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Dark Angel Sonlight filtered through the windows, bathing the room in a luminous golden glow. Clarimond sat on her bed, clutching a leather-bound book. It was a book of legends and fairy stories from several different kingdoms, including Phora. It had been among one of her many birthday gifts last year. She had been reading for over an hour, her delicate fingers turning the pages as beams of light danced over the words.

She did not have to leave her room today. She was not needed, and she did not particularly feel like socializing with her adoptive family. She adored them, but she was feeling slightly unwell. She had a headache, and she knew that she would not be at her most charming in this state.

Still, she had dressed prettily. She never knew who might decide to pay her a visit, after all. And it might come to pass that she was called upon after all. Still, she had chosen one of her more comfortable dresses. Something that was easy to sit in. A floor-length dress of green velvet with long sleeves and a flowing skirt. Her hair was done simply. Two braids tied together into a half-ponytail, and the rest flowed down her back like a waterfall of molten gold. She wore no jewellery, which was unusual for her, but if she needed to leave her room for any reason, then she would put some on.

Coming to the end of a story, she turned the page. She was getting a little bit thirsty, and found herself wanting tea. Where was Eloise? If her maid came, then she could ask for tea, and perhaps some sweet pastries. And maybe they could talk a while. They hadn't really had a chance to talk about Zandra yet.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Eloise, after years of serving Clarimond, had come to develop a sixth sense for her needs. It also helped that there was a pattern to Clarimond's needs as well. On Wednesdays, she was always the busiest, it was the middle of the week and when most ladies of the court began to wear out so Clarimond made an effort to appear the most put together. That meant Wednesday nights, Clarimond always required a bath with scented oils to help her relax.

Most days Clarimond did not require much help at all from Eloise. She tried too hard to be the perfect lady she forgot to rely on Eloise. However, today was a Friday and Eloise had yet to see Clarimond leave her chambers, which meant she was either feeling ill or was contemplating something, most likely the recent visit of Zandra. That meant Clarimond either needed chamomile tea with honey or Earl Grey tea with milk. Being that Eloise was short on time and could not examine the situation further, she drew up two pots. There was always the possibility that Clarimond was suffering from both. If she was feeling ill, Clarimond would also need some kind of herbal remedy to help her gain her health back. That was something Eloise was an expert at, having more than once to need to lose a cold before a show, she found several remedies packed quite the punch.

Of course, how could tea be complete without pastries? Eloise always managed to get the freshest pastries from the kitchens because she stayed up late some nights to teach one of the chefs how to dance. He was quite the romantic and was hoping to woo the library assistant with dance. Of course Eloise didn't accept money as payment as that would reflect badly on Clarimond, instead the chef promised her the best pastries and tea as long as she gave him an hour advance to prepare them.

Eloise gathered the items on a tray and carried the tea, pastries, and herbal remedy from the kitchens up to Clarimond's chambers. She knocked four times, once more than the traditional maids customary knock so Clarimond would know it was her, and entered quietly. "I brought tea." She said and set the tray down on a table. Eloise glanced at Clarimond and immediately knew she was correct to bring both types of tea. "But you need to drink this first. You have a busy day tomorrow and we can't have you feeling under the weather." Eloise held out the cup with the herbal remedy. It was a light green liquid that was viscous like water and smelled faintly of peppermint and willow bark.

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Dark Angel Clarimond was lost in a world of knights and fair maidens, magic and courtship. Well, sort of. Her mind kept drifting back to Zandra, distracting her from the beautiful stories. Why had her father lied to her about the woman? Her family had deceived her about everything. The Royal Family of Dantae were not at all how she had described. At least, if their Queen was any indicator. Zandra was beautiful both inside and out. She had been kind to both her adoptive brother and to her, and seemed to get along with her guardian as well. Clarimond was ashamed of herself. Zachary had promised that Zandra would not be mad at her, but that did little to rectify the situation. How could she have been so foolish? Zandra had a dragon inside her soul, Clarimond had known this. The dragon was a part of Zandra, a part that she could do nothing about. Zandra would never harm her, so why had she been so frightened? Why had she not been kind and accepting? Zandra probably felt awful now. It was her fault that Zandra had left. It was her fault that Zandra had been attacked. Zandra was lying in their spare room right now, wounded, because Clarimond had been an idiot. If she had shown no fear, Zandra would not have felt the need to leave. And if Zandra had not departed, she never would have been attacked. And if --

Knock, knock
Knock, knock...

Four knocks.

"Enter," Clarimond called out, the word sounding more like a request than a command due to her tone. This was always the way she spoke to Eloise, as she adored the girl, and never commanded her. She was aware of their difference in social position, of course, as her father had brought her up to know her place in society -- above some people and below others -- but Eloise was her friend, and she could never live without her.

She folded down the corner of the page she was on so that she would be able to return to that page in the book at a later time, then placed the book on her bedside table. As Eloise entered the room, she offered a small smile.

Clarimond was unaware of just how unwell she really looked. Her skin was a waxen white, and her sapphire eyes had a tired look to them. She nodded at Eloise's words, obediently accepting the herbal remedy and taking delicate little swallows.
"Thank you," she murmured softly, inhaling the peppermint scent. It was relaxing. "Did you hear?" she questioned, holding the cup in her left hand and glancing over at Eloise. "Did you hear about Queen Zandra?"

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Once her hands were free of the herbal remedy, Eloise went about preparing the tea and placed the tea bags into the kettles of hot water. She also placed two pastries on a plate for Clarimond, one more than usual, a sign that Eloise understood that Clarimond had not had a very good day. "About the attack? Of course. The whole palace is abuzz with whispers and gossip, you know how the maids are. Couldn't keep their traps shut if their lives depended on it." Eloise was trying to cheer Clarimond up with some humor, but she could see that it fell short. Obviously there was something much more wrong than just what had happened to Queen Zandra. Eloise had an idea of what it was, knowing how Clarimond had been raised on predjudices.

"Did something happen when you met her? You seemed terribly anxious about it the other day, something about having a Dragonborn in the palace and all that jazz." Eloise turned back to the tea, trying to appear distracted and not as if she were studying Clarimond's reactions incredibly closely. She poured Clarimond and herself a cup of tea, setting Clarimond's next to the pastries for when she finished her herbal remedy.

Eloise knew almost everything about Clarimond, but it wasn't as disturbing as it sounded. Eloise owed Clarimond her life, her soul, and everything in between. Her kindness was the only reason Eloise was still alive and she meant to pay Clarimond back for that in every endeavor she could. As a result, they also became close friends. Everything that Clarimond did not tell her herself, Eloise learned from maids and other staff in the palace. She knew that Clarimond was raised with prejudices, even having some about elves that Eloise had slowly rectified over the years, whether Clarimond realized it or not. If Clarimond blatantly learned her harmful stereotypes and prejudices against another species were false, well Eloise couldn't imagine how terrible the kind girl would feel. Clarimond was not one to think about things that did not concern herself, so it wouldn't surprise Eloise to find out that she just accepted what she was told by her father. Eloise sat in her usual chair and sipped her tea thoughtfully, giving Clarimond as much time as she needed to think before speaking.

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Dark Angel A faint smile flickered across Clarimond's lips as Eloise set two pastries on the plate, one more than usual. Eloise knew her so well, perhaps even better than her guardian. She could tell when something was wrong, and something was definitely wrong today. She giggled softly at her maid's comment, appreciating the fact that her friend was attempting to cheer her up. Most maids were frightened even to speak to her when they were upset. They just remained quiet and did their tasks in silence. Others tried to molly-coddle her and fussed around her far too much, making her feel uneasy. Eloise took neither approach.

A sharp pain shot through Clarimond's chest when Eloise reminded her of her words. Yes, Clarimond had said that, and more, much more. She was ashamed of her behaviour now. Her father had not only raised her to fear dragonborns, he had raised her to loathe the Agnidev family. And of course she had confided her concerns to Eloise, because she was a lady, and she dared not voice them to anyone else. But, looking back, some of the things she had said about Queen Zandra seemed...unnecessarily cruel. She had judged a woman before knowing her, and then she had gotten to know her, liked her, and ruined everything.

"Yes, I suppose I did say that..." she murmured mournfully, taking a final swallow of the herbal remedy and setting the cup down on the bedside table. "And...yes...something...something else did happen..."

She reached for her teacup, needing the comfort of the sweet, warm liquid, needing to be soothed by the delicious taste, needing something comforting and familiar. She took a sip, then set the cup down, anxiously clasping her hands together.

"I...I was called along with Fionn to meet Queen Zandra," she began, taking in a shaky breath. "And...she was not at all as I expected. Father was wrong about her, Eloise, and I suspect about her entire family. She is a a kind, wonderful person, who cares deeply for her people. And we were all getting along...but then...but then..." she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to force her breaths to remain steady. "...her dragon, it tried to come out. Her eyes...they started to glow...and she had scales, and claws...and...I panicked. She had planned to stay the night, but when she got control of herself, she was so horrified by the whole thing that she left...and they attacked her! They killed Father's guards, and they almost killed her, and I am to blame. She would have stayed, Eloise, she would have stayed..."

She picked up the teacup again, taking another sip. Right now, drinking tea was probably the only way to keep her calm. She had messed everything up. Zachary had said that she was not to blame, but he had to say that. He knew what the guilt would do to her.

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