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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Here we are. :)

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Jess | 1670 comments Awesome! I've got to head to bed soon it's super late and I'm super tired but we can def discuss ideas and stuff tomorrow

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Okay sounds great. :)
Did you want to do a soulmate mark one?
Think I might have an idea for that.

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Jess | 1670 comments Yes and I'd love to hear it! I have some time before I can go to bed now :p

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Maybe something like this if you want. If not that's fine. Was the first thing I thought of. :)
 photo tumblr_n8w7pb06fT1tajbhpo2_500_zps09hdfmne.gif
Neither of the guys are openly gay, but **** isn't ashamed of what he is. He just lives in the sort of neighborhood that he could easily be shanked for what he is. The only person that knows is his older brother, one sibling out of the five he has, and the few men that he's been with. #### Is a bit more ashamed, he is so far in the closest that he's practically homophobic. He doesn't want anyone to know because, well his father would literally kill him, and because he himself is not sure how he feels about what he is. The only sort of intimacy he shows towards **** is sex, anything more and he rejects it, at first anyway.

I'd like to be ####

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Jess | 1670 comments Yeah that'd work great :)

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Okay awesome.
And then of course they'd have some kind of of birthmark, marking them as soul mates.
What kind were you thinking of?
Maybe the name myth, or maybe some kind of mark and they go together some how.

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Jess | 1670 comments The name thing would work great!

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Okay awesome.
You think it should on their wrist or maybe somewhere else on their body?
Back of the neck?
Just some random place.

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Jess | 1670 comments Back of neck would work so then maybe they don't they're Soulmates at first?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments That sounds good to me. :)
Want to start posting characters?
Also are you okay with playing ****? ((The one in the closet but isn't ashamed to be gay.))

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Jess | 1670 comments Yes and yes :)

How old are we making them?

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments I was thinking a little on the younger side?
Maybe seventeen to nineteen years old?

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Jess | 1670 comments Alright that works :)

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Jess | 1670 comments I'll have my character up shortly

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Okay awesome.
Will post my character soon. :)

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Jess | 1670 comments Name: Alexander Wilde
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments  photo Adam Gallagher_zps17tooeod.jpg
Name: Lucas Scott
Nickname: Luke or Scott
 photo 1478038_B_WWWW_zps1qrfwpyx.jpg
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Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 6'1
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual ((As far as other people know.))
 photo 18824c91b378e96d4f7daa3b68c4f11d_zpsxmruyzea.jpg
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Personality: Lucas is rude and really not very caring or kind at all. Despite that though he is actually pretty protective of his sister, mess with her and you’re messing with all the Scott brothers. Lucas is a stereotypical thug who lives in the South side of Chicago. He owns several different guns and knows how to use all of them and is actually a pretty good shot. He’s gay but barely knows it or accepts it himself, and he definitely doesn’t talk about it with anyone else. Though he's far from being a nice guy he does have a soft side, it's just buried under a bunch of shit that he refuses to talk about.
 photo img-thing 2_zpsacdvrruz.jpg
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Other: Lucas always wears a silver ring on the ring finger of his right hand he never takes it off: (view spoiler)
He wears this bracelet on his right wrist: (view spoiler)
A tattoo he got when he was about fifteen. One of his brothers did it for him one night when they were super drunk. He honestly loves it though.
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(view spoiler)

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Awesome. Your guy is super cute. :)

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Jess | 1670 comments Wow he looks really good!

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Thanks. :)
You want to start us off or shall I?

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Jess | 1670 comments Can you? I'm super tired and need to get to bed soon

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Yeah I can start us off.

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Jess | 1670 comments Thank you!

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Lucas ambled out of his bedroom wearing just a tang top and his boxers. He walked into the messy bathroom and slammed the door shut behind him before pulling it out and taking a leak. Once done he walked out, not even bothering to wash his hands first. "Mandy" he hollered before walking into his room. He pulled on a random pair of pants he found on his floor before grabbing a shirt and walking out. "What's for breakfast?"

"Make your own goddamn breakfast" Mandy snapped and rolled her eyes before walking out of the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hands.

Lucas grumbled slightly before walking over to the the linen closet, which they really don't use for linen. He opened the double doors and looked over the weapons for a moment before grabbing out a Glock 21. He stored it in the waistline of his pants, covering it with his shirt before leaving the kitchen. "Make sure the boys don't do anything stupid. I'll be back later" he said.

"I'm not their fucking babysitter Luke" She called before he slammed the door shut. Though afterwards she also grumbled about how she was younger then them anyway. Wasn't her fault her brothers weren't the brightest.

Lucas walked to the public pool, more for his business then anything else. He sold some performance enhancers, of the illegal variety, to the swimmers and then some other varies illegal drugs to who ever could pay his prices.

Once there Lucas hoped over the fence surrounding the pool grounds, rather then going through the front door, and stood in his usual spot. He really wasn't ever worried about anyone calling the police on him about his drug dealing or various other illegal actives. No one had the balls to call the cops on a Scott.

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Jess | 1670 comments Don't worry I haven't forgotten I just had a ton of stuff going on today but I'm working on my reply rn :)

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Okay. :)

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Jess | 1670 comments
Alexander woke up to the sound of his little brother screaming bloody murder he sighed wondering what had woken him up this time. He reluctantly got up and got ready throwing on a random shirt and jeans out of the closet he shared with his brother before quickly sliding into his sneakers. He noticed that Levi had already left which meant that he would need to be at the mechanics in a couple of hours to help Levi out.

Alexander exited his bedroom heading towards the kitchen passing his useless father who was passed out in a chair. He walked into the kitchen where his mother was trying to hold Cameron while at the time making breakfast for the twins. "I can take him mom," he said already making a reach for the littlest of the Wilde's. His mom looked at him gratefully before handing Cameron to him. With both hands free his mom finished making breakfast quickly and wordlessly hurried off to her room so she could get ready for work, Alexander was fine with holding the baby until his mom was ready.

His mother soon came back in her waitress outfit tying her hair back as she walked into the room. "Girls! You should've been ready by now I told you last night I had to go into work early today." She scolded while taking Cameron away from Alexander.

The twins looked surprised but quickly recovered and pushed out their chairs running to their room shouting a chorus of "Sorry mom!" behind them. After a couple minutes shouting could be heard from their room and Cecelia the older one came running out "Mom! Lilliana took my goggles without asking and left them at the pool!" She cried as her twin came running out "I'm sorry I didn't mean to." Lilliana whimpered the nine year old's eyes were filled with tears "Can we go get them mom?" She asked trying her best not cry.

Their mom shook her head "I can't I have to go to work early." She said apologetically "-But I can take you guys and then drop you off at Jennifer's," Alexander interjected before the girls got upset. Their mom nodded standing there for a moment until Alexander gently nudged her towards the door. "Bye guys!" She called out as the door closed behind her.

"Alright let's get this show on the road I've got places to go and people to see." He said after his mom had left. The twins quickly ran to finish getting ready and both of them were back in under five minutes. "Come on Alexander let's go!" They said together Cecelia opened the door and they both ran out leaving Alexander to lick the door.

It didn't take very long for the three siblings to reach the pool. Alexander went in with the twins who quickly left Alexander to go look for Cecelia's goggles. Alexander leaned against the wall keeping one eye on the girls and looking around at the pool's occupants. He had a feeling his soulmate was around here somewhere... yup there he was. Lucas Scott his soulmate and quite possibly the straightest guy to ever walk the earth it was just his luck that Lucas would be his soulmate. Alexander rubbed the back of his involuntarily gently rubbing the patch of skin where his soulmark was carefully hidden with his hair. It wasn't that he was ashamed his soulmate was a guy but this was not the neighborhood where one gave out that kind of information.

((Sorry this took so long!))

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☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments ((It's okay.))

Lucas glared at the fat kid standing in front of him, though calling him a kid was kind of a reach. He was probably the same age as Lucas, but his short stature and chubby face made him look years younger. "This isn't the price we agreed upon Chuck" he said gesturing with a hand full of cash to prove his point. "In fact it's about two hundred dollars short of what you owe me" he said with a smirk that was anything but kind. "Since you were short last week too, and the week before that we have a problem" he said and shook his head slightly. "You're times up Chuck" he said and took a small threatening step towards him. "Where's my money?"

Chuck shifted uncomfortably before taking several steps back, "I don't have it. Please just give me more time" he said quickly shoving the drug that Lucas had already given him into his pocket. "I'll have it all next week I swear" he said taking a few more steps back.

Lucas let out a soft breath and shook his head slightly, "That's what you said last week and the week before" he said and looked down at the cash in his hand. "But fine" he said and shoved it into his back pocket. "Just hand over what I just gave you and I'll give you more time, and it'll lessen you debt" he said and held out his hand.

Chuck stared at Lucas's out stretched hand for several moments, as much as he wanted to be in the clear every bone in his body ached for what was stashed away in his pocket. He couldn't get himself to hand it over, as terrified as he was he needed the drugs more then he needed to be square with a Scott. Least that's what his drug addled mind told him. He shook his head several times before making a mad dash away from Lucas and into the changing room, and eventually out of the building.

Lucas sighed softly and let his hand drop to his side before cracking his neck, really not in a rush to go and run after him. Mostly because he knew he'd be able to catch him with little to no effort. Seconds later he saw the fat kid running by the fence and across the street and he smirk before running across the area of the pool over to the fence, easily able to climb over. He caught up to Chuck in just a few moments and shoved him to the ground. "I've decided to raise my prices" he said with a chuckle before kicking him in the gut. "You owe me three hundred now" he said before leaning over and digging the drugs out of Chuck's pocket. "And I get to enjoy beating the living hell out of you" he said before putting away the drugs he just got back.

Lucas stared down at the terrified young man on the ground for a second before kicking him again, and again and again. He kicked him several times before he heard the faint sound of sirens off in the distance, guess someone did have enough balls to call the cops on him. He cursed under his breathe before leaning down and punching Chuck in the face, then before leaving he threatened him, saying what he'd do if he dared talk to the police.

After that Lucas dashed off away from the pool and away from the sound of the sirens. He's been arrested a few times, and it really hasn't been fun, but no one's ever actually called the cops on him before.He'd just always been caught in the act of doing something illegal by a police officer. Only happened twice though and it was when he was fifteen, he really hadn't gotten the hang of being a drug dealer yet.

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Jess | 1670 comments
Alexander watched the whole thing go down sighing as Lucas started beating up the kid. It was the kid's own doing everyone around here knew not to cross the Scott's it was just common knowledge and that kid was either really high or really stupid to try and pull something.

His attention was pulled away from the scene when his sisters ran towards him the missing goggles in Cecelia's grasp. "Awesome can we go now?" He asked already moving away from the wall and starting towards the exit. Lilliana and Cecelia ran to catch up with him "But Alexander shouldn't we call the police or something about the fight going over there." Lilliana said not knowing the danger she was putting her brother in. Alexander looked around making sure no one had heard the little girl when he saw that nobody was looking at them he grabbed the twin's hands and made a beeline for the exit not knowing that someone had indeed heard Lilliana.

Once they were a safe distance away from the pool Alexander knelt in front of the twins feeling like he needed to give them an explanation for his behavior. "I need to tell you guys something whatever you do never call the cops on a Scott. In fact it'd be best to never talk to one ok? The Scott's have a bad reputation around these parts and you don't want to get mixed in with that ok?" He told them hoping they understood. "But one of them is your-." Cecelia began to say before Alexander interrupted her "Don't say that word. Not here at least there are some people who don't like people like means they'd try to hurt me if they knew who my soulmate was." He explained gently. "But why?" Lilliana asked furrowing her small eyebrows in confusion. Alexander shrugged "Some people are just stupid like that I guess." He said standing up "Now no more questions we've got to get to Jennifer's before Jennifer calls mom wondering where you two are."

It didn't take very long to get to Jennifer's apartment building he stopped the twins at the door "Alright you two be good and help Jennifer out with your brother alright?" The twins nodded and Alexander have both of them a hug "I'll see you two after work." He told them before they headed inside.

Alexander waited a few seconds to make sure they didn't need anything before heading to the shop. There was a gas station halfway inbetween Jennifer's apartment and the shop so Alexander decided to stop there and get some food since he hadn't eaten breakfast that morning. He bought a family size bag of chips knowing that Levi would probably want to share with him. He glanced at the clock in the gas station and swore. If he didn't hightail it to the shop he was going to be thirty minutes late his brother was going to kill him.

After paying for the bag of chips Alexander took off for the shop running as fast as he could. He got to the shop only fifteen minutes late which was better than thirty at least. He immediately put the bag of chips into a work locker he shared with his brother before clicking in to start the day's work.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Lucas ended up hiding out at the park, up in one of the slides, where he couldn't be seen. He stayed there for almost half an hour, until the sound of the sirens finally quieted down and he was sure the cost was clear. He was cramped and very pissed off at that point, and was determined to find out who rated him out.

Lucas walked home, wanting to unload his stash, so that if he still somehow got picked up it would just be for assault and not drug possession with intent to sell. He got there pretty quickly, but was unfortunately stopped by a very attractive and very annoy young blonde. "What do you want Amber" he asked.

Amber smiled, "Oh nothing, just saw you beat on that kid today, and it turned me" she said and lightly leaned into him, her almost bare breast pressing against his chest. "and I'm pretty sure I know who called the cops on you" she whispered in his ear before lightly nibbling on the lobe.

Lucas gently pushed her back and stared at her for a moment, "Who?" he asked.

Amber smiled, "Over heard Alexander Wilde and his brat of a sister talking about it" she said.

Lucas nodded slightly before pausing, "Who?" he asked because he had no idea who she was talking about.

Amber sighed, "He works at the auto shop with his hot older brother" she said with a smirk before trailing her fingers down his chest. "I'll see you later" she said before walking off down the street. Though after a moment she paused and turned around to look at him, "But don't forget Scott, you owe me" she said her smirk widening. "A night you won't ever forget" she said, her voice definitely hinting at something sexual.

Lucas chuckled softly and watched her leave before jogging up into his house and unloading the drugs like he planned. And then since he didn't have a permit to carry he also put the gun back in the linen closet, that wasn't used for linen.

Once all contraband was off his person he left the house and headed to the auto shop when this Alexander person supposedly worked. He knew where it was, but it still took him almost half an hour to walk there, but he was fine with that. When he got there he just walked inside with out knocking or anything and immediately saw some guy working on a car, one that looked a few years older then him. "I'm looking for an Alexander" he said.

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Jess | 1670 comments
Alexander hated working on cars the smell the grease everything absolutely disgusted him but it was a good job and the owner let both brothers work there even though they technically had no experience. The only reason the owner had hired them was because he felt guilty for what had happened to their father after a freak accident in the shop. That accident put his father out of work for good after all no one wanted to hire a guy he could only use one hand. After that incident Alexander's father had done nothing but sleep, eat and sit on his chair all day doing nothing.

Alexander shook his head he couldn't afford to let himself get distracted while he was working. He didn't want what happened to his father to happen to him. His family literally could not afford him getting hurt. They were still paying off his father's bills didn't need to add another stack of bills on top of that.

Forty-five minutes later and he was done with the car he had been working on. He rolled out from underneath it sitting up and wiping his hands on a towel he kept nearby. Standing up he cracked his back stretching out his stiff back. Alexander looked at the clock, he hadn't realized he'd been working on the car for so long no wonder my back is sore. he thought starting to head for the break room. He needed to get the smell of grease off of his hands and face pronto.

Levi was working on the engine of another car trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with it. He was about to give up and go get his brother when he heard someone ask for Alexander. Now Levi of course knew the Scott family's reputation but he didn't know what they looked like so he had no clue that the kid was a Scott otherwise he probably would've lied and told him that Alexander had the day off. But he didn't know and so he told the guy that he'd go get Alexander.

"Hey Alexander there's a guy outside wanting to talk to you." Levi said as he walked into the break room.

"Huh who?" Alexander asked confused known of his school friends had ever come to visit him at work.

"I don't know I forgot to get the guy's name." Levi said with a shrug.

"Alright I'm done with my break anyways and I'm kinda curious who else would come visit except for mom." He said already heading towards the garage.

Alexander stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Lucas there in the garage. Why the hell was he here? Alexander made sure to check that no had over heard his little sister, well it would seem that someone had blabbed.

Despite the fact that Lucas probably wanted to beat the living shot out of him Alexander still managed to walk up to him confidently. "I heard you were looking for me is there anything I can do for you?" He asked

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Lucas smirked when the Wilde boy asked what he could do for him, "Well you could try an explain something for me" he said and walked around him looking over the shop. "Really nice place you work at" he said before turning around to look back at Alexander. "Some of these machines look dangerous, ever have any kind of accident" he questioned, with a threatening undertone. He chuckled softly before walking away from the machinery and back over to Alexander. "Why did you call the cops on me Wilde?" he asked once he came face to face with him. "Trying to set a good example for that little sister of yours?" he asked with a small nod. "Can understand that, have a younger sister of my own. Of course I'd never teach her to be a snitch, but hey to each their own" he said, and then seconds later his arm shot out and his fist rammed into Alexander's gut.

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Jess | 1670 comments
Alexander nodded suspiciously wondering where Lucas was going with this. His eyes widened a little when Lucas threatened him obviously he had done something to piss him off or at least Lucas thought he had done something. "Yes there have been some unfortunate.... accidents before." He said cautiously reminded of his own father's accident. And finally it clicked Lucas thought he'd been the one to call the police. He didn't say anything waiting for Lucas to finish talking before he tried to defend himself. However he never got that chance Lucas' fist slammed into his gut. Alexander doubled over in pain before pushing Lucas away from him. "I didn't call the fucking police on your sorry ass." He wheezed holding his middle "I don't know where you got your information from but whoever said they saw me call the police was pulling you leg." He said straightening up

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments "I really don't believe you" Lucas said and nodded slightly "But that's okay" he said with a smirk. "I've decided to let you off the hook. Well sort of" he said with a small chuckle. "I'm going to allow you to take on Chuck's debt" he said with a small nod. "So three hundred by next Friday and we should be square" he said with a smirk before punching him once more in the gut, just to get his point across. "See yeah then Wilde" he said before walking past him and out the door. Once on the street he just started heading back to his house, wasn't really much else he could do at this point, and with the police still possibly on the hunt he didn't want to go back to selling, even though he usually had three other routes.

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Jess | 1670 comments
Alexander gritted his teeth reeling in the urge to punch Lucas in the face. Alexander knew that Lucas was wrong about him calling the police but he'd let Lucas believe what he wanted to believe it was his ass on the line not Alexan- well then it appears he was wrong now both of their asses were on the line but for different reasons. He glared at Lucas he wanted to ask where the hell was he going to get three hundred dollars from but it wasn't like he would care. He just wanted his money he didn't care how Alexander got it just that he did by Friday. Lost in thought Alexander wasn't expecting Lucas to punch him again. Once he had recovered Lucas was long gone leaving Alexander to figure out what he was going to do.

Fuck what was he supposed to do? His family didn't have three hundred dollars lying around the house of they did that would solve a few of their problems like rent and food. He had a hundred dollars in savings but that had taken him weeks to save. How the hell was he supposed to get double the amount of money In that short amount of time? He sank to the ground resting his chin on his knees.

Levi sensed that something was wrong when Alexander didn't come back inside the shop. He went out and was surprised to find Alexander on the ground. "Alex who was that?" Lucas asked worried.

Alexander sighed wondering if he should tell Levi what happened. Moght as well he's going to find out sooner or later he thought then turned his body to look at Levi. "That was Lucas Scott he apparently thinks I owe him money and expects me to pay him three hundred dollars by next Friday." Alexander says sullenly

Levi stared at him in disbelief "Three hundred dollars? Where the hell are you supposed to get three hundred dollars?"

Alexander shrugged "Dunno I have about a hundred dollars in savings but it took forever to Savs that much." He told his brother

Levi shook his head "That's ridiculous I can believe your so-" He said stopping himself from saying soulmate "I mean that bastard would stoop that low just to get some cash. I know it's not much but I've been saving to and I have about fifty dollars in savings."

Alexander smiled slightly "Well now I only have to find a hundred fifty." He said dryly "Come on let's get back to work. I'll find a way so there's no reason for us to get fired." He said getting up and walking back into the auto shop subconsciously rubbing his soulmark something he did when he was nervous.

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments Lucas walked through the front door of his house about half an hour later, and immediately had to duck out of the way of an oncoming beer bottle. "What the hell?" he growled and sent his drunken father a glare.

"Bring be a beer?" Dan, Lucas's father demanded from the couch.

"Get yourself one old man" Lucas snapped and walked away from the living room. "Never time don't throw things at someone you want a favor from dumb-ass" he said before walking into his room and slamming the door shut. He knew it was dangerous to talk to his father like that, but he also knew the old man was already to drunk to do anything about it. Besides he stopped caring along time ago, though he couldn't win a fight against the bigger man, he wasn't afraid of him anymore. Least that's what he told himself anyway.

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Jess | 1670 comments ((Do you wanna skip to when Alexander has to give Licas the money?))

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ | 358 comments ((Yeah that would work.))

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Jess | 1670 comments
Two hundred fifty that was all he was able to get. He honestly didn't even know how he managed to get that much but it wasn't enough. Alexander looked over at Levi's empty bed and smiled sadly the only reason Levi was at work was because Alexander had insisted that he'd be alright and he'd also lied and told Levi that he had the full amount. The last thing Alexander needed was for Lavi to get caught up in the shift storm that he had somehow got dragged into. He got up slowly willing time to slow down he swore he was going to be sick but he knew he had to go through with it because if he didn't.... well he didn't exactly want to think about what would happen if he didn't show up at all today.

He got out of bed working out the kinks in his back while he grabbed a clean pair of pants and a shirt putting them on before heading for the bathroom across the hall. He did his business and washed his hands glancing up to look at his reflection fuck he looked awful. He had dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and his blonde hair was a godawful mess. If the circumstances were any different Alexander would've laughed at how horrible he looked but instead he quickly fixed himself up. He put concealer under his eyes and rearranged his hair as best as he could. He looked back up and cracked a small smile it wasn't his best look but Alexander found that he had this kind of 'I fucked someone last night' sort of look and he found that if kind of worked for him. After leaving the bathroom he walked back into his room grabbing socks and sneakers slipping them on as he walked into the main living area.

He stood in the doorway watching his mom adjust her ponytail he felt a little guilty for not getting up sooner to help with the kids but he supposed that if his mom had needed help she would've woken him up. His eyes locked on the twins who were taking turns reading to Caneron from a book that they most likely borrowed from one of their friends. He couldn't help but smile he loved his family more than anything in the world and he'd do anything to make sure they'd stay safe. "Hey guys I've got to get going so I can go help Levi I'll see you tonight alright?" He said already halfway to the door "Alexander wait!." The twins cried out in unison as they ran over to where Alexander was standing "We love you." They said clinging onto him tightly "I love you guys to but you've gotta let go so I can go to work." They both let go grinning before running back to the beat up old couch to finish reading the book.

"Love you mom!" Alexander yelled as he stepped through the door. It didn't take very long to reach street level, he nervously patted the most in his pocket resisting the urge to check and make sure it was all there. He breathed in deeply before heading to the pool where he was hoping Lucas would be it was now or never.

Alexander walked quickly until he reached the last two blocks. That's when he began to slow down, he honestly felt like he was going to be sick. What would Lucas do when Alexander told him he didn't have the full amount? He finally reached the pool stopping just outside of it. He could feel his heart beating faster and he had to force himself to calm down. Relax He told himself starting to walk into the pool. Just tell Lucas that you'll get the money by next week. You'll be fine. he told himself rubbing the mark on the back of his neck. One of these days he'd have to get it covered but right now he couldn't exactly afford a tattoo or anything of the sort so that'd have to wait.

He sighed his hand falling back to the side. He could feel that Lucas was here it was something like a sixth sense or something. It didn't take long to find him and as soon as he did Alexander started walking towards him breathing deeply trying to calm his shaky nerves.

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