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Here are the races that are in the world. These are what we have so far, if you think of another race that you would like to play, post it in the Questions and Suggestions topic and we will add it to this topic.

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Dragonborns: AKA Draconic Race
Imposing, strong, and draconic, dragonborn cut an impressive figure among other humanoids. An average dragonborn is tall and strapping compared to the normal beings although the basic shape is the same.
Dragonborns also stop aging around the age of 20-25 and come into their own. However they reach full adulthood at about 100 to 200 or so! They can live anywhere from 500-1000 years. Although it is rare for one to live to 1000 because they usually go insane before then.
Dragonborn psychology centers on a draconic nature tempered by strong cultural ideals. The inner dra- conic spark is expressed as intensity coupled with
a well-developed sense of self. From this sprouts a resolve born of an honest desire to be the best one can be and to be worthy of one’s heritage.
Strongly emotional, dragonborn approach life with a natural enthusiasm. Passion comes easily, and dragonborn readily invest themselves in the tasks set before them. At its simplest and perhaps basest level, this fervor expresses itself in extremes of feeling— dragonborn don’t hide anger or joy. Such emotion also surfaces as ferocity in battle, especially when dragonborn feel their resolve faltering. When failure comes into view as a possibility, dragonborn become more tenacious.

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Race: Elves
Age Milestones: Reaches adulthood at the age of 100 and can typically age up to 700 years old.
Background:Elves are very popular and are one of the oldest species in the world. They were the second race to reach sentience after the Draconic. They, however, stayed in the trees and are prone to live in villages instead of in their own kingdom. They are very connected to nature and the trees and hold a very powerful magic that makes it so they can communicate with nature. They have a healing ability and they heal a lot faster than other species.

They do not do good without trees around them, sadly, which makes them scarce, if they even live in, Dantae. They would probably die without their nature.
Appearance: They can grow from around 5'0 - 6'9. Usually they are very lithe and lean. They don't usually pack up muscle, much like the catfolk. They are tall and beautiful, all having feminine features.

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Satyrs were originally seen as companions of the goat god Pan in ancient Greek civilisation . The first drawings of satyrs were of normal men, though often with an erect phallus. It was later merged with the Roman faun which is when they began to be depicted as half men half goats (the upper body being that of the man, and the lower half being that of a goat). Satyrs are described as roguish but faint-hearted folk — subversive and dangerous, yet shy and cowardly. Many early accounts which apparently refer to this animal describe the males as being sexually aggressive towards human women and towards females of its own species. In old age they are often seen with horns on their head, while young satyrs are seen with nubs instead.
life span: about 100 to 150 years
Adulthood reached around 50

A mermaid is a mythological aquatic creature with a female human head and torso and the tail of a fish..
Life Span 50 years
Adulthood reached: 20 years

Abatwa are tiny humans said to be able to hide beneath a blade of grass and to be able to ride ants. They are said to live a nomadic lifestyle and are continually on the hunt for game.They are said to be extremely sensitive about their size, and if one answers by saying that one only saw them right then for the first time, the Abatwa will try to kill them with poison arrows. Stepping on an Abatwa by accident is also said to be a death sentence. Due to their shy nature, they will only tolerate being seen by the very young (said to be anyone under the age of 4), by magicians, and by pregnant women. If a pregnant woman in her seventh month of pregnancy sees a male Abatwa, it is said that she will give birth to a boy.
Life Span : 30 years
Adulthood reached : 1 year

Orc is a word used to refer to various races of tough and warlike humanoid creatures in various fantasy settings. Orcs are often portrayed as misshapen humanoids who are brutal, warmongering, and sadistic. Orcs are described of varying size, ugly and filthy. They are fanged, bow-legged and long-armed, and some have dark skin as if burned. The author Tolkien describes them as “squat, broad, flat-nosed, sallow-skinned, with wide mouths and slant eyes … degraded and repulsive versions of the (to Europeans) least lovely Mongol-types”. They are portrayed as miserable, crafty and vicious beings.
Life span : 100-200
Adulthood reached 30 years
Popular depiction shows leperchauns as being no taller than a small child. The leprechaun is said to be a solitary creature, whose principal occupation is making and mending shoes, and who enjoys practical jokes. According to William Butler Yeats, the great wealth of these fairies comes from the “treasure-crocks, buried of old in war-time”, which they have uncovered and appropriated.According to McAnally the leprechaun is the son of an “evil spirit” and a “degenerate fairy” and is “not wholly good nor wholly evil”.
Life span 20 years
adulthood reached : 5 years
Dziwozoana or Mamuna are female swamp demons in Slavic mythology known for being malicious and dangerous. Most at risk of becoming one of these demons after death were thought to be midwives, old maids, unmarried mothers, pregnant women who die before childbirth, as well as abandoned children. Sometimes they carry off young men to be their husbands.
Life span : 300 to 500 years
adulthood reached : Adult hood reached when created.

Vampires are mythological beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence of living creatures. Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures, the belief in vampires demons is as old as man himself, and may go back to prehistoric times. Vampires were generally referred to as cold beings who could be destroyed by daylight. I think we all know what these are XD
Life Span: 500 to 1000 years
Adulthood reached : they may never reach adulthood depending on when they were turned. if they were turned as a child or adult they do not age.
One major trait of this being is that it transforms at will. It does not automatically change forms in full moons, when immersed in water, etc. They can stay in their human form indefinitely, and many don't even know they have this ability during early childhood (it usually first appears during the teenage years). Though their transformation is willful, they can "accidentally" cause transformation by losing control of their emotions, particular anger.
Some Shapeshifters of this kind can transform into multiple animal forms while others can only transform into a single form. All members of this race begin as single-form shifters. It is not known why some can change into multiple forms and some into only a single form throughout their lives, but it appears to be genetically pre-determined.
Life Span: 100 to 150
Adulthood reached 18 years


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Race: Catfolk
Age Milestones: Reaches adulthood at the age of 18 and can typically live up to the age of 150 years old.
Background: There are two types of catfolk. There is the jungle cats and the house cats. The catfolk came as the shape of humanoid, anthropomorphic beings. That's where they started at least, until they started to mix with the other races to turn into what they were today. They were the third or forth sentient beings to show themselves, soon building a kingdom to call their own.

Jungle cats are much taller than the house cats, and are a lot stronger than them. They are bulky, strong, and very very toned. They gain muscle rather fast and are strong easily. They though, lack in flexibility and how high they can jump. They also lack in how fast that they can sprint (with the exception of the cheetah.)

House cats are much smaller than them. They are lithe, fast, and flexible. They do not gain muscle as fast as the other cats and cannot bulk up as much. They lack in strength, but excel in jumping, flexibility, and they can sprint quite fast.

They are very curious creatures along with being very playful. They are energetic and have strong reactions to catnip (in three different ways. (Playful, violent, and tired.) They can adapt very well to any environment that they are put into, much like the mythical humans can. They are loyal when they meet someone that they believe is worthy of their trust.

Though, they still have the tendency to be well, an asshole. Some of them do push the glass off of the table because they can.

Jungle cats stand between 5'7 to 6'5. They are bulkier than the house cats. Depending on how strong their cat blood is, they can look more cat than human (or whatever else they're mixed with).

House cats are much smaller, standing between 5'5 to 5'11. They are lean and lithe. They do not bulk up, if they have muscle, it is lean muscle. Depending on how strong their cat blood is, is how catlike they look.

(When they do not have much cat blood in it, they have the slanted eyes, the ears, and the tail. They also have a thin layer of hair that covers their skin. They look like Nekos.)

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