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Chrom, the younger brother of quite a few of his siblings, walked into the room. He looked up, his blue eyes landing on his older sister. He breathed out suddenly, eyebrows furrowed. "Sister." He said, gulping a little bit. "What is the matter?" He asked. He didn't quite look happy like usual. He was worried about something as well. Zandra.... she hadn't returned yet.

((When does this take place?))

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((There is before the siege happens. This is right after the Queen leaves.

There is when the castle is being put under siege. So they are rushed to under the castle.

Or, them trying to break out and get away from the rebels that are taking over the country.))

He walked up to her, reaching up to his back, his hand wrapping around his large battle axe that was as tall as he was, the blade as long as his head. His eyebrows furrowed as he looked down at her, "I am, too." He said, looking out the window. He had never really had a formal tongue, always speaking brashly and not with much care in the world. He said what was on his mind, nothing more, nothing less.

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((Alright, sounds good.))

He nodded to her, looking around. "I feel very.... terrified." He said, looking out one of the windows, out to their kingdom. "What if the Phora kingdom takes her? What if they do not allow her to leave? What if.... What if they kill her?" He said, his voice quiet. He couldn't really remember their parents, so this was terrifying. Because he wasn't able to remember them much, he had made Zandra his mother figure. And if she was gone, he couldn't promise he could control himself or his dragon. When the two worked together, it was a terrifying sight.

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He nodded to her, looking out the window again, then looking down at the ground for a second. He was still a child, after all. He was only sixteen in their years. He looked back up at her, watching her move her sword around. He had a large, axe, so there was no way that he was going to be able to do that. He got yelled at for playing with his axe inside, after all. He usually broke tiles because it was so heavy. "What if we can't even find her? What if they made it so her dragon can't even scream out to us?"

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"You've known that." He said, "Last time I was playing with it I cracked the tiles in the ballroom." He said. "Remember?" He asked. He didn't really care that he wouldn't be able to play with his axe inside. It took a lot of work to be able to swing it. He had to put his whole body into it.

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He sighed, "It wasn't even that funny!" He said. "I was just trying to show off like you and then when I went to point the top down, it was heavy!" He said, pouting a little. It was the first day that he got it. This axe was what the pros used, and at the time, he was used to the training ones. Well, lighter ones. Now, he was at the heaviest one. "I know." He said, pursing his lips. "I'm really worried...." He looked out the window. "She's.... one of my best friends."

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((They would probably try to go and search and then all of a sudden they would get attacked and have to go under the castle.))

He rolled his eyes, "You did no such thing. You taunted me to play with it." He said, looking away. "Like you did just now." He said, really wanting to play with his axe. He loved it quite a lot.
He looked back at her, smiling a little bit, nodding. "Yeah.... We have to find her." He said, not looking outside this time. He wouldn't see her, he knew that. They wouldn't be seeing her for quite some time.... He also knew that. Something was brewing.

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((It's alright. :) Kids are cool.))

Chrom on the other hand, would be able to fight with his axe. It was a dancing technique almost. You had to have the perfect footing in order not to fall over and get yourself killed, or get your head cut off. He was a master at it.
"I'm not sure." He said, tapping his chin for a few seconds. "I think we should go and search around the boarder. That's where she would have gone. We can ask around there, too. They had to have seen her!" He said, biting his lip a little bit.

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He nodded to her, looking over at her, smirking and walking with her. "I'm up for anything. Hey. If things get too bad, I'll just let my dragon come out." He said, waving his hand to it. He knew that it was dangerous, the fact that he just let it out when it really wanted out and he couldn't do it himself.... It usually terrified his siblings that he did. No one understood his dragon and his relationship but him and his dragon.

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He nodded, looking over at her and giving her a small smile. He pushed outside of the throne room, though, he was suddenly met with a huge fire ball right in front of his face. It sent a strong wind against him, his hair flying behind him, it even having the strength to throw up braided hair. His blue eyes were wide as saucers as he looked at the fire that was now in their home.

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Chrom was thrown back into the room, just in complete shock. "Was that one of our siblings?" He asked. "That was some serious magic...." He trailed off, though, deep down he knew that they were under attack. They had to be. Though, he was still a child, and he didn't quite like war, he was soft for it. So, instead, he just kind of sat there in shock.

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He looked over at her, eyebrows furrowed. He was sixteen, he was matureish, but he was not ready for a war to be thrown in his face. That was his dragon's side, not his. He nodded to her, "I- I.... Where do we leave to?" He asked.

Though, it didn't take long for a guard to run into the room, "Your highnesses, come with me! We have to get you somewhere safe!"

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(((OOoooo is this before she returned to The Phora Empire? Can I jump in with Zandra since she did make it back to the castle and make sure that they are safe before leaving again???:D)

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((Wut? o.o))

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((Yeah, this is right before when the place goes under but before Chrom escapes.))

Chrom looked at her, nodding to her and then started going with the guard. "We're going to a safe place under the castle. It's impossible for them to get in and harm you. You will all be safe there." He explained.

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Kate Kid (Nohrian Scum)*Teddy's favorite Peanut* wrote: "((Wut? o.o))"

((Did I lose youXD))

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((Yes, yes you did.))

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Kate Kid (Nohrian Scum)*Teddy's favorite Peanut* wrote: "((Yes, yes you did.))"

((So Zandra had said to the Emperor that she had made sure herself that her siblings were safe in the hidden I was thinking I could have her pop in :P)

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((Sounds good to me.))

Chrom didn't really say anything as he walked with the guard, looking around the castle. He was shaking, he was scared, though, he was trying to figure out what was going to happen, how he was going to get out of here. He wondered where Zandra was.... That was what was really getting him reved up. He was going to find her.... He had to.

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((Fueling the worry inside of him!XD))
Zandra had made it out of the fight in front of the wall with a few somewhat minor injuries and her life. "Chrom! Alaina!" She called for her siblings. Praying that the guards were taking them to the rooms. She moved to the staircase looking frantically for them.

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Chrom looked over, seeing his sister there that he had been worried about. He got a huge smile on his face, quickly running up to her and hugging her tight, careful not to hit her in the face with the axe on his back. "Zandra!" He cried out, "I was so worried about you!"

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Zandra smiled widely trying to hide the pain on her face as she was hugged by her brother. She hugged him just at tight and looked over at Alaina. "I came to check on you." She murmured to her. "I was worried about you too!" She said to both of her siblings and stroked Chrom's hair lightly. "Its okay...I'm okay."

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Chrom snuggled with his sister, not able to help it. He loved his sister so much! He was so worried. "I was about to come looking for you!" He said. "There was a fireball that hit the throne room!" He said, looking up at her. "I almost walked right into it!"

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Zandra laughed and buried her face into the crook of his neck. "Fireball?" She asked wondering if the rebels had thrown it. They knew that fire didn't kill her kind. She growled protectively regardless and pulled him closer. "Well I am glad that both of you are safe." She said lightly.

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Chrom smiled softly, holding his sister close. He though, ended up looking at Alaina, nodding. "Uh... Yeah..." He said, biting his lip softly.

The guard nodded, "Come along then, the three of you. I can get you someplace safe." He said, motioning for the three to follow him.

Chrom looked at him, nodding, reaching down and taking Zandra's hand, then Alina's, or at least tried to. "Let's go." He whispered, wanting to make sure that all three of them stayed together, he was not going to lose them. "And I'm glad you're safe, too."

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Zandra bit her lip lightly knowing that she was going to have to leave again. She made a promise to the Emperor to return in the morning and she always kept her promises. She wouldn't tell them that she was leaving just yet. She wanted to make sure they were all settled before she left. "Did we secure all entrances?" She asked the guard as she squeezed Chrom's hand.

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Chrom let her put her arm around him, not thinking anything of it. It was just his sister. He just walked along with her, biting his lip a little. He only acted like a kid when he was around these two, and when this stuff was happening. Usually he was crazy and all over the place. He would get there soon, though.

The guard looked over at her, "Most of them, yes. Though, one of the entrances was blown to bits, so we are right now working to seal it off while fighting off the rebels."

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Her eyes narrowed slightly and her hand that wasn't holding her brothers clenched in a tight fist. "These bastards are going to pain." Her dragon rumbled inside of her as she hissed slowly. She let go of Chrom's hand to walk beside of the guard.

"I need at least 15 guards protecting the my siblings," She ordered, "Send half to fight the rebels then the other half to start evacuating the city. There are also bombshells beneath the city, hundreds of them. I assume you know where they are."

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