur. It wasn't the softest, it was actually quite prickly from how short and thick it was. He was not a house cat, he was a wild cat, after all. Though, when you pet it the right way, it could be seen as somewhat soft.

He looked at her, getting embarrassed, "I am.... I'm intimidating all the time." He said. "That's what makes me intimidating." He said, crossing his arms over his chest now, closing his eyes in a bit of a proudish pout. He looked at her, seeing her wince. "Are you alright?" He asked.

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Zandra smiled softly and nodded. "My brother is very strong...and also very reckless.." She said and rolled her eyes lightly. She then shook her head and sighed. "As far as I can tell him and his dragon get along, but that is only because he lets his dragon take control..." She ran a hand through her hair. "Which is very very dangerous....dragons are unpredictable creatures, caring and protective of course, but they have tempers..." She told him honestly. "My dragon wants to protect your children, mother them as one of her own, but that also means she will get very territorial. Which is something I will never allow, so she fights me on it."

She listened to him talk about his family and it made her smile softly. Catching on that he was making sure that she saw him as a strong leader more than anything, and that he should be treated as such. She also watched his entire demeanor change when she touched him, becoming embarrassed when she called him a kitty. Her dragon did flips at the thought of challenging and she laughed. If she was to take on him, she would lose. Especially in this state. "I am sure you are big kitty." She teased again with a smirk and moved her hand to pet his cheek again.

"I am a bit sore." She shrugged softly and sighed. "They really did a number on me, I will not lie about that. But I will say that I tried to fight them off. "

((HahahaXD they are so cute together:D)

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((Yes they are. XD))

He nodded to her, sighing softly. "I hope that he knows not to do anything too reckless right now." He said. "That's not a good thing to do in war.... Especially when people know who you are." He said, leaning back on the couch a little bit. Though, even like that, he was still intimidating. He nodded, "I see." He said, scratching his chin. "That is.... strange." He said. He wondered if the boy would be safe if he let his dragon do that. He prayed that it would all be alright.

He looked over at her, "Well, that's what makes me so scary. I am a large cat." He said. "One of the largest in the species." He said, not wanting to say the word kitty. He wasn't a kitty,his little boy was a kitty. Kitty was such a cutey name that he couldn't ever take it onto himself. Though, if she was going to be his wife, then she would be allowed to call him that, so long as it wasn't in front of anyone of importance.

He looked back over at her, nodding. "I'm very sorry. Would you like me to go and get one of the doctors?" He asked. "or call for one?"

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She laughed harshly and shook her head. "That boy does not think before he acts, sadly." She murmured. "And try telling him that, I have been trying to teach him the ways of a true leader since our parents passed, of course, he will listen at the time, but it seems to be lost in translation later on." She rolled her eyes.

She then smiled lightly, trying not to stretch out her skin again. "Very intimidating yes." She said in a teasing tone. "My dragon is very eager to challenge you." She added and chuckled. "Although I keep reminding her that you are very large and strong, she thinks she can take you." She shook her head again. "My dragon is very feisty....unfortunately. She likes to pick fights when she has control...but she always comes out on top."

Her smile faltered a bit when he asked if he should call for a doctor. Her wounds had not healed yet and it was starting to worry her. She nodded silently. "That would be the wise choice I believe."

((Hehe she is not going to fall so easily however.))

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He couldn't help but laugh a little bit, "How old is he?" He asked, wondering if he was in his teenage years. He had no idea how that was for dragons, though. Since they were able to live up to a thousand years. Of course, twenty three for them could be hundreds of years for the other races. It was all different.

He looked over at her as she said that her dragon would like to challenge him. He didn't think that the dragon would be able to win, in all honesty. Not with the way that he fought. He didn't fight dirty, but it was cat like. Cats were far too fast, and the way he was, very very strong. "I see." He said. He didn't agree with it, nor did he make any move to challenge it farther. He didn't want to say that he thought he would win.

He nodded, standing up. He walked over to one of the servants, asking them to go and fetch one of the many doctors that they had there. Sometimes people got sick, after all. And sometimes when you lived in a castle, it was a large wave that infected everyone. Especially when it was Fionn who got sick. He wanted to be with everyone when he was sick. He wouldn't allow himself to be alone.

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"16" Zandra murmured to him. "Still a child in the eyes of the dragons, he has only lived about 160 years or so...I think he just celebrated his 16th decade." She said and thought about it for a moment. "Our ancestors have how we age down to a tee." She said ready to explain. "So we age very slowly compared to the other species around us, it's about every 10 years or so that we show any sign of aging. It's difficult for even us to understand. Fire runs in our blood however, and it may have something to do with it...we are still unsure. So as he is in his 16th, I am in my 23rd..." She said slowly and looked at him. "So he is fairly young still, as am I. When we reach our 20th decade however we are considered adults, and that is when we can truly begin to procreate." She watched as he moved over to call for a doctor and smiled softly. It was always embarrassing for her to see a doctor, especially when she could heal herself, or could...

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He nodded to her, smiling softly. "Teenagers are always hard to get to listen to you and remember. When he grows older, you will be able to deal with him a lot easier." He said, smiling softly at her. He nodded, listening to how it worked. It was interesting, and strangely simple. "Don't you stop aging at a certain place?" He asked, tilting his head to the side as he came back. The doctor would be with them shortly. He sat down next to her, smiling softly. "I'm sure that he will be fine, so you shouldn't worry. Would he know where you ended up?" He asked, hoping that he didn't go and try to take on all of the rebels.

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"I hope he seems like he is just ready to take on the entire world." She said and rolled her eyes again. "And yes, around but it depends on the person oddly enough...I could stop aging around 25 to 30...and others could surpass me in age." She shrugged. "Which is nice, because I get to look forever young." She teased and touched her skin. "Although it is also a curse I suppose....the people who are not of your species will grow old and die around you..." She murmured and looked down at the floor.

"As far as he knows, I am still here. So this is where he will most likely end up if he were to escape. But I don't want him to even risk it. Of course, he would never listen to me, family is as important to him as it is to me, but the only difference is that he is willing to risk the kingdom for his family. And as a ruler, that is something that I find reckless." She said with a huff. "He does have a good heart, he really does, its just he is a bit more extreme about things. And...he was so young when our parents died, I think he still feels upset about them...we never had a proper burial for them.."

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He nodded to her, smiling softly at her. It was good that he had that strength. Though, if he was stupid with it, then that wasn't good. He just nodded, "I see." He said, looking up at her. "Where do you think your brother will stop aging?" He asked, wanting to get her on a positive conversation right now. She was stressed out, so if she talked about her little brother, then he figured that she would be happy about that. Talking about him growing up. That meant that he was going to be alive to be able to age, right?

He nodded to her, frowning a little bit. "Well, if he comes into my country, I will make sure that he is brought here and taken care of." He said, wanting to make sure that her family is alright. He did understand what she was saying. It was reckless to have a ruler that would put their family before their kingdom. It was wrong to do that. Though, he couldn't promise that he wouldn't do the same thing if it was his little Fionn in the line of fire. Though, he wasn't sure. It would be the hardest call of his life. No. He would try and figure out how to save both of them. He wouldn't stop, until both were safe.

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"The men normally stop aging around 20 to 25....sometimes a little older. One of the reasons being that they are fully developed during that time and will stay that way." She said smiling softly. She knew exactly what he was doing and it made her happy. Talking about her family made her happy. "Women have more time because of the fact that they need to bear children." She said. "So he will always be the younger one." She laughed and nodded.

"I appreciate your hospitality Zachery....I would just like to point out that whatever our families had been fighting over before, is definitely in the past for myself now." She murmured. "They were wrong....about you and your people..." She frowned softly and sighed. "I apologize on behalf of my people for the loss of lives to yours. " Her dragon growled again, not wanting to look weak in front of the creature before her. It wanted to break free and prove to them both that she was capable of many dangerous things, to prove that she was not weak. She was powerful. Zandra wouldn't. She would hurt many if she did. Her fingers twitched slightly trying to find some way to control her.

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He nodded to her, liking to hear about how her race worked. It was interesting. He leaned against the couch again, crossing one of his legs as they spoke to one another. "I see." He said, rubbing his chin a little bit. "Well, I'm sure that he'll be happy that he will always be young. So he will never understand the pain of growing old." He said, laughing a little bit. His race sometimes had to. Only if they lived past 150. They were usually pretty flexible and agile through their whole lives. It was interesting.

He nodded to her, "You're welcome." He said. He gave her a kind smile. She was seeing that his people weren't that bad. That they were good. That there was nothing wrong. "Thank you." He said, bowing his head to her. "And I would also like to apoligize that my country are the ones that started it.... And that we were not able to recover what happened to your parents." He said, looking at her. "I can garentee, that the royal family, however, had nothing to do with this." He said. He wanted to make sure that that was struck out. "And I am sorry that we were not able to find out what it was about." He said. He wouldn't have been able to do any research on it, either. Since he was not born yet. "May peace fall over both of our kingdoms."

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"I never thought that your family had done such a terrible thing....rumors were of course spread...but I am never one to believe simple rumors." She said and waved her hand lightly as to dismiss the topic. "You weren't even thought of...which sounds very odd coming from my lips now...I am old." She laughed softly and laid back against the couch, unable to keep her straight posture any longer.

"My parents wouldn't have wanted me to hold a grudge, its not becoming nor mother use to tell me that." She said and rolled her eyes again. "I was always too adventurous for my own good, and oh! how I despised dresses. I would always ask for boys clothes because they were more comfortable." She looked out the window for a moment. "As a child, I would have killed for trees like the ones you have....I remember coming here once...It was when I was a little girl." She smiled. "You look very much like your father. At the time I despised him, but only because I was practically being forced to marry him." Zandra turned back to him, her green eyes looking him up and down. "He was young, just a boy as well."

"He and I actually climbed the tree right out there." She said pointing to the large one by the window. "That was the day your grandparents had agreed to let us grow up a little more before we made anything official..." She said her eyes now far away.

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He nodded to her, glad that she didn't think that his family had anything to do with it. He didn't remember much of his grandfather, who was in charge at that time, but he did know his father. He laughed a little bit, "Yes, I suppose that would be strange." He said, not saying that she was old though. In his years, yes, she was, but in her years, she was still starting out. "And you are very young." He said, smiling.

He nodded, glad that she wouldn't have held a grudge even if she thought that his family was the people who did it. Then again, the people that she would have are all dead and gone, now. He smiled softly at her, listening to her stories of how she was when she was younger, and how she had met his father and they climbed a tree just outside. He smiled softly, missing his father dearly. He wondered if she had heard of what happened to him, though, he figured she would have. He was king at the time that he was murdered.

He nodded, looking out the window, "But he passed away right before that was going to happen." He said. "Right after he had two sons." He said, crossing his arms on his knee. This is why they allowed marriage to two people in his kingdom. So they could marry someone they loved, and also marry for the sake of their country. His mother was the one he married for love.

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"Young in mind and body as of right now." She chuckled and shook her head softly. She watched his expression and body language change as he talked about his father passing away. She understood. She had lost her parents after all. That was the one thing they shared.

"I am so sorry about your parents.." She murmured softly. She knew it must've been hard for him to go through that. "But, I have to say how coincidental it is..." She stood and looked out the window, at the tree she had climbed with his father. "That our parents had basically the same way...same situation I mean." She said and rubbed her chin. Deep in thought. "What if we are missing something?" She whispered and looked back at him.

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((Do you have what happened to her parents all figured out? Because if you don't, I do. ;) ))

He nodded to her, understanding how that was. Though, he was in his forties in normal people years. He was 70 right now, only a little less than half of his life. He did enjoy talking about when his parents and his brother were alive, however. He was left all alone. Unlike her, he didn't have his siblings.

He nodded to her, "Thank you." He said, looking over at her. He listened to her about how.... it was the same. He tilted his head to the side, raising an eyebrow to the thought. "My brother is the one that passed when they were in the towns on a parade." He said. "My parents were the ones that passed away during the war, since they joined in one of the most important battles." He said, tapping his chin. "But that is a coincident."

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((Oooh I hadn't figured it out now! but I would love to know what you have up your sleeve!!:D))

Zandra nodded lightly and listened to what he had to say. His brother had passed away...she had completely forgotten about that. This man had lost his entire family within a short amount of time. She felt terrible about it...and since they were at war. She couldn't express her condolences. She sighed softly. "I am sorry about your brother as well." She murmured and bit her lip.

((Short reply because I have no idea what to say!!XD))

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((I want to keep it a surprise. ;) Because it'll be a shock to EVERYONE! XD))

He nodded, sighing softly. "It was.... very hard for me and my empire." He said. "I was twenty two when I took the throne. I had just been married to the woman that I thought would be alright. Then after he passed, well...." He sighed, looking down. "It was a hard time. My empire went through three emperors in a short amount of time as well." He said, rubbing his cheek a little. "Though, you probably know all of this." He said, looking over at her. "I pray that all of your siblings make it out unharmed."

((These two are just all talking about dead people. XD))

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((((Duh Duh DUH!!!!!!! I am so ready!!!!!XD)))

Zandra smiled softly. "Thank you...I hope they do as well. As long as Chrom doesn't try to be the hero." She said with a small laugh. "They will be alright."

"And yes I know all of that....I have yet to meet the Empress though..." She mused and moved to sit beside him again. "I just can't imagine having to deal with another woman marrying my husband.." She murmured and looked back at him. "Is she okay with this? Is there anything that I should or shouldn't do?" Her eyes were concerned for the woman. Even though she had never met her she was worried, that she was going to ruin everything just because her kingdom, their kingdom, depended on it.

((Hahaha lol dead people are just depressing!!))

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((Haha, it'll be great.))

((And he's gonna try to e a hero. XD))

He laughed a little bit, nodding to her. "I'm sure he will hopefully be smart enough not to do that." He said, hoping that he was right. He didn't want the young man to get hurt.

He intertwined his fingers with himself and leaned on his hands, thinking about his loving wife. "Yes, she's been out for quite some time with our children." He said. "She will be back soon, hopefully." He said, sighing. He always had a deep fear that something was going to happen to his children. He looked over at her. "She is alright with it, because she knows it is the best for the empire. She knows that the empire comes first." He said. "And I cannot think of anything that she would be upset by at the top of my head for sure." He said.

((Haha, it is. But it does add some character development.))

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(((Comes breaking through the door....XD))

Zandra smiled and watched the way his eyes sparkled when he talked about her, how his whole body relaxed at the thought. His whole demeanor was almost, dreamy. Like he was picturing being with her at that moment and wanted her to be with him right now. It was adorable to say the least.

"Well I am glad that she is alright with this, like I said, I couldn't imagine being okay with this...but of course, my kind is a lot different compared to yours." She said and looked at the paintings around the room. "Normally, my kind doesn't marry another, under any circumstances, we of course do they say it these days? Fool around" She chuckled lightly. "But when we mate with our one true is for life. Even after death." She murmured. "And we are very very protective of our mates...which is why I believe my dragon is a little restless with this whole situation....the idea of sharing is....irritating." She sighed. Zandra has never really explained her dragons feelings to anyone...and here she was, explaining it to almost a complete stranger. "But," She said quickly, " that doesn't mean I am.."

((sure does!!)

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((Do you know how tempted I've been to do that? Like, for the past day I've been so tempted to have him jump through the window or something. XD He'll just jump in yelling, "WHERE IS MY SISTER YOU MOFO?!"))

He didn't realize how he got when he spoke about his wife. He had no idea how relaxed and dreamy he got when he thought of the beautiful woman that he loved more than anything. He sighed softly, gazing out the window. He continued speaking to her. "As am I." He said, looking over to her, smiling softly. "I would fear for my life if she wasn't. You should never anger a female catfolk." He chuckled. "They will rip you apart." He said, though, he said it with a grin. He nodded though, listening to her explain her kind to him. He nodded, hoping to make the dragon feel better with what he is going to say next. "I want you to know something." He said. "If you do meet your soul mate, I want you to go for them." He said, giving her a kind smile. "I want you to be able to be with the one that you love. I want you to have a full love marriage, with nothing added on as well." He said,hoping that she would be okay with that. "I will not be hurt when you find him." He said, "So long.... as we can stay friends."

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(((AHAHAHAHAHA that would be so freaking funny!!!! "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!!!" XD ))

Zandra was amazed at what he was saying to her. He was really something. Amazing would be the word that she would use. Her smile widened and she looked him in the eyes. Her dragon rumbled inside of her, excited that she would be able to find her mate. Her eyes glowed slightly. "That is very kind of you Zachery...." She murmured. "There have been stories...especially when children are naughty...that the gods sometimes don't create soulmates for certain dragons...and they are destined to spend their 1,000 years alone..without a child to carry on their legacy." She said and shook her head. "My nursing maid use to tell me, that if I didn't behave, that I could be that dragon if I wasn't good." She scoffed lightly. "Its been 230 years...and I still haven't found him...." Her dragon whimpered lightly as she told him her worries. "I think she is going to have to settle with loving you, eventually." She said softly. "Even if its just as friends..."

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((His weapon is actually a giant battle axe that is as tall as he is. XD It's like a staff and an axe together.))

He listened to her, glad that it made her happy. He was glad that she was smiling that wide. Though, when she explained that they would have to settle even when it was friendship, he shook his head. "No." He said. "You will find them." He said, "You will find your soul mate. He's just probably busy trying to find you." He said with a soft smile. "It tis not easy finding love when they are not nobles or royalty." he explained. "So, you'll find him." He said, "I'm positive. You are too kind to be punished like that." He explained. He reached and put his hand on her shoulder, "And if I am wrong.... I doubt I am.... But if I am... You will always have a family with us."

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(((HAHAHA he is so bad assXD))

"That means a lot to me." She said and smiled at him softly. If her dragon wasn't so persistent on finding her soulmate...She was sure that she would be happy with the Emperor before her. He was everything that a male should be..and possibly even more. Her soul mate was out there somewhere...but if what her nursing maid said is true...if some did not receive a mate. She could see herself being with Zachery. One thought had crossed her mind however...."What about breeding?" She blushed lightly and knew she would have to explain.

"When we find out mate....we have to" She said biting her lip. "I know that one of the ways we are going to have to prove to our kingdoms that we are now to breed." She said and looked away feeling embarrassed.

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((He's an intimidating.... idiot.))

He looked over at her, giving her a kind smile, glad that he had made her happy, though, when she brought up breeding, he kept his expression calm. He knew that they might have to breed, after all. They would be married. Though, as she said that she would have to be pure, but for their countries, they would have to have a child. "There are quite a few children out there that are in need of a mother and a father." He said, crossing his arms. "We could easily adopt one of them." He said. "There are probably even some out there that are a mixture of our races." He explained.

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((Hahaha I love him! He is my idiotXD))

Zandra turned back to him and nods. "Adopting sounds lovely." She murmured and bit her lip once more. "I know its probably a touchy subject." She said lightly. Her dragon growled lightly agreeing with that statement..."They say that if you know that your soul mate is near....your whole boy will start to a star. I had seen it happen to many of my friends and family, when they first found their soul mate was near..." She smiled looking down at the floor. "My species...normally finds their soul mates around my age...even before...18 is the time to start....I am a late bloomer I guess." She shrugged.

If only I could... Her mind sighed sadly. Stop thinking that!! You are not of the same species! You must carry on the legacy through another DragonBorn Her dragon hissed at her. Zandra shook her head and ran her hand through her hair pretending like nothing was wrong. Please do not tell me that you are feeling something... She felt a sharp pain in her side and she grasped it. "Stop beating me up for it!" She hissed.

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((Haha, you'll meet him soon. Probably.))

He nodded to her, smiling softly. "Adopting isn't touchy." He said, "if that's what you're talking about." He said. He had adopted a child before, so he didn't mind adopting another. Fionn wouldn't be left out after that, then. He though, listened about how it worked for her species. He had a small smile on his face, nodding. That was.... Very interesting. He was unaware of the fight that was going on with her dragon on the inside of her head. Or... Her soul. Though, as soon as she grabbed her side, his eyes widened, and then she hissed that. "Are you alright?" He asked, eyebrows furrowed. "Where is that doctor?" He hissed, looking at one of the servants. "Fetch the doctor! Stat!" He said, pointing down the hall. He thought that it was her injuries, not her dragon fighting her.

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Zandra found herself falling to the ground. Hitting the floor with a sickening Thump!. She groaned out in pain as her dragon continued to fight her. Stop it!!! She hissed at her. This is not happening!!! I don't feel anything for him! Her mind screamed. Let me take over Zandra Her dragon seemed incredibly calm as she felt her soul creeping inside of her, looking for a weak spot in the walls she had spent decades building. She cried out and grabbed her side once more. Her dragon was trying to get through into her mind by weakening her, she was digging her claws and teeth into Zandra's wounds. Her body started to shake. You are weak!! You are a fool! You should not be in control! Her dragon screeched.

((Hahaa Can't wait!)

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((Are the dragons in the family's souls connected? So if one of them got hurt, would the dragon know? I must know before I respond. XD))

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((Yes! That's what I was going for:D ))

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((Her dragon is about the shut the frick up.))

Help me! A sudden scream could only be heard from the dragonborn and her dragon soul. It was a mixture of her brother's voice and the dragon as well. Leave me alone! The screams of the two were strong, cracking. He was in trouble, because the idiot did something that he shouldn't have been doing. The idiot was going to get himself killed.

The man got down on his knees in front of the queen, quickly picking her up and holding her close. He did not want her to be in pain. "Hold on, Zandra. Hold on." He said. "It'll all be alright. I have you." He said. He had no idea it was her dragon causing her so much pain. He had no idea that this was going on because the dragon was mad that she might have feelings for the emperor.

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Zandra groaned and continued to shake, her eyes were glowing in and out as if someone was switching lights on and off. Zandra! Get out of the way! Let me! Her dragon hissed. She could hear a male voice, one that was not her own. What the hell? Who is that? She thought for a moment, one rational moment until their was another sharp pain but this time in her chest. She felt like she couldn't breath. She could feel warmth around her body, being held close. It seemed to irritate the dragon even more, but Zandra fought her off fiercely. She heard screams again. Chrom????? she growled in her head.


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((Get shut up, Dragon.))

Blood.... So much blood.... I'm bleeding all over.... Why.... Can't I heal? And with that, the voice went silent. The last voice that she had heard after that. It was only Chrom though, mixed with his dragon.

The doctor got there, running in and dropping down next to the two of them. "Queen Zandra, what is the matter?" The doctor asked. It was a man, but he had a nurse right behind him that was a woman. They were both elves.

Zachery stayed by his future wife's side, worried about the young lady. He thought about it. Then spoke. "Go get Fionn." he was worried about the little boy.... But the dragon loved him, maybe she would calm down if the cute little boy was there.


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Chrom?!?!?!?! You idiot!!!! Her dragon finally released her and she sat up in Zachery's arms. She hissed as she felt her muscles protesting to the sudden movement. Her head was pounding and she found herself leaning into her future husbands shoulder to rest her head. "Chrom...." She growled softly and trembled.

She was worried for her little brother, he had no idea who he was dealing with. Why was he trying to take on those heathens!!!! She winced as she tried to take deep breath. Zandra was having a panic attack, her brother was in trouble and she wasn't there to save him. She knew that he saw her as more as a mother figure than anything. She had to take care of him!! And she wasn't there.

"My parents trusted me to take care of him! He is in trouble!!" She said and cried out again feeling something else stab into her. "What the hell is happening?" She ground out in pain.

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Zachery looked down at the woman who now sat up in his arms, seeing her hiss in pain. He tried to calm her down, but, then he heard what she said.... Chrom? Oh yes, her brother. He was confused of why she was thinking of Chrom. Though, he knew that she would be thinking of her family. Though, why was she only thinking of him?

The man looked at her, eyebrows furrowed. "You should try and rest." He said, pushing hair from her face. "I will try and find him." He said. "I will send more soldiers out to find the young man." He said. Though, he had no idea what he looked like. He also figured that he might attack his soldiers. He had no idea what was going on. Though, she was fighting in pain. He looked at the doctor, allowing them to take care of her. "Just try and breathe." He said, stroking her hair. He looked up at his soldiers. "Scour my empire, see if you can find the young prince of Dantae."

((Oh Zandra, I can tell you what's happening.... Your creator and your friend are poking you with sticks.))

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