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Chama means Heat

So basically Heat Square

There are markets and trades throughout this square.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Farah walked with a little spring in her step, her hooves tapping melodically against the brick. She had received a shipment of a rare Elven tree sapling that didn't even have a name in the common tongue. As a plant enthusiast, Farah was always excited by the prospect of rare and exotic breeds of plants and she couldn't wait to get it back to the shop to settle in. Of course, Farah was not the one carrying the saplings. That's what she hired Eden for. "Hurry up kid, those saplings are going to wilt in this heat."

"Hurry up? Hurry up?" Eden grunted out hysterically, "Don't tell me to hurry up when I'm the one doing all the work! These things ain't light! And don't call me kid! I'm old enough to be your granddad!" He said the last part bitterly and Farah rolled her eyes.

"Whatever. You. Say. Kid." She raised an eyebrow at Eden, daring him to correct her. Eden just grumbled in response and readjusted his grip on the box of saplings.

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((Zis is for me, correct?))

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