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Gay main protaganist?
Daniel Dalton Daniel Jul 30, 2016 08:36AM
I am looking for good scifi/fantasy and to a lesser degree horror, mystery, or normal fiction books that have Gay main protagonist. I have read a some and know of a few such as the Last Herald Mage, but the majority of what I find is gay erotica or romance I don't want that I do not want to to ready something that the main driving plot is sex. I want something that is close to or on par with the epics like Lord of the Ring, Inheritance Cycle and baring that something at least as good as the Dresden files. So any suggestions would be awesome just please no erotica if there is more than one sex scene I am not interested hell be best if there where no sex scenes but i am not holding my breath .

Black Dog by Rhys Ford
Honeyed Words by J.A. Pitt
those are the only ones sorry, both are solid though.

A Question of Ghosts is a good one. Closer to Supernatural/Mystery than fantasy but still a good one.
And don't worry, I don't read erotica haha.

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