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Fionn did move faster when he heard that his dragon might be getting cold. He didn't want his baby to get hurt. He got to the fire place, looking at the buttons that usually got the fire going. It was magical, after all. He reached up, trying to push the button, but he was far too small to be able to reach it. He didn't think to put the egg in there first before starting it. He was gonna burn his little paws.

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Zandra raced after him and she saw him getting ready to burn himself. "Woah woah woah!" She said and hurried over to him. She moved him back away from the fireplace and pressed the button for him. "You have to be careful darling, you will get hurt if you are not." She murmured and looked at his form to make sure he wasn't burned.

Sighing with relief she took the egg from his hands. The fire was a brilliant one, blues, greens, orange and white colors bent and waved about. She took the egg and pushed her hands through the flames, the flames burned her skin but she felt no pain. She set the egg on the log and them moved her hands away looking at the blisters and burns. "He should be hatching soon." She said to Fionn.

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He looked over at her, not knowing what he had done wrong. He just jumped a little, his tail poofing up. He looked down, "I'm sorry." He said, letting her take the egg from him and put it into the fire. He watched the egg, sitting down in front of it. He didn't want the dragon not to see him first. That would break his tiny tiny heart. He looked up at her, eyebrows furrowed, "Did you get hurt?" He asked, worried for her. He hated when people got hurt. It brought up bad memories. He couldn't handle blood, because of that stupid flash of his father that sometimes popped up. "I'm sorry...." He whimpered, "I didn't want you to get hurt for me."

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"Shhhhh its okay, it doesn't hurt. Fire cannot hurt me." She murmured to him and moved back so that when the dragon did hatch, he could bond with the little kitty first. She smiled warmheartedly. "See?" She lifted her hands that were already healing. "Don't be sorry, there is nothing wrong with what you just scared me." Zandra looked concerned for the little one. "Are you okay?"

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He nodded to her, looking at her hands, seeing that she was already healing. He nodded to her, sniffling a little bit. He was glad that she was alright. He pulled his legs up close to him, nodding to her. "I'm fine." He said, wiping whatever tear may have leaked down his face. "I was just worried." He said, looking down at his little kitty toes. He was like his father with that. He walked on what seemed to be his toes, but were just the pads of his feet. He looked at the dragon egg sitting in the fire. "It's not gonna get hurt in there, right?"

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"No, dragon's are made up of fire. From the ashes of ancient Volcanoes." She informed him lightly. "The fire is one with them, just like it is one with me." She murmured and watched the egg, it began to move around and suddenly there was a loud,crack!. Zandra leaned in closer and watch a single talon poke through the exterior of the egg.

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He nodded looking up at her "I see...." He said, looking into the fire again, though, when it moved around and then the crack went off, he jumped. His little ears picked up on things so easily that it was a little startling when you weren't ready for it. He leaned forward, watching the egg hatch, the little talon stuck out. His eyes lit up, "Woah...."

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Zandra laughed lightly and the egg continued to break. The youngling stuck his snout through the whole he had created and cried out lightly. Smiling Zandra stuck her hand in the fire and grabbing the egg lightly, she spoke in dragon tongue. It was an ancient language forgotten by many. She was telling the young dragon that she would help. Bringing it into her lap, she delicately broke the egg shell in half before lifting the top off.

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((Just a question.... How mentally stable do you want this character to be in the new group? The guy I'm making?))

Fionn was a little worried when the egg was brought out of the fire by her and when she started breaking the egg. He was worried that the dragon wouldn't be able to see him first.... Then they wouldn't have their bond. He chewed on the inside of his cheek, eyebrows furrowed as he looked at her, then to the dragon egg. He wanted a friend.... He moved closer to her, sitting down next to her. "Dwagon." He said, reaching and putting his hands on her lap, leaning over her thigh to look at the little dragon in the egg. It had made adorable noises when it moved its snout out, and it only made him happier.

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Zandra smiled lightly and looked over at Fionn, who was clearly worried about the dragon not seeing him first. So, to help him, she slowly turned the egg so that the youngling was facing Fionn. She then used her hand to scope him up and placed him in the little prince's lap. The dragon made a small rumbling noise and looked up at Fionn, he tilted his head from side to side and made a soft squeaking noise of affection. "He loves you." Zandra whispered to him reassuringly.

((Well, he doesn't have to be 100% mentally stable if that helps!!!:P I like a good challenge!))

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((He's.... random. And fun. And honestly can't take anything seriously. If your character is a slave, he will not understand what that means. He will think that it's just a job and that she's free to do whatever she wants. He's incredibly innocent, but understands darkness, too.... He's a strange character.))

Fionn was scared, though, he felt bad for it. He felt like it was selfish for him to be scared of that. If the dragon did see her first, then he would have to accept it. Though, again, he was a ten year old little boy. He looked up at the dragon when it was taken out of the egg and put in his lap. It was still covered in the egg goop, but he didn't care. (He was a little boy.) He just looked down at the dragon, soon, his little face lit up like Phora's independence day. He let out happy noises as well, purring instantly. He nodded, "I love him, too!"

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((That works:D I enjoy strange:) ))

Zandra smiled lightly and she could see the bond that was placed between the youngling and the Prince. It already was forming and it would be beautiful. She laughed and then placed the egg back into the fire. "We should go wash him off! And then you can show him to your dad okay?" She asked and slowly stood up. "Do you want me to hold him or do you want to?"

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((Haha, he's a writer, so he has a lot of things going through his head. So long as she doesn't want to have serious conversation, it's good. ;) He can't keep one for very long before going off to something else. It's like ADHD but extreme.))

"I wanna hold him!" He cheered, wrapping his little arms around the dragon and picking him up, holding him close in his arms. "Okay!" He said, looking down at the dragon, "We're gonna be best friends. My name is Fionn." He said. "I'm a house kitty cat, but everyone else is jungle and wild cats. Don't worry, they're all nice though!"

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The little dragon curled into his arms and rubbed his head against him, in almost a cat like manner. He shrieked lightly in response to what he was saying. Zandra smiled at the two and decided to head to the nearest restroom to rinse him off in the sink. She bit her lip unsure of where it was exactly... "Fionn dear, where is the bathroom?" She asked lightly.

((So my real boyfriend basicallyXD I can deal with that!!!:P He sounds like a hoot!!))

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((Haha, sweet. I'll start working on him probably tomorrow.))

He smiled down at the dragon, snuggling with it, not caring that he might be getting his face all wet. He loved his dragon. He giggled when it let out that loud shriek. He was so cute! He loved him! He looked up at her, "This way." He said, starting to take her to one of the bathrooms, a cute smile on his face.

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((Sounds good:D I still have to make my character:p so no worries!!))

Zandra was so happy that she could put a smile like that on a child's face. He was in love with his little dragon and the dragon loved him. It was adorable. She frowned slightly thinking of her youngling she had to leave behind. Her dragon rumbled slightly in anger, swearing that if they injured one scale...there would be hell to pay.

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((Alright. XP I have to figure out how I'm going to fit him into this world, too.))

Fionn didn't know what she was thinking about, he was just playing with his dragon. He walked into the bathroom, there being a large bath that could hold about five people in it and still have room to spare. The castle did have a lot of public baths. Though, the private ones were saved for the royal family. He just walked up to the water that was always drawn and was cleaned and warmed by magic. He smiled, though, he would not get near the water. He was a cat, after all. He hated water.

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Zandra smiled when they came across the bathroom. The bathtub was more like a swimming pool, but it would do nonetheless. She looked over at Fionn who hesitated. Cats hate water. Smiling, she made a small rumbling sound and the little dragon poked its head up. "I will bath him." Zandra said to Fionn reassuringly. "He is probably going to be a little feisty so..."

((Hahahaa all good:P ))

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Fionn nodded to her, giving her a soft smile. "I don't like water." He said. "It makes it hard for me to breathe." He said, looking down at the water. Though, that was just a cat thing. The water got trapped in their fur and it made them feel trapped because they couldn't move around as easily and it put pressure on their chests.

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Zandra nodded understanding before taking the little dragon from his hands. He shrieked lightly but snuggled up to Zandra immediately. "He is going to hate me after this." She mumbled before placing the dragon into the water. Hissing and shrieking he clawed at her hands and bit her several times. Wincing, she made quick work of the bath and pulled him out immediately.

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Fionn watched as she bathed the baby and watched as it clawed at her hands. He looked at the dragon as she pulled him out. "Don't worry, I hate water, too." He said. "So long as you're my dragon, you don't have to take icky baths." He said ,smiling a little at it.

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The little dragon hissed at Zandra and shook lightly. Shaking out his wings and scales. Smiling she placed the youngling on the counter and backed up a bit. "He is very feisty." She chuckled and looked down at her hands.

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He let out a cute little squeak when he moved his wings and shook out his scales. He leaned in a little more, looking at the dragon. He had that calming look in his eyes again. He just wanted him to be happy. His little dragon was his friend. "Hi." He said. "It's okay now."

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Zandra smiled softly and watched the two interact. The dragon made a small rumbling noise before flapping his wings, hovering lightly before moving towards Fionn landing on his shoulder. He shrieked lightly and cuddled his head on his cheek. "Let's go find you father hmm? I am sure he would like to see your new best friend." She said softly.

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Fionn smiled, watching it, letting out a cute noise himself and letting it fall on his shoulder. He snuggled with it, purring more, his eyes closing in happiness. He looked up at her, nodding, "Okay!" He said, reaching up and rubbing the side of the dragon's snout with his index finger. "He's so cute."

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