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((Amaya the water witch is brainwashing humans to do her bidding. You must defeat her to put a stop to her madness))

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ivy (cunning239) (( ^o^))

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((His name is Noboru btw I'll sign him up when i'm finished with him))

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((Ok! I can't wait!!))

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((He's almost done! ^^))

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((Whoot whoot))

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Noboru walked around trying to find at least a little bit of info on this water witch. He started to get aggravated when then lifelessly said they knew nothing. After a while he started to notice their eyes looked weird. "Wait a moment.." He muttered out loud.

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Amaya stared into the lifeless eyes of a woman. "You are worthless" she said, the woman repeating back "I am..worthless. "Your life means nothing" she said "My life means nothing" repeated the woman. "You are now my servant, now go and do my bidding!" said Amaya, the woman nodding and staggering away. Her eyes dull and lifeless.

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ivy (cunning239) (( Well that escalated quickly =-O ))

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Noboru saw a woman with blue hair and in blue clothing. "That has to be her." He strolled over to her and waved. "Hey." He said with a smile. I'll try to be nice first.. He thought to himself.

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{Alexander} ^[~Lover of all anime~]^ wrote: "(( Well that escalated quickly =-O ))"

((Lol XD))

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Amaya stared at the man who approached her "Hello" she said flatly, her dull, sad eyes staring at the man. He must have been sent to destroy me or one ever talks to me.. she thought. She quickly enabled soul protect so he wouldn't suspect that she was a witch..or The Water Witch.

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"What are you doing here?" He said a bit suspicious. She seemed out of place, her eyes seemed normal but...extremely sad. As if something horrible happened to her. Like me in a way..

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"I simply went out for a walk" she said, "why are you out here?" She asked. Amaya knew the man was sent to defeat her, but what were the chances of that happening? She could easily brainwash him..unless he was a witch..which would be impossible.

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"I'm from the DWMA." He said casually looking for a reaction. He looked around and finally concluded she was probably the water witch. But he couldn't attack her until he knew for sure.

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Amaya smirked "I knew it, so Lord Death sent you to defeat me, eh?" She snapped. The look in her eyes was a mix of anger,sadness and pure insanity. "I knew that someone would come, but I didn't know they would only send one person..hmm.." Said Amaya.

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol I love the reaction fairy!))

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"Sure." He said unfazed at when she just said who she was. Noboru remembered his mother's eyes looking the same way when she snapped and frowned. "Yes, they did." He said with a small smirk.

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"What could a little boy like you do? You don't even have a partner with you?" She asked, smirking. "Little boy, I suggest you make a run for it, if you don't want to die" said Amaya, before conjuring up a sphere of scalding hot water.

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Noboru grinned and then conjured up about a dozen ice spikes that floated above him. "What if I don't want to?" He then looked at her. "I think we're about the same age though.." He said pointing out when she called him a little boy.

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Amaya stared at the ice spikes for a moment. "We might me" she said flatly. "What are you?" She asked before jumping into the air and flinging the sphere of scalding water at him. the DWMA will learn not to mess with me once I take out this "little boy" that they sent she thought.

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((We might me?))

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ivy (cunning239) (( I think she meant" be"))

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ivy (cunning239) (( * whispers* obviously.))

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((FiGhT mE))

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((Lol sorry, I am on mobile^^" I meant 'be' sorry))

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Noboru dodged the sphere and shrugged. "Alright then. We'll go with that." He noticed that she was quite attractive but ignored the thought. He sent the spikes flying fast at her.

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((It's fine XD))

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Amaya stood in place, letting the spikes pierce through her body. When they had passed through, it appeared as if her body was made out of water. "You can't hurt me.." Said Amaya, with a devilish grin on her face. She formed thousands of scalding water droplets and sent them flying.

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ivy (cunning239) (( ooh: he could just freeze her body and kill her, simple!))

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Most of them hit him and he gasped a bit at the heat but then used his ice to make a wall. The rest melted through it but didn't get him. She's made out of water?! "Interesting." He said with a smile. "But don't worry. I'll find a way to get you." He said confidently.

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{Alexander} ^[~Lover of all anime~]^ wrote: "(( ooh: he could just freeze her body and kill her, simple!))"

((XD THat was the plan except for the killing))

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ivy (cunning239) (( o, I would've tortured her.))

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((Maybe he'll do that. I don't know. But they're gonna end up as love interests))

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ivy (cunning239) (( oooooh sorry I forgot.))

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"You keep thinking that" she said mockingly. Amaya suddenly turned into water and sunk into the ground, only to reappear infront of the boy. She was going to try and brainwash him, Amaya smirked and started to say, "you will do my every command" her eyes swirling.

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He smirked back at her. "You know, I don't feel like it." He said as suddenly ice rose up from the ground and encased her into it. "I'm not thinking it. I know it."

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Amaya's eyes turned silver, meaning she was scared. She tried to melt the ice using her scalding water, but was unable to. She pounded her fists on the glass "Let me go!! Now!" She yelled. Amaya was flooded with memories of being locked up in the basement for all those years.

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He noticed her fear and felt like he could relate to her. But before he did let her go, he needed to ask something. "You look scared, why?" He asked seriously.

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"Why do you care! Just let me go!" She yelled, her eyes filled with tears. "J-Just go! I can't take it anymore!" She sunk down to the ground, pounding on the glass.

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He frowned and released the ice and sat down next to her. Without realizing, he suddenly hugged her. "It'll be okay..I'm sorry.."

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Amaya's eyes widened, her face turned a bit pink. "" She mumbled, unaware that it was a hug..because..she had never had one before..not even by her parents.

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He released the hug and blushed a little. "Sorry, I just can't bare to see a pretty girl cry..." He said scratching the back of his head. Noboru looked at her and gave a small warm smile.

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Amaya quickly realized that she had been crying and quickly wiped her eyes. "I wasn't crying! There..was" she mumbled. Amaya quickly stood up, "weren't you sent to kill me?" She whispered.

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Noboru shrugged. "I cry a lot to." Not that he shows or tells anyone. He then rolled his eyes a bit sarcastically. "I wouldn't want to kill you.."

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"Why wouldn't you want to kill me? I have hurt innocent humans. I have killed people! I killed my own family! So..just get it over with" she said, I killed my deserve to..die.. she thought.

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ivy (cunning239) (( lol the drama tho...))

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"I killed my mother...And I enjoyed it.." He said looking off at the distance. "If only I didn't where this mask of hiding my feelings, then maybe i'd be normal.."

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"" said Amaya, sinking to the ground again. She stared at the ground, her arms limp. "I didn't think I this long anyway.." She mumbled.

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