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message 1: by Kennet (new)

Kennet | 14 comments Somebody mispelled Platão (portuguese for Plato) and ended up creating this Plantão. The works atributted to Plantão should be switched to Plato.

correct author:

Also, please switch the author of this book:

Put Fernando Pessoa as the author and Alberto Caeiro as heteronym.

like this:

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 22038 comments Merged Plantão into Platão. This profile will stay, as author names in different languages should not be merged.
I've added Plato as primary author for all editions with Platão.

Switched the author names for this book according to author name on the cover. Worldcat also lists Pessoa as author for this edition.

Please don't use one thread about two authors when the thread is linked to a specific author in the topic.

message 3: by Kennet (new)

Kennet | 14 comments Thank you very much!

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